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MAGNUM OPUS October 11, 2013. Volume 1 issue 1

The Official Gazette of Cagayan de Oro City

Xavier Ecoville hope festival beckons many Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines – Concrete happiness enveloped the people of Xavier Ecoville (XE) as they celebrated Dayun Padayun: The Xavier Ecoville Hope Festival simultaneous to the blessing of 568 Permanent Houses on the 6th of July. The said celebration started with a mass at the newly built chapel of Xavier Ecoville which was then followed by the blessing of the Permanent Houses headed by the Xavier University (XU) President Fr. Roberto “Bobby” Yap SJ along with the various priests from the Archdiocese of Cagayan de Oro, sisters from the orders Religious of the Virgin Mary (RVM) and Religious of the Assumption (RA), seminarians from St. John Vianney, and lay ministers from the XU Chapels. The newly elected Mayor of the City Oscar Moreno also joined the opening program of the said event. He threw a surprising announcement after making Fr. Yap the new Senior Economic Adviser to the City bolstering a hand in hand cooperation involving the Local Government and the University itself.

Mayor Oca also pointed out how the XE improved the current situation of the remote part of the city, barangay Lumbia, which is now on its way of being developed by putting up more prospect livelihood which would benefit the settlers of the relocation site. Dayun Padayun: The Xavier Ecoville Hope Festival continued till the afternoon and evening providing entertainment and amusement to the Xavier Ecoville residents and various guests. There was a Freedom Wall, Face Paint and Henna stations, Art Attack activities, Chalk Art, Origami Making, Family Bingo and Fun Games. The most awaited Showcase Night then started at around 6:30 pm engrossing the residents and guests with a range of performers from XU and XE. The night sky also sparkled and glimmered as fireworks paved its way to the top which was then the last highlight of the festival.

MAGNUM OPUS A magnum opus is the greatest or most important work produced by a writer, artist, musician, or academic.

Indigent senior citizens receive P500 pension Around 400 indigent senior citizens received cash assistance from the Regional Social Pension Unit of Department of Social Welfare Development Office Region 10. This is said to be one of the benefits of the Expanded Senior Citizens Act of 2010. Expanded Senior Citizens Act covers social pension to indigent senior citizens to assist them with their basic needs, such us food and medicine. > cont. page 2

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Xavier Ecoville hope festival beckons many

Indigent senior citizens receive P500 pension

Mendicant no more

Ipso facto, the current administration is on rise

Tale of jam-packed traffic


P500 pension ... From page 1 The said cash assistance giving is also in partnership with the City Social Welfare and Development (CSWD) headed by the CSWD officer Teddy Sabuga-a.




Mendicant no more


e’ve all been on a situation wherein we’re constantly followed by determined beggars to ask alms from us; poking, giving a businessman alike sales talk, using pitiful cradled infants as bait, and the so called “friendship status” which they use when you usually meet them on streets. These were just few of their evolving tactics just to ensure that passerby can lend an amount to them. This insinuated act must not be tolerated as the more we give, the more they develop self-reliance to others. Good thing that our City Government is mapping out plans to combat this rising By Jade Alfie Sale dilemma. The City Social Welfare and Development head Teddy Sabuga-a had been mandated by Armed innuendo (CSWD) the City Mayor to start campaigns aimed to stop people from giving alms to the beggars. He also ordered the CSWD to strictly impose the Presidential Decree 1563 or the Anti-Mendicancy Law.

The various beneficiaries of the social pension came from different barangays in the city, such us Baikingon, Balulang, Bayabas, Bayanga, Besigan, Binonoan creek, Bonbon, Brgy. 1, 10, 13, 17, 18, 22, 24, 26, 31, 35, 40, Agusan, Buena Oro, Bugo, Bulua, Camaman-an, Canitoan, Carmen, Catanico and various other places in the city. The target beneficiaries of the said social pension are those indigent senior citizens who are frail, sickly, disabled, don’t have any pension, moreover, those who were not supported by their families and relatives. Che CSWD also urge all the indigent senior citizens to avail the pension by dropping to the nearest CSWD office.

By the way, what is Anti-Mendicancy Law or the PD 1563? Well this law is all about establishing an integrating system for the control and eradication of mendicancy – depending on alms for a living, providing penalty, appropriating funds therefore, and for other purposes. Do we even know that we have this law? Why it was only brought up now? If we had this law since then, why would this problem be constantly on rise? Well, cheers to the higher ups!

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*** The CSWD also revealed that majority of these child beggars were exploited by adults. They were already planning to contain these child beggars and send them to Boys Town, Sabuga- a said that the social workers would then try to identify their parents and teach them how to earn without sending their children to beg on the streets. The said sector would also tap the Technical Education and Skill Development Authority (TESDA) to help in training the beggars. For now, certain measures were already been brought up by the City Government to end up this dilemma. But still the public has to take part by not anymore giving alms to those beggars. Mendicancy breeds crimes and exposes mendicants to indignities and degradation, an immediate need to provide appropriate services to enable mendicants to meet their needs and develop self reliance is in dire at stake. So let’s all take part in making our place a child- friendly city where mendicancy is just a word in the2 dictionary.

Jade Alfie Sale Editor-in-chief Layout artist Writer


By: Jade Alfie Sale


or years, Cagayan de Oro has been enveloped by cosmic shades of purple cloud which brought maladies, quagmire of confusion and certain delusions to all and sundry. But a ray of gentle sunlight paved its way, purging uncertainty and

wonder to all; bombarding people with fruitful hopes. We’ve all been waiting for change, change that has already been offered right in front of us which is just up for grabs. “Hapsay” has become a trending topic here in our locality after another administration took over the hall. Various upkeeps were already visible, ranging from park improvisation we’re “Duaw” is utmost, not to mention those “on going” perk ups at Gaston park and at the once gloomy lawn at the immediate area of city hall. These improvisations were actually very conspicuous to the public which really leave them with great appreciation. It is also observed that the local government unit employees were at its full force. Try to think of all those police making nightly patrol – ensuring the safety of the city dwellers. We also have these more visible traffic enforcers that can be seen at almost every corner of CDO, implementing strictly our traffic and road rules. Today’s administration has also been strict on implementing its rules; one very good example is the “Hapsay Dalan Project” which caused uproar from people struck by it. The “yellow team” had been consistent on implementing such project as they perform surprise inspection, confiscating all those stalls on the streets and giving penalties to violators. These had been by far successful as we observed how CDO streets became free from clogging vendors which doesn’t leave them pitiful as they were given more descent place to continue their living.

Another project that is soon to be implemented city wide is one of the probably most awaited. The strict imposition of Presidential Decree 1563 or Anti Mendicancy law is already on its move, backed by the City Social Welfare Development and the local government which aim to fully eradicate the rising number of beggars in the city. These pitiful people, if I’m not mistaken, would be gone by the wind on the streets on the following months. It is said that these beggars will be sent to a certain home, were they were be counseled and trained to do more descent living. The public, on the contrary, must also help this to rise atop by not anymore giving alms to those beggars. It’s indeed a sparkling ray of sunlight that dominates the whole of CDO which leaves people in hope for more amelioration to come. Yet we still expect that this won’t all be 3

just temporary that may just vanish without flinching. Ipso facto, the current administration is on rise! Well, it’s really not debatable that way.

Tale of jam-packed traffic By Jade Alfie Sale


agayan de Oro is deemed to be a city in bloom, in blossom, and in boom. Well, with this statement I’m not referring to the city’s economic boost but with the myriad of problems that the place is experiencing having the so called “traffic” as one of it.

We’re now on a state of blooming number of vehicles which corresponds to blossom of inconsistent traffic enforcers with a booming numbers of irresponsible drivers which truly exacerbates traffic congestion. #MagnumOpus

This uneventful situation must not be taken for granted as many commuters like me are continually affected by it. Though our local government has already taken up some precautionary measures to prevent or lessen the traffic, it still doesn’t suffice. We’ve already had projects from the previous administration like the flyovers which were installed in three locations inside the city but still weren’t able to correct the present dilemma. We even have one flyover which is installed in the city’s thoroughfare which deemed to be the biggest “car hump” in town. I was really skeptical about this project if they had really planned it well or did they just hurriedly implement such thing where in fact it just added into the culprit of traffic congestion.


In the present administration another move was done to combat the rising dilemma in the city. This is the so called “hapsay dalan” project, which aims to eradicate all the sidewalk vendors which greatly contributed to traffic, it even escalated to the abolishment of the ones called “night café” in the city. This project had garnered immense outrage from the vendors which had really injured their livelihood. There was even this one situation wherein a surprise inspection was made, confiscating all those stalls violating the project. The scene was just really pitiful seeing vendors run to save their stalls, their lives. The “hapsay dalan” project for me had been partly successful as I really observed how the traffic was lessened in the city’s thoroughfares especially during weekends and peak hours. I need not to wait for several hours being stuck in the middle of traffic just to successfully traverse home. But just this few weeks ago this problem again rose up; we’re again stuck in the middle of insanity which transforms jeeps into a free sauna to passengers having a free calorie burn up with their sweats running through, waiting to be free from the outstretched traffic. I’ve then come up to a question, is it really the volume of cars or the capacity of roads which lead to strangling traffic? The answer then sparked right into my eyes after;

You can reach

A PUJ stops in the middle of the road to call off for a passenger, outraging the horns of the cars next to it making the driver flew out with surprise thus driving fast and accidentally had an almost head to head collision with another car, paralyzing them both; sprouting an all out traffic congestion.

us through the

It’s indeed neither of those two. I then remembered a conversation with a taxi driver for ten years as he stated, “kanang traffic tungod nas mga driver na barumbado, mga walay seminar, walay disiplina.” He pointed out how those irresponsible drivers made themselves as the number one culprit of such dilemma. An average driver really is not bound to obey road rules, they don’t even understand simple road signs basing from a segment of a local morning show here in CDO. Traffic enforcers also played a part for their inconsistency in road management.

and through our official website

A simple review of road rules to drivers and a quick retraining of traffic enforcers might be needed. Strict implementation of sanctions to traffic violators may also be needed as well as with the traffic enforcers who practice under the table tactics which is commonly known as “kotong” in ghetto words. magnumopus

We’ve really had so much effort in battling such insurmountable problem by invigorating projects which spends considerable amount of money but still doesn’t really eradicate the problem. A one time solution was not yet tested, a solution that is a hundred percent free, a solution that comes from each one of us, a solution which is just right on our body and mind, a solution we’ve failed to recognize is a ten letter word that could change all of these. It is self DISCIPLINE. cagayan-de-oro/local-

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