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Important message for City of Detroit Retirees! Dates & Times TO BE DETERMINED

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by your organization or union


If You Have Been Or Currently Are A City of Detroit Employee...

The Atheneum Hotel and Conference Center 2nd Floor • Sophocles Room 1000 Brush Street • Detroit,MI 48226

(in Greektown, adjacent to the Greektown Casino)

You are cordially invited to attend a FREE dinner and educational workshop that will change your future Mardi Gras Menu - with Mardi Gras BEADS! chicken or shrimp jambalaya


catfish beignets with a Cajun mayonnaise


seared Cajun chicken breast with sweet peppers

Free Valet Parking Capacity is 30 maximum, so RSVP now to reserve your seat!

Register by phone by calling Alfred Bernstein OR Ernest McKinney 586-243-8573 313-433-3455

Alfred Bernstein 586-243-8573

Ernest McKinney 313-433-3455

Lee Greene 313-445-2445

President, Safe Money Retirement,LLC

...You Cannot Afford to Miss This FREE Educational Workshop! sponsored by Safe Money Retirement,LLC


Terminated or Facing a Lay-Off?

Planning To or Already Retired?



Each year nearly too many City of Detroit employees retire with well over $100,000 LESS than they should have for retirement! The primary cause is they do not understand how their retirement benefits really work. Take this brief survey below to see if you are prepared.

Changing your vocation or place of work can be stressful, whether it is anticipated or not. Often, it is helpful to sit down with a trusted advisor and learn more about what your options are and how best to proceed with your career. Take this brief survey below to see if you would benefit.

How much money will you have “specifically” when you retire? How much money will you get every month “specifically” when you retire for as long as you are alive? Can you or your advisor answer these questions? If not, this workshop is a must-attend.

Do you need help to develop the skills to find a new career? qYes q No

Topics to be discussed:

Do you need help securing your nest egg so that it does not disappear with another market crash? qYes q No

• Learn how to turn your IRA, 401K, CDs, or any money into Income for Life!

How much is left in your retirement account/nest egg? $ ____________

• Understanding the 4 types of annuities: Immediate, Fixed, Fixed Index, and Variable.

Do you know when you will be eligible to retire? qYes q No Do you know how to calculate your expected monthly retirement income? qYes q No Do you know how to eliminate losses from your Deferred Comp. when the market falls? qYes q No

Do you need help setting up a budget that works for you? qYes q No

Do you know how much you should save to maintain your current standard of living during retirement? qYes q No

Do you need a financial needs analysis to plan ahead for your golden years? qYes q No

Do you know how to obtain tax-free income in retirement? qYes q No

All these services are available at no cost or obligation to you. We are here to get you back on your feet! Learn more about:

Do you know what the annual cost of your city term insurance will be at retirement? qYes q No

• Social Security & Medicare: Free Social Security Maximization Report • Budgeting • IRS Problems: Solutions from a Former IRS Agent • Help with Your Next Career: Job Search, Resume Construction, Leads • Long Term Care • Protecting Your Family • IRA or ROTH? • Safe Money Alternatives and Diversification • Estate Planning & Legal Services • Tax-Free Retirement • Planning for a College Education • FREE Retirement Needs Analysis • Top 10 Mistakes Made Once Retired and While Preparing for Retirement

Do you know how much you are paying in fees for your 457 Plan (Deferred Comp.)? qYes q No Do you know what percentage of your retirement annuity you or your spouse will receive? qYes q No IF YOU ANSWERED “NO” TO 3 OR MORE OF THESE QUESTIONS YOU ARE ILL PREPARED FOR RETIREMENT!

Ask how you can receive your free City of Detroit Employee Retirement Analysis (a $250 value) to better prepare for your retirement, and learn more about how to provide for an protect your family with guidance on College Planning and Life Insurance Through Payroll Deduction.

HOW TO Convert Your Retirement Savings Into a Paycheck For Life!

• Will the market’s volatile ups and downs, or another terrorist act, dramatically affect your standard of living? • Where can you find growth, security, AND income for retirement? • Learn how you can get out of your current annuity with a 1035 exchange. • Get your personalized Paycheck for Life quote - FREE! If you are within 5 years of retirement, or have already retired, and have an IRA, 401(k) or 403(b) and are concerned about the next 5 years, you cannot afford to miss this unique workshop. We will answer the number one question retirees ask,

“Will I Outlive My Money?”

Register by phone by calling Alfred Bernstein OR Ernest McKinney 586-243-8573 313-433-3455 sponsored by Safe Money Retirement,LLC

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