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Movers Sydney | Tips for Labeling your Boxes Labeling is one of the most important things that most people forgot when they are preparing for the move. Because of the busy schedule and lots of task, we can’t avoid to forget a few things. But one of the things that you should never forget is labeling your boxes. You can ask Professional Movers Sydney to give you the help that you need. Professional Removalists Sydney is one of the best moving company and we are going to help you with your move by giving tips on labeling your boxes.

Here’s Movers Sydney ‘s Tips for Labeling your Boxes

Prepare the Tools you’re going to Use 

First thing to put in mind when you are packing is the materials that you are going to use not only for packing, but also for labeling your boxes. This includes your boxes, sealing tape, scissors and markers. Make sure to pick quality things to avoid broken and damaged items. When it comes to the markers, avoid picking the cheap ones as the ink might be erased during the move and it can be a problem. You might also want to buy markers with different colors as it will provide easier recognition.

Color Coding 

One good technique when labeling the boxes is to use color coding. You can either use colored markers or sticky notes but if you choose sticky notes, make sure to cover it with clear tape. This will prevent the sticky notes from falling off. If the boxes are color coded, it will be easier to bring them to their designated areas. For example, if the box has the color blue as label, then it should be brought to the bedroom, if red, to the kitchen and so on.

List the Content of the Boxes 

There may be times when you are looking for something and need to reopen your boxes but it would be a hustle if you are going to unpack everything until you find what you are looking for. But with a list on each of the box and what they contain, then you will only open a single box.

The Labeling Method 

You have to choose the best labeling method that works well for you. Once you make a mistake on labeling, it can eat up a huge amount of your time. The best way to attach labels on your boxes is to use clear packing tapes so that they won’t fall off, get wet and be erased.

Tips for Labeling your Boxes