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23 oxford road new hartford, NY 13413

The L4L RIPPLE Foundation provides opportunities for teens and college students to participate in leadership development programs. By investing in future generations of leaders, we aim to create ripples of positive, influential change.

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Phone: 315-734-1144 Fax: 315-735-7924 Web: Blog: Twitter: @ l4lintl Address: l4l ripple Foundation 23 Oxford Road New Hartford, NY 13413

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Make a direct, positive effect on the future with a partial or full sponsorship of a teen’s attendance at a week of Leaders for Life International programming ($795). You can also support programming needs by sponsoring different activities and supplies. An individual or business donation to the L4L RIPPLE Foundation shows your commitment to and belief in the potential of today’s teens and tomorrow’s world leaders.

“L4L changes your thinking. I used to think someone else can change the world. Now, I believe I can change the world!” Ha n n a h

“I broke through my fears and gained the confidence I thought I could never have.” Tr is ha

“L4L made me see people in a way that no words fill my mind to describe them. Instead, my heart is filled with happiness and I embrace the people that they are. I look into people’s eyes and I feel their spirit and their souls talk to me on a level that I didn’t even know existed.” Me ly

“L4L is an experience that all teens should feel.” Olivia

“L4L encourages me to do better for myself and those around me. It has changed my life and I want to change other’s lives by making everyone come together.” Kyle H.

“With L4L, you can breathe, you can see, you can be free and you can be you.” Joe

“L4L helped me discover who I am and gave me the confidence to pursue my dreams.” Kyl e T.

allows teens to awaken inner potential and create a foundation for authentic, inspired action. By attending these programs, teens learn to create life balance, achieve effortless academic success, manage time effectively, and craft action plans. Participants leave as engaged leaders with the power needed to initiate and complete community projects. By increasing confidence and applying new leadership strategies, teens forge trusting bonds between peers and staff.

RIPPLE Foundation Brochure  

A 2011 brochure for an international non-profit focused on teen leadership development.