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alex murphy

job: Baxter Healthcare - Adept brief: 1 Year Marketing Concept

alex murphy

job: The Mulberry Bush brief: Identity


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alex murphy

job: Wagtech International brief: Identity & Ongoing Brand Assets


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alex murphy

job: Wagtech: Global Ideas brief: Humanitarian microsite for NGO customers

alex murphy

job: Panbio brief: panbiodengue Brand & Online development

alex murphy so it’s al s ad stop. ng lo ver I where in spendi stuff is ise rc ch ce hi of, w an ex alone, e idea I th e te of tim ng I ha think hi ng I somet somethi so al t . bu n to do Urba need think

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job: SUBvert Magazine brief: Arts & Urban Culture Freezine

to do think o youodern s hat d d) W in the m How ha Art isd today ? on worl anged? thority t, it ch real au t ar


no t isn’ I have and wha flection of art a re what’s ess art is the world gu in but I going on a r e in of ou whats us. we liv a lot the you , so s around er world dont like a) Do is Art? er it’ lture um .I wheth ed cons Vinyl s that nsumer cu idea at bother ct no fle e art re at in a co ves by th I have im not th er think w it th uff hat not, howev ey oursel that’s ho idea The st and it’s w as I get art or that. I do a bit sam t y press w. t we ex we buy, bu Urban To new, ht no abou ost of it is hate very le I ing rig m things e the who ample of ith be ay that ng into do seem to w ex g. plus throw aw out tti se I m rin ng od ge I ro fro is. go and bo stuff, I I own ab ith g and d more older as a nothing w hing in g k er ng in w et an ov th s . u hoardi everything cant deal g t som redisc tion more based in there’ t I lin this. it’s just no in. is c o almos year, so plastic fil ge 06 inspira , which t i . ed ropean Pa bu st a r st Eu re of it, 9 twice s pieces my pa / Eastern is kind of at inte v a 12:0 h im th th l d endles house. Jewis and with g to be k it f o orn in. y in d u thinal toy up m st try I am an roots, i d r b ton im ju do yo ho a v trato Brigh work, about w s in How from norm ) . d lu b st . il w m ? ne g rs n ed ho tly i`m fro diffe ufacturin ade by a w w vari a bas urren where old now you cthe man think it’s m le for a e id F ry, op t t are dy? at th I just of pe Wha ing on a DavHunga u stu then group id yo , and ork nt? al st, rtain oup of w ci on e ce er ht p m e a Brig in gr com mom e. ed at Bud certa . t a few e hom ople ver I have ing on, bu ng a road since u ting I cam ion in pe e u so n pa go ni tit o yo yo e an ts did pe will live crazy, have MW you d ould projec hile i’m pl , which I much oard com was fun e’s G that pretty c) W der pe have ? Where ars y I have le.) which a billb stoiqu that was out in meanw ss Euro few ye on as ro I won e though icked peop in consi loping an t, t in ating r work? g er even that I was tive a w trip ac with as so st to ge s in th u a Ac ve a of t liv r e e ig yo ju ou fo d st pe B n et lots ur id ys? im ju before ia with an d Kiddog with t of get on e plan is into Euro r on, e lved and m an that, ding mos th of yo Urban To e Bright illustrato Sloven tion calle I did a Nam time. s. d driv ot invo g from en r th an en an had sp to he en as sa I t r, tin ot pp in a re ni be ng ho ith on bu orga hile, whe on. the ca e what ha as just to gradua en worki work has de w re s in ists w w Bright e in Lond w ial be coinci fo llerie my little and se inal plan er artyou or merc en have p to there. be for a y tim th m ts since. own at ga saka, ho o m ig o , c ks or e ry O sh wor though it a out enia the ther ve you b some r inspireyou o l the Hunga Tokyo, est, Slov show al t t to a e e lo so ed abou driv Wh cts ha eith work Budap , and ong ago, I mov just to on too ts that, while way al t of proje ed in? whose Lond other d by ? onths projec edy, as nt e ire lv m co al ir do sp w ci us vo I e fe gh er nn th in ly in e but adm vario into hat althou ow comm ieden Ke t real see th ostly see w W Europe I get Past I’m no ts. im m places agma sh really e term ndon ike / til ry for ld N Lo m tis , un e th ga ou a, lo ar e 04 w tia en th Page / 9pean includ ola, Pum Records, Croa up to Hun many 12:0 loaded ro en. first so UK. w. ev on to y /06 Eu pp n ’s no be m 25/5 or io n ho ha nd 70 en IdN magazine ht to n w is la Mot SUBvuiert Easter / animat e 60’s / in the int rig y’ seems and th and then im rds, Is se, Peng e nd the world, ot po cs co (n th show le t designer toys; hi To Re n’ peops toallo arou ou qu in ordered grap tion from a bit, but now st head om H , Stoi ‘Urban iches. I do ork haCole I was tte in Paris just ju s. the book being Rand rgin, VW e Japan. w like ows, cl in illustra s. knns, ould darie aybe push rrent n for ’s with having a show om I shboun m s, Vi aper 80 cu eptio I’m H Wallp perc y ok me, l e, ry in ng Japa from m ki bo iddl try I / ea indus thin n, Fina to Art was think be inr any year, and I’ve the the m erything This can ht c o m Japa book of the Montreal this u go What nd ev to work nt l e . tokeart, ig fo erce ta seco be featured in comm Do yo itions? you we v i l fromstra my larly excited by month feature, sent off art to I will een. m y withMoreraw/write but I am regu time from betw e.2 Exhib st show e r e like those anywBhere and a 2nd get on g lle ct/d ted, 18 books in 2005 issu w . j modern artists at ed to I’m feelin d co libera 3Irt) 07 ne w wns. to be the la to Tokyo to New more an e. and elona reprint of the abov d Barc bv e, with who tio le, mentione t to from speaking ith mto be exactly(su wable about the peop to? exhibi I also it’s wenknow more so book in the I to lf York, do they re myse not go ow that e great the mind set I do type of person at? st sh lots t ld be. I also inspi ofofthtoy designers cts,, la shou Wha US. Also, some proje e ur d sI the res a they d st, th to be associate ral to a frino back from artist enwish days, which is aim your figu de on the globe most you hone gene ushave personal feed latitu e the ‘fine a , ry fashioned ! s Jarvis, ca just who values the to be from. The Hnunagavery old was d odern be convenient thing withi en admire, like Jame y, Tim eone happ m Som fro for that t Taan te M with e enging, the the ept. conc urit is the catalyst Woodring, Kinse e me art’ tis chall net Jim favo the r se ar Inter do you new, cts man, e to Who is of my proje ted to stramlia y is an eone who Biskup, Gary Base lots of revolution. 95% different. Som it l e wan Jerem er from Au laca tte, character? like Colette in be possible were s of creativity and sh thing. I think stores Sarah from Cole would not be e Pink respects all form design n clothing erci al time to New York, and net. urist KAWS Accomplic ble DIY Paris, Alife in others who took not for the inter from the hum his ow y, a comm catolled the Clown from s are more loved the foot Bunny, Crusty the Vacant store write that they by hbook to a 200 Ken sketc Jerem company Jeremville and r. King mini , us nturo ites as the Simpsons art on a CD cove exciting, adve book. I see artists’ webs , creative mural, to the design N Lab and in Australia KAWS Or than any art giant James Jarvis, shoe design. y k ground breaking suburbs of one Or a cool new DESIG ept store l the Smurfs, Snow be these How do you thin as. Companion, the gallery could ever will global township. a painted canv a conc work by alsigners. Tin Tin, Camguin will find toys in designer toys the dog from days. And you yl Will Puff n “Vin HR sellingg edge de , ing Men writ Mr over evolve? Whilst crossing by Fowler, such stores. over , ble disc cuttin Bear People who like misa B y you custo not phre did Kill” I think the Stuff. Hum es, and are k it Urban rising? between genr Magic s extended into How do you thin al toy Do you think be anything surp Doogle from the by the old value platform can be tied or fixated ed how e shapes, and differs from norm Vinyl will ever art e days I just Roundabout. more imaginativ Megan and I realis uce! ng, what do the the past. Som turi with in of d over ufac prod to epte cross man acc change a lot more long books take re? is in the want things to What other 3Dyou as apparel, supportive you think Art what world as sculptu smash it all products such How helpful and g completely, to etc, that fit world’ is a designers do modern world,today ? be. How stron sick of the old I think the ‘art games, publishing designers can l e I’m ral toy concept. admire? self referentia does it mean community scen notions of art, in with the gene very small and the global toy s Jarvis, Pete files n of what 20th century last Jame designs. I think the l notio S, on your the ative d tiona KAW iling tradi base innov think I n, More , industry is. That ema push commerce, desig of what is on a value of a Tsui, Baseman broadened, and ners 3am Tim stock at really desig er, as ured sher has Fowl is ns art as long manufact to the publi an Jurevicius, values, and notio keep the conceptual and , and I feel can be a very Biskup, Fafi, Nath n Eaton, Page 16 le’. Tomorrow I might is a lot more themselves and particular artist saturday night crosses12:09 ‘acceptab , Trista and ed and exist outside of ess. ssing,25 Bill McMullen /5/06 so y, but today I’m encompa customer excit Designer Toys ee, the exhausting proc t disci ereen think differentl plines. Bv the audience Siu, Brothersfr with SU then So, and d, akin s Lau, betw enge value more over chall that, f y others who frustrated by old o m . Once the t did you gain s such as Geof as graffiti, list goes on. Man . c thinking. you have artist for toys will grow movements such omWha onally from writing great narrow minded Mills, Maya i r l mes tired of c, fashion, ally frgirpers have made a l, y g McFetridge, Mike audience beco sneakers, musi rigin a r Cheuk, t be a decline. hip hop, and y book? er, o as Scary25/5/06 contribution. who feels this s c Hayuk, Deanne toys, there migh tothis graphic design, 12:11 w . your design ucSUBvert Murakami, ork of h Maybe someone Page sed at. A really t 44 w es e needs to stay cool netw think the art a migh is flam ge y s b visions, Takashi toy w chan Groo The ntri for to g pop culture. I What cou same desire McGinniss, l a basket to and? haractersong Kon Flying C friends and contacts in various does burn very clastic notion istular Jeff Soto, Ryan t pop alight! Plastic world is too smal a ; some Hecox, work mos e cthe with H ompany be into the icono r, arttrangon d and all at 3am on t know. over the place to all ael Leon, Evan don’ after I a Mich fields well, n c toys. hold such a broa tr and yville y s , oratioof of designer issions that kler, and a host can be a very illusIn uJerem ept as designer b tifull ollthe n Genevieve Gauc great design comm just me. I think essful saturday night important conc Maybe that’s c a notio beanet. I think le seeing the c ess. are pushing the of theA suc than's interby his very old fashioned. of others who came from peop exhausting proc toys. titutes art. toys are a part thea big series of fe tries is Na to licoun ink as . of th n of what cons , such a u think notio book I li yo ; . that, t a revolution How do uranim ugh who work in an forllMTV Americas I don’t think like ens wi Austr bires ation e se Certain artists 6 is ections with inion on k re ro insp l gallery scene Vinyl fig an ongoing column of around ext might snea people first, conn What or who a The traditiona your op art gallery cont ema atil’sand e I write for 05 issue.2 to catch up, that evolve? pageswilper in a show, but people, thenWh issue a larg (subv3rt) points you? really struggling in a toy or two re l be Art?are my to man does not hold king Designer I think the you view websites. those o will ers, open yy wh and certainly do think ver generally spea sell is w has ists Free It also der I ay art Ho le who brea of yl nt for me. about a broa of reference. Art tod Vinylk turnover n ss, peop much exciteme of the vin will it can be Toys are more I edne If ba out a d. mind Ur since to and time confined unregulate a gallery ns, changelimited edition move in ists work been a long, long art show, pop culture than down old notio in some art I see t’. I fine ing in the displayed that as ‘ar world and saw an exciting gallery setting. figures sitt the more ple view d 04 issue.2 vinyl most peo g create merge into audience. egory as (subv3rt) le is anythin am same cat s an think art mainstre ts (affordab to expres ng e you my tryi s artists prin s by an that is ge (that’ ojects ar ion or messa then What pr working on? reproduct er). emotion way). Art ign tion any currently future artist/des jority of interpreta what you have to the ma d e t th an ven e is rele do Describ . projects ? people. n do process.. the planned duction e of perso it’s about I’m in pro Generally types of What typ is interested Currently animated and the u think 15 second in late yo x toy al yl? run size 90 rm on made. No ut mass Urban Vin ich roll out o still in in in wh nt rts designs ere abo als sho yl is diff uring is 2006. I’m the Urban vin suppose in manufact movie and TV February on , ntry. I an elopment limited to audiences every cou ple who like Urb . early dev and is not peo feature film licenses s . Also a general Scarygirl collector t l run size a specia yl have a ture is tha Vin fea g hin in distinguis ntality. created s me e toy rib the desc are by most of uld you vinyl world How wo rk? n the Urban semi-know of the your wo t known or that’s par ing art duct. Story tell artists and final pro the of appeal


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16 issue

Do 1 yt .h oi na uk rnybl in s U i V rt?whaiIaft aso roiet e c spr liyt d m o cwithe to it atk m ? whIyf r a t n noo ste?e d Il i m i tie tn oy nl i d e i u r e sg vf i g itnhe sini t t m a scategaoesr ya r t i sntt’ ss p(arffi orda l de us b rcetpiroon n a yr t i s t e d / b a i g n r. s e ) . If you 2


design / ration / graphic c edition 2 / illust boarding / musi urban vinyl / skate

rt) (subv3 ertmagaz www.subv

AM Quick Piece Sampler  

A few pieces of my work from past projects

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