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Trusted Technology Partner

OVERVIEW Winning takes a special combination of knowledge, experience and teamwork.

You don’t need a vendor. You need a partner. For over 35 years, Add-On Data has been

specific requirements can feel like navigat-

providing custom engineered and built

ing through treacherous waters without a

computer systems and networking solu-

map or compass. It doesn’t have to.

tions for some of the most demanding

What sets Add-On Data apart from other

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs),

IT sources is the way we relate to the com-

Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), large

panies we work with. When we contract to

enterprises and small to medium-size busi-

work with you, we cease to think like a

nesses everywhere.

vendor; and think instead like a partner.

IT is highly competitive. There are liter-

Whether we are providing you with

ally hundreds of companies who can sell

design and assembly of application-specific

you the hardware components and soft-

systems, wireless security, backup servic-

ware you need for your products and

es, networking services or on-site technical

your business. And hundreds more who

support, we conduct ourselves like mem-

can configure your network and service

bers of your organization. The success of

your IT needs.

your product, and ultimately, of your busi-

Finding one perfectly suited to meet your

ness, is our primary concern.

Service is our most important product. The reason our partners have remained with us year after year is our commitment to exceptional service. This is no mere slogan. The results of a recent survey conducted by an independent marketing research firm demonstrates this commitment better than any words in a brochure: Over ninety percent of survey responders reported that our responsiveness, consistent on-time delivery and reputation for providing products of outstanding quality were the top reasons they choose to work with us. We hope that the information in this brochure takes you one step closer to choosing to work with us as well.


Due to the nature of our business, we must adhere to strict timelines and delivery schedules in order to maintain our edge. Having Add-On Data as a supplier gives us peace of mind. Add-On Data always delivers what we need, when we need it.


— Jerry Murphy Manager, Central Software Group & Systems Integration Tour Andover Controls

Add-On Data: A team you can rely on. Add-On Data provides purchasing managers, IT profession-

Founded in 1975, we are a

als and engineers with a single-source for all their hardware,

privately held corporation with a

software and networking needs. Our expanded equipment

solid reputation for delivering

and service offerings include:

quality. Our consistent growth each year is the direct result of

• Design and assembly of application specific systems and appliances • Wireless security • Network Security

our ability to adapt our products and services to today’s dynamic technological environment.

• Nationwide systems and application field support

Providing the products you need. We offer a wide range of products to meet all your comput-

• Memory chips and processors

er hardware, software and networking needs. Whether you

• Software for virtually any business, industrial or general applications

are a start-up or a well established organization, we can outfit your office, computer center or lab with the hardware, accessories, or wiring you need to keep your company performing at optimal levels. Our complete line of products, both proprietary and from leading manufacturers, includes: • Complete computer systems — pedestals, desktops, rackmounts and small foot print

• Computer consumables • Cables • Bar coding/POS equipment • Disaster recovery products and services • Power protection/failsafe equipment • Virtual Private Networks (VPN) • Wireless security • Rack enclosures

• Notebook computers and personal organizers

• Network Attached Storage (NAS)

• Mass storage devices

• A full line of Linux products and support services

• Video displays and adapters • Communications hardware

Custom Configured Computers and Servers

• Networking connectivity devices

For more than a decade, Add-On Data has been

• Input devices and scanners

manufacturing a proprietary line of high-quality pedestals

• Printers and plotters

and appliances for a wide variety of commercial, office and

• Multimedia and projection equipment

industrial applications.

• Remanufactured computer hardware and networking equipment from major manufacturers

With thousands of systems currently in the field, we boast one of the strongest reliability records in the industry.


I always feel confident that


I am getting the best deal and service possible even after the sale is made. — Eoghan Bacon Vice President, Systems Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi

The services you demand. IT Solutions

Additional Services

Add-On Data delivers IT solutions to solve your most pressing

Add-On Data provides a variety of other services for your

business challenges. Our team of professional technicians and

company as well. These include:

engineers work with you to analyze your situation and recommend the proper solution to fit your needs. In addition, our wide array of service offerings means that you spend less time searching for vendors to complete your project. Our turnkey approach to service ensures that you get your

• Solution Centers Our state of the art facilities in California and New York are designed to address all your training and proof-of-concept needs. Our solutions centers house over five million dollars in equipment from vendors like IBM, HP, Microsoft, APC and

installation completed on time, and on budget.

Cisco. We offer free access to our facilities to help our

Our specific IT Services include:

clients make confident investments in technology.

• Network design, configuration, installation and support • Trade-In and Asset Disposal Services

• Desktop server and laptop services and support • Voice and data cable installation

This service allows us to track your assets and identify

• High speed internet access

equipment that is approaching end-of-life or otherwise eligi-

• Residential local area networks (LAN)

ble for trade-in.

• Wireless security assessments

You receive real-

• Test Set design and construction

time quotes that show you how

If you’re confused about how to create a network, want to

much credit you

add new components to your existing system, or need rewiring

can receive: We

to move your system, our knowledgeable, experienced staff can

handle the trade-

provide the expertise you need. Help is never more than a

ins and ensure

phone call away.

that equipment is recycled properly. • Financial Services We can help our clients purchase necessary equipment with credit cards, terms or a variety of aggressive leasing options.


To my shock and delight, my Add-On Data Account Manager offered to drive the device we ordered over to my lab, and


brought it directly to my boss’s office. The extra effort that was put into this order did not go unnoticed.

— Karen A. Power Researcher, AIDS Research Center Partners Healthcare


When we said we needed a vendor that was responsive and could provide us with quality products with a quick

turnaround, we never anticipated the level of service we would receive from Add-On Data. ICT with your help has


evolved from a company that developed and delivered high performance compresion software to an enterprise that

brands its own standalone appliance. Your development personnel have helped us with every phase of this evolution. — Andy Tirella Director of Product Support Accelenet

And the quality you expect. The hallmarks of quality are easy to recognize. Quality is evident in

accepted principles: customer focus, leadership, involvement of peo-

the sound of a well-made engine, the feel of a finely crafted piece of

ple, process approach, system approach to management, continual

furniture, the lines of a classically designed racing vessel. In comput-

improvement factual approach to decision making and mutually ben-

er technology, quality becomes evident in performance and results.

eficial supplier relationships.

To ensure the quality of our products and services, we have

As a result of our adherence to these principles, we have a docu-

implemented a Total Quality Management (TQM) system built around

mented track record of building custom servers and appliances with

ISO 9001:2000. Doing so allows us to control our manufacturing

less than a 1% failure rate.

operation in a more systematic and logical manner, provides a

For more than 30 years, we have built a solid reputation for pro-

framework for analyzing and correcting errors, and ensures the levels

viding quality products delivering excellent customer service. Our

of customer satisfaction that define our reputation in the market-

dedication to TQM and strict adherence to ISO 9001 principles and


procedures allows us to offer superior value and to consistently

ISO 9001 procedures can affect every aspect of how a company

deliver on time and on budget. In short, our commitment to achiev-

does business — sales, service, shipping, logistics, billing and more.

ing total customer satisfaction is reflected in all the ways we help you

The standards themselves are based on seven internationally

successfully navigate today’s ever changing technology landscape.


Your service record over the past ten years has been impeccable. Your professionalism, the reliability of your products, and your on-time delivery performance has been invaluable to me and the NYSE. …We look forward to building upon our relationship in the years to come.


— Salvatore Sigona Managing Director Corporate Infrastructure NYSE Euronet

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Letter from the President Add-On Data is now 35 years young! Looking back, I am astonished by the changes that have taken place since I took over my family’s business more than twenty-five years ago. We have witnessed the birth of the PC, Windows, Networking, the Internet, Broadband, Wireless Communication, and Cloud Computing. We have watched the dot-com boom and bust, and seen competitors come and go. However, through it all, Add-On Data has remained intently focused on the core values established by my parents: • Treat your employees like family • Seek out customers who want to do business with you • Take a sincere interest in understanding their business, their needs, and their pain • Give them what they need quicker and better than the competition • Do whatever it takes to make it easy for them to keep coming back • And, if necessary, put their order in your car and drive it over It sounds so simple, but as you can imagine, it is a challenging philosophy to live up to every day for thirty-five years. Ultimately SERVICE is what we hang our hat on and SERVICE is what our clients will always want from us. Over the years, we have listened to the needs of our customers so we could continue to provide the best possible service: • Add-On Data now has an online store, allowing customers to easily order product anytime — day or night. This online store is the centerpiece of a new, more streamlined corporate website. • During 2009, we realigned the company into 4 distinct areas allowing us to work closer with our core customers – traditional IT products, (including laptop, desktop, and server hardware, software, networking equipment, accessories, etc.), custom appliance integration for ISV and OEM organizations, managed IT services, and specialty healthcare IT products. • Because, even in today’s society of “click and buy,” people still want to pinch the produce, Add-On Data expanded the Solution Center at its corporate offices to focus on patient-clinician centric point-of-care solutions, mobile computing, and comprehensive integration services, including staging and deployment, for healthcare organizations. • Because of the challenging economic times, we have also expanded our financing offerings to include comprehensive grant services, from research and recommendations to one-on-one consultation and grant writing, allowing customers to maximize their capital investment. Technological advancements aside, this business is still all about “the people” — the only true competitive differentiator – and it is great to have some of the best people in the business on our team. Is there another IT firm where you can talk about your specific configuration or requirements directly with the guy who has been building custom systems for more than ten years, or confirm product delivery with an account manager who has been working with her clients for more than ten years? I love seeing the look of wonderment when new Add-On team members suddenly realize how much our relatively small organization can accomplish. It’s the very moment when something ‘clicks’ and they understand that bigger is rarely better. While a competitor may have a fantastic presentation, the game changes when it comes time for rubber to hit the road. No one can beat us on execution, as the secret to our success is in the details. Yes, Add-On Data is special place where accountability to our customers and to each other is paramount. Through good time and bad, we have never hidden, nor will we hide, from our customers. Where else can you pick up the phone and speak with the president of a technology company about your needs, experience, or concerns and see immediate action? If you have not already tried it — I encourage you to call me anytime, my direct extension is 14. I sincerely hope that we have listened enough through the years and welcome the opportunity to listen some more. My door is always open and I am only a phone call away. On behalf of my entire team, I want to thank you for your support over the past 35 years and look forward to your continued patronage for many more years to come. I can only hope that our founders are smiling down on our success by continuing their legacy. Thanks Mom and Dad. Stephen Shaheen President

323 Andover Street Wilmington, MA 01887 USA







Add-On Data’s sales representatives can be reached Monday through Friday between 8:00 am and 6:00 pm. For more information, or to contact a sales representative, please call us at: 978-988-1900; email us at Or visit our website at

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