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How to Run Properly with Running Shoes? The mens running shoes are designed to meet the various requirements of runners. The right type of shoes depends on the personality of the runner including the sex, weight, height. It is also important to consider the way it is used. The shoes provide protection, comfort, traction, and maneuverability. The selection of shoes depends upon several factors including whether the runner is a starter, intermediate or an advanced runner. The average distance run during a week and his average pace also matters. Besides these, there are two other important factors, that include the shape of the foot-arch and the way the user’s foot strikes the ground including forefoot, midfoot, or full strike and the track on which the shoe will be used. A plain road and unlevelled track have different requirements. Some people have a flat arch and over pronation in the feet. If the feet fall in these categories, the user should consider motion control or stability shoes that are made to restrict over pronation as well as provide the overall stability. The basic design of the shoes differs. For selecting the perfect shoes it is most important for the athlete to understand the type of the shoes best suited for him. These shoes include a wide collection of high quality shoes made with innovative technologies considering the shape of the foot and body frame. Here are the categories of shoes based on the shape of arch in the feet and the type of body frame of the person. The athlete should find the right category that will suit him the best. It is easier to find the type of the foot one has. He can wet his feet and take an impression on a brown sheet of paper to know the shape of the arch in his feet. 1. If he has a high arch with a sharp curve in the foot, he has the foot with under-pronation. Such type of foot needs Neutral shoe. 2. If the runner has a normal arch in the foot, it is a neutral pronation. He will need to select Stability shoes. 3. Flat-footed people have a low arch under the foot. They are over-pronators and they should go for Motion Control shoes. Men below 180 pounds need the above categories of shoes. Those who weigh above this limit need to pick extra neutral, stability or motion control category as the case may be. In addition, the style of running, the landing patterns of the feet and daily average distance run by you is also important for selecting the shoes There is a wide range of these shoes offered by various renowned shoes manufacturers with several exciting features in all these categories for men Neutral Running Shoes: These shoes are made to provide maximum comfort among all the shoes. Neutral category shoes are generally made with a soft cushion and supported by a soft heel collar. They are most suitable for the runners with a huge body build and those who want to run extra mileage. These are perfect for runners having medium to high arches. The special construction of shoes provides proper support and protection to the feet during the transition and the crucial phases. The neutral shoes for trail provide a great traction on the ground, so that the runner can stay consistent at all times. Stability: These shoes provide a greater ground flexibility and convenient maneuvering. They also offer the best cushioning. A few designs are strong, durable and even suit the rough roads. These provide extra protection to the runner. The midfoot and forefoot have the extra torsion ability and offer a good protection and support. Motion Control: These running shoes offer a comfortable cushioned heel and a secure ride. These are more suitable for runners with an average over pronation. The fit around the heel is quite secure.

How to Run Properly with Running Shoes?  

The mens running shoes are designed to meet the various requirements of runners. The right type of shoes depends on the personality of the r...

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