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Purchase easy on the environment and stylish crockery at affordable price Weekend is ringing your bell to visit barbeques, family gatherings, picnics, beach parties and many more. That is the time when your good dishware and silverware get spoiled so it is better to leave them in their cupboards. Instead, it is advisable to use nothing, but disposable plates and cutlery, but have you wondered how much waste that adds up in the environment? Number of plastic utensils that are piling up at the end of each day may harm you and your environment, because no one ever thinks of recycling it. Therefore, market launched the better alternative that is safe for the environment and catching attention of buyers, is biodegradable cutlery. Before purchasing, you should search properly because many use unhygienic conditions to manufacture it. One of the best companies of Vancouver is the leading manufacturer and seller of biodegradable dishes. They derive this simple and eco-friendly concept from the rural regions of India, where villagers encourage the use of materials in their households that is provided by the nature. One such natural and hygienic material was the dried leaf sheath of the Areca palm tree and they use this hard yet flexible material to manufacture their products. Their great experience makes them successful in this field. Single fallen palm leaf is the major source of manufacturing their products under hygienic conditions. They do not encourage afforestation and do not believe in harming environment that proves to be the usage of a naturally biodegradable and renewable raw material. They take care of your health and thus, follow ecological footprints without comprising in the quality. With the help of safety and security measures, they tool while manufacturing dishes makes it nontoxic that can be used by/for children as well. They provide easy and convenient tableware Canada solutions at a very competitive price. These products have certain physical properties, which includes: 1. Hard and Sturdy: Feels almost like thin layer of wood. 2. Great with hot food: Makes it easy to serve and handle hot dishes. 3. Great with liquids. You can use them for soups, curries, chilies, and so on.... 4. Re-usable: May be re-used for dry dishes. Can withstand a wet wipe. 5. Microwaveable: up to 3 minutes 6. Freezer safe They offer stylish range of crockery, which includes plates, bowls, spoons, forks and trays. All their products are unique in color and texture. Compostable dishes offer a perfect combination of high utility, environmental value and visual appeal. They add to the aesthetic feel as well as being a great ecoalternative it will cater all your food serving needs properly. Their dinnerwares are the excellent host of greening efforts that are clearly visible in their aim. All their products are available in the market. You can shop them from Choices Market, Lifestyle Markets, White Fish Market, The Green Room, Green Earth Organics, Nirvana Organics and several other physical stores. Moreover, you can visit their website to book your order. For more information about eco-friendly dinnerware, please visit Compostable dishes.

Purchase easy on the environment and stylish crockery at affordable price