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BPO Data Entry

Security & Confidentiality Policy  All data and information provided by a client will be confidential and strictly the property of the client.  We guarantee that we will not disclose any information about the project to any third party.  All raw data, directories, printouts, processed data and finalized product will solely be the property of the client.  We agree not to exhibit or divulge the contents of any record, file or information system to any person unless it is necessary for the completion of their job responsibilities.  Data stored on physical media will be kept at all times within a secure facility.  We guarantee that all of our staffs are without any criminal convictions, current or pending.  Data storage areas remain under lock and key, this includes our server storage and the areas where all cloned images are kept. These areas are only accessible for limited times and only under full supervision from a member of staff fully briefed in data security procedures.

Servers and System

IBM Server Tower 3200M3. Batch uploading or downloading is supported. 50+ work stations with firewall and latest antivirus software. High speed Scanners & Printers. High-end servers at each location with a backup server .

Security and Protection

Servers and Back up servers. Back up office for disaster management. Illegal access to the systems is strictly forbidden. Unauthorized access to the systems is strictly prohibited. Workstations are constantly being monitored to check any unofficial activity.

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Outsource Data entry  

BPO Data Entry Help is a professional data entry outsourcing service Provider Company located in India. We offer affordable and high quality...

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