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Writers: Christine Smith Marko Scantlevury Rachild Crookendale Ward Andre Layne Janique-ka John Editors: Kizwauna Miller Janique-ka John Malcolm Garner Photographers: Graham Belle Himal Reece Janique-ka John Design and Layout: Matthew Clarke

WELCOME TO CAVE HILL Publications Committee Chairperson

I am glad to have the opportunity to greet you, as just last year around this time I was a fresher myself, unsure of what the Cave Hill Campus had in store for me. Let it be known that change is inevitable, but doesn’t always have to be unpleasant. This Signpost, prepared by the Publications Committee 2011-2012 on the Cave Hill Guild of Students, was therefore designed to cushion and facilitate your transition into university life at Cave Hill. To help make this change as comfortable as possible for you, the Signpost features everything from where to get something to eat on campus, to where are the most popular hangouts off-campus. The Guild of Students and its Publications Committee this year has many exciting plans including the relaunch of The Cave Newspaper, an exciting new Guild Calendar as well as the launch of the official Guild Website, www.uwicavehillguild. org . The Cave Newspaper is by the students, for the students. Your contributions and support is therefore needed in order to ensure that this newspaper is a success. Have a productive year everyone! Together we can make it happen. Janique-ka John Publications Committee Chairperson, Cave Hill Guild of Students, University of the West Indies.



WELCOME TO CAVE HILL from Deputy Principal

Dear Student We are excited to have you join the Cave Hill Campus, The Campus of Champions. The Cave Hill Campus was victorious in the May 2011 UWI Games and the success of our athletes underscores our commitment to sporting, academic, and all-round excellence. I urge you to make the three to four years between now and your graduation, one of the most memorable times of your life. We have undertaken several initiatives to make your experience academically rewarding and personally enriching. We expect you to excel at your studies, share the culture and cuisine of students from other nationalities, and participate actively in the rich menu of sporting and other activities. Most importantly, we expect you, by your living to uphold standards of integrity, excellence and community building. Barbadian students, I expect you to be frontline ambassadors of this beautiful country; regional and international students, I expect you to share what is outstanding and exceptional about your unique societies. To all of you, I expect you to develop lasting friendships, produce outstanding work, and strive to improve the societies which produced you. Welcome to The University of the West Indies and Welcome to the Cave Hill Campus.

Eudine Barriteau Principal (Ag), and Professor of Gender and Public Policy

WELCOME TO CAVE HILL from Director of student services

Welcome Students As Director ofStudent Services I am again elated to write this commendation, as this Signpost complements the work of the Office of Student Services by providing additional useful tips to facilitate Cave Hill students transition to tertiary education. It is also very pleasing to see updates of information on the work of the Guild and by extension the different Clubs and Societies and of places of interest. This particular guide comes in the year when Cave Hill Blackbirds emerged winners in the UWI Games held here in May 2011 hence our orientation theme “Home of Champions One Flies; All SOAR -Seize Opportunities Accomplish Results.� Seizing Opportunities Achieving Results! We urge you to come on board with us as our office is dedicated to providing you with the dynamics to aid your flight through our various programmes. These programmes assist in your academic, psychological, extra-curricular and social development while on campus aimed to produce a well rounded student at the end of your tenure. Like true blackbirds, we therefore urge you to live harmoniously at Cave Hill; be humble without elitism; inherit and display strong characteristics grounded in our core values and show your beauty without need for celebration. Finally, take full advantage of all that is provided for you as you grow spiritually, socially and academically. Welcome to the University of the West Indies- Cave Hill Campus!

Hariette Yearwood Director of Student Services




Esteemed Colleagues, As you embark on this new chapter in your lives it is necessary that you have support mechanisms to assist you in adapting to this new environment. As such, the Guild of Students of 2011- 2012 has pledged its unwavering support to assist our students in acclimatizing to the Cave Hill Campus and to the wider Barbadian community during this transition period. This publication is the product of a Guild poised to rejuvenate and enhance student representation. We believe in the concepts of inclusion and reciprocity and encourage our students to play an active role in the operations of the Guild of Students. That being said, the information compiled in this publication would not be possible without the input of the many acts of volunteerism from our Guild Ambassadors. This edition of the Signpost reflects the thoughtfulness, creativity and exuberance of our Publication Committee Chair and her team of hard-working individuals. As you attempt to navigate your way through this experience the Signpost will prove to be of significant value. The easy to read layout, the relevance of the information and the brevity of this publication makes it appropriate for you the students.

The Guild Councilhistory & functions

The Guild of Students commonly referred to as “de guild� is the official student association of the Cave Hill Campus. All students enrolled at the campus automatically become members of this organization and make a mandatory contribution of $120 per semester. The organization which started back in 1951 at the Mona Campus was transported to Cave Hill in 1966 and refocused to better serve its students. The Council of the Guild of Students is the committee entrusted with the administrative functions of the association of students effectively making them student government. The Council then is responsible for the fostering and promotion of the social, cultural and economic benefits of guild members as well as representing their interests to the administration of the University. The Council is composed of 22 elected and selected councilors 21 of which are students and the other being the staff representative. The council is governed by a constitution which outlines the rules, roles and responsibilities to which the councilors must adhere to. Students are advised to familiarize themselves with this document to find out how they can take part in meetings, draft motions, create petitions and make a mandatory contribution is $120 per semester.

Adapting to a new environment is never an easy task, however with the numerous similarities and unique, yet interesting qualities of us as a people in an emerging global village, the transition should be both enlightening and enjoyable. We must purposely exercise tolerance for the things that are different and be appreciative of every encounter. These moments in life broaden our perspective and help to mould us into mature individuals. I sincerely hope that this publication and the efforts of the Guild of Students 2011-2012 are satisfactory to you our students. It is our aim to provide you with dynamic and interactive representation, while catering to those needs that will make the difference in your University experience. As I conclude, let me express profound gratitude to the Publications Committee of the Guild of Students and all those who worked dutifully to ensure the completion of this project. Together we welcome you the freshers to this prestigious and most outstanding institution. Welcome! Your Humble Representative, Odwin L. Trenton Guild President 2011-2012


Meet the guild council


Meet the guildcouncil President: Odwin “Don Trent” Trenton Nationality: Guyanese Faculty: Law The President is the Chairperson of the Guild Council and is responsible for the efficient administration of Guild business.

Vice President: Damien “Figgy” Belgrave Nationality: Barbadian Faculty: Social Sciences The Vice President is the Deputy Chairperson of the Guild Council and in the absence of the President, chairs council meetings. Additionally, the Vice President is the Chairperson of the Inter-Clubs Committee and oversees the efficient functioning of all recognized clubs and societies on campus.. Secretary: Jimesha Prince Nationality: Vincentian Faculty: Law The Secretary is responsible for recording minutes of all Guild and Council meetings in addition to recording all resolutions and motions passed. Treasurer: Akeem Mckend Nationality: Vincentian Faculty: Social Sciences The Treasurer is responsible for the administration of the Guild finances and is the Chairperson of the Finance committee of the Guild of Students U.C.C, G.C.C, N.A.C.C, I.A.C.C


Public Relations Officer: Rory Rowe Nationality: Jamaican

The Public Relations Officer (P.R.O)-Is the Chairperson of the Public Relations Committee and is charged with being the link for information between student body and the Guild Council. Public Communications Chairperson: Janique-ka John Nationality: Vincentian

The Publications Committee Chairperson (P.C.C)-Is the Chairperson of the Publications Committee and is responsible for producing the official publications of the Guild of Students. Internaltional Affairs Committee Chairperson: Aurelia Bruce Nationality: Trinidadian The International Affairs Committee (I.A.C.C)-Is the Chairperson of the International Affairs committee and is the representative of the Guild at all international forums including the International Union of Students. This portfolio is responsible for Caribbean Integration Week which takes place in the first semester. Games Committee Chairperson: Marcus Green Nationality: Barbadian The Games Committee Chairperson (G.C.C) -Is the Chairperson of the Games Committee and is responsible for the development and furtherance of sport on Campus.


National Affairs Committee Chairperson: Ziggy Marshall Nationality: Barbadian

The National Affairs Committee Chairperson (N.A.C.C) -Is responsible for fostering the cultural, educational and social links with wider Barbados. In recent times this portfolio has been responsible for the annual summer Camp and U.W.I Carnival. Additionally the N.A.C.C is the representative of the Guild council at all national events.

Faculty Representatives-Each faculty representative sits as president of his/her faculty association and represents all members of the faculty at board meetings acting as an intermediary between their students and administration on academic and other matters. Faculty reps are also responsible for assembling teams for interfaculty sports as well as planning and executing a week of activities. Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences Representative: Abigayle Sealy Nationality: Trinidadian Pure & Applied Sciences Representative -This individual must ensure that their students are afforded the opportunity to keep the region at the cutting of edge of technological and other scientific advancements. Faculty of Social Sciences Representative: Asha De Suza Nationality: Kittitian Social Sciences Representative -Charged with representing the largest faculty on campus this faculty representative must ensure equal representation and cater to the diverse needs of all their students. Faulty of Medical Sciences Representative: Christopher St. Hill Nationality: Barbadian Medical Sciences Representative-This individual is responsible for building, promoting and representing the newest addition to the family at Cave Hill.


Faculty of Humanities Representative: Donnya Piggott Nationality: Barbadian Humanities and Education Representative -The Humanities Representative is responsible for upholding the traditions of the oldest faculty on campus, and must act as the guardian of the arts. Also coming under the auspices of this faculty representative are the students at the Errol Barrow Centre for Creative Imagination (E.B.C.C.I) and those at Codrington College (Off Campus). Faculty of Law Representative/ Constitutional Chairperson: Donia J. Fuller Nationality: Jamaican Law Representative-The Law Faculty representative has the dual role of representing and upholding the traditions associated with that faculty as well as acting as the constitutional chairperson for the Council interpreting and drafting legislation etc. Sherlock Hall Representative: Dalano DaSouza Nationality: Vincentian Sherlock Hall Chairperson-Sits as the Chairperson of their Hall council and is responsible for communicating the day to day needs of their residents to the Guild council and Administration. This chairperson must also upkeep the reputation of the first Hall of Residence on campus. Frank Worrell Hall Representative: Arvindu Sukhram Nationality: Guyanese Frank Worrell Hall Chairperson-As President of their hall council, much like their counterpart, this representative must ensure the comfort and quality of living enjoyed by their residents. Additionally this chairperson is responsible for catering to the needs of the largest and most diverse hall on the campus.

guildcouncil 12


Part time Representative: Mario Carter Nationality: Barbadian Part-Time Representative -This individual must ensure the needs of part-time students are being met as well as encouraging their involvement in activities on campus.

Union Committee Chairperson: Greg Scott Degree: Accounting The Games Committee Chairperson is the Chairperson of the Games Committee and is responsible for the maintenance of the Student’s Union.

Post grad Representative: Paul Forte Nationality: Barbadian The Post-Graduate Representative-Is responsible for the representation of the Postgraduate students on the Guild Council and to Administration and sits as President of The Cave Hill Association of Post-Graduate Students (CHAPS)

Margreet Thompson The Staff Representative serves to represent the interests of the staff employed by the Guild of Students.

Returning Officer: Jonathan Morgan Nationality: Trinidadian Faculty Law The returning officer (R.O) is responsible for Planning, Organizing and executing the Guild Election or the Guild Bye-Election if the need arises , supervising and monitoring the proper management of electoral processes of all student clubs, societies and associations on campus and managing and executing any procedure that relates to a recall, or petition.

Guild Staff The guild staff ensure the smooth day-to-day running of the Students Union. Trudy Murray and Jackie Andrews have been employed as bar attendants for several years while Anthony “Shampoo” Griffith has more than thirty years working as a messenger on behalf of the guild and as driver of the guild bus.

Librarian: Kyle McEachnie Nationality: Trinidadian Faculty: Social Sci Guild Librarian The Guild librarian is expected to catalogue and maintain the Guild library as well as gather and preserve all the information for and about the respective all portfolios so as to ensure continuity, smother transitions and historical preservation of the Guild of Students.


the Meet guild 14


Students’ union

This is the place students come to relax an unwind after hours of sitting through classes and studying in the library. The Students’ Union, commonly referred to as “De Guild” is where you can watch the latest in premiership football, while enjoying a few drinks from the sports bar. Play a hand of dominoes, chat with friends or shoot a game of pool as you wait for your next class to start. The union is also home to several businesses including a hair salon, health bar and mini canteen. Also resident to the guild is the ever popular beer lime among other fetes and social gatherings. Remember the Union belongs to you! Upstairs the Students Union are the guild offices. Here you will first come into contact with the Administrative secretary before you move on to the Guild Library, The Communications Office or the offices of the President and Vice-President. The Guild Conference room and balcony are also two popular locations for meetings but these you will have to book in advance. Do not hesitate to come upstairs and ask to see your faculty representative or even the president. Remember we are here to serve you!



The Bookshop

The University Bookshop is conveniently situated opposite the guild lawn and is a student’s one stop shop for textbooks, magazines, stationery, electronics and refreshments. Open from 8:30 to 7:00 p.m. Monday to Friday and 9:00 to 2:00 on Saturday. Laptop consultation, cellular phone sales and top-ups as well as university paraphernalia and gift items are also available from the bookshop. Services offered include special ordering of textbooks, reservation of texts and document printing, among others. The bookshop was recently upgraded and now offers an array of new products and services for your shopping convenience.

campus mart

The Campus Mart, is a convenience store located on the lowest level of the Clico Building. It sells a variety of food items, toiletries and other goods and is well known for their hot dogs and other quick lunches.


The Kiosk

The Kiosk, which is an extension of the cafeteria, is located in the parking lot in the vicinity of the Social Sciences faculty, not too far from the UWI Bridgetown Shuttle Stand. The kiosk provides snacks, beverages and light meals which are perfect for students who are always on the go.

The Cafeteria

This is the most popular choice on campus for students when it comes to breakfast, lunch or even dinner. It is located between the Student’s Guild and the Sherlock Hall of Residence. The Cafeteria’s menu entails snacks, drinks meals desserts, sub sandwiches and specials of the day. The opening hours are 8:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m., Monday to Fridays and Saturdays 8:30 - 3:30 p.m.


For registered students the Student’s Clinic offers free healthcare services between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. On staff there is a full time doctor, two nurses and a nurse administrator. So feel welcome to walk in anytime or set an appointment.

The Health Clinic The Pharmacy is situated next to the clinic, and is where you can go to either purchase pharmaceuticals, or to fill your prescription as issued by the student clinic. The pharmacy is open Mondays- Fridays 9am - 9pm.

The Pharmacy

The UWI Powerade Gym

Halls of Residence

Frank Worrell Hall is named after West Indian cricketing icon Sir Frank Worrell. This hall sits on the hill overlooking the 3W’s oval and is in honour of Sir Frank and his fellow Barbadian cricketing knights Sir Clyde Walcott and Sir Everton Weekes. The newer of the two halls of residence on

campus, “Frank”, as it is commonly called is laid out in several blocks of three storey penthouse styled accommodation, with a capacity for approximately 200 students.

Sherlock Hall, aptly named after the Jamaican born poet and Caribbean scholar Sir Phillip Sherlock, is the first hall of residence at the Cave Hill Campus. It is commonly referred to as “Sherlock” and this year celebrates its fortieth year of existence. Located to the left of The Student’s Union and the Cafeteria, “Sherlock” houses approximately 100 students, each one of which considers themselves lucky to be at Cave Hill, but blessed to be on Sherlock. Each resident now must

take up the challenge of passing on the mantle of the will of Sir Philip Sherlock, as they develop their intellects and improve relationships with our brothers and sisters; in this Diaspora we call the Caribbean. Not alone but together as a family. No you, no me but we.

The gym is located to the back of the Sherlock Hall of residences and can be accessed via the Students Union. The opening hours for the gym are weekdays 9a.m. to 9p.m. and on Saturdays from 9a.m. to 3p.m.. A valid UWI identification card is to be presented to gym supervisors to gain access to the facility. Students are asked to sign in and out of the log book located on the counter by the supervisor’s booth. The gym has professional personal trainers on staff, who can provide workout plans for those interested. Personal training sessions can also be arranged. Powerades are sold for $3 Barbados dollars. The gym is free to all UWI students and although limited in space, has a good array of equipment for a conducive workout session.



Sports on Campus

In addition to the academic programs offered at UWI, there is also a packed sports program. From Aerobics to Volleyball, there is surely something for everyone. University life can be difficult at times and sports can be a great way to keep in shape and release stress from school. There are various levels of training and activity in each sport, so those of you who are advanced can keep up with your training, while those who want to learn a sport can start here!

Sports on Campus Sport


Aerobics Basketball (Men) Basketball (Men) Basketball (Women) Chess Cricket (Men) Cricket (Women) Cricket (Women) Football (Men) Football (Women) Hockey Netball Netball Swimming Swimming Table Tennis Tennis Tennis (Advanced) Taekwondo Track and Field Volleyball (Beginners) Volleyball (Men) Volleyball (Men) Women (Women)

Mon, Wed, Fri Wed, Thurs Fri Mon, Tues Fri Tues, Wed, Thurs Mon Thurs Mon, Wed, Fri Mon, Wed, Fri Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri Mon Thurs Wed, Fri Sat Tues, Thurs Mon, Wed Tues, Frid Sat Mon - Thurs Wed, Thurs Wed Fri Tues, Thurs



Sir Garfield Sobers Coaching Centre Court 1 Court 1 Court 1 Guild’s conference room 3Ws Oval 3Ws Oval 3Ws Oval Football Turf, Paradise Park Football Turf, Paradise Park UWI Hockey Turf Multi-purpose Court (court 2) Multi-purpose Court (court 2) off-campus at the Aquatic Centre off-campus at the Aquatic Centre Sir Garfield Sobers Coaching Centre Multi-purpose (Court 2) Multi-purpose (Court 2) Sir Garfield Sobers Coaching Centre 3Ws Oval (Court 1) Multi-purpose Court (court 2) Multi-purpose Court (court 2) Multi-purpose Court (court 2)


Advanced: 8pm - 9pm/ Beginners: 9pm - 9:45pmm 7:30pm – 9:30pm 6:00pm – 9:00pm 6:00pm – 8:00pm 5:30pm - 7:30pm 4:30pm - 6:30pm 5:00pm - 6:30pm 5:00pm - 7:00pm 7:00pm – 9:00pm 6:00pm – 8:00pm 7:00pm - 10:00pm 7:30pm - 9:00pm 5:00pm - 7:00pm 7:00pm - 8:30pm 2:00pm - 3:00pm 6:30pm – 8:30pm 5:00pm - 8:00pm 5:00pm - 8:00pm 12:00pm - 5:00pm 4:00pm - 6:00pm 5:00pm - 7:00pm 8:00pm - 9:30pm 7:30pm - 9:30pm 7:00pm - 9:30pm


Inter Clubs Committee 2011-2012 Contact list Island Associations

Lusac President – David Francis

SKNSA President – Azard Gumbs

Social and Academic Clubs

Circle K President – Akeiya Cumberbatch

Rotaract President – Shanith Marville Vice President -

Debating Society President – Carlon Knight

Grensac President – Benjamin Hood

Domsac President – Dafar Armour

Accounting Students Association President – Khalil Patel

Island Roots President – Rosana John

TTSA President – Saddam Hosein Jasac President – Kevon Johnson Vinsa President – Kenrick Quashie Combined territories President – Patricia Damarlie Antoine ABSA President – Tannis Joseph

Belsac The Association of Bahamian Students President – David Cash BSA President – Dexter Franklin

Zionites President – Kareem Smith Foreign Languages Club President – Kara je Kellman University Dance Society President – Alicia Payne Advent Fellowship President – Leon Ferguson CSM President – Khadya Florius Uwiharp Chapter President – Fabian Burgess Photacc President – Graham Belle

Music Society President – Christina Hunte


campus directory

Area Code 246 Main Switchboard 417-4000 Main Fax Line 425-1327 Website: Administrative Offices Registry 417-4055 Appointments 417-4065 Bursary 417-4084 Public Information 417-4076 Maintenance Campus Security 417-4003 Board for Non-Campus Countries & Distance Education Open Campus 430-1120 Student Services Director of Student Services Frank Worrel Hall Sherlock Hall

428-6156 417-4175/6 417-4631/3/6

Student Housing Health Service 417-4170 Students Guild 417-4534 Guild of Graduates 417-4577 Services Centres Department University Bookshop 417-4515/16 Staff Common Room (SCR) Campus Cafeteria 421-3461 Student Affairs Admissions 417-4120 Examinations 417-4134 Transcripts & Records 417-4142 Student Accounts 417-4110 Graduate Studies 417-4131

Island associations, Caribbean Integration, Faculty Weeks

Island Association’s Week-During the first semester each island association is given the opportunity to turn Cave Hill into a microcosm of their island for one week. Lectures, fun-days, colourful displays in the Student’s Union, movie nights and limes are the norm during each Island Association Week. Caribbean Integration Week-Caribbean Integration week is an explosive week of activities geared toward invoking a sense of Caribbean Pride and awareness of Caribbean issues. The bigger, better Caribbean Integration week planned for 2012 encompasses learning, creativity, socialization and discourse within a Caribbean context among the students of the campus that should infiltrate the wider Caribbean. Be a part of the movement, contribute to the movement, as we make Caribbean Integration a Reality. Faculty Weeks-the second semester sees each faculty showcase their talents and achievements during a week of activities. Church services, expos on the Guild Lawn, games evenings and lectures are common features during each faculty week which usually culminate with the ever-popular beer limes. Clubs and Societies weeks-Semester 2 gives clubs and associations the opportunity to highlight their work and increase their membership with (sometimes shared) weeks of activity.

Faculties Faculty of Humanities & Education 417-4385 Faculty of Law 417-4227 Faculty of Medical Sciences 417-4264 Faculty of Pure & Applied Sciences 417-4312 Faculty of Social Sciences 417-4265 Libraries & Learning Resources Main Library 417-4440 Law Library 417-4245 Computer Centre 417-4186



Freshers’ Week Freshers’ Week-To help you settle into your social life at Cave Hill a

week of activities geared towards freshers, is held at the beginning of Semester 1. It includes a fun day, freshers’ fete and an open air concert entitled Woodstock, where freshers’ are encouraged to share their talents on the big stage.

Weeks of Activities

SEMESTER I BEGINS AUGUST 28, 2011 Week 1 Week 2

Registration and Orientation Freshers’ Week

Week 3

Guild Councilors’ Week

Sunday 28th August -Saturday 3rd September Sunday 4th September-Saturday 10th September

MONDAY SEPTEMBER 5, 2011 -- TEACHING BEGINS Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8 Week 9 Week 10 Week 11 Week 12 Week 13 Week 14

Sunday 11th September - Saturday 17th September ICC WORKSHOP 14th and 15th SEPTEMBER SKNSA/ABSA/BELSAC Week Sunday 18th September - Saturdy 24th September Unity Week (Halls of Residence) Week Sunday 25th September - Saturday 1st October GRENSAC/ TABS/ Circle K Week Sunday 2nd October - Saturday 8th October LUSAC/ DOMSAC/ Debating Society Week Sunday 9th October - Saturday 15th October JASAC Week Sunday 16th October - Saturday 22nd October VINSA Week Sunday 23rd October - Saturday 29th October TTSA Week Sunday 30th October - Saturday 5th November Combined Territories Week Sunday 6th November - Saturday 12th November BSA Week Sunday 13th November - Saturday 20th November UMS/ UDS/ PHOTAC Week Sunday 20th November - Saturday 27th November SILENT PERIOD Sunday 27th November - Saturday 10th December

Week 15 Week 16 Week 17




carnival Week

Carnival Week-True to the cultures of the Caribbean islands of which it is a product, The University of the West Indies Cave Hill Campus, U.W.I Carnival takes place towards the end of semester 2. Complete with calypso and soca monarch competitions, pageantry, limes and parties, UWEEVAL as it is sometimes called, culminates with a jouvert morning jam followed by playing mas on the streets. Finally a massive after party featuring the best entertainment the region has to offer, brings the curtain down on the carnival. All these events combined guarantee its authenticity as one of the premier festivals in the Caribbean.

Sunday 27th November - Saturday 10th December Sunday 11th December - Saturday 17th December Sunday 18th December - Saturday 23th December

SEMESTER II BEGINS Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8 Week 9 Week 10 Week 11 Week 12 Week 13

New Clubs and Societies/ Social Clubs CARIBBEAN INTEGRATION WEEK Halls / UWI HARP Week Medical Sciences/ Post Grad Week Humanities Week LAW WEEK Pure and Applied Sciences Week Social Sciences Week CARNIVAL WEEK YEA/ ASA/ ROTORACT Religious Association Week UWI STAT Week SILENT PERIOD

Sunday 22nd January - Saturday 28th January Sunday 29th January- Saturday 4th February Sunday 5th February - Saturday 11th Febraury Sunday 12th February - Saturday 18th February Sunday 19th February - Saturday 25th February Sunday February 26 - Saturday 3rd March Sunday 4th March - Saturday 10th March Sunday 11th March- Saturday 17th March Sunday 18th March - Saturday 24th March Sunday 25th March - Saturday 31st March Sunday 1st April - Saturday 7th April Sunday 8th April - Saturday 14th April Sunday 15th April - Saturday 21st April

21st APRIL , 2012 TEACHING ENDS SEMESTER WEEK OF STUDY LEAVE 23rd tp 27th APRIL, 2012 Week 14 Week 15 Week 16


Sunday 29th April - Saturday 5th May Sunday 6th May - Saturday 12th May Sunday 13th May - Friday 19th April

SEMESTER II ENDS - Friday 19th April



Welcome to Barbados The most easterly island in the Caribbean Sea boasts 166 square miles of lush and exotic greenery along with a network of gullies and caves awaiting exploration on its interior. These are surrounded by beautiful white sand beaches on its south and west coasts and rugged sea cliffs on its north and east coasts. Extensive road networks makes discovering the treasures that Barbados has to offer as well as the daily commute relatively easy. The Tainos peoples, commonly referred to as Arawaks, were the first inhabitants of the island we have come to know as Barbados. The name ‘Los Barbados’ meaning the ‘bearded ones’ would arrive with the Portuguese who visited in 1536 naming it for its proliferation of “bearded fig-trees”. In 1627 the island was settled by the British and it quickly emerged as the gem of the Britain’s West Indian possessions earning it the nick name “Little England”. The island would continue to carry this moniker until the end of the colonial era, which came as a result of political independence on November 30th 1966. Independence also marked the shift from Sugar which had been the backbone of the island’s economy from the 1600’s to Tourism as the main industry. Light manufacturing and financial services also make an important contribution to the island’s current GDP.

Barbados Facts Location: 13°0′N 59°32′W Capital: Bridgetown Government: Parliamentary Democracy (in British Commonwealth) Independence Day: November 30th (since 1966) Area: 166 square miles Parishes: 11 Main Industries: Tourism, Sugar, Light manufacturing Population: 278,289 Ethnicity: 93% African, 3% European 1%Asian (Chinese/Indian) 3% Mixed races Literacy: 97.6% Per capita income: $13,003 Currency: The Barbados dollar (BDS$) Exchange rate: US $1= BDS$2 Area Code: 246 (plus seven digit local number.) Emergency numbers: 211 Police, 311 Fire Department,511-Ambulance Famous Barbadians: Sir Garfield Sobers (world’s greatest cricketer) Obadele Thompson (Olympic Bronze Medalist, first man to run 9.69 seconds wind assisted) Ryan Brathwaite (reigning 110 metre hurdle world champion) Robyn “Rihanna” Fenty (Grammy Award winning International Recording Artiste)



Sightseeing & Activities

The Animal Flower Cave-Located on the rugged sea cliffs of the most northern Parish of St.Lucy, The Animal Flower Cave as its name would suggest is home to unusual animal flowers called sea anemones. While the sea anemone population has dwindled in recent years, this large sea cave with its huge chambers also houses many pools and unusual rock formations. An informal café serves cold drinks and sandwiches which you can enjoy while sitting under the shade of coconut leaf roofed sheds while enjoying the breathtaking scenery of the rugged North Coast. Tel: (246) 439-8797. Segway of Barbados- For an exciting truly “off-road” adventure ride the world-renowned Segway PT in the beautiful setting of Cove Bay, St.Lucy. Tel: (246) 426-5740 / 253-6772 or visit: segwaybarbados. com Arlington House - Located in the heart of historic Speightstown, Arlington is a genuine eighteenth century house which has been restored and transformed into an interactive museum. With three floors of interactive audio and visual exhibits, the museum uncovers rich Barbados’ sugar heritage and revisits Speightstown’s days as a trading “hub” of the new world in an entertaining and informal fashion. Tel: (246) 422 4064 The Barbados Wildlife Reserve- Opposite the picturesque Farley Hill National Park, set amidst the lush greenery of a Mahogany grove, and neighboring The Grenade Hall signal station, The Wildlife Reserve is home to many exotic species including; deer, agouti, otters, mongoose and the green monkey. A walk-in bird aviary and iguana sanctuary is also featured here. Tel: (246) 422-8826. Aerial Trek- Experience the thrill of zipping between eight platforms, hundreds of feet above the breathtaking Jack-in-the-Box Gully, St.Thomas using zip line technology. This is an adventure literally not for the faint of heart! Tel: 438-8735. Email: info@ Harrison’s Cave - Journeying into the cave takes you underground past cascading waterfalls, bubbling streams and beautiful stalactite and stalagmite rock formations spread across the cavern. Harrison’s Cave is truly one of the natural wonders of the world. Tel: (246) 417-3700 Andromeda Botanical Gardens - Situated on a Cliffside overlooking the East Coast of the island Andromeda Gardens the creation of the late horticulturalist Iris Bannochie, features both local


flora as well as exotic plants and blooms from around the world. For those wishing to experience the calm and serene of nature at its best, Andromeda is well worth the visit. Tel: (246)433-8152 The Barbados Museum - Located in the Garrison Historic Area and set in a former military prison, the Museum is the best to quench your thirst for knowledge about Barbados. Exhibits date back from the days of the Amerindians right through the colonial era right up until present day. Exhibits of animal life found in Barbados currently and days bygone are also featured. For further reading the Museum bookshop shelves an extensive array of books dealing with every aspect of Barbados. You are now on your way to becoming a “Barbados expert!”


Beaches-Barbados is renowned for its crystal clear waters, coral reefs and beautiful white sandy beaches. Here are just a few of the more popular choices! Brandon’s – This beach runs parallel with the Spring Garden Highway and is one of the longest stretches of white-sand beach on the island and is around 15-20 minutes walk from campus. It is home to Weiser’s beach bar which offers affordable cocktails and a “grilled” menu. There is also a beach facility as well as lifeguard tower and beach volleyball court for your convenience, safety and enjoyment. Further north is Brighton beach which is closer to campus and located behind the Malibu Rum distillery. No beach or lifeguard facilities exist here. Batts Rock - A jaunt down the hill and about 10 minute walk headed north followed by a left turn taking you downhill brings you to Batts Rock. Equipped with bathroom facilities and park benches nestled amongst trees, this beach is ideal for picnics. Batts Rock also features a play park perfect for the child at heart. Browne’s Beach - Perhaps the finest beach on the island, this expanse of shoreline stretches from the heart of the capital city Bridgetown and runs parallel to Bay Street home to several party spots, guest houses and restaurants before it reaches its southern limits a few metres shy of the world-renowned Barbados Hilton. The beach facility is located in the middle of the beach at Carlisle Bay. Picnic benches and two lifeguard stations make Browne’s beach the perfect and perhaps safest place for a day at the beach.


Rockley Beach - Popularly known as “Accra” and located on the bustling south coast, this beach boasts excellent beach facilities which include showers, park benches, shops and a boardwalk which follows the coast back to Bridgetown. With popular hangout spots like the Quayside centre, Bert’s Bar and Chefette restaurant just across the road Accra is a great option for more than just the beach. Folkstone - Located in the west coast city of Holetown, Folkstone beach features a park complete with picnic area and tennis courts. Folkstone is also home to a marine reserve open to the public. Silver Sands - On the Southern tip of the island lies the “not for the faint at heart silver sands” featuring a number of extreme water sports activities including wind-surfing and kite-surfing. Silver Sands also features beach facilities including washrooms and changing rooms. A play park is also part of the fun at Silver Sands. Bathsheba - A surfer’s paradise located in the east, Bathsheba offers scenic views of the island’s rugged east coast. Dedicated bus services from Bridgetown and Speightstown make getting there a breeze. With beach and picnic facilities as well as a souvenir shop, beach bar and surfing school, Bathsheba is a perfect place to hang out and get your feet wet in the surf.


Farley Hill Atop the picturesque Farley Hill in St.Peter lies an eponymous National Park which has in recent years has become the home of the premier music festivals Barbados has to offer. The Barbados Jazz Festival Overlooking the scenic east coast, enjoy the cool January breezes rolling off the Atlantic ocean as you sit nestled amongst the trees caressed by the soothing rhythms of jazz. The Barbados Jazz Festival features the best musical talent Barbados has to offer like renowned saxophonist Arturo Topping as well as International megastars such as Marcus Miller, Lionel Richie and Kenneth “Babyface” Edmunds just to name a few who have graced the stage. For further information check out Reggae on the Hill Experience the vibe of the biggest and best in Reggae the region has to offer; set against the backdrop of greenery that is Farley Hill National Park. Featuring top local reggae acts such as Buggy and the Fully Loaded Band along with reggae superstars such as Richie Spice, Capleton and Sizzla live and direct from Jamaica this is one “roots, rock, reggae” session you will not want to miss. Gospelfest The biggest Christian event on the calendar, weeklong concerts culminate in the serene of Farley Hill National Park with what has become known as “One Awesome Day”. This event features the likes of Kirk Franklyn and Israel and New Breed from abroad, Papa San, Jason Mighty from Jamaica, Hosea Hinds from Barbados and other regional and international artistes. They are usually joined by God, The Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit. Gospelfest truly is awesome!


Crop Over/ Holetown and Oistins Festivals Crop Over - Six weeks of endless fetes accented by cultural extravaganzas, shows and competitions, it is a festival that you cannot afford to miss. Having its historical roots in the traditional end of the crop celebrations dating back to the days of Plantation rule, the festival now features everything from Arts and Craft exhibitions to Calypso and Soca Monarch competitions, all culminating with the costumed revelry of Grand Kadooment. Crop Over truly is “Sweet fuh days!”

Holetown Festival - Originally known as “James Town” in honour of the then reigning British monarch, Holetown on the west coast of the island marks the spot on which British settlers first landed and settled in Barbados in 1627. The month of February sees the celebration of this settlement with the Holetown festival. Arts and Craft take center stage along with a pageant, parade, great food and traditional forms of entertainment such as: the “Tuk band” and contemporary entertainers as they celebrate Barbados’ rich history. Oistins Fish Festival - On the south coast of Barbados, the fishing town of Oistins (a great nightspot on weekends) really comes alive every April as a week of activities known as the Oistins Fish Festival. Culminating on the Easter weekend with traditional contests such as the “fish-boning” and “climbing the greasy pole” along with entertainment from Steel bands and Calypsonians, Oistins Fish Festival is not to be missed, and of course it’s a great place to get some fish!


Clothes & souvenirs

Bridgetown Dating back more than 380 years, the capital of Barbados is a vibrant town full of culture and heritage. Bridgetown is a one stop shop for all of your needs whether that be clothes, toiletries, equipment or simply to grab a bite to eat. Take a stop at any one of the many shops along Broad Street, Swans Street or even Roebuck Street. Clothing Nulook $ Underground $ Genesis $ bSharp $$ Swagga Store $$ Surf Shak $$$ Red Boutique $$$ Cave Shepherd $$$ Shoes Superstyle $ Swimwear UpBeat $$ Souvenirs and Memorabilia Pelican Village $$ Curtains and Sheets Abeds $$ SY Adams $ Sheraton Centre The mall that has it all! Located in the parish of Christ Church, Sheraton Centre is a shopping centre and hangout spot in one. Want to catch a movie, visit the health store or even get some pictures taken? Sheraton is the place for you! Sheraton was the first mall to open on the island and with more than 120 stores, it has the distinction of being called the largest mall in Barbados. Clothing Sa Sa Boutique $$ Bongo $ Dingolay $$$ Oxygen $$$ Shoes Thani’s $$ Red Boutique $$$ Swimwear UpBeat $$ Souvenirs and Memorabilia Gifts n’ Things $$$ Holetown Just a few kilometers away from the campus, the picturesque Holetown offers a variety of shopping boutiques and stores outside of Bridgetown. Located on the upscale tourist belt, the St. James town is famous for its jewellery stores, souvenir shops and restaurants. Clothing Beth & Tracie $$ Shoes Cave Shepherd $$ Swimwear West Coast Mall $$$ Souvenirs and Memorabilia Chattel House Village $$


Supermarkets/Grocery Shopping/fast food Carlton A1 $$ Open until a minute past 10 and being just a five minute drive away from the campus, it’s an ideal supermarket for students. Students have the option to use the Route 3 ZRs or utilize the supermarket’s shuttle service. Carlton’s also offers a 5% discount off your purchase on Fridays. Jordans $ Jordans supermarket has two locations; Fitt’s Village, St. James (a 10 minute drive from campus) or Baxter’s Road, St. Michael (a 30 minute drive from campus). Jordans offers a range of items at affordable prices. Trimart $$ With five convenient locations across the island, it is no wonder that Trimart is one of the leading supermarkets on the island. Students can opt for Trimart at De Junction St. Peter, Rendezvous Christ Church, St.Martin’s St. Philip, Bridge Street St. Michael or Haggat Hall St. Michael. The Haggat Hall location is home to another major mall on the island, Mall Internationale. Students can find everything here from electronics, banking services, a pharmacy and printing services. Cherish $ The Cherish outlets are ideal for students. The stores have a select range of groceries and toiletries that can suit the tightest budget. Both stores can be found on Swan Street in Bridgetown St. Michael. Super Centre $$ Super Centre is the largest supermarket chain on the island with five locations from Holetown to Oistins. The Super Centre Warrens Complex is the most popular with students on campus. It is a seven minute drive off campus and has a wide range of small shops and boutiques offering everything from stationery, glasses, toiletries and clothing. You can also order your groceries online at Students can also take advantage of the free shuttle service provided. Fast Food/Grabbing A Bite Chefette $ Unique to Barbados, Chefette is the source for chicken meals, burgers and even roti. Of the 14 Chefette Restaurants scattered across the island, the closet locations are in Warrens and Black Rock. KFC $ The international fast food franchise has more than 10 restaurants in Barbados. Warrens and Black Rock are also home to KFC outlets. Don’t feel like leaving your residence? Give their delivery team a call at (246)424-8888 to try any one of their delicious chicken specials or combos.

NightlifeOff-campus entertainment St. Lawrence Gap - Popularly known as “The Gap” in Barbados, this is a mecca for partying. The Gap is home to many bars, clubs and restaurants. The hot spots are; Reggae Lounge which specializes, as its name suggests in Reggae and Dancehall vibes, McBride’s and the The Ship Inn which both offer great food, premium drinks and excellent live and deejay entertainment. Both have a cover charge of between BDS $20-$35 and are great hangout spots from as early as Thursday. The Boatyard - Also known as “Taboo” for its branded Saturday night parties and located in the capital city Bridgetown along Bay Street, this beach club is one of Barbados’ most popular party areas , featuring the islands best Deejays, promo girls and premium drinks, jello-shots and hundreds of party-people. Patrons not allowed to go on the nearby beach during taboo parties. 1st and 2nd Street - As their name suggests, the first two streets in Barbados are now dedicated to merriment and celebration. Located in Holetown on the bustling west coast, come out and mingle with locals and tourists in a variety of bars stocked with premium drinks while listening to live or deejay music, sampling exotic dishes or bajan treats. This is the best place to go for an Old Year’s Party! Bump ‘N Wine Café - for the fan of great food, crazy cocktails and live entertainment Bump ‘N Wine Café located at Cavans Lane in the city is for you. With live music from local bands on Saturday’s and an open mic poetry/freestyle session on Tuesdays, the laid back atmosphere at Bump ‘N Wine is not to be missed. The Lucky Horseshoe - This steakhouse along with its delicious platters also features cable television and slot machines for those willing to take a chance. With two locations Worthing (on the south coast) and Warrens (stone’s-throw from campus) this is a great place to hang out and enjoy a drink with friends.

Pizza Man Doc $ “After eating de Best forget de rest!” That’s the slogan for one of Barbados’ oldest pizza outlets. Call (246)424-4571 for the delivery service. TNT Barbeque $ Take a five minute walk to the bottom of University Drive if you are ever in the mood for a range of barbequed meats including chicken, spare ribs and pig tails.





The Olympus Theatres - located at the Sheraton Mall in Sargeant’s Village Christ Church is the island’s most popular cinema. With six big screens featuring the latest movies from Hollywood and occasionally local or regional films, the cinema is themed with cities from around the world. With the recent implementation of 3D technology, you can now enjoy the wonders of 3D movies in Barbados. You can purchase your choice of snack from the wide variety offered by their concessionaire and enjoy the movie! The Globe - Located on the outskirts of Bridgetown, The globe cinema offers movie-goers two movies for the price of one with the option of viewing from the cinema floor or for a few dollars more the balcony. It’s a great place to catch the latest Hollywood Blockbuster action film, a riotous comedy or a chick-flick with a good friend while enjoying a refreshing sip of your drink and a bite of your snack from the concessionaire downstairs. The Globe Drive- In – Located in the parish of Christ Church, is just a 10 minute drive away from Sharaton Mall. It shows up to two shows and you have to tune your radio to 107.3 to receive the audio from the movie.

The University of the West Indies provides a shuttle service available to all its students on presentation of your identification. The shuttles ply three routes; Warrens, NCF (West Terrace) and Bridgetown.

Transport Board-

The Barbados Transport Board provides transportation to all parts of the island with two bus depots in Bridgetown, one in the east at Mangrove, St.Philip with the other in the north located at Speightstown, St.Peter. They have the largest buses on the roads identifiable by their light blue colour scheme featuring a yellow stripe on the sides and “BM” license plates. Schoolchildren (not including U.W.I students) ride free all others pay $2.00BDS.These buses use a fare box system so please have exact fare ready before boarding these buses. The last bus for all routes leaves at 12 a.m.


One of two forms of privately owned public service vehicles (PSVs) ply shorter routes than the transport board buses. Minibuses are recognizable by their Yellow paint scheme with blue stripe and “B” license plates. A sign placed in the lower left hand corner of the windshield displays the destination of the minibus in question. Passengers also pay $2.00BDS which is collected by a conductor who will provide change if necessary. This service usually ends around 10 p.m.

ZR Vans-

So called because of their (ZR) license plates these “PSVs” ply the shortest routes in the island. In addition to their license plates, all ZRs are painted white with a maroon stripe running across the side. These “PSVs” also carry a route number displayed on both the front and back of the vehicles. This number, along with a sign in the lower left-hand corner of the windshield, indicates the destination of the vehicle. Passengers pay $2.00BDS which is collected by a conductor or the driver who will provide change if necessary. ZR’s with the #3 displayed, travel from Bridgetown through Black Rock and pass the main campus continuing into West Terrace, Wanstead and surrounding areas. This service usually ends around 10 p.m.


Public Transportation in Barbados stops at 12 a.m so if you are out beyond this time a taxi would most likely be your only option. Taxi fare varies depending on the number of passengers and the distance traveled.




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