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Esher Wind Auduino Alexander Towell GDNMY3

This project is a submission for the Sony Xperia Auduino project for submission for 3rd Year Graphics Design new media at the University for the creative arts Epsom. For this brief we were set these guidelines. The main question is “What will you do for us on the media boat?�. My answer to this is as any good sailor knows a good sense of wind and its direction can turn any trip into a success. For my project i have drawn up a concept for a wind sensor using the Auduino chip. The brief guidelines are as follows: Sony have just launched xperiastudio. com this project aims to promote their new range of Xperia phones through projects by creative practitioners from various fields including musicians, astronomers, media artists and hackers. We would like you to imagine that you are part of the collaborative interactive

art studio - illutron - that Sony commissioned for this project and pitch a media project that uses open source hardware - Auduino - and the Xperia phone. Your project must show an interesting use of one or more features of the phone. We would like to know the name of your Project, what it does and what features of the phone it uses. It is important that your boards are of a professional graphic standard and would communicate your idea in your absence. My speech is as follows, for my design brief i have chosen to approach the brief from an environmental angle as well as a survival point of view from the boat point of view. My idea is to construct a wind sensor using a small windmill one that would turn from less wind than a full blown wind turbine. By using Auduino as an interface to break down information from a small wind mill one hopes to



Rotation gather a few key pieces of information. The strength the heading of the wind, and the output this wind would produce in terms of watts. As a concept the main focal point of my work illustrates the way that a phone and a simple interface could give a user an attachment to his or her windTurbine. My mock company is Esher wind, by focusing of the bigger picture rather than fiddling around with a small capacitor

GeoLocation and Auduino board i hope to illustrate the millage a small phone could make in applying such a product. Phones can process a large amount of data such as GPS, a compas reading for North south East and West. A messaging feature for updates on a consumers service, with the mock Esher Wind energy provider. the ability to send a signal from one device to another to trigger a motor to rotate a wind turbine or re position it based on a collection of data from multiple devices. Much like twitter does with people thoughts and subjects the Esher Wind app does this only its focus is on wind direction.

The different screens show

Transmision a simple interface for consumers to get a little insight to what there new found resource is up to as well as providing an easy and effective platform for clientcompany communication. Although my work has not produced a machine, or sorts i have tried to come up with a concept that would be as complex as an iPhone app, implementing features such as GeoLocation, A twitter based wind reading client, a simple monitor interface monitoring simple levels of energy output.

Esher Wind  

First Submission.

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