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Successful Academic Writers Pursue Their Passions Name one thing that makes you the maestro of your field. It is the passion. “You got passion, you are gonna do it for sure”. This holds true for every field. So is the case with writing. If you want to be a successful academic writer it is important that you follow your passion with enthusiasm. Let’s discuss the steps to become an ideal writer. Know what you like This is the most important part. Until you do not realize what drives you crazy, you cannot put your efforts into that. Last night when you went for your basketball practice, you did not even have dinner or the dance classes you are taking with a broken arm all show your passion, your craze for your hobby. Writing also encompasses same features. Only writing a paper is not enough. You have to show your passion. This can only happen when you are fully aware of your strengths and weaknesses. You might do not like literature, but you are damn good at finance. You get top grades in every finance assignment. What does this show? This shows your passion for finance. Now it’s the time to cash it. Practice, Practice and Only Practice Experts say, in order to excel in any field you need to spend at least 10 thousand hours in that field. Only then you can become a great writer. There is an old story which narrates like this. There was a student who wanted to be a good writer. He consulted the teacher who himself was a great writer and requested the teacher to mentor him. The teacher gave him an assignment to write. Every time he asked his teacher to give comments his teacher showed disappointment with his work. That continued until 50 writings. It was only after the 50th writing teacher praised his work. The previous 49 writings had been torn by the teacher without even reading them. The moral story lies in the fact the more you practice, the more you are able to deliver. It is good to look for mentorship Do you have someone around you who shares the same passion of writing as you do? It could be any one like your friend, your parent, your siblings, your teachers. If you think they can help with your writings, it is a good idea to ask for their comments. This way you would get a neutral analysis regarding your homework writings which you cannot do on your own. mba assignment help:

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Working for an MBA degree is no common feat. It can drive you to the extent of exhaustion and madness; trying to work day and night, trying...

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