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1. Social Media: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly 2. Persona: The Ambitious One 3. TED Talks 4. Cross-media Concepting 5. Community Building and Co-creation 6. Transmedia Storytelling 7.WOM 8. About Alex P. Sohani: Personal Brand

Social Media

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Social Media is the future of communication. It is consists of internet and mobile based technological developments which evolved communication to the next level, allowing interactive cohesion amongst companies, communities and people. It is a intermediary for the exchange of content created by users. It is easily accessible and is creating new technological advancements which enhance social cohesion, along with creating a new market for companies to generate advancement. We should all be thankful for Web 2.0 and its techno developments which we are now accustomed to. Many companies understand the advantages of implementing social media tools into their practices. Unfortunately, there are some who use social media the right way while others use social media the wrong way. An example of a company who has rightfully used social media is Ford Motor Company. Ford has used social media tools and implemented these in their marketing tactics. Ford has started a blog allowing those interested in buying a new car who visit here to get a feel of Ford’s cultural vibe and experience it from a social stance right at the start.

Their blog known as ‘The Ford Sto- people to show off their pictures. ry’ is an innovative platform with a They understand the importance esthetically pleasing layout where of social media in marketing and viewers can read comments left by have grasped an effective route to visitors in regards to all blog posts optimize its strengths.The use of uploaded via Ford and is the first social media to encourage cohevisable sion amongst attribute clients and fans on their of a brand is a website, strong plus point allowing among compafanatnies. Ford was ics and smart with their curious tactics and I people’s think it is wise comments to implement be first thing readable on this blog. such tools and techniques in an The Ford Story has introduced their established company to elevate blog and reader’s comments to new their game to other aspects than viewers which gives a welcoming just revenue-based. Indirectly, their first impression to those visiting strategy applied progresses their their site. It shows that they are profits in a deeper sense. customer-oriented and that their opinions are valued. Social Media gone WRONG Ford encourages viewers to express McDonalds wanted to create a their stories in regards to them place where fans of the colossal by offering web-options allowing restaurant chain could share their people to post their experiences, wonderful experiences at their local opinions, recommendations, etc branch. They created #MCDstoin various aspects, such as safety ries for this. Unfortunately, their and personalization. Most might marketing tactic didn’t generate the think that this is exsilly since ignopected “...a company should be careful rant people can rewhen using social media tools... ” sults. post negative Furicomments but Ford thinks of this from a different ous customers used the hash tag to post and discuss their bad expeperspective. They have customriences for all to view. One client er’s experience and insight which escalated the matter by stating that gives them new ideas on car dehe would rather consume his own signing for the future. They do a diarrhea than go back to McDongreat job of involving their clients alds. The companies PR team tried and enthusiasts in their company’s to rescue their reputation by statprogression.Enabling functions to ing that only 2% of the comments allow viewers to upload pictures is were negative. Even after doing so, a smart tactic to attract new viewthey still removed the label later ers and embrace existing clients to that week. I think that people will the next level. Ford has made this always be a critic and enjoy putting site more interactive and dynamic others down. Even with its large by adding a Flickr widget allowing

presence, one glitch in their organizational design leads to derogatory remarks which inflict their image in the eyes of others. I have learned that a company should be careful when using social media tools to enhance their doings, it can often backfire. Kenneth Cole used Cairo’s uprisings as a heartless manner to publicize their new spring collection last year by posting a shameless text. “Millions are in uproar in Cairo. Rumor is they heard our new spring collection is now available online”. This created a huge uproar. The company apologized for the message and removed it as well. This didn’t hold back someone from creating a spoof twitter account, discussing their wrong doings and making it a public matter.

My interpretation of this issue is that companies should be more sensitive to political happenings and should be careful and sensitive to how others will interpret the matter. It was meant to be humorous but there are those who are directly affected by Cairo’s doings who see this as belittling and demeaning. Be careful what you say, it cannot be taken back once published online.

- A.P. Sohani


The Ambitious One

Sir Ken Robinson

says schools kill creativity. I decided to watch a TED video by Ken Robinson, a British University Professor give a lecture on the world’s education system killing creativity among children. The reason for watching this particular video is partially due to the topic being in relation the minor course Creative Industry. I was expecting an insight on how school systems demolish the emphasis on creativity within children and more on accreditation on paper, diplomas for example. Ken Robinson sees creativity as the important as literacy. He discusses how kids shouldn’t be afraid to be wrong. The educational system’s expectations make kids afraid to be wrong in comparison to decades ago. He mentioned a line which I found to impactful to my interpretation of this subject. He says, “If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you will never come up with anything original. The world today praises academic ability on a higher level than creativity, why? Why do schools put

subjects like math and languages therapist. The teacher left the room at the top of the hierarchy of suband turned on the radio while leavjects and humanity and arts at the ing. He walked to his mother and bottom? Within arts, the study of told her to look through the winart and music is ranked of higher dow to see what her daughter was importance than drama and dance, doing. She was dancing emphatiwhy? It seems that the world prais- cally. He recommended enrolling es subjects mastered which are at her in a dance school where she the top demand in the work field. later excelled to fame and became Degrees are less valuable than years a millionaire. Today, in such a case before. The same job which used to a doctor would stamp her as an require a BA A.D.H.D. patient now requires “The interesting thing is: if and would supa MA. The her emoyou do it for love, the money press education tions/creativity system of the comes anyway.” with a pill. This world is more - Sir Ken Robinson is the difference focused on I am trying to being literate rather than creative. point out. The world is globalizing There are many highly talented at a tremendous rate and we are people who think they are not not even sure about what will occur because they are stigmatized at 5 years from now. We should not school. Everyone sees William train kids at a young age to have Shakespeare as a frontier of creativ- a one-sided brain use approach ity and imagination but have you towards the evolving world. stopped to think about how he was when he was 7? The point is society is pointing us in a certain direction Richard which doesn’t do us much good in the progression of the world. In St. John’s 8 the early 1930’s there was a girl who secrets of sucwas always jumpy and fidgeting in cess. I choose class so the teacher sent her to a this TED

video because I thought of it as an inspiring/enlightening video which could give me an extra push to apply myself even harder towards the completion of my studies. This video is relevant to this Body of Knowledge Portfolio because its main message which it expresses is that success is not easily obtained nor is it an impossible jigsaw puzzle, it is achieved through efforts. This video discusses 8 so-called secrets to achieving success. Why are people successful? Is it because they are intelligent or just because they are flat-out lucky? According to analyst Richard St. John, it is neither. He has looked into this matterfor the past 7 years conducting 100s of interviews to acquire clarity on this question. The video I watched explains his concept of 8 secrets to success.Richard has found success doing what he loves for many years now. He has invested over a decade researching the lessons of success and has filtered them into 8 words which lead him to fame and a successful book. He was granted the opportunity to be among one thousand other geniuses and present his knowledge at TED. It is sad that personal development isn’t taught in schools in most countries. If schools were to focus on these aspects a bit more there would be more dedication towards people’s goals. I found this video insightful and useful for opening the eyes in ways I never thought about. The first secret is PASSION, you must be driven by your passion. Do it for love rather

than money. He elaborates how you should so passionate about what you are doing that you’d pay someone to do what you do. The second is WORK. Success is built solely on hard work. Nothing comes easily. Make sure it is fun to you..Thirdly, GOOD; to be successful put your nose down in something and get damn good at it. PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE! Fourthly, FOCUS; focus yourself to one thing. Fifthly, PUSH; Push yourself physically and mentally, you gotta PUSH, PUSH, PUSH! It is not always easy to push yourself, luckily God gave us Mothers.Sixthly, SERVE; millionaires serves others something of value, doctors for example. Seventhly, PERSIST; one must persist against CRAP (Criticism, Rejection, Assholes and Pressure) to avoid failure. Lastly, IDEAS; LISTEN, OBSERVE, be CURIOUS, ask QUESTIONS, PROBLEM SOLVE, make CONNECTIONS

Steve Jobs

How to live before you die. I chose this TED video which has Steve Jobs give a speech at Stanford University because I have heard so much about his character and drive but haven’t really heard much of his words. I can honestly

say that this video is more than I expected and I am thankful that I picked it. I found it relevant to Creative Industries because he chose to follow his heart and desires which led him to his tremendous success. His antics are not the expected path which schools and councilors would recommend but his courage to follow his heart’s desires gave him the success which he has today. Steve Jobs never graduated college. He dropped out after 6 months and continued for 6 months before officially quitting school. He decided that school was too expensive and that the mandatory curriculum made him follow courses which he had no interest in. After dropping out, he took a college course called calligraphy which was implemented in the very first Mac computer created in his garage with a friend. This Mac was also copied by Windows which means that if he hadn’t of followed the class, the world-renowned typography which we use everyday might not have ever come into existence. Could imagine that? He discusses 3 different aspects within his speech. The first is connecting the dots. He discusses how you cannot connect the dots looking forward, only backwards. It is important to trust your gut, karma, life, etc will connect the dots down road and will give you the confidence to follow your heart even if you are drifting off the path. This is what will actually make a difference. The second point he discussed was about love and loss. After building apple into a mega corporation worth over 2 billion dollars, he was fired. The board decided to bring in a younger executive with brighter ideas and let Steve Jobs go. He was devastated about this and felt that he let future entrepreneurs down, he felt like a



ed u n i t on


public failure. Later, he found his news, interests, current events, etc. Alexis true love and found Pixar animaHe emphasizes that it is important Ohanian tion which was an instant success. to be genuine in what you share How to make a Later on, Apple bought Pixar and and to not be afraid to lose control. splash in social ironically Steve was back at Apple. I found this article interesting bemedia. Sometimes life hits you with a brick cause it explained his real-life expeI chose this parbut you have to keep going. I realrience of an environmental matter ticular article to ize from his story that you have to which he discussed in a humorous read and write find what you love. It is important way. This created a buzz for many about for my portfolio since it had to work in something which gives users and companies both online a direct relevance with my minor’s you satisfaction, what you love. His and in actuality. Ultimately, this curriculum, social media. I was ex3rd and final point was about death. viral buzz created opportunities pecting a presentation about how to He was diagnosed with cancer to generate revenue. I understand make a dent in the Web 2.0 world, which was said to be incurable. It that it is important to stay in touch it turns out I was right. In this huwas a dark place in his life. Amazwith the social world and to relate morous, short presentation, Alexis ingly, after a test, doctors found to others, genuinely expressing Ohanian, co-founder of Reddit, cells which could be permanently you in manner where others can enlightens viewers how his actual removed by surgery. A year later relate and spark interest will create experience of social media stardom he was healthy and no longer had communities, followers, and a loyal arises from a humorous approach the terminal illness. At the time of fan base where the possibility for to a serious matter. He preaches diagnoses, he was told he had 3 to 6 profitability can arise. how social media is an effective tool months to be acknowledged to live with little (if any) “Stay hungry, stay foolish... ” which investment. Web 2.0 - Steve Jobs was a consultants are bankreaity ing with revenue for check. The moral of the speech a reason, it simply works. The inis to not let others hold you back. ternet is appealing to users because Our time here is limited and we it is the easiest way to discover new all share one common destination; things at your own convenience. death. Do not waste it living someThe internet plays a level playing one else’s life. Always trust your field for everyone, despite your heart and intuition, everything else looks, status, assets, etc. It is free is secondary. for If you want to succeed, you’ve got to be everyone to okay to just lose control.” - Alexis Ohanian share - A.P.Sohani and express matters which intrigue, reference:

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Cross Media is a media property, service, story or experience delivered via multiple media channels using a variety of media forms. It

refers to the linkage through various devices and forms and is mostly known in branded entertainment, advertising, games, etc where there is no sole media dependency but rather multiple platforms to access from. This concept has recently arrived and much in practice since the birth of Web 2.0. Cross-media campaigns can have a positive influence via repetition, authority and simultaneity but is not always the optimal solution for every case. The evolving media landscape has nothing to do with literacy. All current boundaries are blurring. All matters are intertwining, not just in media. As technology continues to flourish, people implement their new-found luxuries to access all forms of information, both work and leisure related. Developers who implement cross media into their practices are try to have the homogeneous audience switch from television to the internet so their objectives can be achieved. A few examples of forms and platforms are mobile phones, games, 3D communities, online communities, widgets, blogs, etc.

A strong cross-media concept consists of:r

1. Storytelling -having meaning and to evoke the experience of the consume 2. Medium Specificity- use different mediums in the right way, where by all mediums give the same message of the brand 3. Usability- the concept should be user friendly 4. Relevance- is it related and does it add any value? 5. Co-creation- it must stimulate consumers to be actively involved.


An example of a brand with a successful story which has used cross-media concepting is Pokémon. The Pokémon phenomenon originates in Japan nearly 15 years ago until brought to the United States and exploded. Since then, it has been one of the most lucrative brands to ever step foot into the game market. Their brand is a great example of cross-media concepting in my eyes. They have ranged from various market platforms and channels selling their brand-name products in trading card games, video game for Nintendo N64, the portable game console Game boy, television cartoon series, anime, movies, soundtracks,

merchandise and more. What is the key to their super system which has impacted us on a global scale? Since its release over a decade ago, the game has hardly changed. What is their formula? The U.S. Company Nintendo was well aware of the Japanese brand´s full story and acquired knowledge about the phenomenon before incorporating their design into the game. This action uses the principle of “synergy”, which is also known as media mix. This property became part of a single package with multiple spinoffs which built on each other. With careful licensing to their story line, characters, video games and the

overall Pokémon universe it lead to their success. It was originally introduced as a video game and later started a TV series. The TV series helped promote the game into a megahit. The two built upon each other as the game provided the shows narrative and content. The synergistic strategy was used in children´s marketing. Hell, even I can say I was part of the craze back in elementary school. I remember trading holographic cards. Ultimately, this strategy leads to a cultural trend coordinated by marketing in which cross-media concepting played a role.. - A.P. Sohani

Community Building

& Co-creation

com·mu·ni·ty (k-myn-t) build·ing (bldng); a field of practices directed

toward the creation or enhancement of community among individuals within a regional area (such as a neighborhood) or with a common interest. It is sometimes encompassed under the field of community development . -

There are hundreds of characteristics which help build a successful brand community. I have narrowed them down to three of which I find most useful for ensuring success.

1. A strong story

Brands today are mere identities and personalities that enable consumers to express them through its use. Have a strong brand story helps consumers to relate to their background and their activities. It encourages consumers to relate to their brands standpoint and original. It gives clients a reason to follow their brand and the willingness

to relate. Having a strong story does not only provide authenticity to their brand but also enables their followers to express their selves via consumption of the trademark.

2. Generate a need for clients to collaborate among other consumers.

In order to successfully create a community for a brand, clients must feel the need to connect with other who also members of the brand community. This need to connect with others can happen through numerous aspects; sharing information, validation, personal


expression. An example of sharing information is how gamers gather together to enjoy the “Flow” feeling with other gamers experiencing the same. I mean validation in the sense of being acknowledged as a person affiliated with the brand. For example, with high end brands such as Gucci and Versace, consumers associated with these brands who openly share with their peers that they follow these communities builds a sense of status in their eyes along with their common friends. The feeling of associating with these brands gives consumers a sense of superiority. This

doesn’t always apply to all brands, for example, toilet paper which is not seen a social compliment and is hardly discussed. To express one’s personality could vary depending on the member. For example, Apple has a strong sense of feeling innovative and creative through their marketing tactics and global reputation, also their product designs. Those who have a strong love with a particular brand have a yearn to become closer to the brand and also of their components offered. Companies should decide why they are creating their community and

what they wish to broadcast to their followers. Being genuine is a key factor in today’s community building which is highly appreciated in the eyes of the public. Companies should have a clear view of why and the reason for the community in order for it to be prosperous.

3. Be unique!

Being unique is more praised today and than ever. I personally feel the reason so is due to most things already been done, especially in business practice. Originality is praised in the eyes of consumers and highly appreciated. Communi-

ties allow co-creation to take place generating added value to their doings. Companies need to create a culture that allows customers to interact with the brand, such as Facebook’s animal farm application game on their site. It is an example of co-creation at its fittest. If companies create this environment in their communities then followers can experience The steps discussed will assist the company’s structure in building a successful brand community which can actively engage consumers on a continuous basis.

A Look into the world of ....

Transmedia Storytelling

What is Transmedia Storytelling?

For many, this term may be unfamiliar. Trans-media storytelling is about generating intricate, impactful experience which contains multiple stories within the same fictional universe presented on multiple forms of media. Some examples which could play a role in the strategy could be games, social media tools such as Facebook, twitter, TV shows, movies, YouTube

“The Art of the Heist”


A recent example of a company who implemented this strategy is Audi’s promotional campaign “The Art of the Heist”. Audi developed a new car and wanted to promote it. Instead of the protocol strategy of unveiling their new car in a car show, they decided to try a different approach. They announced that the car has been stolen in the new model’s designated spot

videos, comics, etc. I am naming a few major media channels just to give you a deeper insight of various media streams. To simplify, it is sharing the same content on different mediums. Since technology is changing at a rapid pace and people are acquiring their news and entertainment differently than a decade ago (e.g. social networks), this strategy is relevant and effective. The current generation is accustomed to jump-

during the car show. Audi put up a sign stating that the car has been stolen. They asked the public to report clues to their website via a televised commercial. This story created hype in both the virtual world and the real world. In the commercial they asked to report clues to a particular site. On the site was a spy-type them which created even more buzz. They wanted the public to participate

ing from one thing to another due to techno-developments. This allows companies to engage with their customers and share their stories in a new manner. This tool is very creative in my opinion in creating a bond with customers. It is commonly presented in science fiction, horror and fantasy.

in this detailed game which was new. In actuality, it was all just a marketing scheme to involve the public in a new way. This was a very innovative advertising campaign which created quite a buzz. This was a brilliant idea from Audi and a good example as of recent. - A.P. Sohani

WOM Word



passing communication from one person to another using oral communication

hich satw in n io t o m rm of pro ch An unpaid fo tell other people how mu ers isfied custom ess, product or service.... sin they likneue raenbcyuclopedia - entrepre

WOM is important for any business to succeed but I cannot express the importance of this form of advertising. Without WOM, companies can’t build a connection with others. Word of mouth advertising is essential in all types of businesses. If a customer is satisfied with your product or service, he can influence many to come to you. It is known as the most effective and reliable marketing tool by many specialists. The person spreading the word about the company is putting his name on the line when promoting a company, therefore, more reliable than

other forms of marketing. It helps newcomers to build trust initially minimizing naïve thoughts. Youtube Getting YouTube right doesn’t happen overnight in most cases. Creating a channel is the perfect opportunity for brands of all sizes to use their video assets to connect to a new audience and strengthen their social media presence overall. However, building a dedicated following of YouTube subscribers doesn’t occur without a lot of hard work, experimentation and a key understanding of the brand’s au-

dience. Here are three examples of branded YouTube channels whose owners have made the right approach to presenting online video. Famously creative with its marketing, Heineken was one of the early adopters of social media and as a brand it has comprehensively demonstrated that it understands the value of creating and promoting sharable content. Its YouTube channel has been the perfect vehicle for its particular brand of humour (a key ingredient in virally successful videos). Like GoPro, Heineken’s YouTube channel matches the branding of its main site, prominently displaying the product, logo and brand colours. Similarly, content is posted regularly and is of consistently high production standards in order to keep subscribers accustomed to a high level


tomised YouTube video has the huge benefit of exposing the content to a highly informed, highly motivated audience of viewers; a good percentage of quality. of which will not have seen it origiOther than building a social menally on TV. In addition, when you dia following, Heineken’s YouTube consider that an estimated 31% of channel has provided a platform TV viewers are also simultaneouswhere the brand’s marketers can ly browsing the Internet, it is vital experiment with video ads before that brands extend their story from committing them to a wider, more expensive TV marketing campaign. offline to online and make the most of their TV spend. Similarly, TV ads that have perStarbucks’ Success is its Word of formed well have inevitably made Mouth/ Social Media/ Viral mara successful showing online too, where the ability to share and com- keting Strategy Starbucks is one of the most sucment on the content has made a more lasting impression on Heinek- cessful and admired companies today. It has grown from a single en’s existing fans. coffee shop in Seattle 33 years ago Taking a TV ad online as a custo a $4.1 billion international com-

pany. By studying the Starbucks Marketing Strategy you will be able to apply the principles of success that worked for them in a big way. The history of Starbucks and its expansion give this company the respect of being a model for other businesses to look up to. Why not take full advantage of this icon? From only one store more than 30 years ago in Seattle to its still growing empire today with thousands of outlets in the United States and in foreign countries, the Starbucks Coffee Company is no doubt a wellknown success story all over the world. Many points can be attributed to the success of this innovative company from the holistically slanted Starbucks statement to the environmentally conscious Starbucks Corporate social responsibility statement. But one thing is certain, if Starbucks comes up with a new viral social media campaign it has other companies taking notes.

About Alex P. Sohani....

Personal Brand Template

Who am I? I am Ankit Pratibha according to law, but I associate myself as Alex Sohani. Alex is my nickname since I was a young teen and Sohani is my father’s last name. In our culture(along with many others), the child keeps their father’s last name. Due to a glitch in paperwork, my name isn’t exactly how I desired it to be, oh well. I was born in Amritsar, India on the 7th of January, 1989. When I was two months old, my family and I moved to America. We initially lived in Dallas for 2 years. Afterwards, we shifted to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. This is where I lived till I was 6 years old. Our final family move within the US was to Houston, Texas. The reason being was most of our family resided there. I lived there till I was 16(approximately 10 years). I completed elementary school till my sophomore year in high school. This is when my parents decided to move to Holland for work opportunities and my whole life was flipped up-side-down My personal brand template

able to share my important events and The personal brand template information. (see above) presents who I Nevertheless, it am in a nutshell. It shows is a essential key my passions, hobbies, skills for marketing and interests. I expose my my personal personal brand mainly via brand. I am Facebook, the largest social also getting into media network. I am a huge the blogging fan of Facebook and it’s the current events which keeps me prime way I interact with in the loop. With such a social world recently which is a new angle of sharing my brand in my friends and family back media site, I wouldn’t be able more depth for those who are home in Houston, Texas and to easily communicate with intrigued. in India. Facebook is how I my loved ones via computer still manage to keep in touch or my mobile phone. I never To access my personal blog go to: with all my loved ones. I stay truly realized how important updated with my friend circle’s Facebook is for me. I am also

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