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Stress and fast moving life styles has caused an imperative need to cherish our body and soul. In our modern world; the SPA Clinics and Meditative Disciplines have helped our mind to satisfy this need, to get wellness and traquility. Live sensual moments with our scented candles and refuel yourself of energy as to return relaxed to the cosmopolitan jungle.

Scented Candle Copyrights 2006

Blossoming Star Cosmos

Cherish your Mind and Soul

Sutra Zen Tai

Scented Candle Ready to Travel Wherever you Go




A Luxurious Gift for your Sensitive Soul


Tai Crushed lime leaves are drenched in dew and citrus peels introduce a heart id orange flowers, jasmine, ripe tangerine, and tropical blend offer a lingering conclusion to this creation.

Zen The Asian heritage, stimulating cinnammon and delicated mixture of oriental spicy scent balsamic with a relaxing sutile touch of vanilla notes.


Our Range Of Sensual


Modern and subtle scent for the Cosmopolitan trendy and classy way of life, Kiwi and morning fresh flowers notes.

Sutra Epicurean and indulgenceur sense of smell has long been linked to the emotional part of the brain, Your emotional brain receptors are the first to be stimulated when you breathe in a scent like this mixture of pears and green apples.

Blossoming Star Dubai or Shanghai; as sophisticated as those luxurius cities, a mixture of apricots and peaches scent resembles the smell of a luxurious dinner in Paris at the Vendome Square.

Diva Woman La Femme Fatale, intimate, seductive; notes of magnolia flower with a musk mixture of tibetan exotic specias, Crushed lilies dreaming of the delightful hot nights in Beverly Hills.

Raramuri Man

SPA State Of Mind and Alfredo Lugano Collezioni Distinctive Candles are TM It's no wonder that permeating your environment with exquisite scents can have a strong effect on your emotional and psychological status. Your emotional brain receptors are the first to be stimulated when you breathe in a scent.

So, while a picture may be worth a thousand words, a particular fragrance can recall a lifetime of memories. Our old love, our new-born babies, our cherished childhood snacks, the fleeting notes of flower blooms as we walked along Champs Èlysèes avenue…

Anscient Odour, stimulating cedar woods, the relaxing patchouli and spicy scent rainforest with a trendy sensual smell of French Riviera.

Alfredo Lugano Collezioni Distinctive Candles Only

Spa State of Mind