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MarocAtlas Gibraltar 4x4 Club would like to thank you for your cooperation and hope that you have enjoyed this raid. Different routes will be available in next year’s raid. We expect to see you back in 2015.


Written & edited by Alfred Balban


2nd Of May 2014. We will depart from Algeciras to MedPort and then drive to Tangier where we will spend the night at Hotel Tarik on Bed & Breakfast Basis. A briefing will be given in the lounge area for the 1st Stage.

Participants are reminded that we are to collect each others litter and provide black bags and dispose of it rightly and not throw litter out the windows. As we will be moving on the tracks we will be encountering children on the way, it is very important to be extremely careful how you give out the sweets to them cause if you drop them infants will drop themselves for them on the next passing vehicle, recommended to stop if you want to give things to the kids! When driving on the dunes it is recommended to stay on a single file by following the tracks in front and not trying to make your own way but just follow the leader, when approaching a high dune you should wait your turn once you have been informed the other car has made it to the other side the dune, when stopping try to stop on a slope so as to make it much easier to move again, always stop in a single line one after the other or told other wise, its very easy to confuse the size of the dune and very easy to overturn your car so please stick to the recommendations. While's driving on the roads we will respect the speed limits as designated on the traffic signs and no overtaking will be done without informing first by CB radio, this is for our safety so we expect everyone to cooperate.

3rd Of May 2014

Early start to get to Tetouan and then to

the Mediterranean coast line road that will lead us to Nador stopping on the way for lunch. Recommended to have your cameras at the ready as the sights are breath taking all the way. Once in Nador we will be staying at the Hotel Baroudi for the night on Half Board Basis, a briefing will be held for the next day 2nd stage. We all need to fill up our tanks before getting to bed. A time will be stipulated to have breakfast and be ready to start the stage, (so we expect full collaboration of all attending).

Once in the port of Tangier you will be issued a green & white copy paper which is very important to keep it safe as it’s the permit for your vehicle to be in the country and you will need it to pass the customs on our way back. Every vehicle will be issued a copy of the itinerary, it is very easy to get stranded in any town cause of the traffic light’s, hats why we need to stick together and make use of the CB's, if this happens, make use of the itinerary and go to our next stopping stage. You will also be issued a copy of the list of participants with their details, if stopped by the Gendarmerie just show the list to them and say were you heading next. This list is provided for the controls to make it easier for us and those, so all participants must be accounted for at each control check, if any one has to turn back he will have to be in touch by telephone all the way so we can know he is ok. Participants are reminded that they are fully responsible for their actions and of their vehicles. THE CLUB WILL NOT BE LIABLE FOR ANY INDIVIDUALS ACTIONS NOR OF THE VEHICLES


This is your list of most essentials things you will need for the Raid and recommendations for safety matters. First of all you will have to make sure everything is in proper condition and working order in your vehicle. A complete service should be made before the departing date. Spares for your vehicles should be as follows, recommended to have a spare front and rear shocks absorbers, oil filter, brake pads, all belts installed in car, 2 spare wheels, if not sure of condition of your clutch you should bring a spare one which can be changed for a good prize by local mechanics of the area, job satisfaction guaranteed. Spare bulbs and very important oil & fuel filters, air filters are very important as you will need to change it in the middle of a stage if we get sand storms which are common, CB radios must be installed for SAFETY matters or walkie talkies also do the job. It is also recommended to have an air compressor for your tires as you will need to regulate your tire pressure on the dunes stages. Tyre pressure should be adjusted to 1bar on the dunes. Recommended not to fill up your tanks on the departure date because we will fill up in Tangier for much cheaper prize. Remember every vehicle must be in the name of the driver together with the green card from your insurance for Morocco covering you for a month, should cost you £40. We will be crossing the high atlas so we will be expecting cold on the way so it’s recommended to have winter clothing plus summer clothing too, good mountain boots. In this trip we will have many days of camping so you will need camping tents, sleeping bags and cooking utensils, butane gas can be bought in Morocco for cheaper than here. Food is just up to each individual, we recommend buying as you go and that way you don't carry things that later you don't need or use. A torch is always handy and those you strap to your forehead are very good to walk in the dark.

4th Of May,2nd Stage.App:615 kms We will need to do an early start for this stage, we will travel by road to get to the tracks of this new route we have never been before, we will be following an old train route which will take us very near Algeria through some ghost towns from the mine days crossing wooden bridges, a true adventure which will take us to the old town of Figuig were we will have lunch and then proceed to Boudnib by the road where we will visit an association for the help of Diabetes patients, we will be helping in what we can thanks to our Sponsors. We will be welcomed in Rekkam Bivouc for the night with entertainment and fire camp, no camping equipment required. Briefing will be given by the Org for the next days Stage.

17th Of May,9th Stage.App:607 kms. After we have done our last Solidarity Works of the Raid we will head done the mountains through the valley of Ait Baha to reach once again the main road and head to the highway to Casa Blanca and straight to Tangier were once again we will stay at the Hotel Tarik for the night on a Half Board Basis.

2nd Part Of The 3rd Stage.App:54 Kms. After having a break in this spectacular oasis were we will be able to cool ourselves in its clear waters (so have your towels ready for the swim) we will proceed to our second challenge for those adventurous ones who may proceed following the GPS tracks to Merzouga and to Kasbah Le Touareg entering the legendary Dakar tracks and also visiting the nomads on the way were you can do some solidarity works.The rest who wishes to follow the Org will proceed following the same tracks were we will enter Merzouga from the East.We will arrive at the Kasbah Le Touareg were we will be lodged for 4 nights on Half Board Basis. In the days we will be in Merzouga we will have different activities and the celebration of our 20th Anniversary,old members will be meeting as on the 8th of May for our Arabian Night in a Bivouc in the Dunes. During dinner the Org will be giving Briefings every night for the next 4 days activities.

18th Of May,Last Day. We have our breakfast and leave the hotel to visit the socco market to finish your last shopping.We will give a time to meet back at the parking area and then go to have a mint tea and head to the port to catch our ferry back to Tarifa and home. The Clubs Org wishes you all had a great experience and hopes you will be back.

5th To The 9th Of May,Merzouga. Our days in Merzouga will be full of activities for all to enjoy:

Solidarity Works! th


16 Of May,8 Stage,App:159 kms. After every one has done their shopping and had a snack we will hit the fez road to take us up to Ouzoud were we will visit their famous waterfalls and stay at the Hotel Le France for the night on Half Board Basis. You will be given a tour done to the waterfalls were you can purchase some souvenir of the area or taste their unique Tangines, highly recommended. You will see the same Barbary apes in the area as we have in Gibraltar.

We will visit the village of Ouzoud were we will go to their school to provide some school utensils and materials and visit the families in need of the area to finish our Solidarity works with what is left in our vehicles.

Visit Dinosaur Land

Dunes Driving

1st Challenge

2nd Challenge


Navigate to

Erg Chebi climb

Oasis Oubira

and descent

Arabian Night Celebrating Our 20th Anniversary Raid. The Arabian Night will be celebrated at the Bivouc in the dunes where we will have entertainment, food and drinks all courtesy of the Club, the Bivouc is all fully fitted to sleep in proper bed and beddings, no camping requirements needed.

6th Stage 3rd Part.App:207 kms.

15th Of May,7th Stage,App:256 kms.

3rd Challenge,Oasis Oubira.App: 113 kms Our 3rd Challenge will be driving on the Dunes using GPS to get to the Oasis Oubira were we will have tea and continue the tracks to do some Solidarity Works in the area visiting the nomads and some old friends.

On our 7th Stage we will cross the mountains and valleys to reach Marrakech were we will pass the night at the Hotel Haiti on Half Board Basis. You will have the chance to visit the Jamel Efna square and enter the Medina Market for some shopping.

4th Challenge. App : 268 kms. Our 4th challenge will start early in the morning as it will be a long trip to take us to do some Solidarity Works in the area and also some sight viewings.

6th Stage 3rd Part.App:207 kms. After we have visited the Arches of Legzira we will proceed on the coast line road were we may find some small villages were we can do some Solidarity Works, then get to the main road to start climbing the semi Atlas to head to the city of Taroudant were we will stay in a traditional Kasbah for the night on half board basis.

The tracks will takes us to visit first the Lake of the Flamingos were you can even have a swim so get your cameras ready as we get near to get the Flamingos in the lake. We will then continue on the tracks and pass by the petrol station to fill up our tanks as we have over 200 kms to do yet. We will be doing Solidarity Works on the way till we get to Dinosaur land were you will be able to get your vehicle photographed with a dinosaur of your choice and purchase something to remember. Our third stop will be at the Monuments of the City of Orion, The Stair Way to Heaven & The Snail Stair Way, all created by an artist. This will take us back to Erfoud were we will get the old tracks back to Merzouga passing by the Fossils Tracks and the Roman Bridge.

10th Of May,4th Stage 1st Part.App:126 kms Early start from Merzouga heading through Rissani our 4th Stage will have 2 stops,1st we will visit the Table mountain which is where the Movie “The Mummy� Our 2nd stop will be at the village of Fezzou were the Club is collaborating with this association created by locals & teachers of the area were they are building a primary school that is lacking in the village, we the Club have been visiting them for some time delivering school materials provided by our sponsors and clothing for the children and toys donated by our Gibraltar Community. We will have lunch and then proceed on our way.

6th Stage 2nd Part.App:11 kms.

After having our lunch in Sidi Ifni we will start to coast down North on the road to Legzira were we will enter the beach and visit the arches, hopefully we need low tide to be able to reach all the arches. We will do a group photo and get back to the road to continue our stage.


14th Of May, 6 Stage.App:41 kms. After having breakfast in Bou Jerif we will head North passing by the old Fort Bou Jerif, used to belong to the French Legion, just crossing a river we will see the Spanish Legion Fort, the river was actually the border for the country back until 1976 when it was all handed back to Morocco. On our way to Sidi Ifni, old Spanish enclave, we will visit a school to hand in some school utensils and materials for the children of the area, this children have to walk 2 kms to get to school every day. We will be coasting all along and even drive in the beach were the old wreck used to be, this will take us again on the road to reach Sidi Ifni were we will stop to have some fish to eat.

4th Stage 2nd Part.App:149 kms. After our Solidarity work in Fezzou and having lunch with the association we will proceed our way on the tracks to take us to the Zagora Palmerie,do some solidarity works and then cross the River Draa to enter the city of Zagora were we will spend the night at the Hotel Chez Ali on Half Board Basis,we expect to stay for just one night hoping there are no mechanical problems which would be dealt by our long friend Aziz from Garage Iriki which is just 10 meters from the hotel.We will meet at the lounge place in the terrace after dinner were the Org will be briefing you all for our next stage.




11 Or 12 Of May,5 Stage.App:259 kms Depending on how long we will need to stay in Zagora we will proceed then to Lac Iriki through new tracks not using the M’Hamid road but through mountains tracks that will lead us to the Sacred Oasis were we will stop for lunch which we will have bought in the Zagora market.

After lunch we will proceed into the sea of dunes and find a good spot to mount our camp for the night

5th Stage 2nd Part.App:478 kms. We will get up early in the morning and have breakfast to get ready to get back on the tracks and cross the Lac Irki which will take us to Foum Zguid to get onto the road that will take us to Akka and then Assa, here we will Very important to keep all the group together in this area as we will be using military tracks so we could find a control post, this is for our safety, the Org will deal with the paperwork in all the controls. This tracks will lead us to Guelmin were we will then get the intersection for Plage blanche and then the tracks that will take us to Bou Jerif were we will camp for the night, restaurant available, no tents needed .

MarocAtlas Gibraltar 4x4 2014 Raid  

Road book of the tracks and info!

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