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it starts very simple, pick up the guitar then call your brother with the DSLR turn on the bulbs, a two light setup and keep strumming ‘till something comes up

v2: forget large crews, film is old school gag big screen movies come from a photo bag no cast, no makeup, it’s just you and me shared on facebook in 1080p (x3). c1:

share me, I’m a cool new song like me, it won’t take you long HD, stories in low light but the large aperture, makes it look just right

v3: so we have a song, what’s next to do a tripod, a glidetrack, f-stop around two just make the video, scripts are for nuts win everybody with eye-candy shots v4: depth of field, looks pro, not indie cut the pieces, on your basement PC there’s banding, and jello, at high bit-rate production is over, wow it looks great (x3) c2: share me, I’m a cool new song like me, it wont take you long HD, now for you and me the greatest movie in ten-eighty-pee (x2). (that’s fullHD)

DSLR Song Lyrics Following the new DSLR video revolution, here is a song dedicated to the new wave of filmmakers :) Mus...

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