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Project We present


to you the propose plan of activities

for the rest of the semester.

Please feel free to propose or dipose as a society ok.

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13 of April 2012 Hosted

by –Mckeown

A clean

up exercise. The venue will be

Roquah and Trinity campus. Its will be a fun. We all need to be concerned of the enviroment we live in and always upload proper standard of Hygiene lest we fall sick. The initiative of cleaning up the enviroment should first come from the societies before requesting help from management for all initiatives ahead of us. I think its high time we start observing an earth day or the world envoromental day. This years theme is OUR PLACE, OUR PLANET, OUR ENVIROMENT, OUR RESPOSSABILITY

14 of April 2012 Hosted The


WATI PROJECT (We Aspire To Inspire)

We are taking you on a particular kind of adventure. Not all that common but always important. Yes it is important to show love. The programme of activities at the orphanage qill be communicated on due time. But our main aim is to set an impact with a purpose. The main idea this year is to build an IT center for the kids at the orphanage. The system will be made of four flat screen connected to one CPU. This is a very efficient strategy for training. We are also going to do some renovations, painting, carpentary etc. We need the help and participation of everyone

We accept VALUABLE donations of all kinds (We will not take warned out cloths or goods because those kids have a choice as well). The fair for the trip will be 10Ghc for those who will reserve and 13Ghc for those who will pay on the D- day. Contact Jaush (0240522159) or Alex (0540827526). Mean while bellow , you can see the budget for this activity and propose your help. WATI project

flat screen keyboard mouse cpu hob table paint extention snacks total

4 4 4 1 4 1 3 2

150 20 20 400 80 50 20 15

600 80 80 400 320 50 60 30 600 2220

Hope to have a maximum of your cooperation. Share with me some of the momments of last years initiative and rember that this year it shall be bigger.


of April 2012



This year, African History was introduced. Did you know that slavery started in Africa long ago the coming of the white man ?, that we were selling each other to each other ? . Did you also know that the main aim of the white man was to get our gold and not to take us as slaves ? i know you are proberbly asking yourself why did they start trading blacks .... Its simple, because we were only interested in catching each other for slavery, they decided to help us. They started catching us with technology and were demanded gold in return from our “catcher”. Some of our grand parents were “catchees” . But how will you know what really happened if you dont go back to the roots to understand what your parents and grand parents went through. UBUTU... aaaaaaayyyyyyyiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrr Presents a package like never before.



It will all start with the KAKUM parc. The rain forest is very amzing but the most interesting of all is the CANOPY walk. We will like to add that , you shouldnt go near this bridge if you are a cardiac patient. The closest hospital is very far, trust me. For those who were born in Accra and have lived all their lives in Dansoman, Kwashiman, Ashioman and all the mans etc, this is an opportunity to get out of your confort zone and discover the world in 4D “says ken�.

Next in the pipeline, the castles. Did you know that there are more than 30 castles in the gold coast. That they were used to store gold and by the end fited to store humans. Have you ever heared of the GATE OF NO RETURN .... lol i will not tell you what it is. Come and discover. The elmina castle was the biggest in West Africa. Can this also mean that the whites here were more wicked than those that the cape coast castel.

Two slaves were at Elmina castels were conversing. Slave 1 : i am a better slave than you, i have 3 chains and my wife has only two. Slave 2 : I have 4 chains but my wife is at Cape castle, she eat Banku and Obolo soup. She has a nicer view of the sea. Your wife is here at Elmina. She eats dry corn and water. Who is the better slave >> Cape coast castle

The day will end at One Africa beach resorts were you will have fun taking pictures with the bigest waves in Ghana. There SHABAZ the and his mum will take you to the ONE AFRICA meseum and you will never come back from there same. For every information about this trip contact Hr Peter or me if in case you cant get in touch with him.

27 Hosted

of April 2012


This is the only day in the life of a student of REGENT UNIVERSITY were you are recognized by the colour of the society that you represent. This day all the societies come together to cellebrate the house patrones. There usually enough food and activities going on during this day. You get to meet , old members of your siciety, your society mate in the afternoon, evening and week end. But remeber that this day is important also for the following competences. 1) Global mindset 2) Entrepreneurial out look 3) Social responsability 4) proactive learning

it is important that you understand certain values of this global village. To be succesfull you need to observe the following prince 1) Always strive to challenge your world view. Shake up the way you see the world. Be the change you want to see 2) Take an active role in your learning and the learning of others. 3) Build a network of contact. Always never live without asking for a busness card or a call card. A phone call can change your star 4) Developing self awarness and personal vision “whta is important to you ?�


of 2012


by – fast 5 dinner

The closure of activities will take place in grand style. The venue for the moment is Alisa hotel. There will be an award ceremony and a video to show how far we came. There will also be an anoucer to present all those who have gotten their ticket when they arrive.

I have just said a little about the Dinner. For more information contact Jaush (0240522159).

To be schedule Now there are many other activities like a footbal match between Mckeown and the rest of the world that will proberbly come on between the 1st – 10th of May. A trip to ADAH hosted by Mckeown as well, but the date has not been confirmed yet. A trip to AKOSOMBO hosted by ANIM which is still on planing. A walk and health tips talk, hosted by Stot which is also on the pipeline.

AIESEC is providing lots of work abroad opportunities for the summer. Present in more 112 countries in the world, it stands to be the largest student run organization. We give you an opportunity to work in a team, in the field of your dreams so as to have a positive impact in the society. For more info contact me at

For all feed backs , you can let us know , via your commnets on this platform or write to us on You can also contact you Governor directly. The least you can do to make these events a success or an event you really want to experience is to propose. Also you can help by sending this message as far as you can, to the afternoon, evening and weekend streams and if possible encourage them to support . Enjoy the rest of your semester and stay real 4REAL.

4REAL Designer



You need a job? You can write articles, you are a graphic Designer you are commited and interested in learning Video production. Contact us and we pay you Email : phone : +233 (0) 541825492

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