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Self-Confidence | 13 Tips for Rock-Star Self-Confidence >> Click Here to Sign-up for a FREE 5-Day Ultimate Goal Setting e-Course. Self-confidence is one of the leading indicators of success. How often do you see successful people shuffling quietly into work, head down, complaining about how they aren’t good enough? But how do you achieve it? For those who don’t have it seems like an almost mythical quality, something that is genetic or only available to a lucky few. Fortunately, this is not the case. Powerful, endless selfconfidence is available for all of us to grasp. In this quick and dirty self-confidence guide I am going to outline the root of low self-confidence, and also give you 12 other powerful tricks, techniques and tools that you can immediately implement to supercharge your self-confidence. 1. Be Honest About Your Shortcomings. Before you can start building powerful self-confidence, it’s essential to know what it is that is causing your insecurities to begin with. Having insecurities are part of being human – we all have them, we all suffer from them, and we all will have to live with them in some form or another. The key is in being able to identify and manage them. Write out 3-4 insecurities that you have. You might not be comfortable with having to be so forthright with yourself, but I promise you that taking the time to be honest about your insecurities will give pay huge dividends when it comes to building genuine self-confidence over the short and long term. 2. Correct Your Posture. Did you know that slumping over can dramatically impact the way you view yourself? Not only is sitting and standing up straight benefit you physically – and who wants to look like the Hunchback of Notre Dame? – but recent studies have proven that it also gives you significantly more confidence in yourself. A study done at Ohio State in 2009 found that students who were slumped over in their desks were far less optimistic when it come to how they would do as a future professional. 3. Take Pride in Your Appearance. “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” Sure, this might have been a nice axiom on the playground, but this is the real world, where appearances count. How we present ourselves is often a reflection of how we feel about ourselves. Today are you going to dress sharply, or haphazardly get dressed and fall out the front door? Take that extra couple minutes to prim yourself a little bit so that you can begin by acting the part of brimming with self-confidence. Ever heard the expression “fake it till you make it”? Very applicable here! 4. Set and Follow Through With Your Goals. True self-confidence, the burning, powerful kind that will fill you with energy and determination comes from achievement. You don’t need to win a Nobel prize to get this feeling – you can start by making small and medium range goals. It could be as basic as losing 5 pounds, or saving $1,000. Write ‘em out, follow through with them, and you will get a powerful 5. Don’t Be Your Own Worst Enemy. Self-talk is something that gets left in the dark when people talk about personal development. For a moment think about the dialogue that you are having with yourself over the course of the day. Are you being unduly harsh on yourself? Much of the conversation that we have with ourselves is permeated with limiting and negative chatter. “I don’t deserve to be successful”, “I’ll never achieve my goals” and more are extremely common. First step is being aware of this dialogue. The second is to correct it. Don’t give yourself the chance to talk yourself out of being confident and successful.

>> Click Here to Sign-up for a FREE 5-Day Ultimate Goal Setting e-Course. 6. Get Some Exercise. Regular exercise, done several times per week is scientifically proven to substantially improve mental health, and by extension, self-confidence. Not only does regular exercise help to demolish symptoms of anxiety and depression, but as an awesome side benefit you will also look better in the mirror. Whammy. 7. Remember that Perfection Is an Ideal – Not Reality. Self-confidence, and having that feeling oyou can take on the world, is unleashed when you aim for excellence and your personal best as opposed to a perfect ideal. Look, not all of us are going to be billionaires or have three percent body fat. But we can do the absolute best with what we have. Perfectionism is a marketing gimmick made by companies to get you to buy their crap. And remember – behind that “perfect” life or face there is a person with insecurities and self-confidence issues as well. 8. Describe the Last 5 Times You Nailed It. You’ve had successes in your life. I know you have. Write out a few of them and take a moment to reminisce about how awesome you – yes you! – are after all. Remember what it felt like to carry out those accomplishment, what the after-glow was like. Embrace it, and project it on your future endeavours. 9. Treat Yourself Well. This is your life. You are allowed to enjoy it, right? Right? Right! So treat yourself when you are having a bad day, when you are having a good day, when you deserve it and when you don’t. 10. Learn Something New. One of the best feelings in the world for me is figuring something out that was completely foreign to me at one point. If you want to take it one step further, master something new. The self-confidence you get from mastering something utterly is intoxicating. 11. Surround Yourself with Positive People. If we are a product of our environment, what are you? Are the people in your life bringing positivity and self-confidence to you, or are they showering you with bitterness, whining and negativity? Life is far too short to spend it in the company of those who would prefer to swim in misery and have you drown in it with them. Identify them, and distance yourself. Seek out those with similar goals, similar dreams who have positive outlooks. Energy – whether it is positive or negative -- is contagious. 12. Accept Compliments. Avoid the desire to roll your eyes and mutter, “Sure, yeah right.” Accept them graciously, and take the moment to realize that someone else sees the good that you are capable of as well. 13. Focus On Achievements. Wanna know the best way to build self-confidence? The type of selfconfidence that will power you through the ups-and-downs of your life? Develop a system of consistently setting and achieving goals that are challenging. Ultimate self-confidence stems from the manifestation of our plans. When we make a plan and follow through with it, the result reinforces all of the positive stuff that we like to think we are capable of: “I do deserve to achieve great things.” “I can do whatever I want when I set my mind to it.” And more. So get to your goal setting and let’s get your self-confidence on track! >> Click Here to Sign-up for a FREE 5-Day Ultimate Goal Setting e-Course.

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