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Unlimited Referrals – Unlimited Income – Clixsense Rated #1 Daily Earner!

The Clixsense Report. WARNING !!! “The Information Contained In This Report Can Result In An Explosion Of Daily Income, And No Matter How Much You Earn... …You Will Get Paid In Full - Guaranteed!” Stop Wasting Your Time With Junk Programs, And Concentrate Your Efforts On Clixsense For Bill Paying Results! Guaranteed Income Is Easy With Clixsense! Written By: Joe Sansoucie Co-Authored: Lana Robinson Brought To You By: Grow A Massive Downline


Unlimited Referrals – Unlimited Income – Clixsense Rated #1 Daily Earner!

Prelude: Before you get started there are a couple of things we need to talk about first. For one thing, this is not a get rich quick scheme, in fact if you treat it as one, you will fail to make the kind of money we know you can make with it. Just check out the screenshot below.

Over one million members have been paid over one million dollars, and the kicker is... On Time! No waiting! If you're like us, you truly do not want to wait for your income when you're worked to earn it, and this is one reason we really love Clixsense. You can earn as much as you want, and they will pay you in thirty seconds. How do I know? Check the screenshot below. Look closely at it and you will see that they are not kidding around, Get Paid Every 30 Seconds! Are you starting to see what we already see? You can start to generating daily income that Grows and grows, and grows. Check it out...


Unlimited Referrals – Unlimited Income – Clixsense Rated #1 Daily Earner!

Okay, so now we know they WANT to pay us, Clixsense has been around since 2007 and if they didn't pay their members you would not be reading this short report. Trust. It's hard to find a good paying, fast paying paid to click site that offers enough ads to click each day to quickly earn. You'll see new sites pop up on the radar each day, our advice is to avoid them at all costs for at least six months. Why? No history of paying their members. Goes back to that trust issue I mentioned above. You must trust that when you want to request your money, that they will indeed pay you! It's vital to trust this or you could be wasting a lot of your time and money. Clixsense has paid me, and this means you can be sure, you will get paid as well. It's a safe method of earning an income online that grows everyday. I know you want to make as much money as possible and I can only suggest you do one thing no matter what. Brand your copy of this report BEFORE you start giving it away. Use it to build your list once you brand it and watch what happens. You'll love it. 3

Unlimited Referrals – Unlimited Income – Clixsense Rated #1 Daily Earner!

Congratulations! FREE! You Now Own Resell And Giveaway Rights To This Report Greetings! By owning resell and giveaway rights, you may freely distribute this report to anyone you wish, or use it as incentive to build your mailing list. The choice is yours. The only restriction is that you cannot modify this document in any way without permission from the author. It cannot be sold. Enjoy!

Hot Tip: If you would like to learn how to make this report your 24/7 “Digital Sales Machine” then be sure to read the last page for full details.


Unlimited Referrals – Unlimited Income – Clixsense Rated #1 Daily Earner!

Table of Contents Chapter 1:

Welcome To Clixsense

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Chapter 2:

Before You Click Ads

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Chapter 3:

Toolbar Yes Or No?

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Chapter 4:

Communicating With Your Referrals

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Chapter 5:

Your Message To Your Referrals

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Chapter 6:

The Comp Plan Is Powerful

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Chapter 7:

A Word About ClixGrid

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Chapter 8:

Interesting Clixsense Facts

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Turn This Report Into Daily Cash Advanced Traffic Resources

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Earn Money Advanced:


Unlimited Referrals – Unlimited Income – Clixsense Rated #1 Daily Earner!

Welcome To Clixsense. Two Sides Of The Coin. Members Side:

As you can see members enjoy many ways to make money with Clixsense, and it will appeal to many people online who want to find great ways to make money.

Join Clixsense Now Before You Move On.


Unlimited Referrals – Unlimited Income – Clixsense Rated #1 Daily Earner!

Welcome To Clixsense. Two Sides Of The Coin. Advertisers Side:

If you want to see results using Clixsense works great! Every time we run our ads there, flood of new opt ins on our list, and sign ups multiple paid to click sites we belong to. We their advertising every week.


advertising we see a in the count on

Unlimited Referrals – Unlimited Income – Clixsense Rated #1 Daily Earner!

Chapter 2 Before You Click The Ads! There are a couple of things you must remember about making money using paid to click sites. I will list them here and we suggest you use them as the rules of the job. Failure to follow the rules will result In the loss of a lot of money, you could have made, but didn't. And they are... Patience. You must be patient when you first get started using the paid to click sites to actually make money you can spend on groceries. Everyone starts out slowly at first and then gain speed over time. The upgrade. Clixsense is start up friendly because unlike a lot of sites, they only offer one upgrade and it only costs $14.95 PER YEAR! They offer the cheapest upgrade with the most value to the member of any PTC site we use today. Once you upgrade, you will have access to 100 ads to click. You can earn almost your fourteen dollars and ninety five cents back in the first day if you just click all the ads. Not upgrading will absolutely cause your earnings to be slow, slow, slow. If you want to earn fast and get paid often, the upgrade is the only way to approach Clixsense. Click All The Ads Everyday! If you work a full time job it might be an idea to click ads before you go to work and an hour before you retire for the evening. Don't miss days, you'll just lose money and thats not what you want. 8

Unlimited Referrals – Unlimited Income – Clixsense Rated #1 Daily Earner!

Chapter 3 Toolbar Yes Or No? It really depends on you and how comfortable you are using your computer. If you choose to install their toolbar you will be able to make more money because the toolbar will notify you when more ads are available to click. Clicking the number will open up the area to earning area ready for you to click the available ads, and earn more cash. However, as with most toolbars, if you don't put a leash on it by setting the features and options manually to remove the fluff, you can end up with stuff you didn't need nor want. So, you must go into options and set it up for just one thing. Letting you know when you have more ads to click, and nothing else. Say no to everything else. I can testify that installing it on my machine, has helped me earn faster than I did doing it the old way of logging in once a day. If you want to earn more and earn it faster, the toolbar is the option to choose. Be sure you have your Windows operating system updated to the latest version, and with all your security patches installed, and be sure your antivirus is updated as well. Toolbars can safely be used if you take the proper steps to ensure your success. Once installed, if you don't like it, you can always uninstall it from your browser. Recommended browser is Firefox.


Unlimited Referrals – Unlimited Income – Clixsense Rated #1 Daily Earner!

Chapter 4 Communicating With Your Referrals Inside your members area if you click on Affiliates from the menu bar and then select Banners, you will find the promotional banners you can use to promote your referral link there.

If you click the menu button Affiliates again and this time select My Referrals, it will take you to the page where you can add a personal message to your referrals who join you.


Unlimited Referrals – Unlimited Income – Clixsense Rated #1 Daily Earner!

You should see this on the right hand side of the page when you clicked on My Referrals from the menu.

Here is the actual message if you need an idea of what to say.

You will need to add your information before you use it. Copy it into notepad and then make your changes before you paste it into that message box at Clixsense.


Unlimited Referrals – Unlimited Income – Clixsense Rated #1 Daily Earner!

Chapter 5 Your Message To Your Referrals Hi there, Thanks for logging in and clicking your ads. Did you know that for only $14.95 you can be an upgraded member for a whole year? They give you 100 ads right off which means you can earn most of your money back in the first day if you wish. In a whole year you will easily make more than the small payment don't you think? I know you can! Upgrade today and enjoy larger earnings especially if you click all your ads every day. Boy does it add up fast! If you use the system I do, because they pay you for your referrals clicks and upgrades too! The system will get you all the referrals you can stand! You can't miss out on this! Let me know if you have any questions, remember they pay on eight levels and they pay in less than 30 seconds. I've tested it, they really are that fast. Get paid all that you earn and get paid fast! Happy earnings! YOUR NAME HERE YOUR PHONE NUMBER HERE YOUR SKYPE HERE YOUR GOOD EMAIL HERE 12

Unlimited Referrals – Unlimited Income – Clixsense Rated #1 Daily Earner!

Chapter 6 The Comp Plan Is Powerful The biggest problem with most comp plans is they are hard to understand and due to this fact, it makes it harder to explain to anyone who may be interested. The simpler to understand the easier it is for someone to make a wise and profitable choice, by upgrading their account. Here's why it just makes sense.

Did you see that? No Limit to How Much You Can EARN At Clixsense!!!


Unlimited Referrals – Unlimited Income – Clixsense Rated #1 Daily Earner!

Chapter 7 A Word About ClixGrid If you have run out of ads for the moment and would like to spend a few minutes for a chance to win cash, then you may want to check out the Clixgrid as seen below. Please note the picture will be different from what you see in this example.

You never know you could be the next winner! Unless you play, you cannot expect to have a chance to win! Anyway you look at it, you can make excellent income from being a member of Clixsense, especially if you take a moment and brand your copy of this report before you give it away to build your list. 14

Unlimited Referrals – Unlimited Income – Clixsense Rated #1 Daily Earner!

Chapter 8 Interesting Clixsense Facts ClixSense doesn't... Set any limits on the amount of ads you can view per day. Set any limits on the amount of direct referrals you can have. Or make you wait to do certain things like refer others. ClixSense was the company that started the PTC craze in 2007. Did you know that? No wonder they have over a million members! ClixSense has some of the lowest advertising rates in the industry. I use it all the time, 20K at a time! Keep in mind I send all my traffic to my lead capture page, and using their traffic I am building a list in a hurry! It works! ClixSene doesn't charge a ridiculous amount of money to upgrade your account. It's only 14.95 per year and once you upgrade, you immediately get 100 ads to click. You basically make back a huge portion of the upgrade in a day. ClixSense has no maximum cash out. If you can make it, they will pay it! I love that part. They don't have multiple membership levels, why pay more when you don't have to? They don't use a cheap purchased script to run their business, the site is 100% custom built by their employed developers.


Unlimited Referrals – Unlimited Income – Clixsense Rated #1 Daily Earner!

They don't use a shared hosting server, they have multiple dedicated servers. ClixSense doesn't hide behind a privacy protect when you look at who owns the domain, they have nothing to hide. With all the new PTC and bux sites coming online everyday you have no idea who you are dealing with and what their intentions are. With ClixSense, you know you can trust them, a million members cannot be wrong. I want you to be successful online and if you take Clixsense seriously, you will finally achieve success. It's that easy and it's that simple. Join Clixsense with me and start earning today.


Unlimited Referrals – Unlimited Income – Clixsense Rated #1 Daily Earner!

How To Make This Report Your 24/7 “Digital Sales Machine!” I hope you enjoyed this free report and picked up your copy of The Clixsense Report. Before you rush off to share this report with your Facebook friends and Twitter followers, let me ask you a question... Would you like to get paid a commission when the people you share this report with also join and upgrade their account at Clixsense? If so, then all you have to do is rebrand this special report with your affiliate ID before sharing it with others. That's it. You can then post it to your blog, share it on Facebook and Twitter, or even use it to build your list. And here's the best part... Your readers will also receive “giveaway rights” to this report. Which means, if they give it away without rebranding it ( and many will ) you'll get paid commissions on ALL of their referred sales as well. Example: Let's say “Stephanie” downloads your report, but does not rebrand it with her ID. She then shares YOUR branded version with Bill who also join and upgrade HIS account at Clixsense ― guess what? YOU just got paid... Cha-ching! Get excited! Because you're about to unleash your own “digital sales machine” that cranks out commissions for you 24/7 ( even while you sleep! )

Here's what to do next...


Unlimited Referrals – Unlimited Income – Clixsense Rated #1 Daily Earner!

Follow These Instructions To Proceed... Step 1: Order Branding Rights from this link Step 2: After you place your order, just fill out a short form and you will receive an email with a link to your rebranded report. Step 3: Start sharing your new report with others and GET PAID!


Unlimited Referrals – Unlimited Income – Clixsense Rated #1 Daily Earner!

Advanced Area: Professional Traffic Sources. Rent-A-List – Offering a variety of ad types and niche lists to market to. You can select text ads, banner ads, target lists with 50% click through guaranteed, and ezine contact solo ad to over 300,000 members. Watch for “hump day” specials to save a lot of money on your advertising! Ad Click Media – An effective PPC site offering Interstatial ads and more. You'll get laser targeted visitors with this method of advertising increasing your results. Be sure to use this report to build your list. Classified Ad Central – Simply Awesome!! They write the ads, send the ads, and handle everything for you. Start your 100 day ad campaign today and let them send visitors to your site while you concentrate on clicking for CASH at Clixsense!

Thank you for reading and sharing the Clixsense report.


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