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Bergen Imaging Center Getting scans and mammograms can make anybody scared out of their wits! Nonetheless, women's imaging and breast mammograms are extremely essential. There are digital mammography centers that offer sonohysterography, general ultrasound and even breast biopsy using the latest techniques and methods such as the Bergen Imaging Center.

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How Digital Mammography is Making it Easier for Women

With breast cancer awareness catching more momentum than ever, mammography and general ultrasound have become popular. Which is great because women need to prioritize their health in life and take care of themselves. Breast cancer can go undetected or unfelt when in dormant stages that's why regular women's imaging and breast imaging is so important and essential. Nowadays the procedures have even become more convenient than ever with digital mammography and mammograms.

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Yes! Earlier women had to get the test done on old-fashioned film machines and wait for the results but nowadays they can get digital outputs of the breast biopsy and mammograms. Breast imaging was never so widely popular as it has become today. With digitization, one can get sonohystergraphy, mammography and even general ultrasound done. There are other advantages of digital mammography as well:

Easy & Quick Procedures Digitization of ultrasound and women's imaging and breast imaging has made it quiet easy and convenient for both doctors and patients to have these tests conducted. Moreover, these are not as consuming as they used to be earlier.

More Accurate Results At Low Radiation

One of the biggest advantages of digital mammography is that one can achieve more accurate results without exposing the patient to higher radiations. This further ensures the health of the individual.

Screening Was Never More Accurate

Breast imaging and mammograms were never gave more accurate results than the digital mammography ones. Mammograms have now become digitized and even allow doctors to zoom in on an area they seem troubled or affected. The film imaging type of yesteryears did not allow any such possibility. Even the general ultrasound has become ever so telling.

Breast Biopsy No More Fearsome Breast biopsy which has given nightmares to many women is now somewhat more manageable thanks to the latest machines and procedures. Sometimes biopsy is required for early and more accurate detection of breast cancer.

High Resolution Women's Imaging Digitization has made high resolution breast imaging possible and quite accurate. This means the doctor can view the mammograms more readily and clearly. Mammography is getting your breasts scanned and screened for abnormal growths and if the doctor is not able to view the images vividly, there could be chances of a misdiagnoses that's why digital mammograms are so useful.

Ease and Comfort Of The Patient Assured Since digital mammography and sonohysterography are no longer highly elaborate procedures, patients don't have to worry about retaking the test again and again or being uncomfortable during the whole process.

Storage Of Test Results More Efficient As digital data can be stored more efficiently, digitized mammograms are more useful and can be recalled if need arises. Storing films was more troublesome but with digital images and general ultrasound results can be stored more efficiently and for longer durations in digital format. Transfer and sharing of these images has also become equally easy thanks to the digitization.

Digital mammograms have revolutionized the way we breast imaging and women's imaging are conducted allowing more and more women to go for it. Mammograms and sonohysterography are now more possible and prevalent with the arrival of convenient digital mammography.

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