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Official Taekwondo Belts | The Belts The official taekwondo belts represent a students’ progress. Each of the belts represents a certain level of skill or set of skills. If you look for a school to enroll to, you will find that each of the schools sets its own colors of the belt. Each school also has different curriculum, so even if two students have the same color of the belt, if they are enrolled in different taekwondo academies, they would have different knowledge regarding the taekwondo forms, kicks and hand techniques. All the Official Taekwondo Belts systems are based on the system that was developed by the Japanese founder of Judo, Kanō Jigorō. A student begins with the white belt and as he levels up his skills and knowledge, he’ll eventually reach the ultimate belt, the Black Belt. Each Official Taekwondo Belts symbolizes every step of the student into achieving his goal. Poetically, the white belt symbolizes innocence, the yellow belt represents the sun and earth, the green belt is a plant growing, the blue belt represents the sky, the red belt is for danger and black belt represents maturity.

Here’s Official Taekwondo Belts Meaning of the Symbolism

White = Innocence 

The innocence means that the student has yet no knowledge about taekwondo and just starting. He’s yet to learn and still a novice.

Yellow = Sun and Earth 

The students are compared to the rising sun. The rising sun means that the students are learning. Other academies use the earth to represent the yellow belt. Earth means that they are building a foundation of their learning.

Green = Plant 

The plant signifies the growth of the student. He is learning more and more. Growing like a plant. The power begins to develop and the seed is now a plant.

Blue = Sky 

The plant is growing higher and is starting to reach the sky.

Red = Danger 

The students are faced in danger, the danger is mostly they. If they passed the danger, they are ready to get their final belt.

Black = Maturity 

When they have faced the danger, it means that they are mature and learned a lot from their adventures.

Official taekwondo belts  

The official taekwondo belts represent a students progress. Each of the belts represent a certain level of skill or set of skills.

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