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ALEX RANDALL studio (by appointment only) 10 Cranleigh Mews Battersea London SW11 2QL +44 (0) 203 302 7136 Enquiries:

Alex Randall Bespoke

Alex Randall (born in 1982, London) is an award-winning British artist and designer who creates truly remarkable lighting.

Randall first attended the Chelsea School of Art in 2001, where she studied sculpture and later in Falmouth College of Art where she completed an MA in Professional Writing. Besides creating her first lamp at the age of eight Randall launched her career as a lighting artist and in 2006 she designed her first piece, the award winning Bakelite Telephone Lamp. Her work established recognition the following year, making it’s way into the marketplace in stores such as Liberty and Harvey Nichols. She is now considered to be at the forefront of the design & art crossover. Randall’s works range from large bespoke chandeliers for commercial and residential projects to smaller collectable items, which are now available from Atelier | Randall – her online studio collection. Her work has been shown and installed throughout the world including, Lane Crawford- Hong Kong, Ken Fulk- San Francisco and more recently in her pop- up boutique in The Sanderson Hotel-London. Randall works on large-scale projects for both private and commercial interiors. She has numerous high profile and celebrity clients and has provided pieces to specialist commercial interiors; from stores, through to boutique hotels and restaurants.

Chelsea Townhouse

Butterfly Cabinet Steel framed glass cabinet Stamped message on a bottle with 100 wire mounted butterflies

Chelsea, London Autumn 2013

Alex Randall Bespoke

The Hamptons

Alex Randall Bespoke

Squirrel Wall Lamps 50 x 10 x 10 cm Humanely sourced squirrel Metal wall plate Pigeon Pendants Pigeon taxidermy Suspended on wire

The Hamptons, New York Spring 2010

4x Squirrel Wall Lamps 50 x 10 x 10 cm Humanely sourced squirrel taxidermy Metal wall plate 1x Pigeon Desk Lamp 450 x 350 x 300 cm Humanely sourced pigeon taxidermy Steel base

West end, London Spring 2011

The Riding House Cafe

Alex Randall Bespoke

The Crosby Street Hotel Bakelite Telephone Lamp 30 x 25 x 20 Vintage Bakelite square phone lamp Flexible ‘gooseneck’ arm

Manhattan, NY Autumn 2008

1x Loadhailer Pendant 100 x 65 x 65 cm Metal loudhailers Steel Frame

Bakelite Telephone Lam 30 x 25 x 20

Vintage Bakelite square p Flexible ‘gooseneck’ arm

Omotesando, To Spring 2012

Ted Bake

3x Cinematic Chandeliers Steel framework Antique theatre spot lights Glass globes Steel framework

Kuwait Spring 2013

Ted Baker, Kuwait

Alex Randall Bespoke


phone lamp


ker, Tokyo

1 x Lantern Chandlier 37 vintage style street lamps Steel framework

Turkey Autumn 2013

Ted Baker, Turkey

Alex Randall Bespoke

Ted Baker Liverpool One 1x Electric Guitar Chanderlier 160cm x130cm Vintage guitars EL wire Steel frame 1x Keyboard Chandelier 150cmx 150cm Vintage keyboards EL wire Steel frame

Liverpool, Midlands Autumn 2013

Alex Randall Bespoke

3 x Lantern Pigeon Pendants 3 antique street lamps Taxidermy pigeons

St Germain, Paris Autumn 2011

Ted Baker, Paris

2x Oval Chain Chandeliers Antique chips lights Brass and silver chain Steel framework

Balham, London Summer 2010

The Avalon

Alex Randall Bespoke

2x Closed Chain Chandeliers 1x Open Chain Chandelier Divers Helmet Desk Lamp Spiny Ball Chandelier Cellar Bottle Chandelier

San Francisco, USA Summer 2013

Ken Fulk, San Francisco

Alex Randall Bespoke

4 x Blacksmith Bellow Pendants 7 x Aladdin Pendants Aladdin Chandelier Sanctuary Chandelier

Camden, London Autumn 2010

The Blues Kitchen

Valor Oil Chandelier 19 x Street Lamp Stem Lamps 6 x Fan Bar Lights 30x Ships Wall Lights Filament Bulb Clusters

Shoreditch, London Autumn 2012

Shoreditch Butchery

Alex Randall Bespoke

Alex Randall Bespoke

7 x Silk Drum Pendants 3 x Chicken Wire Chandeliers

Kilburn, London Summer 2012

Love & Liquor

Alex Randall Bespoke

The Cage Chandelier Antique Cage 38 White doves, 3 Crows & a Hummingbird Shaped copper ring with LEDs The Squirrel Wall Lamp 50 x 10 x 10 cm Humanely sourced squirrel Metal wall plate

The Fly-tox Lamp 60x30x30cm Dried Butterflies Antique Insect Spray Cannister

Kiddington Hall Estate , Oxfordshire Autumn 2013

Kiddington Hall

Randall & Rosen


{ b i’ s p o k } past of BESPEAK. adjective [attrib.] chiefly Brit


he adventures of Randall & Rosen began in spring 2009, by chance Claire Rosen had come across Alex Randall’s bespoke lighting designs and felt a special synergy which was recognized by both artists almost immediately. Claire Rosen is known around the globe for her blend of fine art sensibility, which she combines with her commercial work to create whimsical imagery. Her interest in story telling, extrodinary fascination with the bizarre and unusual has attributed to the use of curiosities within her work. A collaboration with Alex Randall was not only natural but inspiring, Rosen comments ‘I just adore Alex and her chandeliers; what I am most drawn to is that

the materials she uses all have a history or past life and that she is able to highlight that story in a lighting fixture in an interesting and magical way.’ Randall an award winning British Lighting Designer has received international acclaim for her bespoke designs. She is known for her use of unconventional materials in large-scale chandeliers, such as taxidermy, rawhide and salvaged materials. While her work is considered at the forefront of the art/design crossover, Randall is also influenced by story telling- putting to use her MA in creative writing Randall builds a concept for her work from extracts or poems she has written. Sourcing her ideas from forgotten treasure, artifacts

and waste products to fathom something almost mythical and reinterpreted. Randall & Rosen have taken a creative journey together from hot air balloons in evening skys, to pig farms in the misty valleys and to pastures of land in the vast acres of farmland in Devon. Take a moment and look here to cast your eyes across something truely magical. *Prints are available as limited editions.

Left: The Dreamer

Top: In Memory of the Carousel Carousel Horse Pendant Bottom: Beware of the Squirrels Squirrel Wall Lights

Randall & Rosen

Right: Magritte’s Phone Bakelite Phone Lamp Left: The Hunt Partridge Pendants

Right: The Dreamers Pigeon Pendants Left: Your word is a lamp unto my feet

Randall & Rosen

Top: The Ballonist The Gramophone Chandelier Bottom: The Traveller Aladdin Chandeliers


Alex Randall Bespoke Look Book 2014  
Alex Randall Bespoke Look Book 2014