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Alejandro Rodr铆guez Terr贸n

Hello! I´m Alejandro Rodríguez Terrón, I´m from Granada but actually I study Design degree in Madrid. I love design in general but I focus in graphic design, illustration and photography. As I´m becoming a designer my desire for learning grows up. I like to try diferents methods of design and learn from other designers.


These are ones of my projects that I have made in the last years.

I love graphic design and I would like devote to it. I like experiment with layout and typography. There are a lot of magazines that inspire me, for example Jugend, I love its work and I would like to work in the future in a similar company .

Franklin Gothic

Typographic poster about Franklin Gothic. In this poster I show the most important features of this typography, also telling its history and Morris Fuller Benton’s biography.

Granada Tierra So単ada

Granada Tierra So単ada is a graphic collective from my hometown, Granada. They have digitalized the typical caligraphy of this city that you can see at every streets. So I have made this personal proposal about an event in a gallery, Tetera & Kiwi, where their works will be showed.

Infographic on lung metastasis

Infographic about the expansion of cancer cells within the body. Each point and colour indicate a phase about this disease.

Icons about states of matter

These are icons about states of matter, solid, liquid and gas. Each white circle represents air molecules within matter.





Raw is a magazine which has born of an academic project about a editorial. The name of the editorial is Germen, an underground editorial which find interesting people who likes art, design, music, clothing, photography, literature... but everything based in an alternative look. The project consists in a platform for young artist who want to show their work.

So Raw has born as an example that a kind of magazine that we find interesting. We have a website, so you can see all this project and the Raw´s Issuu. Visit


Here you can see some works as illustrator. I love drawing, since I was a child I´ve been drawing everyday in order to improve my skills. I usually draw with analog tools, but I also draw with computer and I love it.

Guts Guts is an illustration fanzine that I make with some classmates.

We love illustration and we have much illusion in this project. Guts treats about a diferent issue in every number. This topic is choosed in consensus. We are thirteen illustrators and each one say a topic, the most liked topic is the choosed one, so we make a palette with three diferent colours which we will use in our illustration. When we have our illustration, we print the fanzine and brind it with thread. All the process is made hand. You can see it in

This is Guts 2, the choosed topic was hotel, and the colours were pink, blue and green.

Plรกstico Planchado

Plรกstico Planchado is a fanzine from my hometown. The creators are Tetera & Kiwi gallery, where I have made some works, like a comic and some illustrations. The fanzine treats about music on vinyl. The background of my illustration is a wallpaper from William Morris.

Chinese typography and human body

Oriental culture has always fascinated me. I love their calligraphy and how they use brushes for drawing, and the way that they express on each stroke. Human body is also one of my inspirations when I draw. I think that it´s a beautifull imperfect machine, and like all the machines, it has a complex strucuture, where every en gine take part in perfect armony. The human being is amazing.

On the right you can see four illustrations about human anatomy and chinese typography. It´s made with collage, gouache and ink. Each attached paper is from a chinese newspaper.


In the next pages you can see my photo work made in the last years. I started my photography way three years ago. I followed a lot of events and magazines whose tell what´s happening in the emergent photography world.

Earthly pleasures

This is a personal project that I made this year early. The project treats about the social dislocalitation in a world managed for the big advertising companies and mass media. It´s a freak aesthetic based in Star Wars. I wanted to represent a fictional character, Darth Vader, specifically his wife, which is able to live an adventure experience and know the authentic pleaures.

She wants to know her homeplanet, because life´s dream and dreams are dreams.

Happy food

Happy food is a proyect that I executed join to chef Ă lvaro Mangas. The proyect consist in a blogg about healthy mediterranean, he cook and me take photos to his plats. The goal consist in to show a vanguard look in typicall plat from Spain, for example salmorejo froze by liquid hydrogen. or spherfications of typical flavors.

The freedom of the Iranian´s women

This is an academic photography project about inequalities between men and women. I focused my project in arabic countries, specifically Iran. I´ve been investigating about the iranian political history and I decided make this picture. It shows a iranian woman dancing, so burka rises while woman jumps, and show a real woman that be hide.


Here I present an academic project about object design. Object´s design is a scope that I studied first time last year, I have made some works, and I loved it the experience, and is fot this reason which I decided to follow this year. I would like to learn more about this scope, I think that´s very interesting and expresional thing.


This is an academic project based in a new gel pot´s design. Original bottle of Zincation is very squared and I thought to make a more organic form than original bottle. Design which I have made is more bent and It´s more adaptable to take with the hand.



On right you can see plans of the bottle, It´s been made in Rhinoceros.

Volkswagen Sirocco body

This Volkswagen Sirocco body that I made it last year. At the beginnig, I made the plans in Rhinoceros, and then, I made the body in 3ds Max.

I expect that you like my work, If you want see more you can visit my webs: / cuadrimension You can contact with me:

Alejandro Rodríguez Terrón, Portfolio  
Alejandro Rodríguez Terrón, Portfolio