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May 24th, 2012 Issue #2

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verybody says they are listening. But are we really listening? We got ourselves into this rut. Get out of it by listening to music. Don’t delay the “Today’s gonna be the day...” Music isn’t the only thing we can’t listen to. Just think about it, do you really stop for a second to listen to your heart? Staying true to our claim to fame as SP Family’s music magazine, we have a rave-worthy pile of articles on this issue. Astronaut Weekly is moving now to an outstanding pace through the universe. The months ahead of us are not about rediscovery but exploring uncharted galaxies, uncoquered territories. We are constantly evolving, seeking new ways to add values to our writing. We are not doing this as a magazine; we’re also doing it as human beings. As part of our strategy to take over the world (the Simple Plan world that is!), we’re revamping our online presence. If you haven’t yet, check out our website astronautweekly., which is constantly being updated with new features and new oportunities for all of you my fellow intergalactic friends.

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Get to know the band: Part 2

Written by Karoline Hov @KarolineHov1

When Simple Plan had officially become a band they played shows whenever they could to gain fans. In 2001 they joined the Warped Tour and played alongside bands like Sum-41, Good Charlotte and Blink-182. After this they recorded their debut album No Pads, No Helmets… Just Balls. On this album they collaborated with both Joel Madden and Mark Hoppus. To learn more about this album check out the last edition of Astronaut Weekly! The album came out when Simple Plan were opening for Sugar Ray on their US-tour. Simple Plan opening for Sugar Ray.

In one year (2002) they played 300 shows and gained fans quickly. They topped the Alternative New Artist Chart and played a sold out tour in Japan. Because of NPNHJB they also took home a 2003 MuchMusic Video Award for People’s Choice Favorite Canadian Group. Later in 2003 they opened for Avril Lavigne on her Try To Shut Me Up-tour and played as a headliner on the Warped Tour. This was memorialized in the comedy slasher film, Punk Rock Holocaust. 4 of the 5 band members were ”killed” in that film.

After a three-month period of writing in Vancouver and then recording it, Simple Plan released their second album, Still Not Getting Any. This album was produced by Bob Rock who has produced famous albums like Metallicas’ Black Album and Bryan Adams’ On a Day Like Today read the rest of this magazine to learn more about Still Not Getting Any.

Jeff being “killed”.

MTV EXIT (End Exploitation and Trafficking), announced the return of the MTV EXIT campaign to Vietnam with a natio-wide initiative to combat human trafficking through a series of live events, TV programming and youth engagement activities. The flagship event will be a massive live concert at Hanoi’s My Dinh Stadium on May 26 featuring international modern-rock sensation, Simple Plan. Click here to read more.

WE ASKED, THE FANS ANSWERED! Do you want Simple Plan to start recording a new album next year? And, why? “I want them to come back to the US and play more states then go

into the studio but i also think they should play a few more shows other places. i love getting new music but i still feel like GYHO is so good i want to have it for a bit longer.” - Natalie

“YES! Because their music is amazing and I can’t get enough of it!” - Madeline

“Of course I want them too! That would mean more amazing music and more

touring when it’s done! :D I want them to have some time off too though. They need to spend some time with their families and just do their own thing.”

“Yes! so they will come back to the - Karoline “YES!!! Because, well...who wouldn’t? They write awesome songs!” UK and do some shows :)” - Vicky - Samanzer “Yes! I always love to hear new songs. but I won’t mind if they

don’t get too it, they are touring all of 2012 and I think they will need a break.” - Olivia

“Yes because that means more music to keep

everyone inspired and alive. Also, it means that

“As long as it’s not as pop as GYHO. More pop punk, like NPNHJB and SNGA.” - Anonymous

there will be more tours. ” - Hayley

“Part of me says yes cause I always want to hear new stuff but the other part of me says no cause that means no touring lol” - @ CdnSPAstronaut

“Yesss! Because they’re musci is amazing, and they should never stop writing & we need more tours;)” - @TOSimplePlan_ “I don’t want them to start recording next year because I want another tour with the “new” songs.” - @mariian_spfd182 “I really would like to listen to some new songs, but something

creative and still sounding like Simple Plan, in the style of “Just Around the Corner”. I just love that song. I truly believe that some songs in GYHO! are not as good as some demos they’ve written.” - Ana Paula

“Yes, because Alex doesn’t want that it comes out. This reason is fair “NO! I want them to tour more before

disappearing for 2 years while they make a new album. They should tour the American continent more.” - Alex Stark

enough, tho. LOL Before you kill me, I would love to listen to fresh and different songs, something that might sound like the leaked demos... I think that they’re better than the ones in GYHO! I rather listen to something pretty different from anything they have done so far, actually. Some pop influences, idk.” - Anna Clara Peixoto

Simple Plan,

STILL NOT GET TING ANY... Simple Plan released their second album Still Not Getting Any on October 26th, 2004. Over 130,000 copies were sold in the first week! It peaked at number 3 on the US Billboard 200. It was certified Platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America, which means they sold over 1 million copies.

Pierre Bouvier and Chuck Comeau wrote all the lyrics for the songs on this album. Simple Plan wrote the music for the songs.

This is the Track listing for the First release of the Album:

Simple Plan also released a Tour edition that was rereleased in Asia, with a choice of two covers, one with a photo of the band being really casual and the other the original cover that is very rare. One funny and interesting thing about this edition is that everything: song lyrics, live songs and videos; are translated to Japanese by Warner Music Japan.

This special version included as well the following videos: Making of “Shut Up”, Making of “Welcome To My Life”, Highlights from UK Tour 2004, Highlights from Japan/ Malysia Promo Trip 2004, Highlights from 2004 And some live bonus tracks from Dew Burning Van: Perfect, The Worst Day Ever , Addicted, I’d Do Anything Perfect was a live bonus track only in Australia and Japan. The album is available in a dual disc edition with a bonus DVD, containing extras such as Lyrics, photos behind the scenes info and if used on a computer it had web links, photos, wallpaper and desk material.

And “Welcome To My Life” as an acoustic version.

A remarkable fact is that “Untitled (How Could This Happen into it. We also hear Chuck singing, not much just a few To Me?)” is not included on the lyrics book in some editions. words. Another highlight is David doing some seriously weird dancing. The video finishes with Bob Rock singing Even if the song is on the CD. “I’ve got a Simple Plan, Simple all the way and we will Rock THE RECORDING OF SNGA together for ever.” We will hold you to that Bob. While I was researching for this article I cam across a great YouTube clip about SP recording the Album. I can’t believe how young they look! No offense intended guys! Check it out: This video starts off with Chuck saying,

When Chuck and Pierre originally wrote Perfect World they only wrote one verse for the demo so while they are recording Chuck and Pierre had to write the second verse, so if you are keen to see how Simple Plan are when they write you have to see this video. Chuck states, “Hopefully this won’t suck” Well it certainly did not suck!

“ The whole summer we’re here wasting our beautiful days of summer inside getting a studio tan” Well Chuck from all of your fans, thank you so much for missing out on that summer! We have a fantastic album to listen to thanks to you all.

“I am not a rockstar, I am a loser who got lucky.” Pierre

Seb explains to us that he only has one guitar but to work on the album he has heaps to choose from. He shows us the long line of guitars that other artists have used. Jeff states that his goal is use at least three of the guitars for the whole record.

Welcome to my life was the first single released off Still Not Getting Any. It was released in September 2004. The song is about expressing how other people cannot understand how the singer is feeling as they have not experienced the same things. It is written for teenagers however it can still be sung with meaning of people for all ages.

THE PRODUCER: BOB ROCK In the video you can tell that the guys loved working with Bob Rock. David calls him a living legend. Chuck says that is an honor to work with Bob Rock as he is the” King of Guitar tunes” Bob is a Record Producer that is best know for producing bands like Aerosmith, bon Jovi, Metallica and Simple Plan. Bob Rock started his music career-playing guitar on his friend’s basement. Sound familiar? The best known work form his band Payola$ was Eyes of a Stranger that was used in the movie Valley Girl in the 80’s. Seb says that he gets on really well with Bob Rock, as he is a “Super Mellow Hawaiian guy.” Bob Rock tells Pierre that he does not need to move equipment, as he is a Rock Star. Pierre replies saying. “I am not a Rock star, I am just a guy who got lucky.” What an awesome comment from Pierre that the Jeff really liked. So did I! Seriously, Pierre has enough talent to be the rock star that he is. Chuck was asked in the video what they were going to call the Album. He said that they liked “Get rich or die trying” and Chuck felt confident that that would sell well. Their second choice was “In the Zone.” Towards the end of the video we see the band members pretending to play instruments and using sound effects, even Bob Rock gets

Welcome to my life

Welcome to my life peaked at 40 on the Billboard Hot 100. In Spain, Brazil and Canada it reached number 1. The music video of this song was filmed in L.A. on the Henry Ford Bridge and the Commodore Schler F. Heim Bridge. The YouTube clip on the making of this video is worth watching, Pierre is freaked out because he needs to sit on top of a 300 foot building, they run late once again, they all complain a fair bit but as always Chuck is positive. The music video sees Simple Plan playing the song in the middle of a bridge causing a huge traffic jam. There are also shots taken from inside cars that provided an insight into the passengers lives. I am sure that at different times in our lives we have all felt these emotions. When Simple Plan were asked what this song is about they replied that it is a song about being “bummed out.”

Shut Up! Shut Up! was the second single released off Still Not Getting Any. It peaked at number 11 in New Zealand and number 14 in Australia. This song is a real emotional release song, which was originally written to tell music critics to Shut Up as many reviews of Simple Plan had been negative. They first performed this song at the 2005 Kids Choice awards.

that is shot is when they have to walk into the hotel. Chuck says that they needed to walk “Cartoon Super hero style” Pierre says that they have to walk with both feet touching the ground as it was illegal not to. Seb and Pierre then give a great imitation of power walking. Both of them pretend to pull as muscle. I actually enjoyed watching the making of the video just as much as I did when I first watched the music video. Some other funny moments are when · Seb does a Walk and talk · Pierre is talking to the camera and then realizes he is meant to be in the shot and jumps back in and just makes it. · Jeff trips over a cable walking into the ballroom · How excited Chuck gets when he is describing how a crane is going to be used to film the scene. · David worrying that he will break his bass when he smashes the ice Sculpture. The best live version I think to watch is Live Rock Amp Ring 2011 and the best acoustic version is:

The music video begins with the band members walking down the street, into a hotel. Once inside, they walk into the ballroom, where there is a formal dinner going on. Pushing their way inside they grab their instruments and start playing, really freaking out the adults that were enjoying their dinner. They begin to get very upset, as the members of Simple Plan begin jumping on tables and David smashing the ice sculpture with his bass. This is where Pierre does his knee dance for the first time. Then one of the hotel employees leans towards Pierre and says "Dude, then "I thought something was up!" The video then goes through a fast motion rewind, and ends up in a basement club, where the rest of the song is played. Simple Plan asked some of their fans to be in this part of the video. During the making of the album Pierre has to sing this song a lot to get the right attitude in his voice. Bob Rock asked him to add more raspiness into his voice. During the shooting of the music video the guys once again are really funny and amusing. The first scene

Untitled (How could this happen to me?) The song when Still Not Getting Any was released, was called “Untitled”, When Simple plan release the single they added How could this happen to me? This song is a deeply emotional song, and only has the piano, strings, Pierre’s voice and a tiny but of guitar in it. The music video illustrates the dangers of Drunk Driving. The viewer is taking on a journey with the victim and her family. On a rainy night a drunk driver crashes head on into a teenager girl who is driving and she dies. The drunk driver is not hurt. This video demonstrates vividly that there are more victims that one person. When the actual impact happens we see the other family members going about their business and then suddenly they are thrown into walls and out of windows. Simple Plan on the MTV site says the following: “Over the last few years, a lot of people we know have been involved in tragic accidents caused by drinking and driving. One of the students at our high-school crashed his car driving back from a weekend trip and killed his best friend. It was a very sad time that none of us will ever forget.

When an accident happens, there are more victims than people think, and many lives are changed forever...Parents, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters, grandparents... everybody feels the impact. We wanted to tell a story with this video: the story about all of the innocent victims affected.” Simple Plan teamed up with Mothers against Drunk Driving ( to promote their message. When the music video was shot director Marc Klasfeld says “the video is more cinematic darker sort of emotionally poetic, all that good stuff type of vision.”

As a teacher I have used Crazy as a medium to challenge teenagers view of our society as well as their own views of themselves and what they can do to make our society make a little more sense. I have also used Untitled (How could this happen to me?) as a powerful message when it comes to making the correct choices, especially when it comes to drinking then driving or getting in a car with a drunk driver. Once again I like using Simple Plan songs and is it as way to connect with teenagers of today using music that they like (and I like.)

While I watched the making of the music video I realized that it was certainly a different mood than all the other video shoots. The guys still have their jokes but overall they know what message they are trying to send and really play their part well. Pierre says the video is about drunk driving and the impact on people and even their families. Chuck talks about how Simple Plan can use the chance that they have to make videos and write songs to get people to think about their lives, actions and choices. The song reached 49 on the Billboard Hot 100 and charted in the top 10 in Sweden, Switzerland and Australia.

Crazy It was the fourth single off this awesome album. This song stands out to me as one of Simple Plan’s best. It was released in October 2005. The video adds to the songs message by beginning in black and white and slowly turning to color to demonstrate that things can get better. This songs message about how crazy today’s society has become. It asks questions like how can people be starving when there are people driving expensive cars.

RANDOM FACTS ABOUT SNGA: - David played additional drums on “Me Against The World”. - It is, so far, the Simple Plan album that took the least amount of time to record. - The DVD is edited by Patrick Langlois and co-edited by Chuck Comeau. - It’s the only SP record recorded entirely in their hometown, Montréal, Canada. Written by Jen Rees @justjenrees

I asked a teenager I know to write a review on this song from a 2012 perspective. “This song takes a really good hard look on today’s society, even though it was written in 2004, it could have been written today. It asks the difficult questions that we will never know the answers to, Why do girls starve themselves just so they can get on TV, Why do we not share our wealth with those that need it so people won’t starve? What is wrong with our society?” Nick Rees (15)

Written by Karoline Hov @KarolineHov1

* Click on the photos to see them in full size.


When SP played the Groezrock festival in Belgium, Pierre and Jeff were seen at the booth of a campaign named ”I Love Boobies” which is organized by The Keep A Breast Foundation.™ Their mission is to help eradicate breast cancer by exposing young people to methods of prevention, early detection and support.

It has been announced that Simple Plan will be performing at this years festival ”International de montgolfières de SaintJean-sur-Richelieu” in Canada on August 16th.

SP’s last show for about a month took place in Tel Aviv, Israel on May 5th. After the show, David wrote on twitter: ” This shows you how amazing the Tel Aviv show was tonight! #lastshowgoinghome” and he added this picture:

Singapore is hosting an annual conference called ”All That Matters” and this year, Chuck has confirmed his presence as one of the invited speakers for Music Matters.

On May 3rd, Simple Plan posted a video telling the fans ”Why You Should Be in the SPCrew”. Seb said: ”My absolute favorite part is the people who join the SPCrew for the fist time and they come to see us and the pretty much lose it when they walk into the room, and then they run up to the barricade and it’s awesome to see how excited everybody is.” Chuck said: ”My favorite thing about the SPCrew is the fact that we create a true connection with our fans.” Watch the whole video HERE to see what all the members of Simple Plan say.

On May 4th, Simple Plan announced 2 more dates to their Australian tour. The shows will take place in Mackay and Townsville. Unfortunately their opening acts We The Kings and The Never Ever can’t be present for these shows so local bands will be joining Simple Plan instead.

It has been announced that Simple Plan will be back in Germany on June 20th and 21st for some promotion and to play a 45-minute set on June 20th. They’ll be visiting Berlin, Hamburg and a city very close to Kiel.

Pierre celebrated his 33rd birthday on May 9th and Simple Plan fans from all over the world participated in making #HappyBdayPierre a worldwide trend on twitter that day.


It has also been announced that SP will on June 5th, during their Australian tour, stop in Sydney to take part in Take 40’s Live Lounge.


Helping the Lives of Young People

Through the Power of Music.

For many young people, growing up can be a difficult time. Life threatening illnesses, poverty, addictions and family troubles are all common problems that, without any help or guidance, can turn a person’s life upside down. Children and teenagers are mostly affected by these issues and are in need of support from someone who understands and cares. That’s where the Simple Plan Foundation comes in.

their community. As a young band in their early twenties, Simple Plan were well aware of the problems and pressures faced by teenagers. Travelling the world and being in touch with their global fan base gave them the realisation of what many young people are going through, and inspired them to do something about it. The band members are quoted on the Simple Plan Foundation website as saying: “We started the Simple Plan Foundation as a way to try to give something back to our community and make a difference. After reading thousands of letters and e-mails from our fans and talking to them at our shows, we know very well how tough life can be for kids growing up. It breaks our hearts to see so many young people fighting to survive while feeling depressed and lost. We want our Foundation to help them find their way and show them that there's always a light at the end of the tunnel, that things can get better.” (Simple Plan Foundation website, about.html)

Many successful bands in the music industry are known for being charitable and helping those who are less fortunate. Foo Fighters, Green Day, Good Charlotte and Paramore are among the many bands that have used their fame and success to help good causes. Simple Plan, aside from their busy schedules and touring the world have also become known for their devotion to charities. In the past, the band members have donated to many established organisations including the MTV Asia Aid benefit, MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving), RADD (Recording Artists, Actors, and Athletes against Drunk Driving), and the Make-A-Wish Foundation. The above charities show Simple Plan’s strong beliefs in using music to help people deal with and overWhat the Simple Plan Foundation does come their problems. Being inspired to create their own foundation and make a difference, Simple Plan, took the plunge and embarked on a journey of helping others in need. December 2005 marked a very special time for the band as they announced the creation of The Simple Plan Foundation at their first Bell Center show in Montreal, Canada. With their second album, Still Not Getting Any, becoming a success and the bands popularity increasing, it was the perfect time for them to give something back to

Ever since its creation almost seven years ago, the Simple Plan Foundation has been devoted to helping young people in need; guiding them through the difficult transition to adulthood, as well as supporting the victims of life threatening illnesses. The foundation also promotes and encourages the practice of music to help teens find their passions and interests, and to most importantly prevent street gangs, criminality and school dropping. The most common teen problems dealt with by the foundation include suicide, poverty and drug addiction. The band was quoted in 2005 saying: “We hope our foundation will be a global foundation that will give back to the world community of children and help them deal with their own personal daily struggles. If we can bring a few smiles to these children, we know that would make a world of difference.” (Simple Plan Foundation website, about.html) Here is a list of the key objectives of the Simple Plan Foundation, taken from the website;

Chuck signing items for a SP Foundation auction.

• Help the various groups and organisations working with young people facing typical teenage problems: drugs, depression, bullying, school dropping out, suicide, poverty, and those affected by war • Support various social and medical organizations dedicated to helping ill and handicapped children and youths • Promote musical training in schools as a way of helping young people develop a passion and find a purpose in life.

effect cancer can have on a family, and because of this they want to help people who are going through similar situations. In homage of Jay and other cancer sufferers, the band released the touching single “Save You” in 2008 as a special release on iTunes, with all the proceeds going to their foundation. The single, which is a favourite of many fans, featured a video of cancer survivors, including Jay Bouvier himself. In a 2007 interview, Pierre said: “It was a really tough time for my family and I. Just going through that and seeing someone so close to you go through that kind of stuff is very difficult. The song is about how I felt powerless in that whole situation.” How the foundation is run

Of course, the Simple Plan Foundation primarily consists of the band members: Pierre Bouvier, Chuck Comeau, David Desrosiers, Sebastien Lefebvre and Jeff Stinco. However, as the band are mostly busy touring the world and working on their music, a managing committee looks after the daily running of the foundation. Although Simple Plan are constantly kept informed and make all the important decisions. The foundation’s Board of directors and collaborators are all volunteers; Some of the band members have experienced a member of their family being seriously ill and know how hard so the donations go entirely to the charities supported by the foundation. it is to cope with. Pierre’s brother, Jay Bouvier, went through a two year battle with cancer, undergoing cheSimple Plan’s participation in the foundation motherapy and a bone marrow transplant. Fortunately, in 2005 he was given the all clear and has been a surviAs well as creating the foundation, it’s safe to say Simvor since. Jeff Stinco’s mum was diagnosed with breast ple Plan have proudly played an active role in supportcancer and underwent surgery to remove it, fortunately ing and promoting their charity in a number of ways; she overcome the cancer and is now healthy. In October 2010, Jeff wrote to fans on Twitter: “Many of you write • They participated in the effort to help the South me about cancer. My mom is a survivor of breast cancer East Asia tsunami victims; and she’s healthier now than ever. Have faith, be sup• They contributed to MADD (Mothers Against portive & love.” It goes to show that along with many Drinking and Driving) and to RAAD (The other people, they have experienced the devastating Entertainment Industry’s Voice for Road Safety), as well as to Educ-Alcohol, in an important campaign against drinking and driving; • They performed at Live 8, a planetary event dedicated to heighten public awareness of the problems associated with world poverty; • They continuously responded to requests issued by the Make-a-Wish and Children’s Wish Foundations, two organizations dedicated to bringing hope and joy to terminally ill children and teens; • With Sennheiser, the band brought the concert experience to hearing impaired children across Canada as well as some countries in Europe. With the help of a cochlear implant,

children were able to hear sounds from a Simple Plan concert for the first time. List taken from the Simple Plan Foundation website ( Whilst touring the world, Simple Plan regularly participates in various projects. They visited teens and children in hospitals and special schools, and financially helped charitable organisations such as “Le Garde-Manger pour tous”, which is dedicated to promoting healthy feeding habits for the underprivileged. Following their foundation’s involvement in Leucan, a group offering support and accompaniment to the families of children with Leukaemia or cancer, they took part in Leucan’s 30th anniversary, by offering a big open-air show at Ski Bromont in 2009. The show gathered more than 7,000

agreement with the venue where 0.50 of each ticket sold for their show, as well as a portion of tickets sales for the following Australian and Mexican tours, went to the foundation. They also organise a number of benefit events to generate funds: cocktails, conferences, auctions, shows, etc. Simple Plan are constantly finding and developing new ways to raise funds for the foundation. The success of the Simple Plan Foundation In April 2012, Simple Plan attended the Juno Awards where they were presented with the Allan Waters Humanitarian award in honour of the work they have accomplished through the Simple Plan Foundation. It was a very proud moment for the band, who are the youngest artists to ever receive this award. They also had the opportunity to visit The Right Honourable Stephen Harper, the Prime Minister of Canada, at his home in Ottawa. Messages of congratulations from fans all over the world were flooding in through Twitter, proving that people are recognising and are appreciative of what Simple Plan have achieved. Simple Plan Foundation has already donated $750,000 to different youth-focused charities in Quebec, Canada and abroad, and is soon aiming to reach $1 million in donations.

fans and contributed to raise money for Leucan,. More recently, the group joined in the Canadian effort of sending relief to Haiti by being part of two big charity broadcasts: Ensemble pour Haïti in Quebec, as well as Canada for Haiti. The Simple Plan Foundation donated $10, 000 to CECI (Centre for International studies and Cooperation) an organisation poverty and exclusion in the developing world. Pierre also contributed to the recording of the song “Wavin’ Flag”, by hip-hop artist K’naan, where all proceeds went to Haiti. How the Simple Plan Foundation works The Simple Plan Foundation asks for donations from individuals, corporations and organisations who share the same hopes and values as the band, and donations are accepted through the foundation’s website The foundation is also registered with “Canada Helps”, an online service which collects donations for Canadian charities. The band regularly negotiates agreements with various venues they perform at, giving a percentage of the profits from merchandise directly to the foundation at each performance. When the band did a show at the Bell Center on September 13th, 2008, they had an

Simple Plan are not only appreciated for the songs they write, but also for their active involvement in helping young people through their self-created foundation. The power and impact their music has had on people’s lives is shown through their ever growing dedicated fan

base, and the amount of love and gratitude they have for them. People of all ages, backgrounds and professions are encouraged to get involved and give back to their community anything they can. For more information on the Simple Plan Foundation or to make a donation visit the official website:

Written by Vicky Lomax @VickyLx

Probably, some of your future favourite songs: Artist: Evermore Song: For One Day

Artist: The Midway State

Album: Evermore

Song: Hold My Head Up Album: Holes

Artist: Valencia Song: Somewhere I Belong Album: Dancing With A Ghost



In 2004 just while the guys were finishing of their second album, were offered a great deal. They were asked to sing the 'What's New Scooby Doo' theme song. Simple Plan wrote the song and recorded it and also appeared in the TV series too! Their music had appeared in several movies in 2004 including Scooby Doo 2 and were actually apart of New York Minute as themselves. That is where the song 'Vacation' came from. Their most popular song was I'm Just A Kid, which fits in perfectly with the movies and TV shows it appeared in. 2004 was SP's year for TV glory. They also featured on The Jay Leno Show and Real Magic TV, a TV show exploring their Musician magic!

Written by Maddie Jane @SP_Lover4Life

Words of Wisdom:

ay, It’s w t h ig r e th g in ss e r ct and d fe r e p g in k o lo t u o b art out” e h r u o “It’s not a y g in g n si d n laying a p d n a e g meau a o st C n k o c g u h in C o g t u o b a “Do whate ver you wa If you do, y nt to do, a ou´ll be mis nd don’t ca erable.” re w D


avid Desr osiers.

hat others


Not gonna lie, guys, and I won’t come up with silly excuses. After realizing how exausting is for the whole team to get things ready in just 2 weeks -especially to me, since I gotta put everything together and valso, some angry husbands were threatening some of my best writers if I didn’t take this decision. LONG STORY SHORT, we decided it’d be better for the sake of everyone to get monthly. This will also give us the possibility to make things better with more time and not so much pressure, even though I and some other team mates are people who work better under pressure. More times = more articles and more preparation. We hope you guys still stick with us!

- Tony Stark.



1 cup flour (whichever kind you prefer) 1 tablespoon sugar (I used organic cane sugar)

YIELD: 6 - 8 pancakes

Written by A. Tony Stark @_Alex_SP

I assume a lot of you, dear readers, are part of the Echelon. Or at least like 30 Seconds To Mars. If you are one of the mentioned above, then you’ll understand the joke here.And if you’re not... I’m sorry I really don’t know what to say but “google it”. Get in Jared Leto’s shoes and burn a, uhm, I mean, cook some delicious pancakes for your family or dog or friends or just for yourself if you’re my style. WARNING: Always have a fire extintor near you when using the stove. (Unless you’re trying to “accidentally” commit a murder.)

2 tablespoons baking powder

Total Time: 15 mins

1/8 teaspoon salt

Prep Time: 5 mins Cook Time: 10 mins

236.59 ml soymilk 29.58 ml vegetable oil



Set out all your ingredients.


Set a stove element with a pan to medium heat.


Combine the 4 dry ingredients (flour, sugar, baking powder -- two Tablespoons, not two Teaspoons as some have suggested, salt) in a bowl.


Add the soy milk and vegetable oil to your mixture.


Mix until smooth.


Now the pan should be ready for your batter, so spoon one pancakes' worth of the mixture into the pan.


Flip [carefully] when you see bubbles in the middle of the pancake, or if the edges are looking stiffened.


Repeat until the batter is gone, and try not to eat them all while you're cooking them.

DID YOU KNOW...? Want to increase your knowledge of Simple Plan? Or just to see how interesting these guys are? Then read this! The guys are always getting up to mischief as you will read from these facts, but I’m sure none of you guys mind.

1. Simple Plan nearly died twice! Shocking but true, Simple Plan was on the road when their bus swerved off the road. They were also doing a photo shoot for the album cover when a light fell into the bath tub! Everyone jumped out except David who got stuck! 2. Chuck was studying in University to become a Lawyer but gave it up to start a band. His parents were the ones who dreamt of Chuck becoming a Lawyer, not him. 3. Pierre loves the Harry Potter book series! He also loves watching ‘Back to the Future!’ 4. For some odd reason, David enjoys peeing in showers... He says it soothes him. 5. Seb and Pat, (Simple Plan’s merch & Web guy, also long-time friend) have a podcast about music called ‘Man of the Hour’ 6. ‘Friends’ is one of Jeff’s favourite TV shows. Mine too! 7. Simple Plan has raised 1 million dollars for their foundation by the end of the year. Great job guys! All your Astronauts are proud of you! 8. Simple Plan are the singers in the theme song ‘What’s New, Scooby-Doo’. 9. Untitled was written because one of their close friends died in a car accident caused by a drunk driver. 10. It was once rumoured that David and Avril Lavigne were dating. Sadly, it was just a rumour. They’re good friends though! 11. Simple Plan got their name after they watched the movie ‘A Simple Plan’ and they thought it seemed like a cool name. They were going to change it but the name just stuck to them. 12.

Jeff is actually half Italian and if he could, he would eat pasta for every meal!

13. Simple Plan demoed over 75 songs for their newest album ‘Get Your Heart On!’ and then narrowed it down to 11 songs. One of those songs you can find on YouTube called ‘Famous For Nothing’ 14.

Chuck is the only guy in the group that doesn’t drink. He also says he has never been drunk!

15. Seb has his own website and has even released his own CD. That’s why his Twitter profile says Les Robots (Album name). He says they all have their own projects when they’re on breaks.

If you didn’t learn anything by reading this, then you must be a true Astronaut! Written by Maddie Jane @SP_Lover4Life


Eating disorders Only slim or already ill? The slimming delusional of many celebrities seems to be trendy for normal teenagers, too. Most of the young people, especially girls, are not satisfied with their body or weight. So what to they do? They emulate that dangerous trend and put their health on the line. What starts off as a harmless diet, quickly becomes a serious eating disorder. It’s okay to change your nutrition a bit or eat more healthy food, but if you start to refuse some meals because you’re afraid you could get ‘fat’ – Then things are really getting out of control! There’s a narrow ridge between eating healthy and a not-quite-normal eating behaviour. The fear of being too fat forces many young people to stop eating or, which is even worse, throwing up after every meal. Most of the affected people just don’t realize they’re sick. In their eyes, everything is okay and their behaviour isn’t abnormal or unhealthy.

mostly they’re personal. The death of a beloved person, the divorce of parents, bullying or lovesickness. There’re so many varying reasons. Some people don’t feel like talking about it, when something bad has happened and that could be the first step to eating disorders. Swallowing anger, sorrow and despair is never the right way. Instead, you should always talk about your problems.

The thing is, most people don’t ‘choose’ eating disorders. They don’t decide to do those things. They just can’t do anything against it. Because it happens very slow and starts off as nothing but a strict diet. It takes a while for affected people and the people in their surroundings to realize what is going on. But how does it happen? How do young and seemingly But mostly it’s too late then, because they already fell happy persons become so obsessed with their own bod- into some kind of obsession. ies that they willingly torture their body? What could possibly went wrong in their life? And is Family members and friends often ask themselves the there a way out for affected people? question, if there’s anything they could’ve done to prevent it. First of all, there’s this question we all ask ourselves But, no, there is nothing. Because it’s hard to tell if when it comes to eating disorders: Why? there’s something wrong with the affected people. They Why do some people play with their life like that? pretend to be okay and don’t show what they feel inWell, this question is not easy to answer. But one thing side. is clear: The decisive reason is more than the urge of looking good. It’s a lot more than that. Most of the But what to do when you found out someone close to people have a serious problem with themselves and a you suffers from an eating disorder? Talking to them lack of self-confidence. They feel like they’re not good won’t cause anything since they don’t listen to advices enough. They’re insecure. So stop eating is a desperate because they think they’re okay. You can try it as many try to feel better or to prove themselve something. times as you want. You can yell at them but still, you can’t stop them from their unhealthy behaviour. I once talked to a girl who was suffering from an eating The only right thing to do is to get professional help. It disorder and she told me that she’s doing it because depends on the condition the sick person is in but treatthat’s the only thing she still can control in her life. Evment is probably the only way out. erything else has gotten out of hands. She thought she’s Because after all, eating disorders can be a slow suicide. not sick. She said she could stop it whenever she wanted to. But she was wrong. Because an eating disorder is Eating disorders don’t just concern the person who’s an obsession. suffering from it, but also many other people. It’s hard to watch someone playing with the own life The causes for eating disorders are very different, but knowing there’s nothing you could do – except sending

this person to therapy. And even though that’s not easy, it’s the right thing. There’re still so many questions left we’re not able to answer because we don’t know what affected people think and feel.

But obviously, something is wrong with our society when 14 years old girls think they need to lose so much weight that it could kill them. Maybe we all can do something against this. Maybe we all should open our eyes and realize that something is clearly wrong. Written by Sinja Pergande @snj_astronaut




Films &More

New images of MEN IN BLACK 3



Men in Black 3 will be released on May 25, 2012, almost ten Veteran MIB field agent Agent J learns that Agent K's life years after the release of its predecessor and fifteen years and the fate of Earth are at stake. He must time-travel after the release of the original Men in Black. back to 1969 to stop an alien criminal named Boris from assassinating K as this changes the course of history of Earth. He teams up with the young version of Agent K (Josh Brolin) to stop the alien criminal, while also facing a twenty four hour time limit before he will be trapped in the past forever.

DIABLO III realesed this week!

Diablo III is brand new dark fantasy/horror-themed action role-playing game in development by Blizzard Entertainment, making it the third installment in the Diablo franchise. The game, which features elements of the hack and slash and dungeon crawl genres, was first announced on June 28, 2008. Finally this May 15th we could play the finished version of Diablo III after years of fervent excitement and lofty expectations.

Release Date: May 18, 2012 (USA) Studio: Universal Pictures Director: Peter Berg Screenwriter: Jon Hoeber, Erich Hoeber Starring: Taylor Kitsch, Brooklyn Decker, Alexander Skarsgard, Rihanna, Asano Tadanobu, Liam Neeson Genre: Action, Adventure MPAA Rating: PG-13 Official Website:

Release Date: May 18, 2012 (USA) Studio: Lionsgate Director: Kirk Jones Screenwriter: Shauna Cross, Heather Hach Starring: Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Lopez, Elizabeth Banks, Chace Crawford, Brooklyn Decker, Anna Kendrick, Matthew Morrison, Dennis Quaid, Chris Rock, Rodrigo Santoro, Ben Falcone, Joe Manganiello, Thomas Lennon Genre: Comedy, Romance MPAA Rating: PG-13

Release date: 20 May 2012 - USA (NTSC): 20 May 2012 - Europe (PAL): 25 May 2012 Play modes: single / multiplayer Multiplayer: Wi-Fi | number of players: 1-4 Game language: English Age requirements: Everyone  


Manchester, UK

After three years since their self-titled album, the release of Simple Plan’s Get Your Heart On in 2011 was much anticipated by fans everywhere. After listening to it over and over again, I’m sure we can all say the album certainly didn’t disappoint, and neither did the tour. After attending their one-off London show in 2011 prior to the GYHO release, I was all the more eager to see them again. Finally, May 2nd arrived and the city of Manchester awaited the arrival of the one and only Simple Plan. Entering the venue an hour before the show, already the atmosphere was amazing; thousands of dedicated, supportive fans were wearing the new SP shirts and rushing to the front of the stage to get ready for the show. You could feel the intense excitement building up in the room. An American band, We The Kings, kicked off the night to a great start, and had everyone jumping and dancing with their killer performance. You could see everyone was even more excited for the main act of the night. Thousands of fans chanted and cheered, and finally, Simple Plan came onto the stage with the upbeat song ‘Shut Up’ and immediately brought all their energy to the room; transforming the entire venue into a huge Simple Plan party. The atmosphere was electric. What followed was an exciting mix of songs from GYHO including energetic performances of ‘Jet Lag’ and “You Suck at Love’. It was the collation of classic old school Simple Plan tunes that really got all the die-hard SP fans going, and had the entire crowd jumping and singing along to every word. The rendition of the hugely popular song ‘Perfect’ was the highlight of the night, as Pierre took to the stage alone; showing off his amazing vocal talents while playing the guitar, and the whole crowd sang along with him. It was an indescribable experience for the fans and SP, and brought everyone in the room together. What made this even more powerful was when the song shifted from being acoustic to the normal rocky version we all love bringing the rest of the band to the stage. The lighting and special effects lit up the stage as the band put together an unforgettable performance. The show was full of great surprises; first David crowd surfed, then Pierre, much to my surprise, walked off the stage in the middle of the song Perfect and entered the crowd of screaming girls in front of him, who rushed together to get closer to him. He soon left and went back on stage, unfortunately, when his t-shirt was close to being ripped. Still, it was an amazing moment. There’s one thing for sure, Simple Plan never disappoint with their shows and always know how to amaze and surprise their fans. Returning every show with tons of energy and enthusiasm and giving it their all to put on an unforgettable show for their fans. I have loads of videos which show just how great the whole night was, and I simply cannot wait for the next time. Written by Vicky Lomax @VickyLx

GLASGOW, UK I am so happy I decided last minute to go and see Simple Plan in Glasgow. If you read my blog/twitter/facebook etc You know I got the idea Tuesday night to go and 20h later I was on a plane to Edinburgh. :) The show on Thursday was awesome, but the Swedish show was better. We were louder and crazier. Shhh, Don’t tell anyone LOL I was so sick the whole day that I didn’t think I was gonna make it to the show even though it was a 1min walk from where I was staying. Luckily I got there 15min before they went on. Unfortunately, I miss We The Kings but I can live with that! The show was amazing, it was their last show of their European show and they were ready to party. Pierre even came out in the end drinking beer :) After the show, I waited outside and there probably was about 50 of us still there when Seb, David, Chuck came

out after 2h. David stayed in the tour bus the whole time. Seb was first out talking, signing autographs and taking photos with us. Just when he was gonna go back in the tour bus I worked up the nerve to give him my letter that I’ve written just before the show. Which is why I stayed outside in the first place. I wanted them to know how much they mean to me. Then Chuck came out, then Jeff and Pierre was the last one out because he was inside partying. Which I wish I was as well, I told Pierre he should have brought me beer ;) The all were so nice and I talked to Chuck for a while. He was outside talking to all of us the longest. He even tried to fool Pierre to give him an autograph.. LOL So funny! Chuck signed the back of my Blackberry, I asked him about Peace & Love and said thanks for reading and responding to my blog post that I wrote about the Stockholm show. All in all I was standing outside for 3h. I left when the bus took off. The next day I get a tweet from Seb that said: @JanssonRebecka just read your epic letter. You are a champ! What do I do!? Start crying at Starbucks.. I could not stop. People looked at me like I was insane LOL Did I care? NO :) Written by Rebecka Jansson @JanssonRebecka

I Met my best friends thanks to Simple Plan! I met my three best friends in the entire world through Simple Plan via Twitter and fanfic. I talk to them every day and we are so close. Our ages are 13 (me), 14, 16 (I think...), and 21. Honestly? I'd leave every 'friend' at my school to be around these people. We all live so far away (like 20-30 hours xP). Anyway, we get along so well and they don't mind my Simple Plan obsession, just as I don't mind their SP obsession. We have more inside jokes than I can count on fingers; from cake to ninja babies to random shit parties. We're crazy, but we don't care. We're the best friends in the world <3 You know who you are.

Written by Sophia DeRossett

MY SIMPLE PLAN STORY I saw them again a few years later in Allentown, Pennsylvania. My dad and my boyfriend came along with me. It was great. I was a Maryland representative for the Invasion Crew/Role Model (the old Simple Plan fan club for any newbies) and so I was sent some stickers to hand out. When I got there they were doing sound check and since it was an outside venue, I could hear them. It was awesome! Anyway, we got inside to one of the lines to get into the show. My dad walked up to the window of the box office to see if they knew anything about handing out the stickers I had. They told us to stand aside and they would call someone on the inside. A few minutes later, Pat comes walking out. Super nice guy. We talked for a few minutes. He told me it was super cool I was representing Role Model and the old Invasion Crew. I got his autograph and a picture. My dad jokingly asked where the rest of the guys where and he told us! So then we went on a wild search to find Sebastien at the pig races. I forgot to

mention, this was at a state fair. We had no such luck finding him. But regardless, the show was amazing and another show for the books  Due to various circumstances, I could not see Simple Plan any time they came back around until this past summer on warped tour. They weren’t even supposed to go to the Washington DC show. They changed it last minute and when I found out, I screamed! So excited! I got to Simple Plans tent about an hour and a half before signing time. I waited in line with my friend and when I saw them walk out, I freaked out. Lol I met them again but it was so rushed. Sebastien did, however, give me a fist bump. I melted inside. I also got my picture with Pierre  So fast-forward to present day. Lately, I really feel the urge to want to thank Simple Plan for everything they have done for me. The past two times I met them, nothing really came out, just “uhhhh hi!” This next time, I will have a meaningful conversation with them. lol Listing to their music makes me smile, it makes me happy and it makes me forget about the stress of school. Even if only for the time it takes me to walk from one class to the next, it is enough. I was walking back after an exam today and I was listing to my iPod on shuffle and Summer Paradise came on. Made me smile instantly. It was a beautiful day here and that just made it perfect. Their music, stupid internet videos, dvd and everything else

have, made my days countless times, let me escape from the world and helped me though some rough times. I just want to leave a lasting impression on them. I want them to remember me and I want to feel satisfied that I got my message across. Simple Plan are a really a big part of my life and I foresee them always being a big part of my life. Well anyway, aside from all that, Simple Plan helped me find my “nitch”. I finally figured out who I was. Once I was comfortable in my own skin, the rest came pretty easily. I made most of the friends I still have today. It is hard to describe how a band could do all of this but they did. They helped me figure out, who I wanted to be. I really became interested in music because of them. Not saying that I wasn’t before, but after, I took it way more seriously. I can honestly say, without Simple Plan, I have NO idea who I would be, who I would be friends with, if I would be dating my boyfriend of 5 years or where I would be at college. Simple Plan put my life on the track I am on today. I would say it is a pretty good one :) I would never change anything about my life. I love it!!! :D :D So yeah. That is how one band can change someone’s life, like mine. They are, and will forever be my hero’s. I can’t wait until I see them live again and I can talk to them. :)

Written by Kara

How can music help with the relationship between parents and teens? We all know music can make us feel better. Music can make us stronger and heal wounds nobody else is able It all began when I was 13 years old. It’s that time when you’re excited about to heal. Also music can also bring everything, because so many things are changing. I fell in love for the first two people back together, when time, I fought a lot with my friends and sometimes I just felt like everything they thought they would never be was wrong. I also thought I was the only person on this world to feel that way. able to talk to each other again… And because of all this, my marks got worse and worse and that was when my dad started to look at me with that disappointed look. I got that look a lot. Because whatever I did, it was wrong. He was never okay with what I said, what I did, what I wore or the people I met. Even when I got the main role in a stage play, he wasn’t pleased. He didn’t even find the time to watch it. I guess that was the moment I started hating him a little. Shortly after my 14th birthday, he told me how disappointed he was in me. He told me how stupid he thought I was, to waste my life like that. He said that I taking acting lessons was a waste of time instead of doing something ‘useful’. After that, everything was different between us. I couldn’t look at him anymore without thinking “I’m not good enough.” But then I heard that one song. That one song that would make everything better. “Perfect”. Hey Dad, look at me Think back and talk to me Did I grow up according to a plan? I immediately started crying. It just hit me. Every single line in this song just spoke to me so much. I realized how bad thing had got between me and my dad. But it also made me realize that I did not want my dad and me to end up like that. Something had to change. So I printed out the lyrics of “Perfect” and handed them to my dad. And guess what? Today we’re closer than ever. Because the lyrics showed him what would happen to us, if he continued to act like that. It took me a while to forgive him. And even though I’ll never forget how bad he made me feel, I’m thankful that things turned out right. Maybe I wouldn’t even talk to him anymore, if I hadn’t heard “Perfect” that night. Written by SInja Pergande @snj_astronaut

Just for you to know: I’m a teenager, not a parent but I asked my parents and relatives so I could write this article! How can Simple Plan or music help parents, with their relationship to their child. Well, here’s what my mom said: “You can hear music in every situation. When you have had a fight with your child, you don’t feel well. They are young and you know how they feel, as you were young once, too. So I often listen to songs that were hits in my time as a teen and I try to understand my child. I ask myself questions like ‘What’s the main problem’ or ‘Why did she/he react like this?’ I often find some answers in older songs and I put myself in the shoes of my daughter/son.” “You remember how you fought with your parents, too and learn to understand them better. I started then to ask my children which music/bands they love, so I could listen to them, too. I mean maybe this helps.” “Simple Plan is one of these groups my daughter loves to death. Their songs are good. Some of them seem to help her to get through life. When I read the translation of ‘Perfect’, I knew how songs can help teenagers and again, I remembered how the music helped us ‘oldies’ in the past. Everybody likes music, so it’s not hard to find a good topic for a conversation. So if you had a fight with your child, go and ask them to tell you something about his/her favorite band. You’ll sure get an answer. My result: If you know their favorite band or just the bands they love listen. Take the time to listen and, you know will get to know your child better.” Then I asked my dad, He said; “Music is for everyone, music connects everyone with everyone and everybody can speak the ‘language of music’. When you’ve got children it’s sometimes hard to talk with them. Sure, they’re entering at some point puberty and now it’s even harder to talk normally with them. Then, when you drive to your work, the radio and and think about what you did wrong, you suddenly hear a song you love when you were in the same age as your children are now. Your remember fights with your own parents and how those songs expressed your feelings. You start to think again and try to find an answer even harder. But if you get to know the bands your children like, everything gets easier. You’ve got a good topic for a conversation and now, suddenly, you’re on the same ‘Wavelength’. Because the kids of today not only listen to the new music, but to older ‘my time’ music, too. As do my children. And then, when you drive again to your work and listen to a song your daughter/your son loves listen to, you have to think automaticly of them. Or when you see a music video on TV, let’s say the new music video for ‘Summer Paradise’, you can tell your children, it makes them happy. I just made the experience a few days ago. Summer Paradise is on #16 on the ‘VIVA Top 100’. So I told my daughter and she was so happy, told me that when they’ll come to our country again, I’ll have to go to a concert with her. I like Simple Plan, too. They have good songs and now I know how I can make it happen to see my children happy.” Written by Jana Becker @JanaSPCrew

As a parent of 2 teenagers who love Simple Plan as much as I do, well OK not as much but they like them, I have used Simple plans songs over the years to let them express how they feel. When my son was around 8 he first started singing I’m just a kid all the time and was telling everyone his life was a nightmare, I really had to stop myself from saying, you have it lucky kid, In my day we had no……… etc. Still I let him use the song as a way to release any frustration that he had. Now he is older he loves Shut Up! And Crazy and Addicted more. I know that he often sings Shut Up! As a way of getting rid of some anger and as I would rather he does get rid of his anger or frustration this way that hurting others, and/or yelling at his dad or me.

My son has always been made aware of social issues and I have bought him up to have an opinion of his own as well as listening to other people’s opinion. This is where Crazy has really helped me as it has given him a way of looking

at the world today and questioning why people feel they way they do. When I feel that he is being selfish I often say “Life’s unfair, no one likes to share,” to get him to realize how he is behaving. Not sure he likes that but it is a prompt from a song he loves rather than me saying something different each time that may or may not have an impact on how he feels. Both of my kids are aware that When I’m Gone is my favourite Simple plan song. I live my life according to the best line of the song, “Life is what happens while you are busy making your excuses.” I encourage both of my kids to live life to the fullest and when I think about how active they are in sport, the arts, and theater, I believe that they are. I really feel that Simple Plan songs have helped me raise my children to be who they are today. I often say to them even before they knew what being Perfect was, that they did not have to be Perfect but be who they are. Now don’t get me wrong. I am not a Perfect parent just as they are not Perfect children. I just feel that by singing these songs together we both have more of an understanding of how we don’t have to live up to other’s expectations rather just be ourselves. I know my passion for Simple Plan has helped me connect with their friends. I am taking my kids and their friends to the concert in June. Their friends cannot believe that I like a band like Simple Plan, and would write for a magazine about them. I hope I am teaching these teenagers that no matter how old you are you can still like cool music. I hope that one day my kids will be grateful that I did not force them to listen to classical music or show tunes like my parents did to me! Written by Jen Rees @justjenrees





of the


Another issue, another Fan of the Week. Or of the weeks would be more likely. Seems like we’re destined to forever interview new fans. I’m not complaining though. I just find it funny our 2 first FOTW are new Astronauts who have just joined the SP Family. However, Nichole has been a fan for almost a year so, should we keep calling her a new fan? Probably. But as I said on the previous issue, it’s always fun and interesting to interview and get to know the new members of a fandom. Ladies and gentlemen, the Astronaut Nichole Risley....

“Well, my name is Nichole and

I love music. I play guitar, piano, trumpet, and clarinet (hopefully drums soon). ” Question: When was the first time you heard about Simple Plan? Nichole: Me and my brother were in the car and I’m Just A Kid came on the radio and I always loved the song. I asked my brother who sang it and he said Simple Plan. So I looked them up and so my obsession began. Q: Album that holds most meaning to you. N: Either NPNHJB or GYHO! They both mean so much with the lyrics and the music and just how much time the guys took to make them. (Which they obviously do with every album) Q: For How long have you been a SP fan? N: It will only be a year in June  I know it’s pathetic.

I would, but it turns out their not going this year D:

Q: What do you like the most about Simple Plan? N: I love how immature and stupid they can be because that’s what makes them them. And how they care for their fans so much and will always be there for them. Q: What’s your favorite possession of Simple Plan and why? N: Probably NPNHJB. I need their music and if I had to choose one album, it would be that! Q: How do SP inspire you? N: They work so hard on everything they do. They spend so much time working on albums and then they tour for so long to go to as many countries as possible. Q: In 4 words say what Simple Plan means to you. N: Very Good In Bed. Doesn’t make sense, but everytime I hear 4 words, that’s what I think of.

Q: How have they impacted your life? N: They helped me build so much more Q: Favorite member(s). confidence in myself to not care what N: Can I say all of them? I can’t choose others think about me. Even if everyone hates me, it only matter what you 1! I love them all <3 think of yourself at the end of your life. Q: Describe each member with one word: Q: Have you seen them live? N: Pierre; Hot! David; ADHD Seb; Funny N: No. I’m going to warped this year and I was so excited because I thought Jeff; Relaxed/chill Chuck; Technology.

Q: Favorite Simple Plan song and why? N: I love Meet You There, Perfect, Crazy, Welcome To My Life, Me Against The World, No Love, or Gone Too Soon. If I have to choose one....Me Against The World. They helped me with my confidence and I feel like it’s a song to say, “I’m on my own, but I can make it! So STFU!” lol Q: Do you have any tattoo related to Simple Plan? And if you don’t, would you like to have one? N: No. I want one on my back that says Meet You There and underneath or in intertwined with the letter it’ll have a heart with a treble cleff inside Q: Do you ship any of the members? And, with whom? N: I it means ship them to my house YES! Why, because I LOVE them! DUH! Q: Have you seen ABPFY? What’s your favourite part? N: YES! Either Double Banana or David going crazy in the airport.

Q: If you could spend a whole day with SP, what would be the first and last thing you will do? N: First I would hug them and get all their autographs and go bowling and then after the day I’d ask them to hang out again tomorrow!

Q: Favourite SP video? N: Seb 100k follower video XD

Q: Best SP memory? N: Joining SPCrew!

Q: Apart from SP, what other bands do you like? You can follow Nichole on Twitter to N: All Time Low, Good Charlotte, A Day get to know her more: to Remember, Avril Lavigne, Green Day, NOFX, MxPx, We The Kings, We Are @NicholeRisley The In Crowd, Adele, Katy Perry...A LOT Interview by A. Tony Stark more!

Q: Have you made friends thanks to SP? N: Yes! One of my best friends. Q: Favourite SP quote? N: “But you know what? I don’t give a f**k . . .see that’s how i do. See i could be sick, i could be in pain, i can have a knife sticking up my ass and if i have to play. . . there is no fucking around man . . . i’m gonna play and i’m gonna give it all i got cuz thats all i got.” Pierre Bouvier

Q: What would you say to SP if they were here right now? N: How much they mean to their fans Q: A song you would like SP to cover: and me if they don’t already know and N: Either Weightless by All Time Low or to NEVER break up or the whole world Lifestyles of the Rich and the Famous will just explode to millions of pieces.... by Good Charlotte dead serious!


Q: Pick 2 songs of SNGA and say what you think are the real meaning behind them: N: Me Against The World; Always stand up for what you believe in and never back down! Shut Up; The media shoud shut up and let celebrities live their damn lives without them being all up their ass!

Q: What would you do if you got to go on tour with them? Q: Favourite lyrics off SNGA? N: Freak the F**K out and ask bring my N: In a perfect world, this could never best friend! happen.

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