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2013 Chamber Report

“We are committed to providing great value to businesses, residents and visitors alike...”

Letter From the President & CEO


e are proud to present you with this “Chamber Report”, which is designed to give our Chamber of Commerce members and the broader community a greater understanding of the activity and growth of this organization. Your Board of Directors for the Chamber of Commerce consists of business men and women who care about the community, and operate very strategically as a Board. Together with an amazing Chamber staff and a membership numbering close to 900, we are seeing excellence 2

in programs and practices, and a strong commitment to our advocacy role. I would like to offer my most sincere thanks to this tremendous group of dedicated staff, our forward-looking Board of Directors, and our tireless volunteers who work countless hours to achieve success. I hope you will enjoy this Chamber Report, and that next year we will continue to bring news of further developments in our representation of the Business Community. As the Voice of

Business, we continue to innovate and collaborate as we work towards fulfilling our Vision: Our community has a thriving business environment.

Lynda Moffat President & CEO St. Albert and District Chamber of Commerce

“We continue to innovate and collaborate as we work towards fulfilling our Vision.�

Letter From the Chair


t the St. Albert and District Chamber of Commerce, we continually strive to be great role models for our community. We do this by providing leadership for both our members and community. In all things we work with our values in mind:

the conduct of our affairs; and advocacy, to champion the causes of others to the greater benefit of all.

It is important to acknowledge the efforts of the Chamber staff and the many volunteers, both on committees, and the Board. Integrity, to act ethically with They have provided the vision honesty and transparency; that has shaped the creativity, to explore better St. Albert and District Chamber ways; passion, to be enthusiastic of Commerce into the thriving about what we are considering; organization it is today. Just as collaboration, to use an important, we are grateful to the approach that is open and inclu- many sponsors, private and pubsive; professionalism, to value lic, who have provided means courtesy, respect and dignity in to help us grow. And we are

thankful to the members, whose continued support is the reason the Chamber exists. We are committed to providing great value to businesses, residents and visitors alike in our wonderful community.

Lynn Carolei Chair St. Albert and District Chamber of Commerce


Message from the Past Chair - Darel Baker I want to thank Lynn Carolei as incoming Chair and Charlene Zoltenko as my predecessor, for helping me out so much and stepping in for me when I could not attend a meeting or event. It truly is a team effort. The rest of the Executive and the entire Board have made some tremendous contributions to help our community. Lynda Moffat, President and CEO for our Chamber, deserves a special thank you. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Lynda over the last year. Her knowledge of Chamber activities, the best process for working with Regional Partners, her passion for the Chamber and her unbelievable energy are all appreciated so much. Our 3 Strategic Focus areas that support our Chamber’s vision are to be: a Vibrant Community, a Regional Hub and a Role Model. Here are some of the issues we were working on in 2012 based on each of the 3 Strategic Focus Areas: * LRT Expansion – your Chamber has supported LRT Expansion to the north end of St. Albert as soon as possible as it will help us be more vibrant and be a Regional Hub. We are pleased to see that studies are moving forward. * Big Issue Roundtables - for some key issues, we invite our stake holders to attend, enabling all of us to hear the issue and gain the perspective from others and learn what is important to them. We believe we are acting as a Role Model in this initiative as we bring stakeholders in the district together to hear and debate the issues at the same time. * Villeneuve Airport – the issue around supporting the development and expansion of the Villeneuve Airport is a great example of us tackling an issue that fits all 3 of our Strategic Focus Areas: role model, regional hub and vibrant community. We will continue to work towards maximizing the potential of this amazing asset in our region. * Northwest Chamber Leaders – through Lynda’s leadership we are now hosting this important international conference in the Greater Edmonton Area for 2013 and 2014. This gives us the opportunity to show off our City and definitely be a Role Model. * Industrial Land Needs – we have continued to advocate for more Industrial Lands for development purposes. We recognize the need for neighbouring communities to collaborate and work together with the goal to lessen the tax burden of residents and create employment in our community. I am positive that our Chamber is making a big difference in the communities that we touch. I have truly enjoyed the experience, have met so many great people along the way and hope in some small way I have made a positive difference for our community in my role working with some incredible people. - Darel Baker (adapted from his outgoing speech at the 2012 Chamber Gala)


Vision Our community has a thriving business environment.

Mission The Chamber is a champion of ideas; leading, inspiring and advocating for our community, facilitating change and growth while creating a fertile environment for businesses, partnerships, and residents.

Values Integrity - We act ethically with honesty and transparency Creativity - We explore better ways Passion - We are enthusiastic about what we are considering Collaboration - We use an approach that is open and inclusive Professionalism - We value courtesy, respect and dignity in the conduct of our affairs Advocacy - We champion the causes of others to the greater benefit of all

Supporting Action 1. Chamber Expansion 2. Business Expansion 3. Partnerships 4. Leverage Opportunities

Strategic Focus Areas 1. Vibrant Community

2. Regional Hub

3. Role Model 5

2013 Executive Committee

Lynda Moffat President & CEO St. Albert and District Chamber of Commerce


Lynn Carolei Sublime Swim & Sunwear Chair

Paul Quantz Quantz Law Group 1st Vice Chair

Barry Bailey Bailey Event Management 2nd Vice Chair

Paulette Godin-Donovan Scotiabank - Citadel Village Secretary

Ken Macrae Ken Macrae Chartered Accountant Treasurer

Darel Baker Keldar Leadership Solutions Past Chair

2013 Board of Directors

Douglas Lamb Servus Credit Union

Margaret Mrazek Lawyer

Craig Pilgrim RE/MAX Real Estate

Brian Bachynski Great West Newspapers LP (Gazette)

Mark Stoneleigh ATB Financial Tudor Glen

Margaret Geall Margaret Geall Mortgages

Kendell Bousquet Allstate Insurance Company of Canada

Jillian Creech St. Albert Centre Primaris Management Inc.

Terry Mahoney The Vineyard Wine Market

Jodie McFadzen Penzen Limited

Julian Romanko Investors Group

Mathew Potter Swift Media Group




Lynda Moffat President and CEO

Shawn Runcer Executive Assistant/ Finance Coordinator

Jennifer McCurdy Member Services Director

Roberta Pawluk Member Services Sales Associate

Alex Scuccato Communications Coordinator

Erin Cassidy Account Executive Media Coordinator

Paula Duncan Administrative Support

James Lo Farmers’ Market Assistant

Debbie Grant Events Manager/ Farmers’ Market Manager

Danielle Gallant Events Coordinator

We Are the Voice of Business Businesses have a strong voice at the municipal, provincial and federal level by being members of the Chamber of Commerce. One of the biggest benefits of membership is that members, with time permitting, are able to get involved in local affairs and help creative positive change in their community. The Chamber, on behalf of its members, works with all levels of government to ensure that St. Albert and District is an attractive place to live and grow a business. If you would like to get involved or have an issue you think needs to be

addressed, contact the Chamber office at 780458-2833 or email Downtown Area Redevelopment Plan We spoke in support of Council’s introduction of the Downtown Area Redevelopment Plan and hosted a Business Owners’ Information Session. It outlined the plan’s key objectives and vision of establishing downtown St. Albert as an exciting, vibrant place where residents, visitors, businesses and government come together to shop, dine, celebrate our heritage, and enjoy events, entertainment, and the arts.

Light Industrial Land Needs Study We prepared two presentations to City Council regarding the issue of identification, maintenance and promotion of a suitable land base to support future development and employment growth in St. Albert. The Chamber anticipates that industrial lands will help grow St. Albert’s employment base. We played an active role in the debate and supported the City’s motion identifying which lands will be used for development. At an earlier meeting, we spoke against an application for residential development on potential Light Industrial lands. Signage Issues This past year, your Chamber did a lot of work with the business community to identify views on the use of portable signs, and examined the portable sign bylaws in place in other Canadian communities. We then prepared a comprehensive information package and submitted it to City Council for their use. Our President and CEO, Lynda Moffat, as a member of the St. Albert Trail Committee, chaired a sub-committee on the use

of signage on the Trail, and the recommendations from that group will be presented to City Council this month. It is a fine line to balance the advertising needs of business and the cluttered appearance of our busiest traffic route through St. Albert. Villeneuve Airport Doug Horner, President of the Treasury Board and Minister of Finance of Alberta, announced that the Villeneuve Airport will be the official backup site for medevac flights when the City Centre airport closes. Construction for the multmillion dollar investment in airport upgrades started this spring and are projected to finish by the end of the year. Chamber President and CEO Lynda Moffat helped spearhead the Villeneuve Airport Joint Task Force and believes that an extended runway will have a huge economic impact on this region by drawing more planes and customers to the airport. After the Chamber formed the Villeneuve Airport Tastk Force, we hosted our first Big Issue Roundtables on this subject. Bringing together our Board of Directors and a number of community leaders to hear from 9

Villeneuve Airport - St. Albert Gazette experts on the potential expansion, the event garnered plenty of feedback and ideas. The Chamber supports this move because it is aligned with our three strategic focus areas of creating a vibrant community, developing St. Albert and District as a regional hub, and acting as a role model for others. LRT Expansion Continuing on the theme of strategic focus areas, the St. Albert and District Chamber of Commerce strongly believes that the expansion of LRT service to North St. Albert would contribute greatly to these goals. Consequently we have actively encouraged 10

St. Albert City Council to embrace the opportunity to start the functional study needed to ensure that there is an orderly growth plan for St. Albert, based on the future positioning of the LRT service. This expansion will increase economic growth in our community, provide transportation for business employees, and allow families to freely move throughout the Capital Region. Business Park Zoning Over the past year, our Chamber of Commerce was successful in working on behalf of the development and business communities to see broader options included in the zoning bylaws in Camp-

bell Business Park. This has resulted in significant sales of land, and a nearly full business park. We will continue to work on behalf of business to ensure that we have growth in our capacity to locate businesses in our community, and zoning bylaws that will allow those who want to locate here to find a suitable site. St. Albert Trail Revitalization Lynda Moffat was an active participant in the St. Albert Trail Committee, along with several other business people located on the trail, and other businesses people who shared an interest of the area. This dedicated group of individuals have

already made great strides in cleaning up the trail. A sub-committee chaired by Lynda Moffat worked on the issue of signage clutter on the Trail, and several recommendations were submitted. There are also recommendations on sidewalks, lights, landscape, and many other issues that affect the visual image and functionality of the St. Albert Trail. St. Albert Brand Leadership Team We were pleased to actively participate in the Brand Leadership Team over the past several years.  This was a dynamic group of individuals committed to planning the role-out of the ne-

brand for St. Albert as the Botanical Arts City. After plenty of discussion and work, the formal committee has now been retired.  City administration will continue working on the brand in the future. Non Residential Land Development On Monday, January 21st, 2013, city council approved amendments to its municipal development plan and intermunicipal development plan, zoning 617 acres for industrial, non-residential use. The Chamber has been a strong advocate for nonresidential land development, as it is the key to attracting new business opportunities in St. Albert and district. Only by

expanding non-residential land can St. Albert grow and lower the tax burden on our residents. Just some of the benefits for St. Albert and District include: more local employment opportunities, more tax revenue, as well spinoff benefits such as businesses helping sports, charities, and non-profits. Together with a new plan on incentives to attract businesses, the Chamber is confident that St. Albert will continue to grow its thriving business community. Alberta Chambers of Commerce Annual General Meeting From May 31st to June 2nd, 2013, Chamber dele-

gates attended the Alberta Chambers of Commerce AGM (annual general meeting) in Drumheller. They were proud to attend as representatives for business in our community. Speaking to people from all over the province is enlightening because we can see what challenges and triumphs are experienced in other communities, and share ideas on how to enhance business environments throughout Alberta. At the policy session, Chambers got together to discuss issues affecting businesses and to debate Policy Resolutions to present to the provincial government for consideration. These issues ran the gamut from financial

policies about economic diversification in Alberta to the negative environmental effects of leaking seismic holes on the agricultural industry. We were very proud to present a policy recommendation of our own this year regarding Nurse Practitioners. While not being a replacement or substitute for a family doctor, Nurse Practitioners can play an important role in alleviating pressures on the health care system due to physician shortages. The policy resolution was put forward by Alex Scuccato, Policy Coordinator at our Chamber of Commerce, and was passed. It will now go to the provincial government for consideration. 

Land Development - April Bartlett/St. Albert Gazette 11

Perron District The St. Albert and District Chamber of Commerce is a strong supporter and facilitator of the Perron District Business Group. This Downtown Committee meets monthly to discuss issues relating to the health and vitality of the Downtown Perron District. There are three distinct sub-committee groups that represent the efforts of Downtown Initiatives: Special Events, Marketing and Communications. They have made many positive strides have been made in bringing issues to the attention of downtown businesses, as well as the City of St. Albert. Some of these include: Downtown parking,  Communications, DARP priorities, 

Pop-up patios, Major events, and Collaboration.  As the downtown Perron District continues to grow and prosper, our efforts will continue to work as a group in achieving ever-increasing success for the business community located in the Perron District. Regional, Provincial, Federal & International Participation Your Chamber of Commerce is very active in participating with the Greater Edmonton Regional Chambers of Commerce, the Alberta Chambers of Commerce, and the Canadian Chamber of Commerce. The Board of Directors continues to value the culture that sees our Executive Committee

St. Albert’s Perron District 12

members fully engaged in promoting full participation at these levels. Our President and CEO, Lynda Moffat, continues to support the Chamber Executives profession at many levels. She is Past President of the Alberta Chamber Executives (2011), the Vice President of the Chamber of Commerce Executives of Canada, and the President of the Northwest Chamber Leaders group. Temporary Foreign Workers Another important issue that affects many local businesses is the Federal Government’s proposed changes to the Temporary Foreign Workers Program. The proposed changes have caused a

great deal of concern with employers throughout Alberta. The Alberta Chambers of Commerce quickly reacted and recommended that all Chambers either participate or host roundtable discussions with their local MPs. We were quick to make arrangements with our local MP, Brent Rathgeber, to attend a session with local business owners and managers, hosted by the Chamber of Commerce. The roundtable meeting was very enlightening and helped everyone understand the scope of the proposed changes. As a result, we were able to participate in a discussion in Drumheller that brought about policy recommendations regarding the Temporary

Big Issue Roundtables - Sept. 27th, 2012 Foreign Workers Program that will be taken to the Canadian Chamber for debate in September. Election Forum Prior to elections, the Chamber hosts an All Candidates Election Forum. This year’s civic election forum in St. Albert will be held in October. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear first-hand about the local issues affecting St. Albertans. For more information, contact the chamber office. Big Issue Roundtables Discussion Groups On April 25, 2012, the St. Albert & District Chamber of Commerce

hosted the first “Big Issue Roundtable” in St. Albert, with 40 community leaders and elected officials in attendance. The speakers dealt with two “Big Issues”: Villeneuve Airport Expansion and Off-site Levies or Developer Costs. The presentations were informative and helpful for the Chamber Board of Directors and others present in gaining a more complete understanding of these significant issues that will affect the future growth and prosperity of St. Albert. The second Big Issue Roundtable took place on June 28th. The event included two speakers: Todd Wyman, Director

of the Growth Initiative Team, City of St. Albert, who spoke about development and offsite levies; and Edmonton City Councillor Don Iveson, who gave his presentation “Think Transit, Think Regional, Think Big” which explored public transportation and LRT expansion into St. Albert. The third Big Issue Roundtables of the year took place on September 27th at the St. Albert Inn & Suites. The event featured a three-person panel including St. Albert City Manager Patrick Draper, Mathew Best of Colliers International, and Jim Cox from the

Surrey City Development Corporation. The first presenter was Jim Cox who spoke about Surrey’s recent developments. The city’s goal was to become more than just a suburb of Vancouver. Therefore, it explored ways to expand its affordable housing market and to offer more local employment opportunities. With favorable market conditions, a clear vision, and an appetite for risk, the city was able to make bold moves to achieve its goal. Mathew Best of Colliers International then described St. Albert’s 13

low industrial vacancy rates compared to the Northwest and Southeast regions of Edmonton. He also discussed the impact the Anthony Henday has had on St. Albert’s development and the new opportunities and changes in Campbell Business park. Patrick Draper detailed city council’s priorities: promoting economic growth, ensuring land is available for non-residential growth, enhancing St. Albert Trail, revitalizing downtown, and reducing risk to developers. He also explained how St. Albert needs 14

to focus on improving perceptions about the city, to raise St. Albert’s profile locally, provincially, and nationally, and to develop new investment attraction strategies. Stay tuned for news about upcoming Big Issue Roundtables later this year. For more information, contact the Chamber office at 780-458-2833 Nurse Practitioner Policy The Chamber recently put forward a policy resolution to the Alberta Chambers of Commerce regarding nurse practitioners. Health care improvements are vital to

the success of the city and province and the Chamber identified one area where the province could help alleviate the strains on the medical system. Nurse practitioners are registered nurses with advanced education, usually a Ph.D or Masters, who are able to prescribe medication, order diagnostic tests, treat chronic illness, and more. While they are not a replacement for physician, they can work in a team-based environment to help deliver primary care to Albertans. The Chamber presented its policy to delegates at the Alberta

Chambers of Commerce in Drumheller and we’re proud to say that it passed. It will now be presented to the Alberta government along with the other chambers’ policies. Overall, we believe that by advocating on behalf of business, the Chamber helps create a thriving city to work and live in.

We Communicate with the World Around Us Digital Signs The Chamber is proud to provide two digital signs with a beautiful design that supports the City’s brand. These signs are at key locations at the far North and South entrances to the city on St. Albert Trail. Advertising is exlusive to Chamber members and not-forprofits organizations. We have seen a stable growth in advertisers with the addition of a dedicated sales person. These signs are also used for immediate communication in “emergency alert” situations. Print Media The Chamber continues to issue an annual edition of the Perron District Visitor’s Guide, which features businesses and

activities taking place in St. Albert’s downtown. In addition, our comprehensive Membership Directory is distributed to our members annually. We continue to partner with the St. Albert Gazette to feature member profiles and our Chamber newsletter in their publication on alternating months. We also continue to partner with the St. Albert Leader to feature a bi-weekly feature page on the Chamber. E-Communications Our commitment to communications to both members and the community continues through a number of venues. Our continuation of electronic communications through our MemberLink e-blasts 15

has allowed us to reach an audience of over 1,450 members of the Chamber and broader business community on a weekly basis. Over 100 members have taken advantage of this benefit of membership over the past 12 months. Every second month, we publish Chamber Connections, a newsletter offering articles relevant to business, and providing links to information from both the Alberta Chambers and the Canadian Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber website generates an average of 2,000 page hits per day, reflecting a 150% increase from this time last year. There has been a significant traffic increase to our Member Directory pages (averaging 40,000 page hits per month), and our Member Job Posting pages (around 5,000 per month). With the 30th Anniversary of the St. Albert Farmers’ Market in 2012, we launched our new look and logo with our new Farmers’ Market website. In addition, our Farmers’ Market Facebook page has become an integral part in communicating to the general public from both us and our vendors. 16

This summer we are launching our Perron District website which will list not only all of the businesses in the area, but their events. It will be directly linked to the Perron District Facebook page which is becoming a go-to place to find out what is happening in the Perron District. The Chamber also utilizes several Twitter accounts for itself, the Farmers’ Market and the Lifestyle Expo, enabling our followers to keep up to date on all the Chamber’s activities.

Lastly, this year we launched our Shop St. Albert First! campaign with a blog on shopping in St. Albert over twelve months. This has been well received by the community at large and we have received additional exposure through local print media. This can be found at:

We Value Your Membership The St. Albert and District Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to providing a range of services and activities to fill the current and emerging needs of our members. Create Awareness The Chamber provides numerous promotional opportunities for your business. You can offer a discount with the M2M Program, sponsor an event, participate in our Lifestyle Expo, have a listing on our website and in our member directory, display your business cards, post job openings, and advertise on our digital signs or in our MemberLink electronic newsletter. Make Connections With a variety of networking events throughout the year, including our “Speed Networking” Business@Breakfasts and Business@ Lunch general meetings, we facilitate business to business, and business to government connections in St. Albert. Our Lifestyle Expo is a perfect opportunity to make connections with the St. Albert community. Improve the Bottom Line The Chamber offers many ways for you and your employees to save money with our exclusive member event rates, M2M Shop Chamber program, merchant VISA and Mastercard rates, Group Insurance Plan, payroll services and much more.

Get Involved We encourage you to support the advocacy work of your Chamber in speaking on behalf of business, by volunteering for one of our committees, or by serving on the Board of Directors. Support the Local Economy Our M2M Shop Chamber! program encourages and rewards our members and their employees to shop at local Chamber businesses. Since its inception, we have increased the annual distribution of our M2M cards to over 15,500 member employees. The Chamber’s policy is to make our purchases through business members whenever possible. We launched a Shop St. Albert First! campaign with a blog on shopping in St. Albert. We will be expanding on this initiative throughout 2013. 2012-2013 was a successful year in terms of membership. We strive to bring value to our members by developing new programs. The Chamber focuses on retaining members and continuing to grow our membership. Since June 2012, we have welcomed 175 new member businesses to the Chamber.


Membership Statistics Longstanding Members of the Chamber by Years of Membership ATCO Gas 36 BMO Bank of Montreal - Mission Hill 36 City of St. Albert 36 Drayden Insurance & Registries Ltd. 36 FortisAlberta Inc. 36 Grandin Bakery (1976) Ltd. 36 LBH Building Centre 36 Scotiabank - Grandin 36 Servus Credit Union 36 Shelemey Insurance & Financial Planning Ltd. 36 St. Albert Inn & Suites  36 Standard General Inc.  36 Genstar Development Company 35 St. Albert Dairy Queen Dream Team  35 Farlie Worldwide Travel 34 Grandin Agencies 34 Grandin Park Plaza - Amacon Management Services 34 Great West Newspapers LP (Gazette)  34 Riverside Yamaha-Suzuki 34 Canadian Tire 32 Mission Ridge Animal Hospital 32 St. Albert Centre - Primaris Management Inc. 32 18

ATB Financial - Tudor Glen SPT Drilling Ltd. TD Canada Trust Alberco Construction Ltd. Bermont Realty (1983) Ltd. Greater St. Albert Catholic Schools Meredith Lock and Key Ron Hodgson Chevrolet Buick GMC TD Canada Trust St. Albert Day Care Society St. Albert Funeral Home  St. Albert Public Library St. Albert Public Schools  City Ford Northern Lights Driver Training Ltd. The Bookstore on Perron Riverside Honda & Ski-Doo Socrates Restaurant St. Albert Dodge Chrysler Jeep  Lehigh Hanson Materials Limited St. Albert Family Resource Centre Tirecraft Auto Centre

31 31 31 30 30 30 30 30 30 29 29 29 29 28 28 28 27 26 26 25 25 25

Membership by Number of Employees

1-2 Employees 40%

Non Profit 8% Lifetime 0.5% Associate 3.5% 101+ Employees 1.5% 50-100 Employees 3%

3-5 Employees 25%

25-49 Employees 3% 10-24 Employees 7.5% 6-9 Employees 8%

Membership by Sector Advertising, Photography and Media 2.5% Animals, Pets and Veterinary 1.5% Arts, Culture and Entertainment 2.0% Automotive and Marine 4.5% Business and Professional Services 11.0% Computers and Telecommunications 1.5% Construction and Trades 9.5% Events2.0% Family and Education 3.5% Finance and Insurance 6.0% Food and Beverage 8.5% Government1.0% Health and Wellness 9.5%

Home and Garden 6.0% Industrial Supplies and Services 1.0% Lodging and Travel 1.5% Maintenance and Cleaning 2.0% Manufacturing, Production and Wholesale 0.2% Not for Profit and Service Groups 4.0% Personal Services and Care 3.5% Real Estate and Services 6.0% Safety and Security 1.0% Shopping and Specialty Retail 6.0% Sports and Recreation 4.0% Transportation1.0% Utilities and Environment 1.0% 19

Member Committees Chamber Building Committee

With the St. Albert and District Chamber of Commerce continuously expanding, we identified a need for a larger office space to accomodate our staff and member needs. The Building Committee met throughout 2012/2013 to work towards the construction of a “Center for Business Excellence” to house Chamber operations and other business-focused organizations. With the relocation of the city’s Business and Tourism office, we are currently renovating the building, which will meet the Chamber’s needs until the new building is completed.

Perron District Business Group

Chaired by Paul Quantz, the committee meets every month to facilitate work pertaining to the Perron District business community. The group is composed of downtown business owners, Chamber representatives, and representatives from various City of St. Albert departments. The 2012-2013 committee focused on increasing the prosperity of the downtown district by discussing topics such as parking issues, special events taking place, branding and marketing.

Member Services Committee

The Member Services Committee meets to discuss items relating to membership status, membership programs, member retention, communication, and networking events. The committee focuses on analyzing and recommending various projects and programs to provide optimal value to Chamber members.


Government Affairs Committee

Chaired by Paul Quantz, the Government Affairs Committee meets throughout the year to discuss advocacy issues dealing with civic government. The committee brought in speakers for special initiatives, made recommendations to the Board of Directors, and discussed issues including LRT expansion, St. Albert’s Industrial Land Needs, and the Portable Signage Issue.

Policy Committee

The Policy Committee is a group that deals with initiating and supporting policy resolutions at the provincial and federal level. The 2013 committee reviewed the Provincial Policy Resolutions coming to the floor for debate and submitted a policy about Nurse Practitioners which was approved and will be forwarded to the Provincial Government. The Chamber now has dedicated staff working on developing policies on a permanent basis.

Special Event Committees

We have a number of special event committees dedicated to planning our Business Development and Membership events. Each committee meets throughout the year to facilitate the planning of the event including sponsorship, activities, entertainment, and event promotions.

Business Development Event Committees:

• Farmers’ Market Committee • Lifestyle Expo and Sale Committee • Small Business Week Committee • Snowflake Festival Committee • Business in Blue Jeans Committee

Membership Event Committees:

• Chamber Gala Committee • Golf Tournament Committee


We Facilitate Connections The St. Albert and District Chamber of Commerce pride itself in providing our members with great opportunities to network and develop relationships with other members of the St. Albert and District business community. This past year, we hosted over 30 events with appearances from a number of prominent business leaders in the community including Mayor Nolan Crouse, Hon. Doug Horner, and Brent Rathgeber, QC, MP.

Northwest Chamber Leaders Conference From March 9th to 11th, the St. Albert and District Chamber of Commerce welcomed Chamber executives and staff from the United States and Canada for the Northwest Chamber Leaders Conference. The goal of the conference was to learn from knowledgeable speakers, share best practices, and discuss economic development for the Northwest region.

22 Northwest Chamber Leaders Conference Panel

Before the conference, a small group went on a tour of oil sands mining and in situ extraction sites in Fort McMurray. After the opening ceremonies, motivational speaker David Aaker kicked off the conference with his “Reach for the Stars” presentation, which focused on the principles of kindness, sharing and giving. Marketing strategist Kyle Sexton gave a talk directed at Chambers of Commerce and how they can more

efficiently serve their members. Richard Farrell, President of Tangent Knowledge Systems, ran a workshop entitled: “Selling Has Nothing to do with Selling.” His presentation showed how selling has evolved and that the Internet has fundamentally changed the relationship between the business and consumer. He finished by giving advice on how to give value, to build trust with customers, and to find your unique niche.

Alberta Premier Alison Redford - Northwest Chamber Leaders Outgoing President and CEO of Edmonton Chamber of Commerce and World Trade Centre, Martin Salloum, gave an educational and entertaining speech reflecting on his years of work, and the valuable lessons he learned while making the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce one of the largest and most successful chambers in Canada. Next, there was a panel discussion entitled: “How the Northwest is Poised to Lead Economic Growth in the Next Decade”

featuring speakers Matt Morrison, President and CEO of the Pacific Northwest Economic Region; Mike Wo, formerly of Edmonton Economic Development; Ruth Sol from the Western Transportation Advisory Council; and Robert Fernandez from Alberta Economic Development. The panel discussed issues such as energy developments in the United States, the importance of infrastructure and transportation for primary industries, and ways the

Alberta government is addressing current skilled labor shortages. On Monday, Darel Baker, President of Keldar Leadership Solutions, started the morning with a talk about “fostering a culture of engagment in your business.” The St. Albert and District Chamber of Commerce was then proud to welcome Alberta Premier Alison Redford as keynote speaker. Ms. Redford spoke about how it was important to maintain strong ties with the Northwest provinces and

states and work together on common issues.After David Aaker’s second presentation focusing on customer service, the Chambers shared their best practices before the closing ceremonies. Overall, the conference was a great success and was a unique opportunity to showcase our city to business leaders in Canada and the United States. The St. Albert and District Chamber of Commerce is proud to be hosting it again next year in 2014.


Festivals and Events Business@Breakfast

Held every second month from September to June, these informal gatherings allow members to network and connect with other business members, share ideas and information, and gain new leads and business strategies. There is a brief presentation that is geared towards assisting members in their business or personal life during the breakfast portion of the meeting. From there, the group moves into the “Speed Networking� component where the (approximate) 50 attendees make 20 connections over the next 40 minutes.


Hosted usually on the second Wednesday of the month, from September to June, these meetings are held at various member venues with over 1,400 attendees throughout the year. These luncheons provide members with the opportunity to hear first-hand about the Chamber’s activities, network with other businessess, and learn about issues related to business and St. Albert. Meeting themes include our Economic Outlook, State of the City Address, both Federal and Provincial reports, Small Business Celebrations, Chamber Report & Long Term Members and Christmas Festivities.


St. Albert Lifestyle Expo The 2013 St. Albert Lifestyle Expo and Sale saw an increase in the number of exhibitors and attendees. In fact, there was a line up each day as we welcomed nearly 10,000 people over the weekend. Our exhibitors, along with our volunteers, made our show the success by showcasing their great products and services to the public. During the weekend, we hosted a variety of activities for all ages including the popular Baby Crawl, the Petting Zoo & Kid’s Korner, interactive Outdoor Lifestyle Workshops, and the St. Albert Idol competition.

Business in Blue Jeans

Each year the Chamber encourages local businesses to show their support for the Rainmaker Rodeo by participating in “Business in Blue Jeans.” Businesses have the opportunity to win prizes by decorating their stores in a Western theme and inviting their staff to dress the part. Judges grade businesses on their originality, employee participation, decoration, and overall atmosphere. We had a record 19 businesses participate in 2013. Congratulations to Canadian Western Bank who won first place, KDM Management for second place, and X-Treme Creations Hair Company for third place.

St. Albert Farmers’ Market Held every Saturday from June to October, the St. Albert Farmers’ Market is the largest outdoor farmers’ market in Western Canada. Over 300 vendors sell everything from fresh fruit and fine woodworking to home baked goods and art pieces, attracting 15,000 to 20,000 people each weekend. We also hosted a number of special event days. 2012 marked the 30th anniversary of the market. This year, we look forward to the market being bigger and better than ever.

Annual Golf Tournament This event is a unique opportunity for members to network in a social and relaxed setting while enjoying a great day of golf. Businesses can sponsor holes and hold activities and attractions at their respective holes. Held at the Sandpiper Golf and Country Club, this year’s tournament was a sold out event, hosting over 37 teams. Congratulations to Canadian Western Bank who took home the first place prize. And a big congratulations to our firstever hole-in-one winner Doug Kennedy from the Fraternal Order of Eagles who won a $10,000 GIC from ATB Financial. 25

Small Business Week

We celebrated business success in our community with the 2012 Business Awards of Distinction in October. Held at the Arden Theatre, seven awards were presented including: Small Business to Gemport, Young Entrepreneur to Troy Biever of Panago Pizza, Business to Business to Trace Associates Inc., Marketing to Tudor Glen Veterinary Hospital, Outstanding Customer Service to Farlie Worldwide Travel, Home Based Business to Get Organized Business Management Systems, Youth Work Experience to Leslie Cogswell of Maxim Truck & Trailer, and the Chair’s Award of Disinction to Crackmaster Distributors Ltd.

Snowflake Festival

Held each winter in St. Albert’s scenic Perron District, the Snowflake Festival welcomes the Christmas season with the annual Christmas Tree Light Up. 2012’s event saw an increase in attendees who participated in activities downtown including visits with Santa, children’s crafts, carolers, shinny hockey, live reindeer, the always-popular horse and wagon ride and back again, the captivating flame performer.

Christmas Market

For four weeks in November and December, the Perron District’s St. Albert Place opens its doors for the St. Albert Christmas Market. Shoppers have the opportunity to pick up gifts for loved ones and fresh or homemade items for the Christmas meal from nearly 100 different vendors. The St. Albert Christmas market is the perfect way to kick off the holiday season.

Chamber Gala Every January, the Chamber celebrates its new Chair and Vice Chair. This year’s event was an evening of masks and beads, fine dining and Dixieland jazz. With a Mardi Gras theme, the Enjoy Centre was transformed into a magical venue. Highlights of the event included the swearing-in, by Mayor Nolan Crouse, of the 2013 Chamber Chair Lynn Carolei and 1st Vice Chair Paul Quantz, the live creation of art by Lewis Lavoie, soulful sounds by the AC Dixie Band, a performance of pure elegance by the Firefly Aerialists, and the evening’s entertainment performed by the 5 AM band. 26

We Plan for the Future The next year promises to be exceptional as the Chamber is focused on increasing its members, advancing its communication with new media, advocating new policies on behalf of business and making exciting new ways for our members to connect with each other and the local community. The Chamber will be hosting the Northwest Chamber Leaders Conference again in 2014, bringing together business leaders from not only Western Canada, but also several northwest American states. This is a great opportunity for us to represent St. Albert and district and showcase our strengths as a community. And coming in April 8th, 2014, there will be an exciting new opportunity. We are working with Citslinc International to offer tours to China. Your hosts will be showcasing the country’s tourist attractions such as the Great Wall of China, the Forbidden City, and more, along with meetings with local business leaders. This once in a lifetime tour will be made available for you, your families and friends. Stay tuned for more details. Along with these exciting new changes, we will continue to be a voice for business, to advocate for the St. Albert business community, and to build a strong and sustainable region. We will continue to strive to be a role model for other municipalities. Our current and future actions will align with our values, vision, and mission of leading, inspiring and advocating for our community. We will facilitate change and growth while creating a fertile environment for businesses, partnerships, and residents today and in the future. If you have any questions, comments, or ideas, please contact the Chamber office at 780-458-2833 or email

(p): 780-458-2833 (f): 780-458-6515 71 St. Albert Trail, St. Albert T8N 6L5 /stalbertchamber

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Chamber Year in Review  

Every year, the St. Albert and District Chamber of Commerce publishes a Year in Review that details its events, policy work, and membership...

Chamber Year in Review  

Every year, the St. Albert and District Chamber of Commerce publishes a Year in Review that details its events, policy work, and membership...