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Stonyhurst Annual Fund 2013/14

The Annual Fund is now in its fourth year with a track record of raising money to help make a great education even better. Thanks to our wonderfully supportive community of OS, parents and friends, the Annual Fund has raised over £150,000 to date. From fundraising to “friendraising,” the whole community consisting of parents, OS, former parents, trusts and foundations, is extremely important and greatly appreciated for its continued support. Gifts to the Annual Fund provide unrestricted financial help and are a key component of the School’s operating budget. The tuition fees alone do not cover all the costs of the School and, by supporting the Annual Fund Programme, you enable these important projects to happen sooner rather than later. Please have a look at the projects for this year. Many thanks to all of our donors.

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This year’s Annual Fund will be dedicated to: • Bursaries • Hand-held portable radios for Duke of Edinburgh’s Award •H  eritage and Collections – Restoration of the “Weeping Belgium” painting • Dance – Dance equipment • SMH – Playground equipment and iPads for Hodder House • Wherever Stonyhurst needs it most

THEIR heritage “Stonyhurst is a special place and I feel a sense of responsibility to ensure it remains that way for my children and for future generations”. Anon (current parent)



£ unlimited

The offer of bursaries to deserving families is central to our mission. Our ethos has always been, and will continue to be, to open the doors to those who would benefit from a Stonyhurst education and who would otherwise not be able to attend. In doing this, we create the varied social mix which has always been so characteristic of the School. Already, more than a third of our pupils receive financial assistance. £8,250 would provide a 50% bursary for a deserving day pupil and £14,725 would provide the same for a full boarder.


Dance Over the past 2 years, the interest in dance has developed greatly. Dance tuition builds on a child’s sense of spatial awareness, coordination, social interaction and cognitive development. We are currently in need of the following equipment: • Multispeed stereo £550 • TV/DVD Player £500 • Wall fitted mirrors £2,000 • Wall mounted ballet barre £2,000 5


St Mary’s Hall & Hodder House Playground Equipment Estimated cost £5,000 We hope to increase the play equipment in “The Park” as the children have delightfully named it. We currently have a climbing frame, monkey bars and a suspension bridge, all discreetly sited in woodland and made from natural materials. However, there are so many more things to choose from and if we had the funds we would get the pupil elected School Council to decide what they would like next. Items typically cost about £1,500 each and, if they had a larger budget, it would be an excellent educational exercise to learn about priorities and the appropriate allocation of funds.

iPads £329 each Such was the success of the introduction of iPads in Hodder House, we are now asking for 10 more to make a class set. Hodder House children make huge progress in literacy and numeracy skills on iPads using superb apps and a full set will allow us to have whole class activities using these resources. This forms part of a whole school development plan in IT. We have just bought a set of Chromebooks for Lower Prep and by 2014 we expect to have these for all of Prep and Elements. We believe that the touchscreen experience of the iPads for the little ones in Hodder House is ideal preparation for the finer motor skills of typing as the children develop.

Heritage and Collections We would like to restore a painting which is known as ‘Weeping Belgium’ (titled ‘La Belgique’) painted by Sir Bernard Partridge OS in 1914. The painting appeared in King Alfred’s book which pays tribute to Belgium and, as a result, became one of the best known images of the First World War. In light of the forthcoming commemoration of the Centenary of the Great War we hope to return ‘Weeping Belgium’ to its original startling glory. We will share the cost of the restoration with the Association which is estimated to cost £12,000 so are looking to raise £6,000.


Duke of Edinburgh’s Award 8 hand-held portable radios and 2 car radios are needed £2,500 D of E is an internationally recognised award which celebrates the co-curricular achievements of young people. A newly invigorated programme saw 119 Awards achieved by College pupils during the last academic year. Effective communication is key to ensuring our pupils’ safety. The use of radios allows the team leader to stay in touch with the pupils’ progress throughout their expedition.

Wherever Stonyhurst needs it most

During each financial year the school must deal with a variety of unexpected costs, some of which cannot be deferred. Should you wish to support this area, we will allocate your gift to those needs that are deemed most urgent.

Thank you

to all those who continue to support stonyhurst


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Stonyhurst Annual Fund 2013/14  

The Annual Fund is now in its fourth year with a track record of raising money to help make a great education even better.

Stonyhurst Annual Fund 2013/14  

The Annual Fund is now in its fourth year with a track record of raising money to help make a great education even better.