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dvdripperformac Import DVD into iMovie HD

What is iMovie HD? iMovie HD is the combination of two versions of iMovie, to put it exactly, iMovie HD 5 and iMovie HD 6, which were released separately by Apple on January 6, 2005 and January 10, 2006 which were mainly used in editing home movies. iMovie HD, as its name implies is a video editing software that designed specially for dealing with high definition videos (HDV). Although casting attention to editing high definition videos, there are still something that we need to know about iMovie HD 5 and iMovie HD 6 in order to get a comprehensive understanding of iMovie HD. Main features of iMovie HD 5: iMovie HD 5 support the capture, editing and authoring of movies in high definition, with it, you can import, edit and share HDV 720p and 1080i video from HDV camcorder, capturing and editing 16:9 Widescreen DV, MPEG-4 (shot on flash media cameras) and native video from Apple iSight. It can import image from iPhoto, music from iTunes and set chapter markers for exporting to iDVD. Besides, it has another features built-in, Magic Movie, the performance in it is touted as one of the main features as well. Main features of iMovie HD 6: Besides the basic and main features in iMovie HD 5, there are also newly added features, such as themes (which allows user to create movie project with various images on the screen at once and interesting backgrounds), real-time effects and new effects (iMovie takes advantage of the computer's graphic processing unit to perfect some audio and video effects without rendering). And other new features including video podcasts and blogs (using intergration with iWeb), refined look based on iTunes 5 and 6 and multiple project opening support etc. Problems to face with: HDV is inevitably the wave of the future and iMovie HD has promised to deal with high definition video (HDV), but there is a harsh reality consumers will have to take into careful consideration, with HDV camcorder prices exceeding $30,000, I think, few of them will work with this format in the near future. Another headache could also be a nightmare, with DVDs especially commercial DVDs (homemade DVDs may sometimes be dealt with in other ways) being heavily copyright protected, users may find them like a hedgehog who want to eat a nut, with no way out. There are always way out: You can try Handbrake to convert your DVD into the right MPEG file that can be imported into iMovie HD directly if the size of your DVD content is not too large. To keep it safe, you are also encouraged to use Movie Converter for Mac, this is a professional and 100% clean program that designed for users who have problems importing their DVDs into iMovie, this program can rip and convert DVD into iMovie HD supported DV, HDV, MPEG-4 etc formats which can carefully deal with copyright protection problem, feel free to try. Movie Converter for Mac: at your service Movie converter for Mac is a powerful 2-in-1 application that packs DVD ripper and video converter into a single program. It is specially designed for Mac users and can convert between almost any popular formats like AVI, WMV, MKV, VOB, MOV, MPG, MPEG-4 (MP4, M4V), MPEG-2, DV, HDV, FLV, 3GP, RM and HD videos as well that can be imported in iMovie HD and other versions of iMovie alike.

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dvdripperformac Import DVD into iMovie HD

Besides, it can also extract audio from DVD content and video and save as MP3, FLAC, AAC audio files. Mac movie converter has also been enhanced that can be run on any kind of iMac systems, including the recently released Mac OS X Snow Leopard. It is an excellent video editing and DVD movie editing program that allows you to make your own editing. Such as, you can select a certain part of DVD clips to convert by Trim, cut off unwanted parts from DVD clips by Crop, adjust effect in terms of Brightness, Contrast and Saturation. Besides, all the whole process can be seen clearly from the Preview window.

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Import/convert/transfer DVD into iMovie HD  

Movie converter for Mac is a simple yet powerful program designed for Mac users to import/rip their DVDs into DV, HDV, MPEG-4, MOV iMovie HD...