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Alex Slippens Level 06

OUGD301 BoxPark Look Book [Brief 4]


The Brief


BoxPark Shoreditch is world first pop mall based in the heart of East London. the BoxPark philosophy is to give innovative retailers space at affordable rates. It’s as local as it’s global. BoxPark isn’t just a place to shop, its a brand experience a place to drop in and hang its what a real brand experience should be about. BoxPark is constructed of stripped, and refitted shipping containers, to create unique, low cost, low risk, ‘box shops’. Filled with a unique mix of international fashion and lifestyle brands, galleries and cafés, it’s the world’s first ‘pop-up’ mall – so named because its basic building blocks are inherently movable: they can, and will, pop up anywhere in the world!

The brief is to create a limited edition Look Book, a publication that will highlight the BoxPark philosophy, concept and whats next for BoxPark Pop up Mall. It will also need to include and showcase the brands that are running at BoxPark Shoreditch.

- A final Look Book Publication

Target Market This BoxPark Look Book will look to interest people and brands in becoming part of the box park community. It will also work as a good example of the BoxPark Pop Mall and be sold on site.

- Packaging Deadline Final Crit 5th December 2012 Module Deadline 12th December 2012

Alex Slippens Level 06 The Look Book has developled in two books. The first is based around BoxPark and the concept while the second book is more focused on the brands at BoxPark

OUGD301 BoxPark Look Book [Brief 4] I’ve also looked at method of printing for the books and the box which contains them such as stock, foil blocking and embossing.

Alex Slippens Level 06

The First of the two books. The Contents contains what a pop up mall, what the BoxPark represents, the building of the projext, the face behind the Idea and the BoxPark Future. Book one will be on the left when you open the box.

OUGD301 BoxPark Look Book [Brief 4]

Alex Slippens Level 06

The Second of the two books. The contents in this book is more about the brands. With list and full double page spread promotion spaces. It also has feature articles about three brands currently at boxpark. Book two will be on the right when you open the box.

OUGD301 BoxPark Look Book [Brief 4]