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English Avon to French Riviera Alex Ressel

Comprised of objects; Collapsed shape and colour. Winter trees mirror a slate river, a wrench to change the gas, that book of plays with the nice cover. Objects with which we have numerous and personal relationships form our narrative, wash though our dreams. A writer staring his laptop down, an explorer talking to her torch; Hinting manipulations of our environment. Tools alter trajectories, teach to navigate. Guess the world with us.


Gemonids this Monday night Miles away, miles up, melisma of obfuscated meaning. I hear rumours from musical actors, suicided poets, Pop songs You space I. become bubbles Will form around dirt, rise to surface & burst. Tickle your tongue, staccato. Carrot and stick, carrot and stick. Bitter, existing as texture, and gone. One hundred miles up. Slurred burning up in the atmosphere. Succoured.

An ache, A loss. Quick, double seconds flash by & converge onto optimistic time. Fleeting, two states exist. Since, possibility crumpled against reality. Rejection heightens activity’s value So then; apologise, relearn. And repeat. Charmed sequences of events tie up & together. A roster of life woven. Called on.

L’Homme. N’est pas là, il est pourtant toujours présent. Ses constructions, œuvres, destructions, et son gâchis. Au milieu de cette nature autrefois si belle, Il est une sorte de parasite, de maladie Qui, insidieusement, aurait bousillé le corps. Les images filmées montrent les débris Qu’il reste de notre nature mortifiée. On étouffe, on suffoque, on vomit L’assourdissante, écrasante vérité, Montre, de loin, notre nouveau décor. L’Humain est déshumanisé, La lumière semble vouloir survivre, La scène termine de l’achever. Naissance du chaos ? Crépuscule du non-retour ? Elle est palpable, inhérente, comme une boule au ventre : La fin du monde, c’est la fin d’Un monde. Le notre.

Lucie Alonso

A trip-up.

I fell over, slipped-up;

walking along,

head in cloud.

Follow the shape of letters. Sounds we make of curves, Ends. Lines. Loops of ohs, groans, infinity. Unmatched, eclectic shapes make sounds in the mind’s ear. Lines are collapsed into characters, then words & less noticed. Glanced & reocgsnrid, words read not seen.

the fingers decieved

the mouth resigned

to an olive

and given a


English Avon to French Riviera for Samuel Levack & Jennifer Lewandowski and Lucie Alonso


Alex Ressel 2011 07914941417

English Avon for French Riviera  

Pictures & writing from the river Avon