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1. Am I a good candidate for Arm Liposculpture?

The best candidates are those with loose hanging adipose tissue in the upper arm regions. In your initial consultation, the surgeon will inform you if you are a candidate of the Arm Liposculpture Surgery. In addition, you must be in good health and other prerequisites such as a medical clearance, medical exams, history and physical will be needed.

2. What is HIGH-DEF arm liposuction? It is a plastic surgery procedure that removes fat from the upper arm. It targets upper arm fat and tightens the upper arm skin. HIGH-DEF arm liposuction can create and sculpt upper arms displaying muscular and athletic arms. It may be difficult for you to get those ripped arms that you try so hard to achieve at the gym. Or perhaps there is that stubborn area of fat in your upper arms that you just cannot get rid of. This procedure can help to define your biceps and triceps. Your arms can become toned, chiseled, and have the appearance that your workout your arms daily.

3. What is the advantage of HIGH-DEF arm liposuction over traditional arm liposuction?

One advantage is that the VASER heats the underside of the skin and leads to skin contraction. Therefore, skin contraction is thought to be better with the VASER than with traditional liposuction. Another advantage is often less blood loss and perhaps, even less pain compared to traditional liposuction.

4. Where is the scar?

Typically, just two incisions are needed to perform HIGH-DEF arm liposuction. One incision is placed at the elbow. The other incision is placed in the armpit. Each incision is about the size of a pencil eraser. These incisions allow access to the upper arm. Usually, these incisions heal with minimal scarring.

5. What are the goals?

One goal is to remove excess fat from the upper arm. The other goal is to define the upper arm musculature. With this procedure, an emphasis is placed exposing the muscle bellies and insertions of the biceps, triceps, and deltoid muscles.

6. What are the indications?

If you have excess fat on the arms, or you want more upper arm muscle definition, you may be a candidate for HIGH-DEF arm liposuction. If you have excess upper arm skin, liposuction may not be enough. To remove excess arm skin, you may need an arm lift (arm reduction) or brachioplasty

7. What should I expect?

Immediately after your HIGH-DEF arm liposuction surgery, you will wake up in the recovery room wearing an arm garment. Your arms will feel tight and swollen. You may have some arm pain that is easily controlled with pain medication. Once the anesthetic has worn off, you will be allowed to go home. You are expected to wear your arm garment for at least 6 to 8 weeks. After that, you should expect smaller, tighter, muscular arms. HIGH-DEF arm liposuction should significantly reduce or eliminate stubborn fat on the front, inner, and back of your arms. After surgery, the finished product should reveal sexy, youthful, athletic arms.

8. After surgery, when can I return to work?

Everyone heals differently. However, after HIGH-DEF arm liposuction, you can return to a sitting job after one week. If you use your arms a lot at work or have a physically demanding job, you are usually able to return to work after about two weeks.

9. After surgery, when can I return to exercise?

One week after HIGH-DEF arm liposuction, you can return to mild aerobic exercise, like walking. Three weeks after your surgery, you should be able to complete 50% of your preoperative workout. At about three weeks after your surgery, you should be able to return to 100% of your pre-operative workout.

10. How long do I need to wear my compression garment?

After surgery, arm compression garments are vital. After any surgery, to aid in healing, your body delivers fluid to the surgical area. Arm compression garments minimize this naturally occurring swelling or edema. By reducing this fluid, you will heal faster, and the arm skin will stick to the underlying muscles. Fluid reduction is the goal. The compression garment will also flatten the small, arm liposuction port site, scars. Plan on wearing your arm compression garments for six to eight weeks.

11. How long will I be swollen?

Typically, after HIGH-DEF arm liposuction, patients remain swollen for six to eight weeks. Compared to traditional liposuction, HIGH-DEF liposuction may cause more swelling. Therefore, it is crucial for you to wear your postoperative compression garment. After six to eight weeks, you can wear your garment occasionally when you exercise.

12. When will I see my final results?

You will see your final results once the swelling has subsided. Every day the swelling should decrease. After arm liposuction, most patients see their final results at six to eight weeks. The liposuction port site scar may take up to two years to fade.

13. What can I put on the scars?

Once the incisions are well-healed, I would suggest you apply a silicone-based scar cream. This silicone scar cream should be used twice a day. Plan on using the scar cream for at least 12 months.

14. If the fat is removed and I gain weight, will the fat come back to my arms?

No. If you gain weight, fat does not seek a void. Fat does not deposit preferentially in areas from which fat had been removed. If you gain weight, fat distributes equally throughout your entire body. Fat will not preferentially go back to an empty area from where it was removed.

15. Do you suggest lymphatic massage?

Yes. After arm liposuction, I would recommend weekly lymphatic massage for 4 to 6 weeks. Lymphatic massage helps to minimize arm scarring and fibrosis. Lymphatic massage also stimulates blood flow and can aid in recovery.

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