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Use of Natural Refrigeration in Industrial Plants in Article 5 Countries by Erich Wagner, Alfa Contracting GmbH

ALFA Contracting GmbH (AC), established in 2001 is a company supplying engineering, design, equipment, installations, supervision and service for refrigeration plants with large capacities. AC with its headquarter-office in Germany has entities in Russia (Moscow) and Ukraine (Kiew) and its activities are in the C.I.S. countries. AC has executed the largest refrigeration plant for PJSC „Myronivsky Hliboproduct� (MHP) in Ladyzhin Vinnitsa region, Ukraine.

The „Vinnitsky Broiler� plant has a slaughter capacity of 24.000 birds per hour and the installed refrigeration capacity is about 20 MW supplying cold to several consumers

Additional heat utilization: warm water +45o C approx. to 4MW

100m compressor hall with 16 compressors

2 carton freezers with 15 t/h freezing capacity each

20 vertical plate freezers

4 horizontal plate freezers

other applications

blast & spiral freezers

water, glycol, brine chillers

5 evaporative condensers

AC’s cooperation with MHP has already started in the year 2004 and is based on common reliability, trust and also readiness during day and night for services and ideas, for solving any demands and problems on installed plants. We look back to fulfilled installations for MHP for the poultry farm „Nasha Ryaba” TM and the meat processing plant „Legko” TM and look forward to new joined projects.

Thank you very much for your attention

Use of Natural Refrigeration in Industrial Plants in Article 5 Countries