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Napa Architect Services If you are looking for an architect who works alongside with nature to bring you stunning designs, you have found it with Alex Riley Associates. Alex Riley studied architecture at the University of Oregon and was influenced by Frank Lloyd Wrights' organic architecture movement. Over the years as he has been influenced by other styles, Alex has blend nature with architecture and his style has grown to be all his own. With over 220 residential and commercial projects, this team of individuals has worked on many different diverse landscapes from Napa valley to Asia and Sedona to Tucson. There is something so important about having a design that is in harmony with its environment. Alex Riley and his team of Napa architects will do that for you. Your design will be modeled by keeping things like natural elements, sunlight and the variety of the four different seasons, in mind throughout the entire design process.

About the Firm Alex Riley Associates has designed more than 220 residential and commercial projects on some of the most beautiful, diverse and challenging sites in America: the Napa Valley, Lopez Island, Sedona, Tucson, the Berkeley and Oakland Hills, and Stinson Beach, to name a few. Born in rural Oregon, Alex Riley, principal, was educated at the University of Oregon during a period of American design characterized by maverick creativity and the influence of Frank Lloyd Wright’s organic architecture movement. Riley’s early career was inspired by Arts and Craft style, but by experimenting with new materials, harmonizing structures with natural light and their unique topographical sites, and incorporating a heightened sensuality into the architectural process Riley’s design style became his own. After several years with Callister and Payne of Tiburon, he formed Alex Riley Associates of Inverness, California and eventually opened a second office in the Napa Valley. His associate, Onju Updegrave, has a Masters in Architecture from the University of California at Berkeley, has designed and built in Asia as well as the United States, and has extensive experience in both residential as well as commercial design and refurbishment. Alex Riley is also associated with Tonkin/Hoyne/Lokan, Architecture and Urban Design of Seattle.

Services Organic Architecture is based upon a fundamental respect for site-specific form, function and material resulting in a design solution in perfect harmony with the environment. This architecture is deeply embedded in the particular: client, designer, time, site and region. It eschews mimicry of overwrought, conventional styles, shock value, pastiche elements, and superfluous ornamentation. The result is a powerful, graceful solution to the complex equation of the principles of nature and the distinctive character of the client, a unique structure carefully designed for living, growing, thriving. Alex Riley Associates is dedicated to creating a living space as a coherent whole, an intimate marriage of context and structure, function and form. Our design is predicated by a few basic principles. We ensure that each structure occupies the site in relation to the fundamental priorities of graceful living: appropriate scale, abundant light, maximized sensitivity to the patterns of the seasons, physical security and spiritual well-being. The result–a combination of the unique artistic vision and experience of the designer, in consultation with the client–is superb. Addition/remodels are particularly challenging. In many cases, a fundamental flaw in the original structure must be reconfigured: poor light, awkward circulation spaces, inappropriate scale, uncomfortable flow, incorrect positioning in relation to the strengths and weaknesses of the site. Alex Riley Associates has remodeled more than 50 existing homes and commercial structures, successfully making the building “work on the site.” Good design necessitates graceful flow without jarring breaks of continuity and obvious afterthoughts. We carefully assess the site, the existing structure, and the needs of the client. The process typically includes opening up inside spaces to the outside, rearranging internal space so that it relates harmoniously to the external, providing new accesses, reconfiguring living and circulation spaces, solving problems of road noise, blighted views or too-close neighbors. We also provide design expertise in landscape architecture, creatively grading a site to enhance the structure’s natural setting, perceptively placing gardens, arbors, defined walkways and sensitively handling existing flora and trees. We understand an addition/remodel as the transformation of an environment into a cohesive, and beautiful whole, freshly adapted, yet timeless.

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Napa architect services  
Napa architect services  

Organic Architecture is based upon a fundamental respect for site-specific form, function and material resulting in a design solution in per...