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by elections What is the Guild of students?

WHO Are the Guild Council?

According to the Guild of Students’ constitution; All matriculated students of the University of the West Indies shall be Full Members of the Guild and shall

The Guild Council is the executive of the Guild of Students and is the recognised means of

remain members for so long they are actually following a course of study approved by the Senate notwithstanding that they may have become members of the Guild of Graduates.

communication between the members of the Guild of Students as a body and the authorities of the University. The council is constituted of twenty-two (22) councillors; These twenty-two councillors being; The President

Full Members of the Guild shall have the following rights.

The Vice-President The Guild Treasurer The Post-Graduate Representative/CHAPS President

(a) The right to frequent the Union and to enjoy all its facilities and amenities. (b) The right to vote at all Guild Elections and to stand for election for any office in the Guild except when debarred by lack of any special qualification.

The Publications Committee Chairman The Union Committee Chairman The National Affairs Committee Chairman The international Affairs Committee Chairman The Games Committee Chairman The Humanities & Education Representative

(c) The right to wear the official University colours.

The Law Representative

(d) The right to frequent the games fields and enjoy all the facilities and amenities offered. (e) The right to participate in all activities sponsored by the Guild, and

The Science & Technology Representative The Social Sciences Representative The Medical Sciences Representative The Public Relations Officer The Returning Officer The Librarian

(f) Such other rights as may be conferred by this Constitution from time to time.

The Part-Time Representative The Sir Philip Sherlock Hall Chairman The Sir Frank Worrell Hall Chairwoman Staff Representative


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