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XR 8 Ute

Edmund Chow

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There is something special when driving a strange car like an utility or simply Ute. There isn’t anything different comparing to a normal sedan, yet, when you look at it, most probably you would think what a waste. Such a gorgeous looking front end of a family sedan oddly attached to a tray or a so called “style-box”. Indeed, when you realized the story behind it, that it was a Victorian farmer’s wife who wanted a car to go the church and during the day, be able to do some odd jobs around the farm, then you would agree with the Australian inventor of the first Utility in the World, that such a wonderful and marvelous specie was conceived in Victoria during the early 1930s. Since then, the practicality of the Ute was never challenged. On the other hand, utility became an important part of Australian and perhaps American culture as well. Following the evolution of its sedan counterpart, utility is not restricted as being just a miniature truck. Rather, it becomes a strong culture of driving comfort, power surge and practicality. Every year, there is an annual

muster of utility in a country town called Delinquent in Southern New South Wales. Thousands of utilities turn up to celebrate the Ute culture. Recently, people race with Ute as well. To a certain extent, it has its advantage over its sedan counter part,. A number of car enthusiasts understand the beauty of Ford’s XR6 Turbo, but when we talk about flexibility of the V8 engine of the XR8, you will be able to appreciate the goodness and power surge of a flawless V8. The FG Falcon V8 is by far one of the best in the world. It pumps out 290kW and 520Nm quad cam Boss engine with 6 speed ZF sequential auto gear box. It comes with 17 inches wheel, incorporating modern safety features such as ABS brakes, traction control, brake force distribution, brake assist and twin airbags etc. You can even order side airbags for it as well. It is enough for a commercially based car. Crash rating should be around 4 stars. Drive-way


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Ford XR 8 Ute

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