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hat you’re reading right now, my dear friends from the outer space, is the first copy ever of our humble and simple magazine, coming to you from a hallowed keyboard, through the magical land of the internet, all the way down to your screen.

zine is a gift to all the fans of that little band from Montréal, Canada, who everyone thought would never make it this far. Simple Plan. If we were to count all the times we’ve talk about this band, it’s more likely we’d never end.

of plans and surprises coming. But until those, lose yourselves in the following pages of music awesomeness we wrote with tons of passion in our tiny space capsules. Here’s to more editions to come of AW!

We decided to start from the beginnings of the band and just keep evolvOver and out, Houston. This isn’t the work of one, but ing with the story on each issue. That’s more than 10 people from all over why we present you today the No the globe, all of them devoted Pads issue. It also felt really accurate. to the same: Music. We couldn’t The guys named their debut album have hired a more awesome No Pads, No Helmet... Just Balls as in bunch of people if we’d tried. Ob- a funny way to say all they got at that time were balls. Pretty much exactly viously, we did. how we feel releasing this project. We love this band as much as you, dear Ever since we started out, we’ve readers, do. We hope to be making been trying to make our content something YOU enjoy reading. Because as universal and entertaining as that’s what this is all about.

possible. With this issue, we went This isn’t a dream anymore, it’s one step ahead of everyone’s be- a reality thanks to you and the liefs and actually did it. This maga- gods of the internet. We have lot

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The story of SP’s debut album: No Pads, No Helmets… Just Balls. 

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Get to know the band: Part 1

Written by Karoline Hov @KarolineHov1

Simple Plan consist of Charles-André ”Chuck” Comeau (drums), Jean François ”Jeff ” Stinco (lead guitar), David Desrosiers (bass and backing vocals), Sébastien ”Seb” Lefebvre (rythm guitar and backing vocals) and Pierre Charles Bouvier (lead vocals).

Photo: Anelle Levitt shoot - 2002

To really get to know Simple Plan we have to go all the way back to the beginning. In 1993 Reset, a punk rock band from Canada, was formed by Pierre and Chuck when they Photo: First photoshoot - 1999 were 13 years old together with Jean-Sébastien Boileau and Philippe Jolicoeur. 1n 1998 after a conflict between Chuck and Pierre, Chuck left the band. He then got the idea for Simple Plan together with Jeff and Seb.

From left to right: Chuck, David, Pierre, Jeff and Seb 6

Photo: 2002

In 1999 Pierre left Reset and joined Simple Plan and in 2000 David took Pierre’s place in Reset. He only stayed with the band for 6 months before he left and then joined Simple Plan. Chuck once said in an interview that if he had to put an exact date on when they officially were a band it has to be April/May 2000.

This Week’s Special

The story of SP’s debut album:

No Pads, No Helmets... Just Balls Did Pierre and Chuck at the age of 13 have any idea that starting up a band would lead to such inspirational songs?

Releasing their first album No Pads, No Helmet’s… Just Ball’s…. on March the 19th 2002, Simple Plan not just released an album but released music that inspired and changed teenager’s lives. Did Simple Plan dream that their song Perfect could make such a difference in teenager lives? This song helped teenagers feel they don’t need to be perfect and that others feel the same way as they do. This song inspired a whole generation to believe in themselves, accept who they were and saved some of their lives. But that is not all! This album still has a huge impact on the next generation of teenagers. The title of this album was taken from popular Rugby tag line. What an awesome name it is. The target audience for this album was pop –punk lovers however it reached so many more music lovers. Blink 182 and Good Charlotte fans would have loved hearing Mark Hoppus and Joel Madden’s vocals. This album is full of songs that people can relate to. Songs filled with emotion that we can sing and really mean. Whether it is a relationship break up or just trying to accept who you are these songs really cut 7

right to your heart.


1. I’d  do Anything The CD was recorded in 2001 and 2. The Worst Day Ever released on March 19th of 2002, 3. You Don’t Mean Anything originally in USA with 12 songs, the 4.I’m Just A Kid last song was “Perfect”. Foreign editions had different versions, with 5. When I’m With You two more songs than the originally 6. Meet You There 12 songs. For example, the 7. Addicted American edition had the extra 8. My Alien songs “Grow Up” and “My Christ9.God Must Hate Me mas List”, while the 10. I Won’t Be There British version had the extra songs “One By One” and “American Jesus” 11. One Day 12. Perfect (A song by Bad Religion, covered by Simple Plan at a live concert) and the videoclips “I’d Do Anything” and “I’m Just a Kid”. The Band released four singles of this album: I’m Just a Kid, I’d Do Anything, Addicted and Perfect. Japan had one limited edition with the vídeos: I’m Just a Kid , I’d do Anything and Addicted.

I’m Just A Kid

The first single was I’m Just a Kid, a song that people of all ages could relate to. Everyone thinks their life is a nightmare when they are a kid! Each generation has their different kinds of nightmares! I’m Just a Kid was written by Pierre Bouvier, Chuck Comeau, Seb Lefebvre, Jeff Stinco and Arnold Lanni. It has featured in the movies Grind, The New Guy and Cheaper by the Dozen. The music video shows how a normal guy, played by the well-known actor Donald Qualls, tries to impress a popular girl by attempting to perform dangerous stunts, but better looking boys interrupt him to

take his place. They fail to succeed and are injured, game. making a fool out of themselves. Sebastien plays the part of a popular guy who is hit by a school bus. Jeff tries to wrestle, Pierre skates with a video camera and bashes into the wall, Chuck tries to fix the car and breaks some bones while David tries to impress the girl with his skate board and falls badly. The normal guys ends up impressing the girl, and walking away with her while the band members watch him with heaps of injuries. Perfect

I’d Do Anything:

Was the second single released, this song talk about one passion from  a boy who’s still in love with a girl and would do anything to have her back. The music video shows the crowd trying to enter a band concert. At the door is a bodyguard who will ask whatever he wants to. Patrick Langlois, a partner at the clothing brand “Role Model”, has a small role in the video where the bodyguard gives him a kick in the genitals to let him in. Mark Hoppus (bassist and lead singer of American pop punk band Blink-182) enters and sings in the video. This was the first song of the band to get into the first position at TRL (Total Request Live) and the 51th position of Billboard. Addicted

This song was the third song released off the album. It became Simple plan’s first top 50 hit when it peaked at 45 on the Billboard Hot 100. In 2004 it peaked in the top 10 in Australia. It is also featured on the Karaoke Revolution video 8

On many sites on the Internet it states that Chuck first had the concept of the song Perfect as his parents did not agree with his career choice. Chuck dropped out of Law school to play drums for Simple Plan. Regardless of why or even who wrote the song it has turned into a teenage anthem, teenagers expressing how they feel when parents want them to be something that they are not. It has also helped some parents not to put unrealistic expectations on their children. When they signed to the major label Atlantic Records the members of Simple Plan were writing songs that would become songs that changed teenager’s lives. With their previous association with Blink 182 and Sum 41, Simple Plan already had a solid fan base. They decided that they could leave behind the Rock Star life style and write meaningful songs that could encourage teenagers to live their lives and not waste them. Chuck is quoted from “If you’re just partying and drunk the whole time, you’re going to miss out on so much and you’re going to wake up and go, ‘Why the hell are we here?’” What a great message to send teenagers of any generation. While they were writing their latest album Simple Plan asked their fans to express to them how their songs made them feel. Using words from the tweets they wrote about how a song can change someone’s life.

That song for me is Perfect.

released. Although some are favorites for fans when they are sung at concerts!

Looking back over 10 years 10 years ago Simple Plan released this record, which began the band’s world wide fame. No Pads has been a huge success in many countries including Australia, the UK, Japan and the US as well as their homeland, Canada.

The music video of Perfect shows the band performing on the rooftop of a house which lets the viewers into different teenagers lives. They all have one thing in common, not feeling that they are perfect for their parents. The video then goes on to show the teenagers not being able to hold their feelings inside any longer.

Chuck was interviewed by ‘Alter the press’ to take a look back over the last ten years. Early critics of Simple plan suggested that they would be a one hit wonder which seriously would have been hard as they had four hits from their first album. Simple Plan proved these critics wrong by releasing 3 more albums to date.

On the acoustic version of Perfect just before the song starts one of the band members is heard saying that this song was about them. Chuck states this during his last interview with Alter the Press:

“Perfect” was probably one of the most important songs we ever written. It’s the one song we play everywhere, no matter what country we play in, and we always play it last. It’s almost like our “Bro Hym” by Pennywise, it’s tradition to always play it last and everyone sings every word; Pierre (Bouvier - vocals) doesn’t even need to sing it. To me, that’s always the moment, when it’s just Pierre playing the acoustic, I don’t go backstage, I just sit at the drums and watch the crowd, to see the reaction of people singing the words. That’s always been one of my favorite moments. The Worst day Ever

We can all relate to this song! These are the other songs on the album that were not 9

In his interview Chuck says that he takes pride that the band are still together (and how glad are we!) Not many bands have stayed together for 10 years without one single change to the line up. It was great to hear that Chuck is still happy doing what he does so we can hopefully expect at least another decade of hits! Chuck also expressed in this interview that he is not embarrassed to look back to look back at their first album. Singing I’m Just a Kid at concerts does not worry him as it is a part of what has made the band who they are today. One thing that fans can look forward to is that perhaps one concert Simple Plan may play the album in it’s entirety. That would be awesome for those of us who have known and loved them from the start. On the 19th of March Simple Plan spent 30 minutes on a web chat with fans to celebrate a decade since No Pads was released.

When they recorded the album the band could not afford a hotel room so they slept in the studio where they recorded the album. Patrick Langlois also slept there so there was a cozy 6 of them all sleeping in a room with no windows. They were not allowed to sleep in the living room so of course they did and then when they got caught they got kicked out and then had to go and sleep in a hotel!

they could have sold more than 3.5 million records. Pierre says that the album set the bar for everything else they have recorded and from there on the became a meaningful band and that they were not willing to let go of their fans which is great for us!

Reviews of the Album. In 2004 there was a really interesting review oF No pads written by JR for IGN. The quote at the start of the article is

If this one were any deeper, you’d need SCUBA lessons to listen to it. What an awesome way of putting how meaningful the songs on these albums are. JR are after listening to I’d do anything reviews the song like this:

While they were chatting Sebastian reminded them that he was only 17 when they recorded the album! During this web chat, they discussed how life had changed since the recording of the album. Firstly they said they could pay the electricity bill now. They said the biggest change is that they are now touring the world playing music rather than playing in Chuck’s basement. They also admitted that they are better now at performing as they are more relaxed and tell jokes. Pierre answers a really good question on how they have handled criticism over their career. He states that in anyone’s life, either at school or work people get criticism. Pierre says that it is important not let people get into your head and to focus on believing in themselves as well as focusing on the positive. Pierre requests that their fans do the same as many fans write to them telling them how they feel when people are mean. When Simple Plan was asked if the album exceeded their expectations they said yes for sure. Pierre makes a joke about thinking 10

The journey began with “I’d Do Anything,” and I would be remiss in my journalistic duties if I didn’t admit to being emotionally torn up right off the bat. This tale of unrequited love sings to the ears, then puts the ears 
on hold, talks sweetly to the heart, gets a call-waiting from the soul, and basically engages in a huge conference call with any and every body part that has a stake in decoding lyrics such as “I close my eyes / And all I see 
is you / I close my eyes / I try to sleep / I can’t forget you / Nanana.” This is a great way of expressing the emotions that one can feel when listening to this song. When I first heard the song my heart was aching for the singer as the emotions were clearly pouring out of the lyrics. JR continues in the article to review each song. After listening to “God must hate me” the author admits being brought to tears after this song. One glance at the title of the next track, “God Must Hate Me,” compelled me to thrust open the liner notes and read along with what were certain to be soul-raping lyrics of the most haunting ilk. I was not prepared to find what lay inside. Along the top and bottom borders of the lyric sheet were printed strips of alternating icons such as broken hearts, rainclouds, and even frowny faces. Fortunately, I couldn’t see them very well through my tears... if I had, I fear a psychological breakdown would not have been far behind. JR then goes on to review the song Perfect.

Just Balls concludes with “Perfect,” a clutching “**** you” to a disappointed father, and “Grow Up,” which, after hearing this CD, I most certainly am not looking forward to doing. The pain sounds just too great. 

The next morning, my friends found me in my room, curled up in bed, my CD Walkman headphones still firmly wrapped around my frazzled head. They say I was soaked in tears, sweat, and spilled Gatorade, and that I was clutching Doggin, my super-secret nighttime puppy pal. 

“Dude, we were just kidding,” they said. “Simple Plan is a joke.”

of this album and the world wide success it has had. Simple Plan a Joke? Well they are laughing now based on the success measured in changing people’s lives and enriching relationships between parents and their kids. Simple Plan, No Pads was an awesome first album. have loved every album since and look forward to many more!

A teacher’s perspective of Simple Plan. I am a secondary school teacher in Australia. I teach a few different subjects and one of them is Health. I teach mainly 16 year olds in their second year of High School. One of the topics we cover is the different type of health. When I am teaching emotional health I always use the Simple Plan’s Perfect to help me connect with the students. Every time I have used it, since 2004 (It was a huge hit here in Australia in 2003) I have found the video and the lyrics to be a huge support to get across what I am trying to teach.

This is where I must say I don’t agree with the sum up of the album. This was written in 2004 and perhaps with hindsight after we know the success of the album and we all love it.

I have found that after I had shown the music video and have handed out the lyrics some of the students are very quiet. The first time this happened I thought that they were so bored that they had gone to sleep. This was not the case! Most students had become quiet as they actually thinking about the concept of the song.

Armed with this new information, I found subsequent One of the tasks that I asked the students to do is to write listens of Simple Plan’s debut LP to be considerably less a review on this song, with a choice of I’m just a kid or taxing on the psyche. It’s harmless bubblegum pop-punk How to save a life by The Fray. for the junior high set. And while its shelf-life is remarkably poor and it brings absolutely nothing of consequence to the table, it couldn’t possibly cause you as much emotional anguish as it caused me on that fateful, fateful night Clearly for millions of people all over the world will not agree now. Powerful emotional songs such as Perfect and I’d Do Anything have changed people’s lives. Simple Plan may have had a target audience of the “junior high set” but now after so many years and fans of all different ages Simple Plan’s success speaks for itself. I loved the start of this article. I love the way the author clearly expresses their feelings and emotions when they first heard the songs. I feel those emotions when I listen to the songs every single time. Now after 10 years I would love to know what JR now thinks 11

Most students pick Perfect and go into great detail about the relationship that they have with their parents. Many students felt that the expectation that their parents had for them in regard to career choice was so overwhelming that they could not cope. One student even came to discuss with me that he was so close to suicide that after watching the video in my class he spoke to his parents about how he felt. He found out that his parents actually did not know how to talk to him and they worked on their issues and things got better. Each year I am even more moved when I read these reviews and have been able to build a relationship with these students based on what I then know about them

I also show the music video of Untitled when I am teaching the effects of drink driving on the road toll. I ask the students to write who they think is affected by the actions of a drink driver and it is amazing seeing how they work out that is not just the driver who may die but others, many others. I find now that Simple Plan are more famous in Australia that it is even easier to use their songs to help me get some really important messages across to the young people I teach.


So I guess I feel like a team with Simple Plan in making a difference in these teenagers’ lives. With the awesome songs they write and my love and passion (some would say obsession and they would probably be correct!) about them. I feel I can connect with these young people is a different way than I could if I was just writing notes on the board for them to copy into a notebook. When I wear one of my many Simple Plan t shirts I have many students I have never met come up and start a conversation about how much they love Simple Plan. I encourage these kids to listen to all of Simple Plan CD’s not just GYHO. So thanks Simple Plan for writing songs that I can use to make a difference in the young people’s lives that I teach. I hope to be able to keep this way of connecting with my students for many more years to come so please keep writing fantastic songs!

Written by Jen Rees @justjenrees

Simple Plan

Written by Kalila Cameron @pierreboobier

Can’t Shut Up

Not So Simple

Version 2002

Interview with The group’s songs deal with a wide range of troublesome issues, including leaving home on “I Won’t Be There” (which Jeff says is based on his real life situation) to plain old loneliness and despair on “I’m Just A Kid.”

“You can only sing so much about the sun, and beautiful days and girls. I think sometimes when you touch subjects that are a big darker it rings ... more honestly.”

It was about a year and a half ago that Simple Plan found the line-up that rang true. The seeds of Simple Plan started years ago though, when Chuck and Pierre “I think I’ve got a lot of friends/ but I don’t hear from them/what’s another night all alone,” go the latter song’s lyrics. When the group sifts through their email they played together in the punk act Reset. They were 13 at the time. In 1997, Chuck know they’ve made a connection with their songs. Recently, Chuck received a mes- and Jeff teamed up with Sébastien and lured Pierre into the mix. David was the sage from a girl who knew exactly what “I’m Just a Kid” is all about. Chuck says she finishing touch (after the others say they harassed him into joining), and they collectively knew they had the right combination after living together. “(We) lived wrote about her problems with school, friends and parents and how Simple Plan’s music helped her out. “’I really feel like I can relate so much to your song Just a Kid, I together for about five months and we didn’t kill each other after that,” says Jeff, “so if we were still alive after was a good sign.” know I’m not alone anymore’” says Chuck, reciting the email. The group thinks that teen taste in music is gradually shifting from synthesized pop beats and belly tops to something darker and more organic, because listeners need some substance to their sound. “I think people are kind of sick of what is fake and fabricated and they just wanna hear people who have just honest and real feelings and they wanna hear music that makes them feel something and I think rock and alternative music has always been more honest and true and real than pop music,” explains Chuck.

Interview with Invasion Crew World Q: How did you manage to get such big acts like Joel Madden and Mark Hoppus on your record? A: We took them out, got them really drunk and made them sign a paper. Saying they had to sing on our record. Trust us, they regret doing it now. Lol. No honestly, they are just good friends of ours and it is truly an honour to have them on the album. We met the GC boys at a MXPX concert 2 years ago and we hit it big right away. We were blown away by the performance, they were so real. Q: Did you guys play many shows before you were big? A: We don’t really think we’re big or whatever. We’re just a young band starting out. We played a bunch of all ages shows with local band in Quebec. We couldn’t really be on long tours because we had to finish our record, but now we’re finally on the road and it’s so rad. We love playing shows every night, making new friends and hanging out with people at the shows. This is the reason we wanted to be in a band. This is what it’s all about! Q: Do you have any plans on touring the US? Possibly with Good Charlotte? A: Totally. We want to be on tour forever and hit every city in North America. We’re on tour with Sugar Ray right now, its lots of fun. Pretty sure we’ll jump on a few more dates with them so check out our Tour section on the website to get all the details. We would LOVE to tour with GC. That would be amazing! It would be so rad to see them play every night. We’re praying for this to happen!! Q: Where can you get some merch other than shows? A: We are creating a site, but it’s not up yet. Q: What’s your favorite song on the album? A: Pierre: One Day David: the Worst Day Ever Seb: Addicted Chuck: I’m Just A kid Q: Why wasn’t “My Christmas List” on the Album? A: “My Christmas List” wasn’t on the record because it’s a Christmas song- it would be a little weird hearing a Christmas song in July!


“I’m really proud to be part of this band...when I heard the whole CD...,” smiles David, who agrees the music was a better indication of how their partnership would work, compared to their living arrangements. Sébastien seems to be running low on teen angst and sounds as happy as his band mates about Simple Plan’s current situation. “I love my friends and my band,” he says, laughing a bit at himself. The band is currently touring, something they hope to be doing for a long time. “We want to tour all the time,” says Pierre. “We just want to do this until we hopefully make the next record.”

Q: How did you come up with the name Simple Plan and what does it mean? A: We chose it because we had a SIMPLE PLAN to be in a band.

used to sing and play bass, eventually we met David who had replaced in Reset, and we knew right away he had to play with us. So we begged him to join the band and he said yes. The official Simple Plan line-up was in place. A week after David join we were out playing.

Q: What’s the significance behind Pierre’s arm band? A: I started wearing it when I was playing bass in a band and now it’s stuck there.

Q: I want to know who is single and who isn’t. A: Pierre: It’s for me to know and you to find out. Chuck: Single and ready to mingle Seb: Single and Lonely Jeff: Single David: I have a girlfriend

Q: If you could tour with any band who would it be and why? A: Wow, that’s a tough one! The Beatles, maybe. Or Destiny’s Child or Atomic Kitten cuz they’re hot! Or maybe Blink, Green Day and Jimmy Eat World. Wink Wink Q: How do you guys write your lyrics, what inspires you? A: We just try to write the most honest and real lyrics possible, about our lives, what we went through growing up and what we still go through today. For some reason, we tend to write sad events that happened in our lives, it just feels more important to talk about how hard life is sometimes that just to talk about the weather. Songs like One Day, Perfect, kid and You don’t Need Anything are all about how frustrating life can be, how hard it is to fit in and how parents and teachers rarely try to understand who you are and how you feel inside. Q: What advice do you have about getting in the music industry? A: Practice all the time- never give up - follow your dreams... don’t let anyone get you done just follow what you love. Oh yeah - and be nice to kids! Q: If you had 24 hours to live, what would you do and where would you go? A: hmmmm..... We would all try to get laid on the beaches in Hawaii Q: How did you guys form the band? Were you all friends? A: Everybody in the band has been friends for more then 10-11 years. We went to the same High School, except for David who went to a small town 9 hours away from the rest of us. Pierre and Chuck have been together for 10 years and Jeff often came out to jam with them in the days. Seb and Chuck live 2 minutes from each other so it was really natural for them to be in a band together. We started as a 4 piece band. Pierre

Q: What are your plans for Warped Tour? A: We are definitely going to do some dates on warped

tour. We will keep you posted on the website as soon as we know anything we’ll keep you posted! We are stoked and it’s an honor for us to be on it! Q: Most of you guys were originally in Reset... why’d you all decide to make a new band? Do you cover any of those songs? A: We all took the decision to leave Reset because we all wanted to try something new and different. We just had to follow our hearts and do what we really wanted to do musically. We are a lot happier playing in Simple Plan. But we’re also all extremely proud of what we did with Reset. We put out 2 records, toured Canada a bunch of times with bands like MXPX, Ten Foot Pole, Good Riddance and the Vandals amongst others. And we met some really incredible people on the road. Q: How did you learn to play your instruments? A: Most of us learned their instruments playing in bands and writing songs. Nobody in the band really has a formal musical education. We all took music class in high-School (we were playing trumpet, saxophone, clarinet) that’s about it. Jeff is the exception. He actually went to study classical guitar. That’s’ why he’s a lot better than us. Q: When are you coming to Montreal? A: We are coming home (to Montréal.) after the sugar ray tour. We had a great time playing Jam Des Neiges. Can’t wait to see you guys.

20.04. Festival Les Artefacts - Strasbourg, France


21.04. festival Paradis Artificiels - Lille, France


22.04. Nantes, France


24.04. Clermont-Ferrand, France


25.04. Toulouse, France



26.04. Bordeaux, France

28.04. Zurich, Switzerland


29.04. Groezrock Festival- Meerhout, Belgium


FLASHBACK The “I’d Do Anything” video Who doesn’t remember one of the first videos of Simple Plan as I’d Do Anything.? Who amongst us as Astronauts have seen this a million times? I know all of us have. I could tell you everything from start to finish but as I am sure you know it perfectly. It would be more interesting to tell you some funny and interesting facts that happen during the video. In the video there were people waiting for the bodyguard to let them into a concert where Simple plan is playing. Chuck commented in the making of the video that when he removes his t-shirt he looks like the big black guy, but now that years


member of the band) gets kicked in have passed we can realize that the balls by the body guard so he those muscles did appear, later, but can go into the concert. they did. Another great moment is Simply this video shows the the girl with the huge SP tattoo love for the band, and make sense to us Astronauts as on her back. we would give anything to Who of you spend 5 minutes with Simple doesn´t have a Plan! SP tattoo small, big or huge? Sincerely, I Watch the I’d Do Anything video. would like to have a tattoo not so big More photos of the Making Of the video here. but I want it to represent all the love that I have for this band. A memorable moment is Mark Hoppus sitting in an armchair in a rubbish tip next to Pierre . Or what about the boy who has two beautiful women on his arms? Perhaps the funniest moment is when Patrick Langlais one of the best friends of the band (we as Written by Paola Jiménez G. Astronauts consider him the sixth @pao_rockSP

Simple Plan In the Supermarket: This is a video in the beginning of their career, they stopped at a small market, like those we see on Hollywood movies. Suddenly Jeff appears naked (with his pants lowered) going to refrigerator and taking some beer, everybody is laughing. After this we can see Pierre without pants too both of them are laughing a lot. Playing all the time, they are having fun… Seb is dancing

Simple Plan’s “Grow Up” was the original choice for the theme song of Disney’s to camera. In this video we can hearDavid’s famous phrase : “- Double Banana! It popular show “The Suite Life Of Zack and Cody” means it got two bananas in.” (talking about some god’s forsaken ice cream.) They pay for the products and talk with the attendant they were going out the market when in this moment Patrick asks Pierre if he is thirsty and Pierre starts drinking soda from the ‘fountain’, Pierre gots drowning. So here we can hear another famous quote of simple plan, Pierre’s phrase: “-Don’t

drink from the fountain!”.

Link of the video: Written by Xana Mendes @zebralina

Words of Wisdom: “No matter how loud they scream, I’ll scream louder” - Pierre Bouvier “When things get harder, it’s essential to keep your head up and take the time to look at the beautiful things surrounding you” - Jeff Stinco 22

I SAW SIMPLE PLAN LIVE Well I have a great history... this happened to me last Nov 18, 2011... the best day of my life, and the day I will never forget... Here is my history ... Simple Plan came to my city (Mexico) and I went to see them in concert, and I won a Sound check party so I met them ... They were so nice.. I was like in shock because they are so nice, beautiful, polite and everything... they are like angels... so... I hugged them, kissed them... I couldn’t talk with them cuz I was so nervous ... the only thing I could say was I love you and thanks for everything ... I just can talk with David a little bit more and I told him that I was so in love with him and he said “I love you too :3 ... I almost get fainted... then i asked him for one of his picks and he told me “yes but I will give it to you at the show” and he did it !!! ... at the show Pierre Took my hand when they were playing Perfect. Jeff and Seb smiled to me and David did it too, and he read my sign that said “Simple Plan Saved My life GYHO MEXICO” then I put the odder side of my sign that said “Can I have a Kiss? and when I noticed, Chuck was in front of me hugging me and giving me a kiss on my cheek, then he came back to stage and Pierre said “Hey Dude kiss her on the lips kiss her on the lips” :D ... and yeap !!! he came back and kissed me on my lips ... (There´s a video on youtube) Chuck´s kiss was the best kiss of my life ... my first Canadian kiss... His lips are so delicious HAHA !!! ( Since that day I can´t stop thinking about how lucky I am.. And that dreams really come true...

All I can say is that simple plan means happiness on my life

FERNANDA ZAMBRANO Hey guys, The best and most funniest SP moment I’ve ever had was at their Stuttgart (Germany) gig in September 2011. I met up with a girl from SPCrew, because she had entry to the Soundcheck party and told me she can bring me in too. So we were there probably 3 hours before the entry was and we met many other Astronauts too. Also Pierre, Jeff and Chuck walked by to their bus and stopped to chat a bit. They are so nice guys! When we finally could have gone in to the soundcheck (because they were already playing for 30 minutes), we all had front row places. It was an amazing soundcheck! The boys were goofing around a lot. After the soundcheck, they came down to us for the Meet & Greet. Me and a friend (who I met inside at the party) were so nervous when Pierre came to our side of the stage. He was jumping off the stage and suddenly screamed “AAAAAAAHH! My leg!!!! AAAAAH!!! .... Just kidding *putting on his adorable smile*” I was still so shocked of what just happened and I needed a few seconds to realize that he’s fine and it was just a joke. Our faces must have looked so weird. I think I was a bit mad at him, but then I started laughing and to be honest: I couldn’t have been angry if he smiles with his cute smile! So he started to sign our stuff. I had my camera and he took a really nice picture of us. The other guys also came to see us and they are all so nice and friendly guys! I’m sure they know that the fans are nervous to meet them but honestly after one second talking with them, most of it was gone. The concert was amazing. I met many new Astronauts there and with some I’m still in contact :) I had the time of my life and I’m sure I will never forget this day!


I feel that Simple Plan really saved my life ... because they are the only ones that can make me feel like this way!!!

It all started on November 14th. It seemed an ordinary day till a tweet excited us, “Simple Plan will go through Madrid and Barcelona in a European tour “, I have been an astronaut for almost 9 years ... and I have we couldn’t believe it, but it was truth. In this moment saw them 3th times at concerts before Nov 18 ... and every a dream began. single time are so special... I wonder what will happen the next time :) 23

Waking up thinking about them, dream about them every time, hours and hours listening and singing every


door, enter, see them and be happy.

Four days later, November 18th, we go out from college running like crazy for the tickets. We already had them, tickets were ours, it was real, would be perfect.

The hours passed and we were in the queue, was amazing to meet so many people who feels the same as you. We were four hours standing, unable to move even an inch of our bodies, but we didn’t care, there was something between us that united us, was them who united us.

It seemed that the days didn’t pass, were eternal and it would never come. We couldn’t stop singing, humming, and filling tweets and tweets with their songs and thanking them for coming to Madrid. We were living a dream. And every day that passed by was less to fulfill it, and we couldn’t help get excited us with every song. It was impossible not to sing each verse on the train, in the shower, in bed... Inevitable. I spent hours lying in bed listening to the album over and over again, I could feel the happiness, everything was perfect. And every time there was less and less, and there were only weeks or days.

And it was the time to through the door, cutting the ticket and running to the stage as if our lifes depended on it. We didn’t thought of nothing else, just being near them. The waiting was eternal, every minute was infinite, but finally they came out and I couldn’t help looking at them fascinated without doing anything else. It all began, and I was going to enjoy it as nothing. I left my voice in each song, singing with them every verse of the songs that I’d been listening for years in my room.

It was March 10, 2012, and, finally arrived all persons I lived every second, I felt every single word that came with whom we talked, fangirled and enjoyed every sin- out from their mouth, was a dream. gle moment. Was perfect hugging ‘em, there was feelings, we knew that in just two days we would spend I couldn’t help together the best times of our lives. I couldn’t keep the tears in every song, there they It was amazing to share every feeling with people who were, I had them in front and was listening to them. It have your same dream, a passion for what you feel and was as I had dreamed about for 119 days. understand you. Incomparable with anything. There Every jump, every tear, every song, were unique. Never was a link between us, which is strong above everyin my life I have felt as I did those two hours. thing, because there is no need to explain what you feel, they understand you. After the best weekend of our lives, the day finally came. Half past four in the morning, with trembling hands I took the ticket, I looked at it with illusion and I said to myself that the day had come. I remember fondly the moment I put the shirt with the phrase “Keep calm and listen to Simple Plan”, I looked in the mirror and I promised I would be the best day of my life. I left home at six o’clock, proud of loving Simple Plan as I love them. The road was long, I couldn’t stop thinking about that in just 14 hours I would be seeing them, on live. And when I got there and saw people, the environment, and feel that feeling in the stomach would not know how to explain, it was like an explosion of feelings. I couldn’t believe it. Day was come, I was there, ready to jump, scream and feel their songs on live. There were mixed feelings, I didn’t want hours pass by because it would mean that it was over, I wanted it to be 8PM already, I wanted them to open the 24

They were unique, made the concert an amazing show as expected of them, were entirely above the concept of “perfect” and we felt that they gave everything and enjoyed with the public. Were themselves, was what we wanted to see. These boys from ten years ago, haven’t changed anything. But it was over, and I remember the time that go out from the stage, was the end, the end of everything came . Hundreds and hundreds of people on the stairs where we had spent the last 14 hours, crying for the same feeling, was incredible. If wasn’t difficult that a dream was over, was time to say goodbye to them, the people with whom you’ve shared the last three days, and with whom you’ve shared the best moments of your life. It finished. Coming home, lie in bed and think that everything was over, that dream ended, that there is nothing left. But anyway, there’s nothing I can change about that

March 12, 2012, I won’t ever forget it, was perfect, we fulfilled our dream, and we’ve done together. It wasn’t comparable to anything in the world. And they’ll come back, and we’re going to live that together. Thanks Simple Plan for making me feel what no one ever has achieved, to fulfill my dream, and for making me believe that we must fight for what we want. And thanks to you because I have met them, and I could live with them this everything. You, who have joined us. Thank you indeed. I love you Pierre, David, Seb, Chuck and Jeff. SIMPLE PLAN SAVED MY LIFE. 12.3.12, Madrid, Spain.

IRENE DE LA ROSA I met them at the GYHO concert in London, Ontario. There where two meet & greets and I went to both. At the sound check one I hugged Pierre and MY GOD HE SMELLS AMAZING. He started to pull away so I held him tighter and he laughed :3 then I got Chuck to record a message for my friend who couldn’t go and he was adorable. I cried during Perfect and David winked at me. I almost died of cardiac arrest. At te second meet & greet I apologized for vein so awkward at the first one and they said it was no big deal cause they’re ‘just people’ PFFT. OKAY. David like my hair (purple) and I got like five hugs from all of them. Yeah I didn’t sleep much that night.

Sabrina I’m going to meet Simple Plan and see them live for the first time TOMORROW (April, 29th). I’m so excited. I could just talk to them all day, telling them about how I feel, and knowing that they would care. Because they care about their fans so much :) I feel like tomorrow will be the best day of my life <3 Anouck Hello fellow Astronauts! This is the story of how Simple Plan changed my life. :) Rewind to 2005. In the summer of 2005, I didn’t have many friends. It was an awkward time in middle school. I remember I hadn’t quite found my “nitch” yet. I spent the night at a friend’s house and we started listing to Good Charlotte. I liked the album so much that we decided to go to the mall so I could buy the album. As I was walking into the store, I saw a sign for Simple Plans second album, “Still Not Getting Any…”. I had remembered hearing “Welcome to my Life” on the radio and I decided to buy the album too. I spent the last money I had on that album. 25

Best life choice ever. The Good Charlotte album quickly started collecting dust as I could not put down the Simple Plan album. Within the month I would say, I had Simple Plans other album, DVD, posters and a few shirts. I joined a Simple Plan group on line. (One of those MSN groups) I met one of my great friends, Jenn. She and I become super close and even though she lives right over the Canadian border, she and I are like sisters. We talk every day. As we grew older and we grew out of the teeny bopper fandom, we still stayed close and still to this day, we are super close. In the fall of 2005, I looked online and saw that Simple Plan would be in Washington DC just 7 days before my 13th birthday. I begged my parents for tickets and they agreed fairly easily. I cried. I cried as my mom ordered the tickets. That was amazing. We got to the 9:30 club in DC hours before the show was supposed to start. We were second in line. A local radio station was giving away 13 backstage passes for two. I freaked. My dad entered my name. As the line grew, the sun went down and it came close to doors, the number of backstage passes dwindled. The 10th one went, then the 11th and then there was one. The 12th one was called and it wasn’t me. I was crushed. The women in front of me and my dad in line said she didn’t want to lose her front row spot and to go pretend I was her. So I did! I got the last backstage pass. I cried. I cannot even describe how that moment felt. Amazing, simply amazing. The only thing that compares and surpasses that moment is when my boyfriend and I started dating. A manager came and took the 26 of us and led us to a room. My dad kept telling me the second we go in that room, they would be right there. I am not quite sure why I didn’t believe him but he was right. We got into the room and there they were! It was a tiny room and they were right in front of me!! Everyone lined the room and one by one they came around, singed stuff and gave hugs. The first person to come to me was Sebastien. My dad explained (because I was so star struck, I couldn’t speak) that this was the only thing I wanted for my birthday. He gave me a hug and signed my poster. One by one, they all came around and did the same thing. I got my picture with them too! The show was amazing! My dad and I stood in the balcony that hung over the stage. At one point in the show, Pierre winked and pointed at me. Died. I died. lol A week later, my dad got an email from Simple Plans manger. It was a slideshow of pictures of me and Simple Plan wishing me a happy birthday on my real birthday! Cried again. lol They are amazing people.


Since it’s obvious that you’re a huge Simple Plan Fan, you may also enjoy these bands…

Bands Suggestions from AW:

“We The Kings” is a pop-punk band from Bradenton, Florida. The band’s name is a reference to the Martha B. King Middle School, where the four members, Travis Clark (vocals, guitar), Hunter Thomsen (guitar, backing vocals), Drew Thomsen (bass) and Danny Duncan (drums) first met. After their sustained success they had gained over websites like they released their first self-titled record in 2007. It peaked at number three in the Billboard’s Top Heatseekers Charts and number 151 in the Billboard’s 200. Their second full-length album “Smile Kid” was released in December 2009. It debuted at number 45 in the Billboard’s 200 and number 9 in the rock album charts. On July 5, 2011 “We The Kings” released their third record called “Sunshine State Of Mind”. The guys have been on tour with Simple Plan on their European tour in early 2012. The group’s style is very similar to the one we know from Simple Plan. They have lots of powerful and high-energetic songs such as “Check Yes Juliet” “All Again For You” and “The Quiet”, mixed with classy punk songs like “Secret Valentine” and “Whoa”. But they also have some slower and easier songs, for example “This Is Our Town” or “You And Only You”. And there’s another thing you’ll like about “We The Kings”: Their lyrics! I bet you love how you can relate to all the Simple Plan songs out there, right? Well, then you’re gonna love the lyrics from “We The Kings”. They’re true geniuses when it comes to songwriting! They have this ingenious mix that makes “We The Kings” a band you should definitely take a listen to. You won’t regret it! “Faber drive” is a four-piece pop-rock-punk band from Canada. Which is actually reason enough to like them, since Canada stands for brilliant music. The current members are Dave Faber (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Jeremy Liddle (bass, backing vocals), Jordan Pritchett (lead guitar, backing vocals) and Andrew Stricko (drums, backing vocals). The four guys were discovered and signed by none other than Chad Kroeger of Nickelback. Their debut album “Second Seven Surgery” was released on May 15, 2007. It gained mostly positive reviews. Their second record “Can’t Keep A Secret” was released on November 10, 2009. The first single “G-Get Up And Dance” reached number 6 on the Canadian Top 100. The second single “Give Him Up” debuted at number 26 and single no. 3, “You And I Tonight” peaked number 10. The group’s style is described as “punk-rock” even though songs like “G-Get Up And Dance”, “Just What I Needed” or “Give Him Up” are clearly more pop than punk rock. However, they also of course have a great number of songs that you definitely could call punk-rock, such as “Our Last Goodbye” and “Never Coming Down”.

If you’re more a fan of slow-rock songs, then you’re gonna like songs like “I’m By Your Side” and “Forever.” So, while “We The Kings” is nearly just like “Simple Plan”, “Faber Drive” is slightly different but still amazing. You should definitely give them a chance. “Hey Monday” is an American rock band, formed 2008. Unlike “Simple Plan”, “We The Kings” and “Faber Drive”, the band’s lead vocalist is a girl. The members are Cassadee Pope (lead vocals, guitar), Mike Gentile (lead guitar), Alex Lipshaw (rhythm guitar, backing vocals), Chris Gentile (bass) and Patrick McKenzie (drums).

They were discovered by Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz who wanted to sign them, but Columbia Records was also interested so the band ended up signing a deal with both labels. On October 7, 2008, they released their debut album called “Hold On Tight”. It only gained a minor success but still it managed to reach Billboard’s Heatseekers. The following year they went on tour with “Fall Out Boy” and their popularity grew a lot. In late 2011, “Hey Monday” departed from both record labels and self-released “The Christmas EP”, which peaked number 10 on iTunes charts. On December 6, Cassadee Pope announced that the band is on hiatus. “Hey Monday” is more pop-rock than punk, even though songs like “Run, Don’t Walk” and “Set Off” could be described as punk. However, most of their songs, including “How You Love Me Now”, “Homecoming”, “Obvious” and “Arizona” are definitely alternative-pop-rock. They also have slow-rock songs, that could be characterized as ballads like “Candles” or “6 Months”. “Hey Monday” is not really like any on the bands above, especially because their singer is a girl, but I think you’d still enjoy their music.


A Canadian Band That Rocks Their Way To Heaven In 2005, the band around singer David Brown was founded in Trois-Rivières, Quebec. Currently they're based in Montreal. The New Cities are a fixed portion of Canada's successful artists that play sold out shows all over the country. Their music can be described as an melodic mix of electronic, synthpop and rock. Their first album with the proper name The New Cities EP, which was recorded producer Steve Nadeau, was released independently in March 2006. After being on tour for a few months and playing shows all over the country the band met producer Greig Nori nearly one year after the release of their EP, in spring 2006. He was the one that made sure that the guys get a record deal with Sony Music Canada in October 2008 after working on new material for months. The bands first real album was release on May 5th in 2009 with the name Lost in City Lights under the label of Sony Music Canada. Furthermore it was released on iTunes UK an US. Their debut single with the name Dead End Countdown peaked at #16 of the Canadian Top 100 charts while the music video for the single was nominated at the 2009 MuchMusic video awards in the category “Best Post Production Of The Year”. In support of the album, the band toured with known acts such as Simple Plan, Hedley, Marianas Trench, Faber Drive and opened for major acts like The Black Eyed Peas, Katy Perry, Nine Inch Nails and Sum 41. Furthermore the guys played the United Kingdom twice and also France in winter 2009 to 2010. Since September 27th of 2011, the second studio record Kill The Lights is available in stores with was also released under the label of Sony Music Canada. Following the release of the album, the band joined Avril Lavigne's Black Star Tour in Ovtober 2011 in Canada as an opening act. The latest release of the record is Mugshot, last year's releases have been Heatwave and The Hype.


Since the band got founded, the line-up hasn't changed. Line-Up:

Lead Vocals: David Brown

Drums: Francis Fugère

Synth: Nicolas Denis

Synth: Philippe Lachance

Guitar: Christian Bergeron

Bass, Backing Vocals: Julien Martre


2005: The New Cities EP

2009: Lost In City Lights

2011: Kill The Lights

Forever The Sickest Kids are recording their new album. You can check out a tweet and pic from JCook below. “Been face to face with this hottie all day. #NEWFTSKALBUM”


The Killers saxophone player, Thomas Marth, has commited suicide. You can read a tweet from the band below. “Last night we lost our friend Thomas Marth. Our prayers are with his family.There’s a light missing in Las Vegas tonight. Travel well, Tommy”

THE OFFSPRING RELEASE NEW SINGLE The Offspring have released their new single, “Days Go By,” and you can stream it here. The band will release their new album, Days Go By, sometime this summer, and the title track on April 27th. You can check out the album trailer and tracklisting here.


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All Time Low have started recording their new album on April 18th.


30 STM’S singer, Jared Leto, recently talked with the famous magazine Rolling Stones about “how excited they are working on the studio”. You can read the full article here. Leto says he’s already written 50 songs and that the band is eyeing collaborations with several producers and artists including M83’s Morgan Kibby. The bands’s attention is focused squarely on the studio this year.

Joe Trohman recently appeared on The Gunz Show to discuss Fall Out Boy and how him and Patrick Stump need to explore musically. Check out what he had to say clicking on the link below:



HOW CAN MUSIC SAVE LIVES? For a lot of teenagers and even adults, their life is really difficult. Many of them want to give up and stop trying. They lose hope in everything and then music comes along and changes their perspective. For people who have very little, music can mean the world to someone. Although it’s not like a cure to cancer, it’s a cure for other things. Loneliness, frustration, fear, but also the chance to start fresh. In today’s generation there are so many competitions and TV shows giving anyone a chance to start their career and help them out just a little. Quite a few people learn living from busking and scrapping any possible money from their unrecognised musical talents. Music gives hopes and allows them to dream of becoming something great. There are times when you may feel lost or feel as if your entire world is falling apart. You think you’re alone in the world and no one understands you. Maybe you’re having a hard time at school or have had another argument with your parents. Maybe you feel like screaming at the top of your lungs or want to give up on life. Then a certain song or band comes on and suddenly something inside you changes. As the music plays, you’re able to connect to the meaning of the song. It’s more powerful than just listening to a song and thinking it’s “catchy” (although there’s nothing wrong with thinking a song is catchy either). You suddenly feel like you’re not alone and that there’s at least one other person in the world who understands exactly how you feel. While some may say “This is a good song” or “This band seems cool,” for others, music is a complete life-saver. “Music can easily save lives. It shows that you’re not alone and you can put your feelings in it. It’s the most powerful thing in the world,” @xjasmijnnnn on Twitter states. And it’s certainly true. Music is such a strong force that it can actually change a person’s perspective on things and give them hope when they thought things would never get better. There are so many people in the world that struggle in life whether it’s with school, family, bullies, or friends and music has been the one thing to help 28

them deal with it. “Music and the bands that play music like Simple Plan are like knights in shining armor. They fight off all the bad things that happen in life. The lyrics are their swords,” states @pink_seb on Twitter. It allows us to express our emotions, especially if we haven’t been able to do so in other ways. “Music helps me feel connected and free. It makes me feel better. Music helps me through the tough times. Music is like my emotion; how I’m feeling,” states @asongpanda on Twitter. For many of us, we feel better by just putting on our headphones and cranking the music up. Several people have said that they were on the brink of committing suicide, but a certain band or song helped change their mind. Music has helped those struggling with selfharm, depression, and other issues. Songs such as “Welcome to My Life,” “Perfect,” and “This Song Saved My Life” by Simple Plan have given people hope that things will get better and that they’re not the only ones having trouble. Music gives them hope that life is worth living and that they shouldn’t let others bring them down. Music helps people connect with others whether it’s with family, friends, or even people they’ve just met. Some people who’ve had issues with their parents have said that a certain band or song helped them to talk to their parents about how they felt. It helped them to work through their issues and

become closer. Others have connected by being fans of the same band and have even become best friends. People that are a part of a fan base tend to become close and are there for those who need to talk to someone. I know that I have seen fans of bands such as Simple Plan and All Time Low be there for those who are having a rough time. Music can also be an outlet to express a person’s true self. For many of us, music is a passion and an escape from the negative things in life. It can either make us forget about our troubles or even solve them. It can show us that giving up on life is not the answer and that by staying alive, we become stronger. Music has the ability to make us believe in ourselves and to make us feel comfortable with who we are. Musicians can inspire us to go for our dreams no matter who tries to stop us. During the 2011 Warped Tour, there was a contest where David Desrosiers, the bassist for Simple Plan, gave away an autographed bass to fans who best expressed Squier’s “Stop Dreaming, Start Playing” slogan. This was to encourage more people to go for their dreams rather than just thinking about it. Music can give people the courage to stand up for themselves and to take risks. It’s certainly okay to say you like a song because it has a good beat or catchy lyrics; I’ve said it and I’m sure many of you have too. But sometimes

songs can have a deeper meaning for people. Bands can show us that it’s okay to be different and to not care what others think of you. What matters is how you feel about yourself. Music can bring people together whether they live next door to each other or live on opposite sides of the world. And sometimes these people can become the friend you need. It can be an escape or a solution. It can make us feel good about ourselves and make us stronger. Music truly is a powerful force that saves lives.


Most of Simple Plan’s songs are written from the heart and hold true meaning, then when fans fear them they realize that they’re not alone and that if they just keep trying they will make it! For example, their song Perfect is written about just trying and trying to make someone proud and to be perfect (which by the way is impossible, except for Simple Plan hehe) and the song teaches us that no one can be perfect. To show their appreciation, Simple Plan created a song with fans from Twitter called “This Song Saved My Life”. The lyrics were formed from tweets that fans had sent to Simple Plan and the guys were incredibly touched about how much fans really opened up and expressed really heart felt emotions.


Believe it or not singing helps greatly. It is a fact that singing can help with depression. May people who had suffered from depression recovered by singing. Singing is like a ray of light on a rainy day, it never lets you down. Hitting those high notes while you’re frustrated, agitated or just down right angry can also relieve you from those harsh and unwanted feelings. Next time you feel like punching a wall, get your iPod and rock out Simple Plan!

Watch the writing of “This Song Saved My Life”

It's not astonishing that especially in our time the suicide rate , concerning young people, is enormously high. Having a retrospection on the last few years and decades, it's not surprising that the number was rising rapidly. Economic crisis, poverty, ruthlessness of society, all thinking about attemping suicide and see this as a last these are aspects that determine suicide and trigger this option of escaping life. Even if parents ad friends don't react on silent screams for help, the last few years showed thought in youngster's heads. It may be the ideal of having the perfect body that cannot be reached, bullying at more and more that music can give those people a very school, being not accepted by the parents for having an big strength to pull through life and to go on even it seems own idea for the future or even the misery that grew bighopeless sometimes. ger and bigger over a few Music is like another language for people. The It sometimes just needs a small moment, a few minutes, years: A lot of young people only language they understand. Luckily, Simple reach sooner or later the Plan know this language too. YOU’RE NOT that can change a life completely. Even if a lot of musipoint where they start ALONE, many teens and adults go through what cians and bands do not have you do and of an idea about how their music saved the life of young people, course, Simple Plan are always Simple Plan seems to be more willing to listen concerned about this fact than other artists. and try their best With “This Song Saved to help. My Life”, the guys hint exactly “@chuckcomeau give me just one good reason why I should


Photo: Inrock Magazine - 2008

keep holding on, please.”

“Beacause we’re here and we think about you!”

- Chuck Comeau.

at the fact that music can shape and change people’s life enormously. As already known, the song was written with fans over the online platform Twitter. Lines such as “you helped me be who I am today”, “because of you my life has a purpose”, “sometimes it feels like nobody gets me, trapped in a world where everyone hates me”, “you always know how to make me feel better”, “I turn you up whenever I feel down” and “you let me know like no one else that it's okay to be myself” show how much young people associate with music and how important bands and their songs can be for them. Especially n hard times music seems to be like an escape into a dreamworld or in a world where young people feel welcome and accepted every time they enter it. A world, where no one tells them that they are hated. A world, where no one hurts their feelings. A world, where they just can be themselves. Travels to concerts often offer a kind of escape, which can't be understood by the parents. For young people, those small trips have a bigger status than the most expensive gift could ever have to them. When there's the possibility to talk a few minutes to the musicians then too, exactly this moment can give them more strength than the parents or their friends could ever give them. Maybe it's just a few words that are said by their idols, but especially in those moments youngsters feel that they are understood and get comforted and find the strength to go on. Music can definitely save lives and change lives. Being not encouraged enough before to try something new, youngsters often cross this border by being inspired from their favorite artists. It may be the fact to learn how to play an instrument, standing up for what's worth it or other possibilities, young people often find an occupation which makes their life livable again. Music can save lives and encouraging people because it influences the human nervous system and the mind, which can be determinative to especially youngsters. According to the release of so called happiness hormones often a trigger gets switched in head, which wouldn't have been found on another way. Through pulling exactly this trigger young people get animated to take life sometimes easier than it usually is. It can be quite an advantage when adolescents start traveling behind their favorite bands and artists and spend their last few dollars for exactly this hobby. Because it can save their life.


Music isn’t just music, it can be so much more. Some lyrics with tones and a nice guitar part can save someones life. Some of us wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for music. Some people say music doesn’t mean anything, some even say that music doesn’t have an impact on our lives at all. But that’s not true, there are scientific proves that music has the power to change someones life to the better. There have been studies on extremely sick people where they got to listen to music and they actually got better. There have been people with Parkinson, they were so sick that they were “frozen” in their lives. They couldn’t move or talk. But when they heard music something triggered them, they started talking, singing and dancing. People with the disorder called Alzheimers started to remember the right things in the right moment. They started to realize what year it was, what time and the fact that time had passed by. There’s a disorder called Tourettes syndrome, in everyday life we say that someone has tics. Tics means that you get random outbursts, for exampel you scream, curse, punch or say something. This can happen up to 30,000 times every day. Music isn’t a cure for this, there is no cure for Tourettes syndrome at all. But music can help reduce this with so much as 50% But music doesn’t always have a positive impact. If you’re into a really deep depression, music can actually make it worse. Music is something we use to remember and very often you start remembering the wrong stuff. So music can cause someone really depressed to fall even deeper than they already are. If you suffer from ‘amusi’ (Swedish word) you can’t take in music at all. That means when you listen to hear music, you just hear noise. Like when two frying pans are being slammed against each other. As I mentioned earlier, music often has a positive impact on depression. In music you find someone who understands what you’re going through, there’s someone who promises that everything will get better. You’re not alone in what you are going through.

Written by Maddie Jane, Jazmine Hernandez , Emelie Strandberg & Désirée S. @SP_Lover4Life - @Jazz1617 - @em_simpleplan - @MissMCSimpleD89

1.- First track of Get Your Heart On! 2.- Name of the lead singer 3.-Third single of Still Not Getting Any 4.- The name of their third album 5.-Name of one of the members of “The SP’s “ 6.-Simple Plan - Can’t Keep My hands off you ft _________ 7.-If Seb Lefebvre was from Star Wars his name would be: ____ 8.- Fourth single of Still Not Getting Any 9.-Pierre Bouvier’s brother 10.-Name of the sexiest bald guy in the world 11.-SPx3 = Simple Plan , Summer Paradise and ______ 12.- Cause I remember every ____________ 13.- Name of the song: All I want is one more day 14.-Some days ago Pierre Bouvier tweeted about some new eyewear they got, the name of the brand is: _____ 15.- Last album of SP 16.- The preview of this song was premiered on October 24 ,2007.


g A m e s

WE ASKED, THE FANS ANSWERED! Is No Pads your favorite album? and, why?

“It's where it all began so of course it's my favorite. Without NPNHJB They might not be where they are today.” - Samantha “It's where it all began so of course it's my favorite. Without NPNHJB They might not be where they are today.” - Kathleen

“Because it's definitely the most funa and energetic. The songs are jumpier and I just love that album to death :)” - Sophia

“No, it's not. I mean, it's amazing, no question about that.. But I like Pierre's voice a lot more now. Whatever, still one of my fav records of all time. But not my fav SP record. ;)” - Kaitlyn

“No Pads is my favourite album as it has Perfect in it. That is my favourite song. I know I don’t have to be perfect!” - Emma

“No Pads is not my favourite album, Still Not Getting Any is. Still Addicted is my favourite SP song so I listen to No Pads alot!” - Nick





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It was such a beautiful Monday, the day I finally got to interview our first fan of the week. What was she like? How long has she been a fan? So many questions I had! It was really exciting to meet someone like her. Due to some technical difficulties (oh le sweet technology that does not like me at all!) we had a really hard time setting up the interview. It was worth the wait though, I finally got to meet Nellie form the US. A brand new Simple Plan fan! I, personally, like to meet the new fans. They remind me of how I used to be. It’s always good to look back in the past from time to time to reflect on how much we’ve grown up (or not!) That’s enough of this boring intro, now let’s meet Nellie...

“They call me Wolfgang Paco be-

cause of my wolf hat. Simple Plan has always made me feel better in the worst of times. I play guitar. I’m socially awkward and quite loud. People find me weird. I like to dress like an idiot and get random stares in the street. I liked Sum 41 before Simple Plan and told myself if I liked anything more than I like Sum 41 then that thing is more than beyond perfect. Apparently, I was right. Simple Plan is much more than beyond perfect. And I’m addicted to tumblr because I belong there. ” Question: When was the first time you heard about Simple Plan? Nellie: I heard a Simple Plan song on cheaper by the dozen but I didn’t actually realize they were an actual band until march. Q: When was your first SP show? N: The one I went to in my head. Q: For How long have you been a SP fan? N: Since March Q: How many times have you seen them live? N: Not even once and I’m more than ashamed of it. 33

Q: What do you like the most about Simple Plan? N: I like how their music is something that people can relate to. You’re actually able think about yourself when you listen to their music. Q: What’s your favorite possession of

Simple Plan and why? N: I have NOTHING that’s a Simple Plan possession. Now let me go cry in the corner. Q: Say what Simple Plan means to you. N: The world. Q: Describe each member with one word N: Dave- Amazy, Jeff- Wonderfun, Pierre- Epicawesome, Seb- Superful, Chuck- Funmazing.

Q: What’s your favorite part of ABPFY? N: Omfg I’m ashamed because I don’t know what you’re talking about. Q: If you could ship each member with

other artist , with whom would it be and why? N: I’d ship them to each other because they make the greatest group of dudes ever.

Q: If you could spend a whole day with SP, what would you do? Q: Favorite Simple Plan song and why? N: Well first I’d hug them all because N: Holding on. I really don’t know why, that’s what my bucket list says. And it makes me feel a certain way when I then I’d follow the rest of my bucket list and tell Pierre he’s hot. Then, aclisten to it and I like that feeling. cording to my bucket list I’d sing like a complete fool to them. Then I’d let the Q: Do you have any tattoo related to Simple Plan? And if you, don’t would rest of the day flow like it should. you like to have one? N: I’m 12. No tattoos for me, sadly. But Q: Best Simple Plan memory? N: Realizing that I’m not alone in this if I could get one I would get he lyrics from holding on tattooed on my back. world

Q: Have you made friends thanks to Simple Plan? N: Yep. Just one though. And that was through tumblr.....

Q: Favorite Simple Plan video?

N: The When I’m gone video because I’d love my life if I saw Pierre everywhere.

Q: Favorite SP quote? N: “No matter how loud they scream I will scream louder” -Pierre

try to be nice and all, but still you get the worst you can get in return. Something has to go wrong everyday. Nothing ever goes right. You just think that God just doesn’t like you.

Q: What song would you like Simple Plan to cover? N: With Me by Sum 41

Q: Favorite lyrics off No Pads? N: “Life is a nightmare.”

Q: Apart of SP , which other bands do you like? N: Sum 41, Heyhihello, You Me At Six, Green Day, Rise Against, Neverstore, and Linkin Park Q: If you could say anything to Simple Plan right now, what would you tell them? N: Thanks for everything. Q: Okay, now pick 2 songs of the No Pads album and say what do you think are the real meanings behind them: N: -I’m just a kid, it just describes how a friendless loser like me would feel. -God Must Hate Me, it just talks about how everything goes wrong in life. You

Q: Alright, that’s it. Thanks for the great interview despite all the freaking problems. N: Feelings are mutual ;] You can follow Nellie on Tumblr and get to know her even more:

*I was eating a delicious cookie when I took this*

Interview by Alex Stark @_Alex_SP

YOU could be our next fan of the week!

Find out more about the FOTW feature: 34



The Hunger Games New science fiction action drama from America. ‘The Hunger Games’, based on the novel of the same name by Suzanne Collins, is the new cinema hit. It takes place in the future, where North America has become the country called Panem, with a Capitol surrounded by 12 less affluent districts. The districts had rebelled against the Capitol in the past, and in order to maintain peace, they signed the Treaty of Treason. The Treaty states that each district must offer 2 tributes, one male and one female, between the ages of 12 and 18 to participate in the annual Hunger Games where they must fight for survival and the last tribute standing becomes the victor. The plot takes place before the 74th Hunger Games. The 12-year-old Primerose Everdeen (Willow Shields) is chosen to be District 12’s female tribute for the games, but her sister, Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence), volunteers for Prim in order to protect her. Katniss is a great hunter and is excellent with a bow and arrow, which gives her a good chance in the arena. Together with the male tribute, Peeta Mellark (Josh Hutcherson), Katniss travels to the Capitol and into the arena to fight for survival. The second tribute is Peeta Mellark (Josh Hutcherson) and together they travel in the Capitol to prepare for the games. The actors: Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen Josh Hutcherson as Peeta Mellark Liam Hemsworth as Gale Elizabeth Banks as Effie Trinket Stanley Tucci as Caesar Flickerman Donald Sutherland as President Shnow Wes Bentley as Seneca Crane Lenny Kravitz as Cinna Amandla Stenberg as Rue Alexander Ludwig as Cato


Success In the opening week, the film has earned $155,000,000 million in Amercia, as of April 19. In other countries it earned $194,000,000, as of April 19. It had the same start as films such as Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 and The Dark Knight. My opinion “I love the film. The actors are awesome, something ‘new’, fresh, not one of those actors everybody knows. It’s great filmed and every second of it was thrilled, sad and/or stirring. I didn’t read the bocks but I will do as soon as possible because now I know what happens next. Result, go and watch the film. It is worth it.” The opinion of my friend “The film was good and bored at the same time, though the books are better. I really thought the film would come up like the books but it doesn’t, unfortunately: I expected more. But I really liked that the actors where some who not everybody knows. The ideas and so on wheren’t that bad but some scenes could have been more emotional.”

King Arthur II Facts - A role and strategy play - for PC - wargame - realease February 2012 About King Arthur and his Knights of the Table Round leaded the british lands in the golden age of wealth satisfaction. No longer a valiant ruler, King Arthur is now the Maimed King trying to mend a land so far beyond repair in a stunning new plot. More large scale battles with bigger armies are available to defeat more powerful foes. Intense battles never seen before promise to use the hero’s forces against unique and terrifying enemies. So, now his son William Pendragon have to fight against the evil. But not for long: a bad witch reanimate an old demon race, the Fomorians, and destroy the country. Let’s open a new chapter of the Arthus-Saga! Review Compared to the forerunner worser than everybody thougth: bugs, crashes, graphic etc. Some people said, they released it to early. Well, maybe the producer should’ve really wait longer for the release and renovate the whole game.

It’ll be released digitally and in shops internationally on May 15 and is available to pre-order now on Battle.Net. It’ll arrive a bit later on June 7 in Latin America and Russia.


Debuts May 4th. (Already out in several countries)

Dark Shadows opens May 11th. Staring: Johnny Deep, Eva Green, Michelle Pfeiffer, Chloe Moretz, Jackie Earle Haley, Gulliver McGrath, Helena Bonham Carter, Bella Heathcote, Ray Shirley, and Jonny Lee Miller.

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First issue of the music magazine Astronaut Weekly. Love it? Hate it? Leave your comments and suggestions on our blog: http://astronautweekl...

No Pads issue  

First issue of the music magazine Astronaut Weekly. Love it? Hate it? Leave your comments and suggestions on our blog: http://astronautweekl...