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Read This To Know How You Can Select A Wedding Photographer

Synopsis The Best Times to take your Engagement Announcement Pictures Top Tips for the Best Engagement Photographs Engagement Photography Ideas to Help Inspire Your Own Pictures Getting the Most from Your Wedding Day Pictures: Tips and Tricks What You Should Do When Working with Someone for Wedding Photography Things You Should Avoid to Make Wedding Photography Work in Your Favor Vital Questions to Ask Your Potential Wedding Photographer

Mango Studio Wedding Photography

The Best Times to take your Engagement Announcement Pictures Summer

◦ Summer engagement photographs can be some of the best looking photographs out there. The weather is usually at its peak and this means it will be on your side. Other pros would include low chances of rain or clouds, which will make a really depressing and dark photograph. Summer photographs are also the best season for any kind of natural photograph, such as for places on the beach or in fields. Taking your engagement announcement in summer also makes for some really serene and great sunset photographs as well.


◦ Spring is usually the most popular season of the year to take engagement announcement photographs. While it is not yet summer, the weather is losing the frosty bite of winter and the days are getting longer. It is before the big wedding season in summer wherein all of the best and even some of the worst photographers will be buried up to their eyeballs in wedding commissions. Trees and flowers are coming alive and blooming beautifully after winter and this makes for some beautiful scenery. It also means you can wear whatever you want, from jeans to skirts – no need to layer up!


◦ Being surrounded by falling leaves and explosions of colours can be gorgeous and make some beautiful engagement photos. This time is one of the optimum times for photography of all kinds, but especially for engagements.


◦ A winter wonderland can make an amazing photoshoot and this time will be good for wedding photographers as they have just finished up a busy season. There are also no worries about harsh lighting conditions and there are plenty of wonderous places to shoot in.

Top Tips for the Best Engagement Photographs Make it activity based. There is nothing more awkward than a clearly staged or posed photograph wherein the couple are standing stiffly in front of a boring, single colour backdrop. Your pictures will look much more stylish and natural if you are both doing what you love. This will create much more genuine looks and reactions from you and your partner. So, it is much better to ignore that the photographer and the camera and focus on the emotions that your other half brings out in you. Doing a hobby, such as hiking, swimming or even crafting together will bring out these emotions in you and thus create the best reactions and ergo the best photographs possible for your announcement. Set the scene. Thi ki g a out where to stage your a ou e e t pi tures a take ti e a d so it’s best to think about where you want to take the pictures. The location should be somewhere that is important to your relationship. For example, if you met your partner at a cafÊ, at work or at university, maybe find a way to incorporate that into your engagement pictures. The photos will turn out much better if they are not so generic and overdone.

Wear what you and your partner are comfortable in. Clothing has remarkable power within photographs and can really set the mood. While it can be nice to dress up and look fancy, remember that this can take away from the natural fluidity of the picture. So, even if it might look good if you and your partner are dressed to the nines, it will look even better if you are comfortable. If you and your other half are awkward in your clothes this will show through the lens and in print. Bring a prop. Even if you are in one of the most adventurous locations in the world, a simple background can be quite mundane. Bringing a prop that is important to your relationship can really spice up your photograph as well as making it a touch more personal and sentimental.

Engagement Photography Ideas to Help Inspire Your Own Pictures Frozen landscapes. Snowy backdrops and hills can look very surreal and gorgeous in any circumstances, but especially on sunny days. This makes all the ice on the roads and trees sparkle and these really give your engagement photos a stunning edge. If you and your partner also choose to wear matching clothes that are equally as elegant as the scenery then this will also add a very pleasing element to your photograph. Lavender fields. Lavender fields are a very aesthetically pleasing location for any photograph, but especially for an engagement photograph. It is an explosion of purples and violets in a very open and serene environment. It can be up to you or your partner whether or not you want to blend with colours around you or not. If you choose a neutral colour like white, you will still stand out while also matching the environment you are surrounded by. It is advised to make sure you take these pictures on a sunny day. You will need to allocate a long period of time for this particular photoshoot however as a lot of things are dependent on the weather conditions and whatnot. You also should be sure that you have found the optimum position and or location for your shoot as you will want to explore the numerous possibilities that the lavender fields will offer you. It might even be good to bring a prop as well, such as a backdrop or a bicycle, something that will just add a personal touch to your picture. Orchard fields. Like lavender fields, apple orchards can also be a very serene spot to take an engagement announcement photograph in. Again, it is advisable that you wait for a nice and sunny day so that the scenery around you is really emphasised and taken advantage of. This will also make the other colours in the picture, such as any yellows, stand out a lot more and add a colourful and sophisticated element to your photoshoot. A prime tip for this location would be to wear what is comfortable. You will be walking through a lot of grassy terrain and bumpy and muddy ground – so it is best not to wear heels or clothes that will make you awkward or uncomfortable while walking through the woodlands and trees.

Getting the Most from Your Wedding Day Pictures: Tips and Tricks Create the most efficient and realistic photography timeline and follow it to the letter. There is no other way to ensure that your big day goes smoothly then making a schedule and sticking to it. This means there are no surprises or confusion. Everybody knows where they are and what they are supposed to be doing. Even if people do not think it, this does apply to photography. Timelines for photoshoots need roughly about six months for planning and prepping. This helps them to get to know the couple better as well as the venue and all the events that will be ongoing during the course of your special day. It also allows a short period of time for any adjustments that need to be changed in the preliminary planning stages. Remember to book your engagement photography session. This is important as it gives you and partner ample time to learn how to have fun and how to relax in front of a camera. While also helping you prepare for all the pictures being taken on your wedding day, this also gives your photographer a chance to know you and figure out what exactly you are looking for on your big day. This will make you a lot more comfortable with the flashes after you have said your vows. Hire and photographer and videographer that have worked together before. It is vital that your team get along and gel creatively together – this harmony will reflect through the pictures. If they have not worked together, make sure they meet beforehand so there is no conflict. Allocate time for your creative shots. Give the photographer time to help collect the best shots for you, this also gives you some quiet time with your new husband or wife.

What You Should Do When Working with Someone for Wedding Photography It is important to inform your photographer about your expectations. Communication is the key here. Experienced photographers will ask for a detailed schedule with clear information regarding times of where and when the event is taking place. However, it is not enough to just furnish them with all the details regarding the big day; in fact, it is better to sit down together and share all your expectations. Proper communication will ensure that your big day runs in a smooth fashion. You should talk to your photographer about the shot list and understand the procedures. Be sure to follow the procedures to the dot. Keep in mind that experienced photographer will always share a shot list and if yours have not shared anything in this regard, it might mean that they know nothing about what they are doing. A professional photographer will always ask about the style in which you want your images to be captured. You may ask them to follow a photojournalistic style where they are free to catch events as they take place. Some brides are more interested in portraiture style photography. The best thing is to create your own Pinterest board and share it with your photographer so they can decide exactly what types of photos you want. Anyone in charge of wedding photography should know that you are the boss here. They should do everything you ask them to do– they should have no issues taking pictures of you shaking a leg with your bride if that is what you need. You may want the second shooter to assist you with some shots – you may ask them to hold the veil for a perfect shot. Just tell them what you have on your mind and how you want your day to proceed. Allow guests to take their own photos, with your permission of course. Understand that it is a party after all and they should enjoy themselves. However, you need to ensure that your guests do not interfere with the work of your wedding photographer. Tell them to cooperate with other or put someone in charge of things to ensure that things go as smooth as possible.

Things You Should Avoid to Make Wedding Photography Work in Your Favor Never make the mistake of thinking that your photographer is aware of every single detail. It is your responsibility to give them a shot list and inform them about the right colors of your wedding. You should also inform them about the number of guests you are expecting so they could make some preparations accordingly. If your photographer is OK to walk into an event without having any clue about what to expect it is better to look for someone else. Communication should always be your top priority. Never try to be super fussy with your shot list, and you should avoid the other extreme as well – that is to ignore your shot list completely. Being too specific with your shot list would put unnecessary stress on your photographer and make it difficult for them to work on your big day. It is true that your photographer should make you feel comfortable but you should try to do the same with them. When your photographer is not under unnecessary stress, they feel more productive and creative which is going to reflect in the pictures they take. However, it is still a good idea to talk to your photographer before your wedding and inform them about the shots you absolutely need. Showing them a few pictures of shots you want will serve the purpose well. You do not want to push it further or else it might offend the photographer. If you have selected a professional photographer, you need to understand that they really know how to use the camera to provide you with some artistic images. Similarly not showing any interest to develop a good shot list is never a good idea because it does not provide your photographer with any idea about the style of photos you really need. Therefore, you should help your photographer create a good shot list but try not to be too picky about everything. Never let everyone at your wedding party to tell your photographer have to take great pictures. Only the bride and groom should have the privilege to tell the photographer about the shots they want. The same goes for the videographer, DJ, caterers, and wedding coordinator. You should also talk to your family members and tell them that it is your job and responsibility to tell the photographer, DJ, videographer or anyone covering your wedding to change the way they are working. Understand that it is your wedding and you are the boss here.

Vital Questions to Ask Your Potential Wedding Photographer What style of photography do you utilise? This is probably one of the most important questions to ask any photographer, for your wedding or any other occasion. You should find a photographer that has a similar vision and taste to you so that there will be no creative differences or nasty surprises either during or after your wedding day. This means you should ask for a portfolio and see for yourself the kind of pictures that they are best at taking. That way you will be one hundred percent happy with your wedding day photographs and can look back fondly on your special day without harbouring any kind of resentment. Which photographer will be handling my wedding personally? If you visit a studio and hire a photographer through them it is important to ask which of their team which actually be there with their camera on your special day. You do not want to get stuck with a photographer who is not passionate about their work or who does not gel creatively with you. This can result in all sorts of consequences, such as you and your significant other not liking the end results and having to recreate the family shots and couple portraits. How long have you been working in the wedding industry? While it might seem to rude to some people, it is important to know how much experience your photographer has had in the wedding business. This means that you can rest assured that the photographer you hired will be completely professional and have an extensive skill set and repertoire. It is not wise to choose an inexperienced photographer for your wedding day – everything needs to be captured as it will not happen again. Experienced wedding photographers will have extensive knowledge of what you want from them.

How many photographers will be working my wedding. Having just one photographer means that the poor person will be ran of their feet trying to make sure every perfect moment has been captured on camera. This means that ideally, two photographers should be working for you to make sure every moment is captured.

Mango Studio Wedding Photography The Process ◦ The professionals at Mango Studios are dedicated to make sure you get the most stunning visuals of your big day, and so they have a vigorous and personal process to ensure you get the most out of everything. This also helps to make sure you are completely stress-free when planning the rest of your wedding. There are entire teams dedicated to client service that is overseen by the photographer in charge. You will be paired up with a photographer best suited to your individual wants and tastes. To pick the photographer that is the ideal fit for your wedding, you will have a consultation with a Mango Event Coordinator – this means that there are no chances for bias and you are able to make an informed and well thought out decision. From there the dedicated team will work to get to know you on a deeper level so they can meet every one of your interests and needs. This the same approach they have been using for the last twelve years and have found that is breeds brilliant results thus far. With Mango you can rest assured that you will be delivered with the upmost professionalism and standards.

Pricing ◦ When visiting their website – – the pricing can easily be found on the top of the site page. With a few quick questions a personalised quote will be generated for you in no time. There is no need to pay for a five-minute consultation like there would be with some other photography companies.

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Read This To Know How You Can Select A Wedding Photographer  

1. The Best Times to take your Engagement Announcement Pictures. 2. Top Tips for the Best Engagement Photographs. 3. Engagement Photography...

Read This To Know How You Can Select A Wedding Photographer  

1. The Best Times to take your Engagement Announcement Pictures. 2. Top Tips for the Best Engagement Photographs. 3. Engagement Photography...