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INTRO This is a very simple scene but so many people asked me about a tutorial, I don´t make one for a while, so I thought “let´s do this !!!” The main objective was to make a portfolio scene for the office I used to work, called “z-axis”, its an office focused on 3D to advertising, but eventually we got one or other architectural work. So, I was the responsible for every archviz img in this office and decided to make some diferent scene to use in my own portfolio too. That was the reason to make a winter/rainy mood scene. The great deal was to make it nice and fast, I had just 2 days to make all this scene, thats why I used so many premade models, thing that I don´t like at all.

MODELING There´s not any complex modelling here, so I just gonna talk about the interesting ones:

I´m actually using Marvelous Designer software to every kind of fabric simulation and sometimes to furniture modeling too.


This model was specially made by my friend Marcel Fukuwara (, great modeler and person, I trully recomend this guy for every kind of modeling and unwrap work.

* onyx tree to make the BG trees ever is a fast and good solution

* vray fur to the rug.

COMPOSITION In my main workflow I like to define all Point of views before start light and shading, sometimes I do some changes as the work are growing, but at this way I can think exactly how many models, lights and fakes Ill create. How I´m a graphic designer I have a particular relationship with compositing, lighting and colors. Every decision of shader colors and textures are most part related with color compositing than a great interior design. But I actually think this two paths, graphic and interior design walks together in some decisions/selections;

And this is how composition works in my mind. Dividing, balancing, to get the “best” color composition, in this case the intention was to pass a lonely feeling and thats why cold and neutral tones are 70% of the img. And at the same time the feeling is “a nice place to be/rest.”

LIGHTING 3 vray light on the window to simulate main GI Lighting. I didn´t wanted to use the now pop HDRI + Vray Light sky Portal technique, I know the power of it but I really think the render time go up high. So I really like to use the old school vray light on window with invisible ticked. I used 3 light to get more sharpen shadows. All the other light sources was just to make a nice color composition and colored speculars on some objects and furniture. Small sizes to simulate tipical artifictial light and shadows. The fire on fireplace was added on post production, but the light source I like to have into to get natural results latter.



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RENDER SETTINGS & POST PRO. * I ever try to use very very very low settings cause I hate wait, I just grow up settings when I see light fragments, noise, bad shadows or splotches on GI. Thats why most part of my renders takes at maximum 2 hours at 3000px large. * Theres nothing usefull on post production, the render became almost as the final result that you´re seeying, I just added Levels (contrast) and Put the fire on fire place, just a masked fire with screen layer blend.

END? * I really hope you enjoyed and learned something of my workflow in this tutorial, don´t forget to like and share my fan page with your friends to keep following my works and get awesome free stuff as shaders, models, scenes and tutorials, ok? THANKS EVERYBODY :)