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island association faculty clubs & societies weeks ISLAND ASSOCIATION WEEKS During the first semester, each Island Association is given one week to turn Cave Hill into a microcosm of their respective country and showcase just what their country’s culture is about to the rest of the campus. These island associations make use of several events to do this, ranging from lectures, fun-days, plays, pageants, union socials and the increasingly popular and anticipated food days, where the Island Associations the food that is native to their home country for the students’ pleasure. All these and more are what make Island Association weeks so enjoyable!

faculty weeks In the second semester, every Faculty has the chance to display their talents and acheivements during their week of activities. Here you will also find panel discussion, church services, and expos. Whether you belong to Humanities & Education, Medical Sciences, Law, Science & Technology or Social Sciences, you have a chance to get to know your fellow faculty mates better and also mingle with members from the other faculties and see what they have to offer. This is your chance to learn something new!


clubs & Societies weeks Every Club and Society on campus, is given a week in the second semester as an opportunity to show the hard yet rewarding work that they engage in and also have a chance to increase their membership throguh expos.

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