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Here we go again! Issue #003 is here...


lthough the first quarter of the year 2012 was pretty calm on our side as you would have noticed, you can definitely expect a very, very hectic second quarter from the Alfa Matrix roster. We have indeed no less than 9 new releases coming out before summer! On the list: new albums by SCHWARZBLUT, FREAKANGEL, STRAY, DISKONNEKTED and ESSENCE OF MIND. Also a surprise 4CD box from MENTALLO & THE FIXER, a smashing EP from ALIEN VAMPIRES, and also the label debut of SUICIDE INSIDE as well as our lastest signing from Germany, MARI CHROME...


esides this, we also compiled the 12th volume of our FREE label CD compilation «Sounds From The Matrix» which will soon be offered with every new order via our label e-shop. A selection of some 19 songs from current but mostly forthcoming releases on Alfa Matrix also including tracks from all our recent label family additions like AMBASSADOR21, AESTHETISCHE (new project from the AGHAST VIEW boys), SUICIDE INSIDE, MARI CHROME (new band from the INVISIBLE LIMITS singer!) or yet the promising Belgian project METROLAND... The track-list speaks for itself!


o and discover our e-shop if you did not use our mail-order service yet! We have at the moment a special discount corner active on the site allowing you to buy 3 albums for 29,99 EUR only (shipping & postage included worldwide!).


n this new Matrix Revelations issue, we decided to let the bands speak for themselves about their future plans and new albums! njoy the read and rendezvous before summer for a next edition and more news, gossip and revelations about our artists’ musical endeavours present and future.

SUICIDE INSIDE homicide [CD & 2CDbox]

Uncensored aggressive electronics. Extreme provocative feminity. Furious industrial rock with attitude. By the members of AMBASSADOR21.


electronic music with attitude

Your Alfa Matrix Team benoît blanchart . bernard van isacker . seba dolimont

code: alfa matrix genesis: august 2001 target: connecting hearts & brains

electronic music with attitude

trademark: electronic music with attitude credo: together we are stronger operational HQ: brussels . belgium


Raw, violent and uncompromising. Heavy, intimate and intricate new album. Harsh elektro and alternative industrial core. Featuring guest vocals by Emelie N. (PSY’AVIAH)

Raw, heavy & violent… T

he new FREAKANGEL album is almost complete I read…. Tell us more about it? «Let It All End» is the title of the new Freakangel album. Content of the album is based around destructive emotions. I think it is our hardest work so far... No, really! I mean... everyone always says so, but we have never done anything like this. We are very proud of the results we have been able to achieve on «Let It All End». I and Art started working on the album’s concept right after releasing «The Faults Of Humanity». It was pretty hard to start recording this album, because we had too many ideas about how it should sound. But in one moment it all became very easy once it was flowing. Art came with the ideas for about 50% of the album. That’s why «Let It All End» became much harder and heavier!

electronic music with attitude

According to the first previews I heard, I have the feeling that your sound has indeed matured a lot? It’s definitely become more private. I think that people that are not new to us can confirm that I can do things on my own and Art has done things on his own... but when we get together – we became a whole and no one can do what we can. This album represents exactly who we are and what we feel... As an artist you always have to transform, or you won’t be able to continue your path as an artist. We wanted to make «Let It All End» really raw, violent and uncompromised. Feel free to call it «alternative industrial core». That’s how we call it.

close to our electro roots as possible. It is our battlefield and we are here to declare a war. Jan is a perfect person that is always ready to help and to have a mature view on everything that is happening on our «battlefield».

So you are ready to rock right? What will 2012 be like for you? We will be staying in the studio for some time finishing additional works and getting ready for filming a new video clip. In the February of 2012 stay tuned for DVD release that will draw a line under our «The Faults Of Humanity» era. Also some great festivals are already booked, but are still kept secret... Just be sure to keep yourYou again worked with Jan of self updated with the latest news NOISUF-X for the production/ via our facebook page and I really engineering? hope to see you all on the road duWe wanted to mark this album as ring 2012! Cheers! a beginning of our industrial rock era, but at the same time to stay as



Expect us… motherfuckers! Y

ou announced that the new album of SUICIDE INSIDE would be coming out in the next few months… What can you reveal about it? Natasha: Well, the new album is called «Homicide», it’s completely finished and mastered. 11 tracks, 692 hours of work, the word «motherfucker» is said 2 times!!! (laugh) Do you wanna hear something about its sound? Well… it’s hard, it’s danceable, it’s loud, it’s exciting. Are you ready for this? Do you think your PA is powerful enough? Our new album is not confined in any specific music style frontiers, and that makes it very interesting I hope. Who will love it more - boys or girls? Everybody, I guess. «Homicide» is a sexy album. (laugh) We’ve also got nice remixes from XOTOX, IMPLANT, iVARDENSPHERE, NEEDLE SHARING, FREAKANGEL, KRYSTAL SYSTEM, CAUSTIC, MEMMAKER,


AESTHETISCHE, VIGILANTE, MALAKWA and many other great artists. We love their work and passion very much. We can’t wait for you to listen to and enjoy «Homicide»! Is it true that it is more «electro» and less «industrial»? N. Aaah!! Well, listen… Is it true that an apple is more «square» than «triangle»? You know for us it has never ever been our intention to perfectly fit into any genre’s frame!! So ok, if you think that «electro» is today more fashionable than «industrial»… then ok, in this case, it’s true!!!!!!!!!!! Does it mean that you will now start performing even more as SUICIDE INSIDE rather than with AMBASSADOR21? N. Hmmm… unfortunately this will not be possible, I’m sorry… And you know why? Simply be-

cause AMBASSADOR21 is now planning to play even more shows than before. So it will never be possible to catch AMBASSADOR21… What can we expect from you in the upcoming months? And what about the AMBASSADOR21 front? A new album out this year too with that project? N. First of all, simply «expect us»! For the rest… Yeah, you are right, as always! How did you know that? We indeed started working on the new A21 album already. We are planning some special collaborations, but we’ll tell you more about that later… We will again be on tour with AMBASSADOR21 and SUICIDE INSIDE this year, be sure to catch us on stage - it’s fucking awesome!

electronic music with attitude

electronic music with attitude



t has been quite silent on Mentallo and the Fixer the last few years, Gary what have you been up to? Well… it’s been at least 4 years or more since i have done any interviews of any sort. it seems when there is nothing to release, or say or elaborate on I come to the point of disconnect, I have not had any internet or been hooked up online in my house for well over a year now - i don’t have a cell phone - like i said I’m at the point of disconnect – it’s rather strange… call me old-school or old-fashioned, i don’t know I’m not sure – it’s just that there came a point where there was too much information for me, I’m a private person, call it old age catching up to me, music is not a priority but none the less it is a passion, so i don’t feel compelled to compose just for the sake of it, i tend to get burnout- and when it comes to that point why work if real inspiration is not there, things can become very disposable to that point and I have been in that position myself so I’m not throwing stones – I’m a huge procrastinator nowadays back in the day i was eager to release material - in all honesty I’m suprized still to be releasing music of any sort, so i feel kinda fortunate i have some sort of underground fanbase much less still be on a record label after all these years. There were times where I really just felt like hanging up the phone on releasing music to the public, but I was getting letters from old-school diehards and that was the only reason why i decided to release more. Without being too personal I’m just living life, taking it as easy as possible... working in the garden, my wife and i have been doing a lot of landscaping in our front and back yard- it reminds


me of a park- there is a creek behind our home and we live in an area of Austin near the geenebelt- so it is very wooded in areas around here- i have a number of cats and other wild animals i feed everyday… Hell 2 years ago i got nicked by one of the wild racoons that lives under my house- it wasn’t being aggressive, it was just hungry and felt comfortable giving me a love bite and well once that happened i knew i would be in for a series of rabies shots- no joke. Hell i feed racoons, opposums, skunks, turkey vultures, squirrels, all the wild birds, everyday is a chore. It keeps me from getting into to much trouble. We are very happy to hear from Alfa Matrix that 2012 will be a special year for Mentallo, Can you reveal more to us and what can we expect? Well let’s just say this is the year when the wellspring is open- it sounds like a very special box set will be released this spring - it will be a limited edition only 4 cd set titled «rare, unreleased and remastered»- it contains

Connecting with the old-school disconnected… various rare or unreleased material spanning throughout the years back to 1988 with benestrophe- so it contains several of the projects we had along the way. -most of the material is from 1987 - 1996, but there is more past that as well, there is much from the Zoth Ommog era. and even prior to that, the first full length benestrophe demo tapes, much never released or even heard. i like the demos much better, they sound more raw- there was also a project i had working on in 1987 called Polyhedron - but anyways there are 4 disks filled to capacity- much of it unheard or released. these are the old master tapes- Dwayne and i laid down about 10 hours worth of material from the old tapes and i got to work on

them compiling what i would like to have for a unreleased back catalogue of old gems – that’s why it is being kept limited - i think once people see the tracklistings for each cd, they will be suprised as to what never saw the light of day or was ever released. The 4 disks contain a total of 50 songs and over 4 and a half hours of music. Each cd will be aptly independently titled pertaining to song layout - things have already been brainstormed for this release and i have taken care of all the art and photos so everything up at this point is up to alfa matrix to do the layout and the final pressing- ive

electronic music with attitude

electronic music with attitude

left everything else in their hands- so we are just waiting on a release date i believe. This is time appropriate after all these years – it’s for the die hards and collectors - it makes the hardcopy more special in the days of downloads. What can we expect from the new studio album? This release will also come in limited edition boxset only as well- it will be titled MUSIC FROM THE EATHER and each cd will be individually subtitled as well. I wanted to do something quite different than i have ever

released before, just to keep things interesting for myself as an artist, if I’m not challenged in some way nowadays, in a nutshell i just wanted to create pieces of work that sonically pushed the envelope in other avenues that i had not done before. also it’s mainly all instrumental pieces, simply because i wanted the music to speak for itself- i have kept to given themes lately within the music, so the songs are more or less a journey. There is so much layering of sounds and i spent a hella lot of time on the production. i mean i could go back and listen to it again and I’m still sure i


would find something that i would change or edit out but eventually you have to let it go and move onto something else. Basically I’ve kept the theme from the previous releases on alfa matrix and its about higher or altered states of consciousness- experiences I’ve personally gone through or friends or aquaintences have- and i just put a soundtrack to the scenario. It definitely has a lot of the urgency and the uncontrolled chaos. It’s just a collection of many various pieces that i have worked on over the past 5 to 6 years. but in that period of time i was not working on just music, there was a spell where i hadn’t even touched music of any sort for nearly 2 years in that spell – it’s like i needed to rechargehell being on the net took away valuable and precious time and it literally robbed me of inspiration - just trying to promote the band and keep in contact with people - it can be a full time joband for me music is not supposed to feel like work- i started doing music for the simply joy of it and i want to keep it that way. I just wanted to work on music that would stimulate my ears. i wanted to do things that would trip me out. initially when it all comes down to it I’m doing this for myself and nobody else- that’s just the way i approach music- some will like it some will not... just being able to have a label that appreciates what i do and gives me freedom of artistic creativity is enough. this is how artists grow. i mean I’ve had people, even people at labels tell me you should try and create something in the vein of where angels fear to tread, and i tell them, it’s not something that can be recreated. it was something i literally felt and was


going through or experiencing at that time in my life. In fact playing the old songs live on tour all the time sort of robbed their true meaning for me in the sense that i never intended mentallo to be a live act. so i was having to play all these personal songs night after night, some things I’ve gotten over some things i have not but on some songs playing them live i feel i have to disconnect.

Is it true that you are also considering performing live again? Sure i would, but conditions would have to be right, and up to my standards, touring is work and it can be draining. - now one off shows can be easy for me in the localized area but there are a lot of factors that come into play. Every tour and show has been a learning experience of what and what not to do. for the most part when we were on the road, as far as set up and sound check that was usually something Dwayne took care of. and well i would feel odd if Dwayne did not participate in some fashion. The last tour in the southwest United States, the ENLIGHTENMENT/COMMAND-

MENTS FOR THE MOLECULAR AGE TOUR that Dwayne and i did about 5 years ago - i had a good time on that tour and things were for the most part easy and relaxing but then again we took time setting that tour up ourselves and we prepared and had money to kickstart the tour as having the money to have merchandise avalable like various t shirts, and posters and stickers. The band generates money on sales that way. i don’t think most fans realise what it takes to keep a tour going financially- then renting the suburban, gasoline, hotels... etc. the long drives..... for me going on the road and breaking even is not an option. It’s as simple as that. most people don’t realise what it takes for an underground band to get out and tour, it’s different when you’re young and you feel you have nothing to lose. I’ve been in that situation, but I’m older now. i just feel if I’m going to do anymore shows, it has to be done right and we have to have a good time otherwise it reflects on the performance- and there is no use doing shows if you don’t feel 100 percent up to it. If we do anymore shows it has to be as good as a show we did years ago in dallas texas, it was at a place called the red blood club and i was a one off show and we announced it would be our last because we felt we probably would not play anymore at the given time. I never intended mentallo to be a live act in the first place- so everything else has been unexpected - i knew music would not be a career nor would i want it to, i would not want to be a slave to the grind- most of what i compose is out of passion, desire or just personal expression, within the given moment.

electronic music with attitude

rare, unreleased & remastered 4CD box Massive 4-disc limited box set – over 50 tracks. Old gems for die hards: much of it unheard or released! Spanning throughout the years back to 1987 until 1996. MENTALLO & THE FIXER & associated projects at their best...

electronic music with attitude


Poetic industrial revolution


o you guys are busy finishing the new album? How much different will it be from the debut CD? Indeed we are! We’ve just finished mastering and are now preparing for the release. ‘Maschinenwesen’ will be a true Schwarzblut album in every way: dark danceable music, going from hellish dancefloor-thunder to heavenly classical avant-garde. On this album, we take things even further than we did on our debut. ‘Maschinenwesen’ features new stuff such as a haunting (real!) choir on ‘Nomen


Est Omen’, rhythmic factorysound recordings on ‘Die Fabrik’ and huge orchestrations on ‘Einst’ and ‘Gesang der Geister über den Wassern”. The latter being a classical avant-garde 3-piece featuring guest vocals by a soprano and a baritone. And you can expect bigger, nastier beats and basslines… because that’s how we like it! It seems like once again there is another strong concept behind the new «Maschinenwesen» album? As always, for this album we’ve used historical poetry by a va-

riety of writers, taken from Zeon’s collection of centuries old books. ‘Maschinenwesen’ is a tribute to German poetry from the era of industrial revolution. A time in which some could explore and progress, as much as others suffered exploitation, misfortune and disease. As all poems have their own character, so do the songs that make up ‘Maschinenwesen’. Having a male and a female singer allows us to vary and combine styles to vocalize all these wonderful stories.

You also put a lot of attention into the visual aspect of this album this time? To visualize the concept of ‘Maschinenwesen’ we teamed up with Steampunk designer Rosanna Hoogendoorn, known for her shows at the Summer Darkness festival and Cyberia parties in Holland. She’s designed and fabricated the Steampunk outfits that we wear throughout the 16-page artwork of ‘Maschinenwesen’. All the photos were taken outdoors, in places with historical significance. Skillfully captured by photographer Frank

electronic music with attitude

electronic music with attitude

Wiersema. Working with these talented people was a real joy and a nice break from our work at the studio. We’re very pleased with the results as they really add to the gloomy atmosphere of the album.

tronic-percussion-craziness on stage. We’ve already got some dates lined up and some to be confirmed towards the release. Keep your eye on or like us on to catch the latest. We’ll also How will 2012 be like for the do remixes for 2 very nice acts. Stay tuned for that as well! SCHWARZBLUT gang? We’re now working on the new show that’ll kick-off with the release party of ‘Maschinenwesen’ on May 11th. Expect a new steamy VJ show, a set-list with lots of new songs, the aforementioned Steampunk outfits and some extra elec-



enn, we read the great news that Sebastian R. Komor had started producing your new album!!!? Yes, due to several circumstances out of our control, production was slightly delayed on this album. These things happen in this world of music where everyone has their own stuff going on, but I’m happy to say we are currently working together to finish all 12 tracks, currently in production for this CD «Plastic Makes Perfect» I’m hoping we’ll finish in the next few months, and the release date planning will go from there, but expect to see a few songs released this spring for starters! With the first track being called «Hunger». I’m very excited about the upcoming songs and can’t wait to finally get to share them! It’s great working with Seb again. We often have the same vision musically, and don’t even have to explain our thoughts. With my demos, and notes, he often understands where to take the track, and usually even with a first draft back, I love what he’s done with it, and we’re able to quickly move forward to finish it with our ideas. I’ve always said that he works magic on my songs, so I’m glad we were able to (finally) work together on this CD too. It will be nice to see how we can progress together on this CD since last working together on «Hearts For Bullets». I feel my song writing has improved, I’ve done more work on harmonies, structure, and layers, so I’m very excited to hear everything finished post-production! How different is the new album from the last «Hearts For Bullets» album? I try and evolve and grow with each release. I know what worked for me on previous albums, I know what works live, and now I take that, combined with my current music tastes and influences and make something I love and am proud of. «Hearts For Bullets» I took a full on frontal approach of dancefloor-pop and aggression. The production was really smack in-your-face, with all the sounds, the songs were tight, hooky and that was it. There were no ballads on HFB intentionally. I was on a mission with that release and it worked for me, but I definitely tended to stick to my favourite 5 songs from that CD, they emerged to me clearly (the ones I’d play live all the time), but were all different styles. On «Plastic Makes Perfect», I’ve stepped back a bit, and concentrated on


the song writing, including more interesting structures, layers, textures, and more epic choruses. There are so many vocal harmony layers on this CD! I started recording all vocals in my own home studio and this is the first time I’ve done this. So, my set up is, no one watching me, making it easier for me to experiment with vocals, layering, harmonies, without time restrictions, or fear that something might not work or sound terrible. As for the music, there is a beautiful ballad on this CD, and slower tempo songs, but I feel I’ve again polarized muchof this album. The melodic electro-pop songs (think in the style of «Analog Trash» from HFB) go even further, with more layers, textures, parts. And the Aggressive songs (like I’ve done in the past with «1000 Transmissions» and «My Revenge On The World») have gotten nastier and angrier than ever. So you have this album full of contradictory styles, that still end up working together. I like that you can see a song title like «Missed The Mark» and you don’t know when you hit play if you’re going to get up, dance, throw things in a fit of rage, or hear me singing sweetly to you. I’ve always enjoyed this about my project. I’m not stuck in one style. I’d get way too bored with that (laugh). I also read on Facebook that you were considering adding a guitarist to your live set-up? Does it mean your new songs will also be more «guitary»? Haha, no, I’ve not added more guitars to this upcoming release. Surprisingly, when I looked back, I have 7 songs with guitars on them, but sometimes, they aren’t always the obvious songs since the guitars have been run through effects so they fit in and layer with the synths. Ayria has never been a guitar driven project, but sometimes guitars have been used for textures, and I’ve used guitars as my writing tool in the past on earlier songs like «Disease», and even on «Lovely Day» before I owned a synth! We have done a few live shows in the past adding guitars to songs like «Flicker», and «My Device». It’s more work bringing this type of set up since there’s more technical things that could go wrong in the sound check. It’s

easier for local shows to experiment with adding other instrumentation. Even though guitars weren’t necessarily on the recorded material, they sometimes add a neat dimension to the live show, changing up the tone. So, we’ll see. It would be cool to have a guitarist rocking out on stage, especially a female one. There are so few females on stage at these types of shows lately! I’m open to the idea, but will take planning… Tell us more about what can we expect from AYRIA in 2012? I really want to do more touring again. I would love to spend the fall touring both U.S.A. & Canada (I have an Ottawa show booked for Canada Day so far here) and I would just love to get back to the U.K. and mainland Europe again.

Contradictory styles working together…

We’ll see. There’s many other places that I’d like to tour, but it’s not as easy as it all sounds. One thing fans don’t always seem to understand, is when they write me things like, «You never come to Brazil, don’t you love us?». It’s just not that easy as saying,» I think I’ll go to Brazil and play a show now»! I wish it was, but it takes a lot of work and planning! (I DO LOVE YOU BRAZIL! and fans I can never seem to reach! hahaha:) also, I’d love to do more videos for this release if I can, try spreading the music to more people with the outlets available. I’m just going to keep working at what I love, and try to keep spreading and promoting the music in new and exciting ways. It’s all I can do really. I’m happy to still be doing this, and that this is release number 4 for me!!! Wow!

electronic music with attitude


New philosophy, new sound, new image…


an, how come it took you sooooooooooo looooooooong to come back with a new DISKONNEKTED album? Are you such a perfectionist or what? You have a minute? ‘Cause it’s a long story. It started after the previous album ‘Old School Policies’ where I found myself a bit bored with the direction I was heading. The traditional concept of making fully electronic music didn’t feel organic enough and especially on stage I felt there was something missing. And that’s where a guitar player came in. That first guitar player also brought chaos and drama, but the cool thing however was that I found the new inspiration and challenge I was looking for. It really was a tough road, I often felt desperate. But because I crossed the point of no return I had no choice but go through the desert if I wanted to reach that new horizon. Gradually a new sound and concept took shape and suddenly it became very clear where I was going to. In the end we switched guitar players


several times and a keyboardist left the band. So now, four years later, I find myself in a new band with a new sound, new philosophy and new image. It feels very good.

Exciting! You now started announcing new songs on compilations, revealing the album cover… What can you reveal about this new album? I realized I started talking about the forthcoming album ‘Hotel Existence’ more than two years ago, so it was about time to breach the vagueness by revealing some real news. The album is almost ready now and I am in the final stage of doing final mixes and mastering. With the light at the end of tunnel shining bright, it felt right to reveal the cover. Next up is the track ‘Yesteryears’ on the tenth Septic compilation. I am very thankful to have a new track on this compilation as Septic is a standard in the scene, always showcasing the coolest stuff. For me it’s an ideal way to start this second

chapter. You may also expect a free give away soon to support and announce the new album. As a whole, the new album will be a clash of styles exploring different electronic genres. New album, new look, new sound… new live show? What will 2012 be like in DISKONNEKTED land? I am thrilled to start this new chapter. Having a new album out is always a very special moment for a band. An important element of this new era is the collaboration with visual artist Romuald ‘Ishoothorizon’ Swieconek who follows our every move and defines our image. He will support the new sound with videos and pictures. So it’s more than just a new album, it’s really the idea of a Gesamtkunstwerk that we want to bring. Of course, being on stage is an important part of this as well. We’ll start a collaboration with a new booking company and we hope to be on the road quite often.

electronic music with attitude

DISKONNEKTED hotel existence (CD & 2CD Box) An explosive intermix of electronic styles made in Belgium Catchy poignant vocals and fresh electronic soudscapes Raving breaks, deep bass-lines and floating synths A 4th album that will shake your inner world!

clubbers die younger!


have the impression that you guys have been on the road like forever since the release of the «Harshlizer» album? Yes indeed, we have been touring around the world without rest, twice in Mexico, Australia, USA, and Europe. Every live show is a unique experience and we establish a special connection with our fans, it’s like a big rave where everyone gets fucked up. The best live moments this year were in Mexico City with around 1000 people and also Halloween in Australia where we had much fun with the people there… 18

Yes we have an EP coming out for Alfa Matrix titled «Clubbers die younger» featuring guest such as Sonya Scarlet from THEATRES DES VAMPIRES and some bad ass remixes from great people such as GOD MODULE, AMDUSCIA, C-LEKTOR , CHAIN REAKTOR, etc. We are also planning to release a special box-set by the end of the year but we will only reveal this later on due time…

Do you still find time to work in your studio on new material? Yes!! We are finalizing our new EP and we have already prepared some new stuff for the next full length album. You know, being on the road is like living a gipsy way of life! And all we experience and encounter on tour is a source of inspiration for us! We don’t have a home… but Oh well…. You know what?! Who gives a fuck any way? I read on Facebook you were We are alien vampires and we working on a side-project? do whatever we want. (laugh) Anything you can tell us? Yes we are working on an inSo are you planning a new dustrial rhythm noise project release soon? Anything you which will fuck everyone’s can reveal yet? ass up…

electronic music with attitude


clubbers die younger EPCD

Louder, faster and harder industrial dance. Provocative upbeat elektro with harsh vocals. Distorted noise and vibrating bass-drums. Featuring guest vocals by THEATRES DES VAMPIRES

Blowing up your speakers…

AESTHETISCHE W hat have you guys been doing during all that loooong silent period? Did you continue following the dark elektro / EBM scene during all that time? And what was the trigger that brought you back to the studio? Since 2003, when we stopped producing any type of music, lots of things have been on the run in our private lives. Fab got married in 2005, lived in Switzerland for almost 2 years, working, working, working... Came back to Brazil in 2008, career changes, city changes... Gui has opened a design and marketing studio with friends, then changed gears, started working in telecon / web design... During this long silent period of no creation from our side we had not been following the industrial / ebm scene so close... of course we always checked for new releases of our fave artists like FLA, 242, Nitzer Ebb, Skinny Puppy and looked for the fresh new breed now and then. Fab got really interested in some


trance music as well, since the musical production, sound quality and sound structures were very interesting and fresh. Gui also looked into deep minimal electronix, experimental, ambient and other stuff. It was by September 2011 we finally got in touch again and we kinda both decided that it was IMPOSSIBLE as human beings to keep away from the music any longer. I can tell you that it was very painful to be away from our roots and musical production for such a long time... So, we called each other and said... let´s get together, decide on a new concept and make music again... And here we are. Thankfully! You now announced to be active under the AESTHETISCHE moniker. Does this mean that AGHAST VIEW is part of the past and AESTHETISCHE is the

new future? Yep, Aghast View is and will always be part of our history and something we are very proud of, but it has now ended for any future releases. Denis Rudge, who was also an important member of AV was not keen on re-igniting AV whatsoever. He has his reasons. Gui and I decided to start a fresh new breed and so, YES, Aesthetische is the future!!

ming now from Chile and also Colombia. In Brazil, there are great acts like Deadjump and Reality Remind who are producing good new stuff too. Simbolo is also producing new stuff as we speak, so it seems we will be hearing a bit more from the South Americans now. We hope to please our earlier Aghast View and Biopsy fans and garner new fans with the inception of Aesthetische in 2012!

With AGHAST VIEW, you were one of the most famous Brazilian elektro acts. How is the South American scene doing these days? I know little about it - but I know that Mexico has kind of led the scene with an enormous success from Hocico as the main successful act hailing from South America. I also know that there are some acts co-

You recently announced that your new album would come out on Alfa Matrix. How did you connect to the label and how do you feel as a member of that quite large label family? OH yeah! We feel absolutely amazed and excited to be part of the AM family now. We personally feel AM is a very professional and hard working label that has since

electronic music with attitude

electronic music with attitude

its beginning thrived in an amazing way to keep the electro industrial scene alive and kicking and its huge roster of great artists only proves that! The way we struck a deal with AM was amazing My good old time friend Seba Dolimont got in touch with me via email as soon as he knew we were returning to the scene with Aesthetische back in September 2011. I was very pleased to getting in touch with Seba again and then he told me he was interested in listening to our new material. I sent Seba some demo versions of our new songs and after sharing it with his partners at AM we were invited to join the AM team! The AESTHETISCHE debut album has a name… «Powerswitch»! What can we expect soundwise from this release? YEP! You can expect a strong and powerful EBM release, pac-

ked with high intensity songs, designed for the industrial clubfloors. We mix old school EBM elements with Modern electronic industrial and other electronic styles too... Lots of punch delivered to the speakers! The street date of Powerswitch is still not fixed but it lies around a tentative late may early June of this year. We will also have a limited edition version with remixes from great electronic acts as well! We are already in touch with Diffuzion (which we loved the last album btw), Ra Hen from Robotiko Rejekto, American newcomers UCNX and also our Brazilian colleagues of Reality Remind. Of course there is more to come! We have made 2 preview tracks in «demo versions» on our facebook site. Please go there, like us and have a listen. Albeit it is not at all fully representative of the diversity of the album but it will be ear candy for our fans and friends.


been many life experiences in that time period that have influenced the direction and content of this release. I do sometimes wish I had the knack to produce an album every 6 months, but I don’t. For me, though, it’s quality over quantity.


electronic music with attitude

electronic music with attitude

Despair & sadness…

rica, soon you’ll finally be back with the new STRAY album… Why did it took you so long to get it all completed? Yes, finally indeed. Many reasons are involved as to why it’s taken this long to write another album as STRAY... The most important reasons being 1- I had to get the last 22

not just come out of nowhere. I take a great deal of pride, attention, care, and patience in my work, and I don’t ever want to release something I’m not 100% satisfied with, nor do I want to leave any detail incomplete. This upcoming STRAY album has material that spans the course of the past few years, so there have

Tell us more about this new album? I think that this new STRAY album is a great departure from any of my previous works, either as UNTER NULL or any previous STRAY material (or any of the other numerous side-projects I’ve had, fleeting as they may have been - Semotus Vita, Exesum, Death Panel, Afterparty). The title for this STRAY album is called «Letting Go», and it’s full of really layered and lush-sounding tracks, which is exactly what I wanted. It’s a lot more polished than the last STRAY album, because as each year goes by I hone my production skills more and more - and I’ve been producing music for over 10 years! So... it’s a never-ending learning experience. The material is melancholy, bittersweet, and a lot of yearning, needing, wanting, and desiring is involved. It’s about feeling disconnected from the rest of the world, from society, from your peers, from your friends,

UNTER NULL album out of the way (it’s difficult for me to focus on two different projects at the same time, it makes me crazy), and 2- I’ve been working longer hours as a chef here in Portland, so that does take up a lot of my time and energy. However, it is important for me to stress to people that for me, songs do

your loved ones, and your family. The track «Out of Place» sums up that feeling quite well in so many words. Other tracks, such as «No Vacancy», «Let Me Go», are sincere with the idea of not understanding peoples’ actions and words, and feeling frustrated without necessary closure. Again, in so many words... This album is a lot darker in content, and that makes me happy. STRAY was never meant to be a ‘light’ project, nor was it meant to be ‘happy’ because UNTER NULL is actually quite angry and pissed off. STRAY kind of reflects the feelings of despair and sadness when that anger wears off.

if that makes any sense. I’m such a fan of so many different genres of music that I will try to incorporate everything into one song. It can’t happen that way, so we’ll just have to wait and see what comes of the new UNTER NULL material. While I’m working on that, I have other plans brewing with yet another project that is more doom-pop-rock. Think Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds meets 16 Horsepower meets Black Heart Procession meets Halou... I’m excited for the opportunities this year!

What’s next on your plate? Can we dream of a new UNTER NULL album this year? Dream on... Yes, really, I’m 3 tracks into the next UNTER NULL album as I write this. I’ll be honest by saying I don’t know yet exactly how it sounds. I was very proud of «Moving On», and now I’ve put the pressure on myself to produce an album that I believe is even better. I want to keep it harsh without the harsher vocals. I like the ragefilled content and vocals, but I want more subtle brutality, with leanings more towards a symphonic metal tribal sound, 23

letting go (CD & 2CD Box)

New album by UNTER NULL’s side-project. Feelings of despair and sadness. Emotional piano with pulsing beats. Vibrating bass-lines with poignant vocals.

indifference (CD & 2CD Box)

electro / alternative pop rock made in Norway APOPTYGMA BERZERK meets PENDULUM 3rd album: harder and more emotional dark, catchy, tough and bitter sweet

Leaving just ashes behind… How was the response to the new ACYLUM album so far? The response was beyond belief. We received a lot of comments, questions about autographs and signing our albums, merchandise, concerts and much more. After the release of THE ENEMY we got a lot of feedback, but KARZINOM has topped that again...

I read that you had started work on the new HAUSHETAERE album? The new album is in progress. We already created plenty new sounds and texts. So far, we can tell you this that everything will change. The style and look of the album will be all new. We are still proud of the first long player SYNDICATE, but it was a bit too similar to ACYLUM. That will all change now. HAUSHETAERE’s new albums songwriting or singing will be very sophisticated. lt will take some time before any new songs are gonna be released. There will be a reward for those who wait (laugh)!


We also read about Nadine’s health problems. We hope all is ok for her now? You are also expecting a baby for 2012? Is this true? Congratulations!!! Thankfully everything turned for the good. Nadine is fully recovered and we can live our lives to the maximum again. And yes… there is a baby on its way!!! 100% true! We are very pleased about the good news and are both looking forward to the birth of the little one. You had said ACYLUM would climb on stage soon? Will 2012 be the first live year for you? Yes, that was actually the plan for this year, but for now everything changed. We will become parents and have to wait until ACYLUM junior is born… After that we have to work again on the idea for the live gigs. At the moment there will be one live gig. The long expected first ACYLUM live gig will happen by the end of the year. We get very excited about this and have one message for you: We will burn all venues to the ground and leave just ashes behind!!!

Harder? Softer? … in total indifference…

I heard that you were busy completing the new ESSENCE OF MIND album? Yes, you heard right! (laugh) We have been working on new stuff for quite some time now, and we can see the end of the tunnel now! It’s really been quite a journey as we really try to take a step forward with each release, and not just repeating ourselves, on the other hand, that’s what making music is all about for us! ` «Try and Fail» took a radically different orientation than your debut album. What can we expect from you today? The first songs we heard on some compilations seem to confirm your sound evolution into more dark electric pop? Yes «Try And Fail» did take a radical orientation, can’t say it didn’t (lol). Our new stuff is more like a mixture of our debut and «Try And Fail», but it does sounds different from both albums. The new stuff is even more varied, both in tempo and arrangements. I would say that it is both more aggressive and harelectronic music with attitude

der as well as softer and melodic than any of our previous stuff at the same time! From dark electro pop, via drum’n bass to industrial rock, just wait and hear!!! Is there any planning set up so far for the new album’s release and promotion? Yes there is! We have shot a new video, our first one actually! We have been really lucky to work with a great video team, and we are very happy with the result! It will be released soon as well! Live shows is also in the planning of course, we have started to rehearse the new songs and it looks like we’ll have something new to offer live as well! And don’t be too surprised if a little something shows up before the album gets released...

electronic music with attitude

Pouppee Fabrikk Summoning the EBM spirits… We were all sooo excited hearing that POUPPEE FABRIKK was back and had signed to Alfa Matrix. But so far we have not had the honor yet of hearing any new release? Will 2012 be the red letter year of release of your new album? We really hope so. It has proved very difficult to get together and record new material since we all live far from each other, have families, careers etc. As it stands now, we have written a bunch of great songs that are just waiting to get recorded and finished, so it will not be long now.

So far you only revealed one song which appeared in 2 different versions on multiple compilations. How much is this song representative of what the album will be sounding like? Anything you can already tell us about this new album? We are working in the same style for the album... it will certainly be an old school PF album with the

old classic sound of Rage/Portent, but with a modern touch and noisier edge. POUPPEE FABRIKK also started performing live again at several major festivals across Europe. How does it feel to be on stage again? How was the response to the new songs live? It feels great to be back! We have been amazed at the fantastic loyal support and hordes of fans we seem to have out there... I still can´t believe how many people scream along with every song we play live - such fantastic devotion! We have been playing a few new tracks live and they seem to be appreciated.


we are still Kant Kino… first album and our remixes, and the feedback from all around the world (literally) is uttermost inspiring to keep it up. It’s always said that writing a second album is a quite difficult exercise? Can you confirm this? Confirmed! We want to sound better than the first album, we want to come out matured both in songwriting and in production. So, you raise the bar and get a bit more picky. Of course, this also builds pressure, to be able to progress and top the first album. Also, you kind of use a lot of ideas on the first album that`s been sticking around over a longer period, so we started off from scratch really. Over fifty drafts and ideas for songs have been refused during the period.


ow do you look back to what has been done on the KANT KINO front since the release of your debut album? It`s almost two years since our debut «We Are Kant Kino» now. A lot of stuff has been going on. Some twenty plus remixes has left our studio in the period, with remixes for Nitzer Ebb, Leaether Strip, SITD, De/Vision and Suicide Commando amongst the highlights. We enjoy remixing a lot, but it takes time and effort of course. Also, we have invested time in growing and following up a fan base, staying connected and in touch with our listeners is important. We have some ideas for further participation with them in the future. Thanks a lot to all who listen to our music and spend time on Kant Kino, it means the world! Further, we`ve also invested in upgrades in our studio, with


a lot of new gear and tools, trying to improve production work. And not least, we`ve done a handful of concerts, and performing a cover of Warm Leatherette with Claus Larsen of Leaether Strip/Klutae fame being a definitive highlight. Also, some DJ spots at local clubs, very fun indeed. So… Are you still KANT KINO in 2012? Most definitely! We are here to stay. We are still Kant Kino! This is actually the title of one of our new tracks for the upcoming album. We had a plan to release new material in 2011, but unfortunately we didn`t make it. Both Lars and Kenneth changed their daytime jobs, and also some periods of illness, which slowed things bit down. We love Kant Kino but gotta work for a living. But the positive reaction to our

Will you confirm your strong EBM roots or will you take new directions? Tell us more? Yes, we have about 15 songs that are more or less finished in writing, but there are some recording, production and mixing tasks remaining. We will have a single out soon, and an album ready as soon as possible. The new album will have more clean vocals than the previous one, but will still have edge and roughness. There will be EBM stylish tracks with industrial and dark electro undertones, but there will also be tracks with all kinds of flavour of electro music and inspirations, we try to write harmonic tunes to blend with the beats and basslines with a lot of different influences. The single will be a very EBM bassline based track, it is called LRSBSS, it`s sung in Norwegian and it`s actually about Lars (a short promo snippet is out on youtube) . We will also have a few guest vocalists on the album, amongst a couple of very talented female and male vocalists, to add sparkle to the release. Watch this space!

electronic music with attitude

SCHWARZBLUT Maschinenwesen (CD & 2CD Box)

Grandiloquent orchestras vs. powerful dark elektro. Dark romanticism vs. German lyrical poetry. Classical avant-garde vs. EBM dancefloor killers. Harmonic choirs vs. male / female vocal duality.

A demon whispers in your ear...

Full blast! What has been going on in the VIRGINS O.R PIGEONS camp lately? Since the fire that ravaged your house and studio we no longer heard much from you? All OK? Since the fire a lot of things have happened. It was hard to get back on track with all the equipment destroyed, my sound library collection gone and the pressure of all the lost time. I also had to prepare a new room with proper acoustics to work in. But at the same time we got the chance to further mature musically, we got to know and experiment with different types of equipment and I had the time to expand my knowledge as a producer and use it in our upcoming album. It took us quite some time but I had to make sure the new material is worth the wait. And it does. Can we expect the new album later this year? Can you reveal more about it? We heard some songs on compilations revealing a much harsher dark elektro approach. What is VIRGINS O.R PIGEONS anno 2012 sounding like? Yes, you should expect our 2nd album to be released somewhere in 2012. There are still no specific dates but the material is near completion and we are very pleased with the results. You shouldn’t expect a


much harsher dark electro sound, the tracks revealed in past compilations were recorded way back and might be misleading you just a little bit. There is a huge variety of tempo, rhythm and melodies, which is exactly what we had in mind in the first place. There’s also a strong «mainstream» element existing throughout the whole album, without losing in quality or changing radically the distinct sound of Virgins O.R Pigeons. We aimed for something unique and original and I think we’ve got it. Get ready for a full Virgins O.R Pigeons blast! More details will be announced as soon as the mastering process is completed and some further arrangements are made. Maybe we will prepare a «special» treat for our fans… What else can we expect from you? More concerts? We will start booking concerts for 2012 soon enough, having a European tour in our plans. Again, no further details can be announced yet as we are still focused on the recording and the planning is raw. But I can say for sure that we missed the road and the road missed us! We are also looking forward to introducing our new members Miyuki and Sinner to our fans, as they will be a big part in our live shows.

How was the response to your new album so far? Hi there, first I want to just take a moment here to thank you for the opportunity to have a “redo” interview. As we know, my previous encounter certainly got a bit out of hand and so I’d like to apologize for the total loss of control, and temporary insanity in the last issue of Matrix Revelations (Editor’s note: Matrix Revelations Issue 2, October). And so with that said, Chain Letters has certainly stirred the pot, exciting some people… and in some cases inciting people. How did your fanbase react to the kind of «less is more» approach you revealed on the «Chain Letters» CD? Oh, a really good response! I’d go as far as saying that it has reached a fevered pitch… a lot of misbehaving and subversion heh, heh. Many of the tracks are finding their way into DJ sets, which I very, very much appreciate! The dirty cutting kick drum and ripping acid/bass lines that are all over this album have really given it a certain character that I think is unique to Neikka RPM. I have the impression that the connection to devil versus angel did remain constant though in the feedback right? Definitely…definitely. You know, it is all in our heads…the continuing battle, the ferocious argument with temptation. To seek and maybe hope for redemption? A demon whispers in your ear, do you listen? Do you obey? I know you want to (laughs). What’s next for Neikka RPM anno 2012? Remixes, remixes, remixes…Love it! There’ll be much more music for sure… maybe a little seducing, put Richard back in his cage I suppose,… um maybe seek redemption myself!… I don’t know we’ll just have to see.

electronic music with attitude




ow was the response to your new album so far? So far it looks like people really like the album. Only found good reviews, and the album is popping up in some short-list of best albums for 2011. We also get a lot of concert requests, showing the album reaches an audience, and organizers believe in this project. I heard from several persons that «Y2112Y» was more mature and polished, like if you now had found your very own style, while the debut album was more experimental, like if you were still searching your own way? Your input? I think we will always be searching for something. Not sure if that is a bad thing. But you are right, I also think this album is more mature. More fitting the idea we want to bring. We started working on new material, and again, have something clear in mind of what we want this to sound like. Hopefully we’ll manage to deliver.

32CRASH is going vinyl? Do you have more news for us? Yes, we have finished a vinyl release. «Hyperreal» is a new EP that holds 6 remixes. In good old traditions of the album, we did all remixes by ourselves again. This vinyl is going to be released on black rain / emmo biz records under exclusive license from Alfa Matrix, and will be strictly limited to 300 copies. The release date is set for 21/1/2012. We will have some coLike you said, 32CRASH also pies for sale at our concerts and also started performing live again. via the Alfa Matrix e-shop, but the What is your concert planning quantity we got is limited so it milooking like for the next months? ght get sold out pretty fast… Later We have a few concerts lined up the EP will be released on all digithat are not confirmed yet. So I’ll tal platforms only, by Alfa Matrix only run down the ones which are and will include 2 extra remixes so far 100% confirmed: 27/4/2012 that you won’t find anywhere else. – Budapest (Hungary), 5/5/2012 – Bodybeats festival, Antwerpen Anything else in the pipeline for (Belgium), 24/11/2012 – Leipzig 32CRASH’s members for 2012? (Germany)… IMPLANT is working on a new album, and things are starting to I saw on Facebook a cover of a sound as I want it to sound, so who 32CRASH release with a jumknows, maybe 2012 will be the ping frog on it? Is it true that year of a new IMPLANT album…

electronic music with attitude


Running Wild

Running wild… M

arion, Kai, how did you come to start working together? K. We met at the beginning of 2007. We were working together in an acoustic project, a totally different style of music. M. During this time Kai introduced some of his electronic songs to me, just for listening. I was impressed of the intense sound and great arrangements; therefore I started to write some lyrics and recorded the vocals in my home studio. The first songs we made together were “Without You” and “Running Wild”. We both were very happy with the results of our first collaboration and the first songs, so we decided to go on and write more songs in that way: Kai wrote more songs, I wrote the lyrics and made the vocals and we finished the songs together. At least, we had some very good songs for a complete album, so in 2008 we decided to establish our new band and named it MARI CHROME. Marion, I was not aware you were still active as a singer since INVISIBLE LIMITS? M. I never stopped working after the busy times of Invisible Limits, I just focused on projects, which satisfied my creativity and that I wanted to do. I wrote and produced my own songs, I was singing


in several musical projects and I was working with lots of musicians in my sphere. Beside of that, the Invisible Limits were not dead, after 2000 IL started playing live again. Some new songs were recorded which we published 2006 as “The Final Album” on our own. Invisible Limits played live “on demand” over the past few years, in Germany and regularly in Spain. In 2008 and 2009 Kai supported Invisible Limits on keyboards and played some shows in Spain with IL. Now, with our new band Mari Chrome I started to be more active again in the music business.

tion with John between Norway and Germany. John put all the ideas, recordings and files together and gave our songs his unique and unified sound. EROC did the mastering of the album and at least we got the production, like we have it here on Georgy#11811, our forthcoming album! K. For the production with John it was necessary to record new vocaltracks and Chai´s Studio is near to our hometowns, so we contacted him and decided to do the recording in his studio. At that time we used programmed guitars but we both thought that a real played eguitar fits way better to our songs. You guys worked in studio with So we asked Chai to play additiosome influential people like Chai nal guitars on some of our songs. Deveraux (Jesus on Extasy) on guitars and John Fryer (Depe- What can we expect from you in che Mode, HIM, Nine Inch Nails, 2012? Skinny Puppy, etc) on produc- In 2012 Mari Chrome wants to tion? make new musical friends, reacM. John produced the Invisible tivate old fans of Marion´s voice Limits-Album “familiar” in 1991 and find new fans for Mari Chroand we valued his sense for a good me. We will enter the stages of creative sound and experience with Europe and play as much live gigs the music-genre. Kai loves his pro- as possible. We will give the Dj´s duction on Skinny Puppy and John and the stomping club crowd new also did the Nine Inch Nails album food for the dance floors. Last but “Pretty Hate Machine” which is not least, after we found our new one of his all-time favorite. So we musical home in Alfa-Matrix, we decided to ask John to produce the will do new songs for our 2nd alMari Chrome-Debut-Album. He bum. But all this should just be the agreed to mix the album in his own beginning… studio and we started the cooperaelectronic music with attitude

MARI CHROME georgy#11811 (CD & 2CD Box) New project of Marion K. - INVISIBLE LIMITS female singer Produced by John Fryer (Depeche Mode, Him, NIN, etc.) Featuring e-guitars by Chai Deveraux (JESUS ON EXTASY) Emotional female vox meets dark melodic EBM-pop with an edge

electronic music with attitude


matrix flashback (2002) I

nitiated with the previous issue, we decided to introduce a kind of nostalgia feel into the Matrix by simply revisiting the label’s repertoire year per year and this way progressively retracing the Alfa Matrix history in sound and image… Giving you the excellent opportunity to rediscover these good old releases! Welcome to the second year of Alfa Matrix!

V/A - compilation


cyberl@b 3.0 [2CD]

It’s in February 2002 that Alfa Matrix launched the 3rd volume of the very successful Double-CD compilation series Cyberl@b that Seba Dolimont had actually initiated some years ago for his long-time friends of the German label Trisol who put out the first 2 volumes of the series. Here again, Seba gathered over 2 hours of electro-industrial club hits including the premiere of MALE OR FEMALE (new side-project of FRONT 242 (!!!)), KLOQ (EMPIRION keyborarder with NITZER EBB’s Doug on vocals!!!) as well as the come back of The Neon Judgement frontman under the NEON ELECTRONICS moniker. Other featured reknown artists included THE YOUNG GODS, JUNO REACTOR, HAUJOBB, :WUMPSCUT:, ICON OF COIL, RAZED IN BLACK, L’AME IMMORTELLE, ASSEMBLAGE 23, BEBORN BETON, etc. Alfa Matrix seized the opportunity of this sampler to test club formatted songs from their recent signings: NEBULA-H, EPSILON MINUS, REGENERATOR, HUNGRY LUCY, IMPLANT, AIBOFORCEN, MNEMONIC, NEIKKA RPM.

V/A – compilation of 4 singles

square matrix 001 [CD / 2CD dvd box + available on i-tunes & other digital platforms]

With this new «Square Matrix» series, Alfa Matrix launched the «4 in 1» concept, giving the opportunity to buy 4 singles to the price of 1 CD album. Each featured band delivering new exclusive dancefloor material on this release in preview of their respective forthcoming albums. A collection of club hits and exclusive remixes. On the «red» edition 001, we could find AIBOFORCEN, the label’s new female-fronted future-pop revelation from Canada EPSILON MINUS, HUNGRY LUCY and another astounding addition to the label: the official return of the cult German act PLASTIC NOISE EXPERIENCE. The limited edition was marketed with a label mousepad and sold out in no time.


epsilon minus [CD / 2CD dvd box + available on i-tunes & other digital platforms]

It’s in May 2002 that Alfa Matrix came out with this very promising discovery from Toronto, tipped to the label by Len Lemeire of IMPLANT who had discovered them while on tour in North America! Often described back then as the very first female-fronted future-pop band, EPSILON MINUS left everyone breathless with their very efficient EBM sound enlivened by lush and dynamic female vocals by no one else but Jennifer Parkin who will later become one of the most prominent artists on the Alfa Matrix label. On this debut album, Bogart Schadchuck revealed an astounding cocktail of intelligent melody and electronic energy! From the hard-hitting club-hits «Freedom» and «Through» you can sing along in no time to the darker realms of songs like “Faceless Whispers”, the angry “Protection” or yet the trip-hop “Lost”, through more experimental cuts like the semi-acoustic ballad “Nothing Is Indestructible” or the modern and pumping “Antigravity”.

V/A – compilation of 4 singles

square matrix 002 [CD / 2CD dvd box + available on i-tunes & other digital platforms]

In October 2002, Alfa Matrix already launched the second chapter of the Square Matrix series featuring again 4 singles by 4 bands on the label. This «blue» 002 edition actually revealed new material by the German high-tech duo of MNEMONIC plus 3 new signings which would be releasing full length albums in the next months. First of all, NEBULA-H from Belgium, new project of ex-FUZE BOX MACHINE singer with the THIS MOR’N OMINA studio guru offering smashing future body music and astounding guest vocals by Dirk Ivens (DIVE). Next comes NEIKKA RPM, their new industrial’n beat dis-


covery from New York. Described as an apocalyptic hybrid of Front 242 and Starseeds. Thoroughly laced with bitchy freaking female vocals and fueled by modern virulent rhythms, all designed to get into your head. Last but not least, one of the most innovative and unpredictable Belgian music entities, IMPLANT joined the expanding label family and returns with new goa-trance / industrial-dance material. Viral exotic melodies clash with a deep sea of hypnotic beats and synth layers. Featuring a captivating guest vocal performance by Jennifer Parkin (Epsilon Minus).

electronic music with attitude

recalled moments… [CD + available on i-tunes & other digital platforms] … and failed destruction [EPCD + available on i-tunes & other digital platforms]

It’s also in October that year that Alfa Matrix created the buzz by announcing the signing of the new project of FRONT 242 masters Daniel B. and Patrick Codenys. MaleorFemale’s musical concept achieved their goal in excellent fashion: extending the usual sound formats to the extreme through improvisation and psychedelics. MaleorFemale defies all boundaries of electronic music, transcending urban cultures and time. Europe’s pioneering electronic musicians test the listener to the absolute limit. They carry you on a mind-blowing excursion through a dense and varied landscape characterised by multi-layered ambience, uplifting aggressive tracks and captivating vocals punctuated by a focused collage of influences and sounds appealing to fans of industrial, ambient, psytrance or yet trip hop. The surprising EPCD «And Failed Destruction» from MaleorFemale is nothing but an extension of the album’s highlights and depths: the club hit «Skeleton Toy» has been mutated into 5 mind-bending «Pzyquence» mixes that will make more than one DJ collapse! Add to this another 242-esque techno-industrial smasher «Rezonator», an alternative mix of «She Moves In Circles» and some bonus unreleased tracks! An EPCD which got sold out in only a few months...


h [CD / 2CD box + available on i-tunes & other digital platforms]

End of October, came another pleasant surprise made in Belgium: the debut album of NEBULA-H delivering an uncanny barrage of high-energy electronics, surreal melodies and anchored with thunderous vocals. This hi-charged excursion is known as «New-H Body Music», a creation of sonic experimentation that will ultimately compete with ICON OF COIL, FRONT 242, VNV NATION, and APOPTYGMA BERZERK. The NEBULA-H phenomena first occurred when Deranged Psyche (ex-Fuze Box Machine) became fascinated by the trance-electro-tribal sound of This Morn’Omina (the brainchild of Mika Goedrijk). Fascination quickly evolved into collaboration and these Belgian boys were compelled to answer the calling and create their very own bastion of eclecticism, moving from EBM to techno, to trance, to jungle, effectively incorporating every sonic inspiration that ran through their open minds.


planet euphoria [CD / 2CD dvd box + available on i-tunes & other digital platforms]

Alfa Matrix closed the year again with an album marked with the Belgian seal of quality. IMPLANT released his 4th studio-album on their new label Alfa Matrix – the start of a long and fruitful collaboration. Listeners discovered the new dimension of Implant, one with an even more obvious dancefloor assault than one might expect, with influences ranging from trance, goa and ethnica. Seamlessly bringing together a rich palette of various ethnical instruments and rhythms, but still remaining faithful to the original ideas behind the scene. Implant creates intelligent electronic music with a dark edge. For those of you that are looking for a new form of dance-oriented electro with enough melody and edginess to please, Implant is definitely the band to be discovered. To Implant, technology is a playground for the mind. This album was featuring Jennifer Parkin on vocals. The album is today totally sold out, much sought-after and only available on digital format. . In our next edition, we will carry you through the year 2003 and the next 12 releases by Alfa Matrix...

electronic music with attitude


Issue 3 - Matrix Revelations  

The third volume of the Alfa Matrix magazine!

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