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I’ve always been curious. I was always the kid in class asking the questions that didn’t pertain to exactly what the teacher’s lesson plan had in mind. I ask the questions that other people don’t. I believe it’s this curiosity that lead me to a craft I’ve been performing for about eight years now—card magic. At first, it was my sheer curiosity that lead to me to pick up a magic book and learn how the heck magicians performed effects. But then it became more. I grew to learn it was an art. At the age of 13 I got hooked, practicing whenever I could—always bringing a deck of cards with me. I love astonishing people, and putting a little mystery and joy into their days. What I’ve finally figured out is that my love of magic and my love of advertising all come from the same source—my curiosity. I believe it is my best asset, as a curious mind will always discover new things, new connections, and constantly create.

GNC MUSCLE MAKER CAMPAIGN Most people have no idea where to begin when visiting a supplement store, and there isn’t a whole of differentiation between brands. To create an approachable brand image and ensure meaningful consumer relationships with the GNC brand, I propose a personalized brand experience. The GNC Muscle Maker analyzes users’ bodies and provides them with the tools to achieve their personal fitness goals. CW: Alex Schaeffer AD: Sue Murphy

Muscle Maker Digital Platform

Muscle Maker Digital Platform Start Screen

Client: GNC

Muscle Maker Digital Platform Progress Screen

Client: GNC

Muscle Maker Digital Platform Workout Screen

Client: GNC

Muscle Maker Digital Platform Supplement Screen

Client: GNC



We all want to see the best version of ourselves staring back. A little bit stronger. A little bit healthier. A little bit happier. Even if the changes are small—day by day, they build.

Everyone wants to be the best version of themselves. More defined. Stronger. Happier. Even if the changes are small— day by day, they build.

To find the tools to a better you visit

To find the tools to a better you visit


Muscle Maker Print Ads

Client: GNC


The Muscle Maker experience carries over to the iPhone application where users can track their progress to a better version of themselves.

Client: GNC

Gym QR Exercise Stickers

Users scan QR codes on gym equipment to learn more about exercises they can perform.

Client: GNC

The application totals your weight and reps on exercises and shares your ridiculously huge monthly totals with your friends.

Client: GNC

Client: GNC

NATIONAL HONEY BOARD CAMPAIGN Honey is the most natural sweetener, although its consumption is far less than sugar—especially for teenagers. To create an interest and awareness for honey for teens we need to reach them in their world—the digital space. The National Honey Board will create awareness within arguably one of the digital teens’ favorite pastimes—videogames. Honey will quickly become their favorite power-up. CW: Alex Schaeffer AD: Alex Schaeffer

Monday Night Combat Honey Collect

The National Honey Board will team up with XBOX Live to create awareness for honey in the popular XBOX Live Arcade game, Monday Night Combat.

Monday Night Combat Honey Collection

Players collect honey drop power-ups to get a temporary speed boost.

Client: National Honey Board

XBOX Live Bee Avatar

If players collect enough honey drops, they can earn a Bee to fly around their XBOX avatar.

Client: National Honey Board

IGN Daily Fix Promo

We team up with the National Honey Board to announce MNC’s introduction of the power-ups. We also give Daily Fix codes for additional honey points to be given to random show viewers.

Client: National Honey Board

Honey QR Scans

Honey bottles include a code behind the label for additional honey power-up points. The color palette is mirrored with the Monday Night Combat identity system for cohesion.

Client: National Honey Board

MOE’S SOUTHWEST GRILL CAMPAIGN Beans, cheese, meat, lettuce, condiments—all wrapped in a tortilla. Burritos may be cut from the same tortilla, but they aren’t all the same. Moe’s burritos are big and they are proud to be big. Moe’s is home to ‘Big Beautiful Burritos’, each with their own unique personalities, just like the people who eat them. CW: Alex Schaeffer AD: Brittany Vogel

Print Ad 1

Print Ad 2

Client: Moe’s Southwest Grill

Print Ad 3

Personal Ad

Personal ads would be placed in newspapers for Big Beautiful Burritos with a phone number to call. Upon calling the number users are presented with a coupon code for $2 off a burrito.

Burrito Chat

Burritos seductively talk to visitors of popular sites like Chat with the burrito and get a coupon for a free burrito.

Client: Moe’s Southwest Grill

The Big Beautiful Burrito App. allows users to create the burrito of their dreams. After customizing their burrito, users name it and place the order for pickup.

BBB App.

Client: Moe’s Southwest Grill

Personalized Big Beautiful Burrito

When users pickup their burrito they are greeted by a burrito name sticker. This added layer of customization allows customers to truly have the burrito of their dreams.

Client: Moe’s Southwest Grill

HARLEY DAVIDSON FLY & RIDE CAMPAIGN The Harley Owner’s group Fly & Ride program enables members to go to a scenic location and ride a bike of their choice. This service really gives riders an experience they might not be able to have if they had to bring their bike across the country.

Fly and Ride File Edit






Our big idea was to communicate the visceral beauty of these locations, and the journeys you can take on them. CW: Alex Schaeffer AD: Chad O’Connell


Digital Entrance

The digital space to introduce the Harley Fly & Ride program begins with a calling—nay—a challenge to Harley riders. Copy: Long hours not suitable for the faint of heart. A searing sun with dry tearing winds that would intimidate the weak. And a nonstop bludgeoning roar you won’t soon forget.

Digital Selection Page

The main landing page allows users to select both a location (the courses), and a bike (the steeds).

Client: Harley Davidson Fly & Ride

Digital Selection Example

Once users select a desired bike and location they are show a description of their possible journey. Copy: Saddle up on the Forty-Eight, with more horsepower than Custer’s army; this bike’s 1200 Evolution V-Twin engine will have you blazing towards nothing and everything. Lying low from tire-to-tire, you’ll climb mountains and plunge into the valleys like a westward bound pioneer. It’s a trip not for the faint of heart—they say war is hell, but riding on this battlefield is heaven.

Client: Harley Davidson Fly & Ride

Airport Banner 1

The Airport Banner tactics of the campaign make travelers wish they were on the back of a Harley.

Client: Harley Davidson Fly & Ride

Airport Banner 2

Airport Banner 3

Client: Harley Davidson Fly & Ride

After our barrage of banner messaging, travelers are greeted by a real Harley motorcycle. The tactic makes travelers wish they were gripping handlebars instead of waiting for a taxi. Copy: Harley Davidson Riders Wanted For Arduous Journey. Long hours not suitable for the faint of heart. A searing sun with dry tearing winds that would intimidate the weak. And a nonstop bludgeoning roar you won’t soon forget.

Airport Guerrilla

After wishing they were on a Harley, travelers enter a taxi where an interactive touch screen version of the microsite is available. Users can browse the bikes, the terrain, and email themselves their combinations to set up a reservation.

Taxi Displays

Client: Harley Davidson Fly & Ride

BICYCLE PLAYING CARDS CAMPAIGN Playing cards have been a big part of my life since I was a little kid. From playing cards with my grandpa to learning magic, they were always Bicycle brand cards. The focus of this campaign is to get people thinking about playing cards again, in a digitally-driven world.

WAR! This three-letter word will

CW: Alex Schaeffer AD: Alex Schaeffer

always remind me of my Pop-Pop. He and I would play cards on his back porch during my family’s summer stay. I can still remember the feeling right before we turned over our final cards. The excitement that I might finally win, mixed with the fear that I might once again lose. But it was OK either way. Because playing war while eating mixed nuts and crackers on that back porch is one of my best childhood memories. From those days on, cards have always held an important place in my heart and mind. Every time I touch a deck of Bicycle playing cards, I go back to that place. The place where the coolest thing I could do was play cards and relax with my Pop-Pop. I like that place. And when I crack open a pack of Bikes, for a moment it’s like having a time machine.

To share your playing card memories, visit

Spade Print Ad

Shuffle. Cut. Deal. The process repeated itself again and again as the games, and the

She’s seen all my tricks.

My mom has supported my

love for magic since the beginning.

Before I wowed anyone, my mom

was cheering me on. She drove me to the

library to check out magic books, and

hours, wore on. Trump cards. The left, the

paid for me to go to magic camp. And she gave me my first deck of Bicycle playing

right—we were unstoppable. Euchre is a game of skill

cards. I remember showing her the first card tricks I ever learned, fumbling the cards

combined with luck, and we had both of them that day. We

as I talked. No matter how terrible my performance was, my mom always sat and

were only playing a card game, but the competition felt fierce. To us, twelve

watched patiently. That always meant a lot to me, and it kept me performing.

years old, it seemed much bigger than a simple middle-school Euchre tournament—

She’s always supported my dreams. To this day, when I pick up my

it was a sport. And we were superstars in the major leagues. We triumphed

cards and perform, I think of my mom. I love my mom. And

that day, and I’ll always remember the vibrant red backs of those

when I crack open a pack of Bikes, for a moment

cards, and the memories that go with them. And when I

it’s like having a time machine. To share

crack open a pack of Bikes, for a moment it’s like

your playing card memories,

having a time machine. To share your


playing card memories, visit

/memories memories

Diamond Print Ad

Client: Bicycle Playing Cards

Heart Print Ad

He ran out of the room, laughing hysterically. I had just wowed my entire high school art class. The teacher was so shocked he called me ‘el diablo’ for weeks. Performing card trick after card trick felt great. I wasn’t so outgoing back then, and performing magic helped me break out of my shell. Before that day I had dropped hundreds of cards. Now that number is easily into the thousands. But the reactions, the pure astonishment people experience when I perform, makes it worth all the practice. All the dropped cards. Both my magic and I have changed, but one thing has remained constant—the cards I perform with. Every time I touch a deck of Bicycle playing cards, I remember those moments. The times I spent igniting a lifelong hobby. I’ll always

cherish those memories. And when I crack

open a pack of Bikes, for a moment

it’s like having a time machine.

To share your playing card memories, visit

Club Print Ad

Client: Bicycle Playing Cards

Bicycle Memory Facebook Posts

Users can share their Bicycle Playing Card memories with loved ones via Facebook.

Bicycle Memories Page

Client: Bicycle Playing Cards

Bicycle Memories Poster and Deck

Participants receive their story printed to poster size, as well as a deck of Bicycle’s 125 year commemorative cards. Client: Bicycle Playing Cards

BRANDCAMP CAMPAIGN In the summer of 2009 I was a part of the first semester of Brandcamp at Partners + Napier in Rochester, NY. Brandcamp is an incubator for young advertising talent and my experience really helped me grow as a creative. One of our assignments was to create and pitch a campaign concept to recruit the next batch of campers. The twist for the next application process was that applicants needed to create a 60 second youtube video to apply. My Art Director partner and I won the intern pitch and I went on to write several other posters to generate interest in Brandcamp. CW: Alex Schaeffer AD: Kelsey Liss/Andy McEntee

Brand Campaign Guerrilla Poster

Guerrilla Recruitment Poster 1

Guerrilla Recruitment Poster 2

Client: Brandcamp at Partners + Napier

UMBRO CAMPAIGN Umbro was once the leader in soccer equipment, equipping both the world’s professional teams and novice soccer players alike. So how could we create new interest in this great brand? Our solution was to create goodwill for the brand worldwide during the 2014 FIFA World Cup. To do so Umbro will launch a disposable water bottle brand that delivers 100% of its profits to Water for People—an organization that helps people in developing countries improve quality of life by supporting the development of locally sustainable drinking water resources, sanitation facilities and hygiene education programs. CW: Alex Schaeffer AD: Chad O’Connell/Justin Smith Graphic Designer: Blaise Pericas Industrial Designer: Ian Oberholtzer

Umbro will launch a non-for-profit water bottle brand—Alive. All of the proceeds will go directly to Water for People, an organization building sustainable water resources in developing countries. The Alive logo changes color palette to match the country being represented on a bottle or in promotional messaging. The campaign will create goodwill for Umbro, and provide millions with clean drinking water.

There is a bottle for every country. QR codes on the back of the bottle allow users access to Umbro Nation.

Client: Umbro










LONG COPY MAGAZINE Advertising Ecosystem

Client: Umbro


Use the smartphone application to scan in bottles as well as access all of the expansive media content.

Client: Umbro

Alive Homepage

Just as every other element in the campaign—the website’s focus is on the countries. When users click on a nation’s flag, the entire site is re-skinned to that nation’s color scheme and content.

Client: Umbro

Alive Media Page

The media section will have webisodes starting with learning about the culture, planning sustainable water resources specific to that location, construction, building wells, and the after effects.

Client: Umbro

Outdoor Display: Guinea

Guerrilla Poster Display: Gambia

Client: Umbro

Alive Broadcast Meter

During the World Cup games ABC will donate the lower left corner of their broadcast to the Alive campaign. The announcers will remind viewers of what the Alive campaign is at the beginning of the game.

Client: Umbro



585.414.2063 M.A. in Advertising Copywriting (2011) Savannah College of Art and Design [SCAD] , Savannah, GA GPA: 3.83/4.0 Dean’s list all attended quarters B.F.A. in Advertising (2007-2010) Savannah College of Art and Design [SCAD] , Savannah, GA GPA: 3.87/4.0 Magna Cum Laude, Dean’s list all attended quarters


Copywriting Intern, SCAD Communications, Savannah, GA (June 2010-August 2010) I provided a youthful, and sometimes irreverent voice to SCAD’s Communication Department. Copywriter, Agency Five, Savannah, GA (September 2009-May 2010) Wrote copy for several local businesses as part of a student-run agency and learned that sometimes things are beyond repair—or your control. Copywriting Intern, BrandCamp at Partners + Napier, Rochester, NY (June 2009-August 2009) I was part of Partners + Napier’s first semester of BrandCamp, an incubator for young, advertising talent. I wrote copy, designed, and cut my finger on foam core. It was a summer of growing pains, emphasis on the growing. Copywriting Intern, Dixon Schwabl, Victor, NY (December 2008) Wrote copy, conducted competitive analysis, and realized I’m not a suit. Internet Production Intern, Wegmans Food Markets, Rochester, NY (June 2008-August 2008) Managed and published content for and realized html is not my thing.


Advertising: Concepting, Copywriting, Strategy, Art Direction, Storytelling, Wit, Wordplay, Public Speaking Software: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Acrobat Pro, Lightroom, iMovie, GarageBand, Keynote, FileMaker Pro, MS Office


SCAD Graduate Studies Combined Honors Scholarship, SCAD, 2010 LADDY Award, Rochester Advertising Federation, 2010 One Show Student Exhibition, The One Show, 2009 SCAD Advertising Department Endowed Scholarship Finalist, SCAD, 2009 AAF Stickell Award, SCAD AAF Chapter, 2009 Combined Honors Scholarship, SCAD, 2007 Wegmans Employee Scholarship, Wegmans Food Markets, 2007


Graduate Student Mentor Program, SCAD, Mentor, 2010-Present American Advertising Federation, SCAD, Member, 2008-Present Advertising Club, SCAD, Member 2008-Present National Student Advertising Competition, SCAD, Presenter/Key Team Member, 2009 United Student Forum, SCAD, Communication Arts Rep., 2009-2010 Student Ambassadors, SCAD, Ambassador 2008-2009 Orientation Assistants, SCAD, OA 2008-2010


I have been performing sleight of hand card magic since I was a teenager; I still am, and always will be a geek—and I’m proud of that.

Alex Schaeffer: Copywriter