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Issue 1 - July, 2009

Changing the Heart of the Middle East!

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The Lion’s Gate

An All New Broadcaster Spotlight

Pastor Reza Safa Visit’s Nagoya, Japan for Tom Hess’ Lion’s Gate Conference.


More stories from the hundereds healed and delivered thanks to your continuing partnership!

The Lion’s Gate Nagoya, Japan

The Lion’s Gate Pastor Reza Safa

My trip to Japan (May 2-7) was truly ordained by the Lord. I spoke at Tom Hess’s conference, The Lions Gate, in the city of Nagoya. Tom is doing a tremendous work for the Lord bringing reconciliation between the Korean, Japanese, and the Chinese people as well as between the Jews and the Arabs. I will also be speaking in Tom’s main conference in Jerusalem, All Nations Convocation Jerusalem, in September. For more info on this conference please visit: One of the highlights of my trip to Japan was the dinner I had with Dr. Niko Njotorahardjo, the Senior Pastor of one of the largest and fastest growing churches in the world. He pastors more than 400 churches in Indonesia with over 300,000 members. When I heard of their 24 hour prayer center, I felt that the Lord will also have me to start a 24/7 prayer center praying over the Farsi speaking world (Iran, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan.). I will teach for an entire month, on the TBN Nejat TV, encouraging all Farsi speaking believers to pray a half hour, daily, for a greater outpouring of God over the Middle East.

“The church needs to pray for Israel more than ever before. What happens to Jerusalem and the nation of Israel will affect all of us. “ The situation in the Middle East is becoming more serious than ever before. On April 26th, the Iranian President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, said his government would accept a two-state solution for Israelis and Palestinians, if the Palestinians accept this. Because of Iranian influence in the region, particularly in Iraq and Afghanistan, President Obama will consider Iran as a peace partner in the region. America will compromise its long standing stance with Israel. The church needs to pray for Israel more than ever before. What happens to Jerusalem and the nation of Israel will affect all of us. Thank God for TBN Nejat TV, Thank you all for standing behind us and supporting this amazing tool for the Gospel in the Middle East. Please continue praying for the support of our broadcasts in North America. Right now there is no voice for God among the Farsi speaking people on this continent.


Broadcaster Spotlight

Jentezen Franklin Jentezen Franklin is bringing people into the presence of God. Blessed with a unique mix of talents, Jentezen Franklin’s passion and God given assignment is to bring people into God’s presence. Through his anointed teaching, using real life examples that illustrate biblical principles and make the Word of God come alive, thousands of people have received healing, salvation and deliverance. His life-changing messages that include a unique blend of hard-hitting drama, powerful storytelling and moving musical performances have become known as “theater-in-the-church.” He is also an accomplished saxophone player, with his latest musical release, “Restoration Generation.” The outreach of his ministry goes far beyond his church, Free Chapel in Gainesville, Georgia, and even beyond his television broadcast, Kingdom Connection, aired on the Trinity Broadcast Network (TBN) in the USA and TBN Nejat TV across the Middle East and Europe. Pastor Franklin’s ministry reaches places where most won’t venture… into tiny huts along the Amazon River, where families await not only medicine, but the Great Physician. To the Ukraine, where Kingdom Connection is televised weekly on one of the country’s only two television stations, and into the heart of Iran via TBN Nejat TV. Pastor Franklin and his wife Cherise have been blessed with a beautiful family, including four daughters – Courtney, Caressa, Caroline, and Connar and son, Nolan Drake. They invite you to visit with them at Kingdom Connection whenever you can!


Testimonies A lady from Iran had a severe back pain after giving birth to her child. The pain was so intense that she could not get up after lying down. While she was watching Rouze Nejat, she prayed with Pastor Reza and received her healing. Also, while watching the program, a specific sin in her life was revealed unto her. She then prayed for forgiveness for this sin, and she is no longer bound by it.

Nejat Stats Prayer Requests for May and June, 2009 Other 98 Job, Immigration & Finances 294

A viewer from Tehran called and asked for prayer for her husband. He had been diagnosed with a malignant tumor in his neck. After we prayed together, this tumor disappeared and his health condition improved tremendously. An Iranian man who viewed our program says: “I don’t know why I feel so different. There is a new power in my life. I talked to God and my problems got resolved. What is this? Why did this happen?” He accepted Jesus to his heart and believes that Jesus’ entrance to his life is amazing and full of glory.

Health 500

Praise Reports for May, 2009 Answered Prayers 27 Healing 25

Salvation 130

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