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Page 2 Patient Management Strategies Ladies and Gentlemen the SMS strategy introduced earlier this year has started to bear results based on the evaluation reports done by our M & E Unit. With the current requirement by the department of health to provide uncompromised service delivery to all South African at all spheres, Far East Rand hospital as a health institution and a government entity has also a responsibility to fulfil a mandatory delegation to provide a health care service that is aligned to the government national core standards, the 6 prior-

ity areas, the MDG goals and all present and future government programs. Currently the program is on its developing phase and there is a great positive response from patients, the program is currently sending + 35 SMS’s a day from different clinics: POPD, ANC, X-Ray (sonar), OT and Physiotherapy patients. In the near future the program will include Audiology,Psychology and other departments that are currently not covered by the program. See attached stats:

Clinical Management Report June/July 2013 DEPARTMENT




Staffing: we are experiencing a bit of a challenge in the department since one MO departed. This is still being managed internally while we recruit more staff for the department. Equipment shortage has been circumvented by the donated list even though nurses’ equipment with regard to daily patient management is still a problem. Impact of Pholosong challenges was felt by the department since FERH was always on intake for Obstetrics and Gynaecology during the complexing of the hospital

Targeted recruitment of medical and nursing staff in the challenged departments. This includes motivating for additional posts as the current staff establishments of both hospitals are inadequate.

OBSTETRICS & GY- The department has one specialist and nine MOs; however there is one MO who is still not on duty following an accident. This had an impact on the after-hour call roster and we had to negotiate with the NAECOLOGY remaining MOs to cover the unfilled days.

A reshuffling in the department has meant that no additional overtime is applied even though the situation will be challenging when one MO goes on leave.






Shortage of equipment and long turn-around times for equipment repairs. This is a result of inadequate staff allocation for procurement.

Motivation for additional posts has been submitted and posts were approved on a three-year plan with critical posts for immediate filling, for all catShortage of Nursing egories including and Medical staff medical and nursing departments. Delayed payment Still have stock-outs to suppliers has of critical medicines meant that our like ARVs and antibiotics from Medical contracted equipSupply Depot (MSD) ment company were incapable of fulfilling their mandates without payment Proactive management and interaction with MSD



Proactive HR management and Ongoing collaboration with all departments Filling of all pharmacy posts to Ongoing enable pharmacy manager to focus Ongoing on strategic and operational management of pharmaceutical services

Conclusion: Despite the space challenges associated with renovations and increased level of expectations from our community I wish to commend the management and staff of the Far East Rand Hospital for their perseverance and fortitude particularly during the past few months. On the same token one should not forget the role played by this activist board for strategic interventions made in defence of the prestige and reputation of the hospital. We can only win together and fall together. It is clear that men and women in service within this room are always mindful of their responsibility to serve those less fortunate than them. Let us continue to serve with pride with full understanding that our intervention will continue to serve as a foundation in the development of our hospital, community and the country at large. Thank You Very Much God Bless You All!!!!!!

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The department is still struggling with staff shortage to do after-hour work but we are proactively managing the situation through recruitment of additional staff and utilising sessional doctors. Equipment is still a problem even though we are in the process of procuring laparoscopic and endoscopic equipment

STATISTICS (JUNE) Total admissions: 163 Majority of the patients admitted for respiratory problems followed by gastroenteritis (which is a concerning trend for the winte Months). No of burns patients: 5

Total deliveries: 610 No of vaginal deliveries: 365 No of caesarean: 245 Total gynaecology: 95 (electives and emergencies) No of BBAs: 48. This is mainly due to delays with ambulances and lack of education from the communities Active recruitment of experienced surgical Total admissions: 520 This includes urology and MOs. orthopaedics Procurement of this equipment has been Theatre cases: 103 prioritised Total admissions: 512 There are more female patients and the mortality is impacted by the overcrowding in the wards as well as the pandemic of HIV/Aids. An interrogation of the ward statistics will however reveal various causative factors of mortality.

The department is stable with one specialist and the second one joining soon. There are 8 medical officers and 2 community service doctors. One MO is going on maternity leave but will be replaced by another one who is coming back. The impact of the closure of one ward due to renovations is being felt and the hospital has to divert for male medical patients every night. This has an impact on the other wards and they have to make space for floor mattresses to accommodate patients. This further has an impact on the infection control in the wards. Equipment continues to be a problem but following the MEC visit, we are upbeat that we may see these challenges being a thing of the past.

Continue to support the department and add more resources incrementally.

The service is continuing well. An MO has joined the department and this has alleviated the stress and frustrations experienced by the specialist working alone. The department has an intern on two-weekly rotation from the general surgery compliment. The department needs two medical officers. Equipment is still a challenge but we are in the process of procuring the C-arm for urological theatre

We are in the process of moving the clinic Included under General Surgery statistics to the general OPD area and we need to find Theatre cases: 12 alternative space for the PHC sisters who are currently in OPD. Include under General Surgery statistics

ORTHOPAEDICS There is adequate staffing in the department but it is very busy. A C-arm was acquired and is now being used. This was made possible by the donation from the Gambling Board. We still have challenges of space and some equipment.

Theatre cases: 23


There is a new HOD responsible for this area that started in July 2013. We are seeing some positive impact on the department due to some changes that have been implemented. There is a high turnover of MOs in this department that continually needs to be replaced.

Total patients:8 934 The process of recruitment is always underway with special consideration to the Total AEU: 3 853 Total OPD: 5 081 skills of the individuals.


All departments functioning well. Additional posts have been motivated for and approved by central office within budgetary constraints.Plans are in place to move the Psychologists from their current location to a new identified area in the Dietetics department. Sonographer was interviewed to assist with the backlog of sonographic services has impacted negatively on other departments and like general surgery, O&G, paediatrics and internal medicine. Current sessional services are not adequate.

Recruitment of a Sonographer was prioritised. Awaiting acceptance of job offer.


Two pharmacist positions have been filled and the service is running smoothly with proactive stock management by the department. There are some challenges with the actual physical structure that impact on the quality of service for OPD patients and the core standards.

A priority list of FMU challenges is being drawn up and this will include the Pharmacy Department

Social worker: 344 Psychology: 86 Physiotherapy:288 Occupational Therapy: 155 Dietetics: 253 Speech therapy and Audiology: 62 Total patients: 3 672

World AIDS Day Mandela Day By Veronica Mohai


n keeping up with the tradition of commemorating World AIDS day, Far East Hospital, Environmental Health Practitioners, Ms V.B Nakumba and Ms V Mohai organised HIV/AIDS awareness from the 26th of Novemberto the 30th of November 2012. Condoms and informational pamphlets and HIV/AIDS

awareness ribbons were handed out to not only staff members but also to the community at large. An HIV/AIDS collage was also created were staff members had to sign in messages of hope to those living and affected by HIV/AIDS. The awareness ended with a celebration at Osizweni clinic were motivational talks was given and community members were given grocery hampers to take home.


The Isando Company Supergroup donated paint to brighten up the hospital. The company also completely revamped the space by donating new couches and Kitchen Equipment as well. Far East Rand Hospital will like to thank Supergroup for their contributions.

EDITOR’S NOTE Far East Rand Hospital introduces an exciting new publication title that will deliver anyone and everyone the best, from news to opinions and editorials. We are ready to deliver to our readers the highest standard of news and entertainment possible. In our first newly introduced publication title, without any hesitation, we start elaborating on Breast Cancer awareness October is the International Cancer awareness month. “The incidence of breast cancer among South African women is increasing and it is one of the most common cancers in South Africa. It is the most prevalent cancer among white and Asian women and the second most common cancer among Black and Coloured women” Hanover Health Institute. As a way of creating awareness, the Far East Rand Hospital staff members, under the leadership of the Employee Health and Wellness programme, organised a Bandana Day, in honour of the Sunflower Fund for Cancer. The event took place on the 11th October 2013; from 09h00 to 14h00. Each participant donated an amount of R35.00; R25.00 was used to purchase a Bandana and R10.00 refreshments; An amount of R 2 400.00 was raised through the purchase of the bandanas at Pick n Pay. The participants were involved in the following activities: Fun run/fun walk for two kilometres. Netball, Soccer game, Relay. Marshalls served refreshments during the activities. All the participants received certificates and the overall winner received a prize, comprising of a gold medal, and a floating trophy. The prizes were handed over by the Chief Executive Officer, Dr. L.M Mogaladi, the Chairperson of the Hospital Board, Ms Sindi Makha assisted by Mr M.J Hlajoe, a member of the Hospital Board. After the abovementioned activities, the staff members had music playing and also enjoyed a braai. We extend a word of gratitude to Mr Jones Mashala and his team, the participants, for a job well done. H.Z Buda. Contact Details of the Publication Committee Editor Mr H.Z Buda Tel: 011 812 8419 Fax: 011 817 3525 Email: Journalist 1.Vuyelwa Bulelwa Nakumba Tel: 011 812 8388 Cell: 0733397937 Email: 2.Veronica Mohai Tel: 011 812 8388 Cell: 0838254005 Email: 3.Monyaduwe Motsele 011 812 8406 0843045750 Email: 4.Ellen Jacobs Email: 011 812 8565 0846621216 5.Sudhakar Gopal 6.Thabiso Mogudi Cell: 0734022999 Email: 7.Sandra Nhlapo Tel: 011 812 8300 Email:

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