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SUPERST IO NS AT HALLOWEEN. On H a l loween we must be careful and take precautions, we must stop t ravel and other things before sunset. Apples, nust and candles , a re prominent in superstitions.Pat r iced in H a l loween. There werw way to find your future hus band who was singing, if you love me,pop and mosca midge.If hate me , burn and die. At ha l loween , nuts were used as magic cha rms.

APPLES: 1ยบ Cut the apple through the equator and then with the candlelight Deland a mi r ror, her future husband wil l appea r over your shoulder. 2ยบPeel an apple and then throw in your over shoulder.The fal ls way wil l the initi a ls of his beloved. 3ยบBlock is placed under the pil low in the dream he dreamed os her futu re husband.


Take a candle and looking into a mi r ror while , or eat apple.Your future husband wi l l appear peeking over your shouldre.


halloween octubre