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Conventional Range PET 730g

Glas Jar 365g

MIELCOM committed to its customers exclusively packaged honey 100% natural. We have selected the best practices of harvesting honey to take home, light and dark honey, both with excellent taste and quality.

Box of 20 bags of 15g each

Catalogue Mielcom is a company with over 12 years experience in the food industry. We offer various products carefully guarding their quality and hygiene. Its main objective is to offer our customers foods with a high percentage of nutrients. Mielcom is 100% natural and is made with easily digestible sugars that provide an important energy supply. The packaging process ensures total safety of the brand to enjoy all the benefits of honey and its culinary and therapeutic applications.

Conventional Range Page


PET, 730g Honey 100% Pure

Gourmet Artisan Range

Organic Mielcom Range have

Gourmet been carefully harvested in the rain forest of the Yucatan where biodiversity has Page Peninsula 4 Page 5 Jar, 365g given us more Glas than 900 species Honey 100% Pure honey. Light and Dark

Honey Butter and

flowering Acahuan Casahuate

Light Amber Honey

Botanical Origin: Acahuan (Heterotheca Inuloides Cass) , Casahuate (Lpomea murcoides Roem &Schult) Geographic Origin: Morelos Color: Blanco White Water Harvest: May, October and November Extraordinary honey contains all the goodness of and therefore, crystallized soft and evenly. Its aroma is sweet,

nature and flavor

Amber light honey bodied, with delicate floral aroma and citru flavor with juicy nectar and citrus note produces a slight relaxi is recommended for those who suffer from insomnia.


and fruity

Liquid Honey Tinto Botanical Origin: Tinto/palo de Campeche Geographic Origin: Haro, Campeche Color: Extra Light Amber Harvest: February Winter light amber extra clear

Organic Range

Liquid Honey Azahar

honey, subtle and sweet aroma of walnut, flavor and slight acidity, perfect for with creamy cheeses or sweetening hot

Botanical Origin: Azahar (Citrus limon) Geographic Origin: Campeche Color: Extra Light Amber Harvest: February

sweety pairing drinks.

SUGGESTED FOOD PAIRING: Hotcakes, Toast, Biscuits, Sweet Bread, Fruit, and Yoghurt SUGGESTED FOOD PAIRING: creamy cheeses: Camembert and Brie SUGGESTED FOOD TeaCheese: /Beverages, Infusions, Confectionary, SUGGESTED FOODPAIRING: PAIRING: Brie & Panela, Cereals Hot cakes, coffee and tea Sweetener

Liquid Honey Tajonal Botanical

Honey: Tajonal (viguera dentata) Geographic Origin Haro Campeche Color: White Water Harvest: March Spring honey scent delicate, sweet flavor with a slightly bitter and herbal touch to its source, is ideal to combine with creamy cheeses. Light spring honey consistency, scented floral and perfumed woods, intense flavor that evokes the hive and a slightly salty touch.

Liquid Honey Cascarillo Botanical Origin: Cascarillo (Croton reflexifolius) Geographic Origin: Haro Campeche Color: Light Amber Harvest: March

Liquid Honey Yaxhabin & Jobo Botanical Origin: Yax Habin (Cassia racemosa), Jobo Geographic Origin: Haro Campeche SUGGESTED FOOD PAIRING: Salad garnish, marinate meats, very sweet fruits

Color: Amber Harvest: May

the liquor making is ideal

Honey light texture with a delicate aroma. Its fruity flavor, slightly acid touch, the result obtained from for fruit, yoghurt and baked goods.

Liquid Honey Tajonal/Tinto Botanical Origin: Tajonal (viguera dentata)/Tinto/palo de Campeche Geographic Origin: Haro, Campeche Color: White Water Harvest: February

To strengthen our commitment to quality and care of the environment we are pleased to inform all our customers who Mielcom obtained in early 2012 certified 100% Amber Honey Organic Honey. SUGGESTED FOOD PAIRING: Drinks, Toast and Yoghurt

SUGGESTED FOOD PAIRING: Crackers and Toast, Cereal, Granola, Fruit and Yoghurt

Winter light white water honey in your own botanical origin; sweet, floral and fruity aroma; its slight acidity is ideal eaten alone, with bread or as a sweetener.


Honey Tinto/Cascarillo/Huano Botanical Origin: Tinto/palo de Campeche( Geographic Origin: Haro de Campeche Color: Amber Harvest: February Very light amber honey-scented woods and caramel. Its flavor is intensely with a slight saltiness and slight acidity. It is suggested combined with soft cheeses and fruit salads.





Botanical Origin: Muc (Dalbergia glabra, Standley), Jabin (Piscidia Piscipula Sarg) Geographic Origin: Haro Campeche Color: Amber Harvest: April Amber taste,

color, floral and chamomile aroma, intensely sweet herbaceous and light salty note. We recommend pairing with fresh cheeses, white meat marinades and sweetener. infusiones.

Liquid Honey Yaxhabin Botanical Origin: Yax Habin (Cassia racemosa) Geographic Origin: Haro Campeche Color: Amber Harvest: May It is the quintessential floral honey with its intense aroma of flowers and marking. Its excellent balance of sweetness and acidity makes it ideal for pairing with any food, including a healthy breakfast.

Liquid Honey Jabin/Chechen Botanical Origin: Jabin (Piscidia Piscipula Sarg), Chechen (Metodium SUGGESTED FOOD PAIRING: Crackers and Toast, Cereal, Granola, Fruit and Yoghurt SUGGESTED FOOD PAIRING: Ripened cheeses: edam, gouda, manchego cheese and smoked.

Geographic Origin: Haro, Campeche Color: Amber

SUGGESTED FOOD PAIRING: Marinate chicken or pork, fresh cheeses, Tea and infusions


Harvest: April Spring amber dark honey, scented wood and molasses. Its sweet, floral flavor with medium acidity and slightly bitter aftertaste makes it ideal to combine with intensely flavored cheeses.

Liquid Honey Jabin/Yaxhabin Botanical Origin: Jabin) Yaxhabin, (Cassia racemosa) Geographic Origin: Haro de Campeche Color: Dark Amber Harvest: April

Dark Amber Honey


Spring amber dark honey with aroma that evokes the hive. Its intense, fruity and slightly acidic flavor is perfect to combine with bread, yoghurt, meats some dishes.

SUGGESTED FOOD PAIRING: Brown Bread, Yoghurt, Cooking with duck, boiled and roasted meat

MIELCOM: “With the Mexican Beekeepers”

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