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An increase in lunch profits

Student Voice of Rock Canyon High School

5810 McArthur Ranch Road • Highlands Ranch, CO 80124 • 303.387.3000 Volume 6, Number 2 • September 30, 2009

Three weeks ago an audit of the Douglas County School District cafeterias was conducted. It was discovered that Rock Canyon serves 20 percent more food than anywhere else in the district. “This can probably be attributed to the quality of the food,” said Assistant Principal Gregg Sheehan. Along with the increase in traffic in the cafeteria, there is an increase in consumer happiness. “We haven’t heard nearly the complaints we heard in the past,” said Sheehan. “We no longer hear the complaints about quality of food, variety of food, and of course about an open campus.” The longer lunch has not just been better for the students, it has been better for the administration. Sheehan says it is the best part of his day. “I get to be out of my office, and interact with students. It’s great,” he says. Alex Rowe

Calculus is too important

Gustavo Hidalgo ’10, and Evan Fisch ’10, both stay on campus not for the food, or to save money, but because they believe it is the right thing to do. Hidalgo is a starter for varsity soccer, and was named “Player of the Game” in the state championship game last season. “I stay a lot because of soccer,” said Hidalgo. “There are a lot of temptations outside that I need to avoid to have a good season.” Fisch stays because he is concerned with his classes. “I have calculus to do,” he said. “I stay at least two days a week. If it weren’t for the Subway I would want to leave, but calculus is too important.” Whether they are here for athletics or academics, it is their dedication that keeps them in the lunch room. Alex Rowe

Subway is the way

Seniors and juniors all throughout the school leave daily to go to various venues for lunch, reveling in open campus and the chance to eat at a restaurant for lunch, instead of in the cafeteria. However, the freshmen must stay at RC and eat the school food. Luckily, with Subway and the other new food options, both can enjoy good food, even if they can’t leave the school. “The school food has defiantly gotten better this year,” said Ashley Burns ‘12. “I like the variety as well.” With options like Subway and fruit smoothies available every day, many students don’t mind being unable to leave campus, and some who can leave even stay here for lunch, rather than take advantage of open campus. “If it weren’t for the Subway I would definitely try to leave more often,” said Ryan Howard ’13. Maddie Jones

A pizza worth three hours

When restaurants and other hot spots for open campus tend to be more expensive than a high school student can handle, one would think that eating at school would save some money. However, at Rock Canyon, that is not the case. The prices of school food compared to those of other food revenues are still unable to cater to students needs for a cheap meal. “The price of a pizza is way too expensive,” said Hillary West ’10. A single slice of pizza is $2.75, which would mean that if a full pizza was bought, it would be $22, which is roughly three hours of working at minimum wage. Andrew Phillips ’11, always stays at school and tries to find the cheapest way to eat lunch. “I’m the one-sixteenth of the student population whose parents aren’t filthy rich and pay for lunch,” said Phillips. Maddie Jones

Using their time wisely

Many students are using the extra 25 minutes of lunch time to be productive this year. “I do homework, and have more time with my friends, and I actually have time to eat. I don’t have to eat as fast as I can this year,” said Amy Michelson ’12. During lunch there is a blanket of books spread out on the grass outside; vocabulary , biology, algebra. You can see it all being done. “It’s a good time to talk to teachers and you can finish homework forgotten the night before,” said Lauren Wetzel ’12. Students like Nick Merrill ’12, with an off hour right after lunch have a lot time on their hands. “I enjoy my free time, I do my homework and sometimes I go visit [Geoffrey] Brinker and [Melinda] Emch to say hi… and disrupt the class,” said Merrill. Students use their extra time to do many things besides eat. Lauren Scheirman

All day food buffet

Last year food was only available at lunch time and a few minutes at breakfast. Now the cafeteria is open from 6 until 4, giving the students ample time to buy food, and the school more time to make sales. “I like that its open after school, it makes is a lot easier to get good food before [poms] practice,” said Sam Pusar ’12. Thanks to the availability of food, even some upperclassmen choose to stay on campus during lunch, and munch on various snacks during class, but it’s the underclassmen that really benefit form the availability of school food. “I like that good food is accessible for people who don’t have their license yet,” said Hannah Henry ’12. This year, the cafeteria is busy all hours of the day. Maddie Jones

Top right: Maddie Davis’12, and Rachael Hoday’12, eating Subway. Row two: Tara Pianko ‘10, eats lunch inside with her friends. Row three: Right, Kelsey Babilon ’11, left, Morgan Hengsteler’11, sitting in a circle with friends while eating lunch outside and lounging in the grass. Row four: The making of a fresh Subway sandwich. The lunch staff that works in the Subway attended Subway University to learn how to properly make a Subway sandwich. Row five: Left picture from left to right, seniors Alexandra Nilsson, Emily Walker, and Natalie Seely are donating money to a leukemia fund. Right picture from left to right: Freshmen Chad Hayward, Brandon Cooke, and Darrian Felson wait in line to buy Subway sandwiches. Bottom row: Left Picture: April Oberkirsch’12, talking with friends while eating lunch in the sun. Right: Julie Neitzel, kitchen staff, preparing a Subway sandwich. “There are a lot of students at lunch this year. It’s really busy,”said Neitzel. All photos by Alex Rowe

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An increase in lunch profits Student Voice of Rock Canyon High School All photos by Alex Rowe 5810 McArthur Ranch Road • Highlands Ranch, CO...

Issue 2 page 1  

An increase in lunch profits Student Voice of Rock Canyon High School All photos by Alex Rowe 5810 McArthur Ranch Road • Highlands Ranch, CO...