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Tolerance Tolerance is a fair and objective attitude towards people who have a different lifestyle and have ideas and decisions that are different than yours. Understanding Tolerance can help us shift or change our attitude toward others, which leads us to a more productive and happy life, were we can interact with others accepting what they decide, what they like and what they have to say. The level of tolerance you have can help you be more happy and coexist with others easily. Are tolerant people more happy, or are happy people more tolerant? We should accept everyone for what they are no matter their likes, their religion, their education, their opinions, etc., because without tolerance, we can’t talk with someone without arguing about something and people won’t try to approach you and start a conversation. We are all different physically and mentally, and we need to learn to accept that.

Stereotypes make people think in simplistic and exclusionary terms. To them, other people are either good or bad, best friends or worst enemies. Girls and boys might no longer play together, and people sometimes criticize people who don't look like them or don’t think like them. We should remember name-calling and prejudiced remarks are hurtful and wrong. Another example is the racial and cultural differences. We should also set a good example to the children. A child may see his father refusing to be treated by a female doctor or hear racist remarks from a grandparent, and absorb these prejudices. Be conscious of your own biases. Along with outright injustice and violence, discrimination and marginalization are common forms of intolerance. Education for tolerance should aim at countering influences that lead to fear and exclusion of others, and should help young people develop capacities for independent judgment, critical thinking and ethical reasoning. The diversity of our world's many religions, languages, cultures and ethnicities is not a pretext for conflict, but is a treasure that enriches us all. Each one of us should begin by asking: am I a tolerant person? Do I stereotype people? Do I reject those who are different from me?

We need to focus and work on the common values and teachings of different religions and cultures of the world instead of emphasizing on the differences that tear us apart, to behave like friends to each other with pure heart, sympathy and good intentions, o show respect, love, understanding and tolerance to all humans irrespective of race and religion.




Nature’s 4 Essentials Earth is not only the name we give to the place we stand on It’s not only a word that represents us It’s our home and place to be all day long It’s part of me, it’s part of us

Wind strokes our bodies and souls It speaks to us, but it doesn’t control It’s what we breathe, and cannot see It’s what we are and what we need

Water can be fast or calm It falls from rain and also snow Feel it on your sole and on your palm Just let your body go with the flow

Fire keeps warm your soul Heat cuddles you once more That sparkle and light you see inside Is the imagination you’ve got in mind

Alexandra Z. Miller V.



Lies, Lies, Lies I’ve heard it all before my friend All the things you tell me I’m fed up of your games I’m not stupid I can see The way you want me to feel Whenever you’re around Your voice makes me shiver Ughh that horrible sound Don’t you hate liars? People just like you You pretend you love me The skies are no longer blue I want you to leave Me and my friends alone Your words are strong and hurtful I’m number one target zone Tears well up in my eyes Whenever you’re around LEAVE ME ALONE NOW Ughh that horrible sound



“New Friends, New Experiences, New Life� Jack Dickins is a 16 year old boy who lives with his parents 'Ms. Lorry Dickins and Mr. William Dickins' in a small neighborhood where he met his best friend Rusell Young when they were little. They both went to the same school, they would always play together, they both had a pet dog, and they would always spend a lot of time together. Rusell would always look for an adventure and take risks in school, like bending or breaking the rules and question the authorities, and he would always try to involve Jack in it. They both thought their lives were great, no worries, good grades, no problems, a lot of friends, everything was going just fine, until one day this girl named Joanna Harper moved into the same school Jack and Rusell went, and Jack thought she was stunning, with her beautiful blond hair, and great personality, and immediately has a crush on her.

Jack felt he needed to approach her before it was too late, so he started talking to her and hanging out with her, he thought it was amazing he could spend time with her even though they didn't have much in common, but Rusell didn't think it was that great or amazing because every day Jack would spend less time with him. Jack started to get bad grades in school because he wouldn't pay attention to what his teachers would say, or he would skip classes to be with Joanna, and he wouldn't pay attention to the fact Joanna was a trouble maker, she would have really bad grades and she was the type of girl that would look for attention anywhere with anyone, so she would give no commitment in any relationship, and Rusell knew he had to do something about that, he knew he had to go talk with Jack about what was happening. Rusell went to Jack's house and talked to him, Jack opened his eyes and realized what kind of girl Joanna was and what damage she would do to his feelings if he continued hanging out with her without paying attention to the reality, but there was something he just couldn't understand, something that bugged him all night, there's something about Joanna he just couldn't take her out of his mind. A week passed by, Jack and Rusell were spending some more time together, and Jack was trying to forget Joanna, he would try to think of all the bad things people told him about her to forget her, but it just wasn't working as he had planned, he thought maybe he needed to see it with his own eyes. So he was going to go with


Rusell to ask for some help about Joanna so maybe they could look for her in school and bust her. Jack called Rusell on the phone, but he wouldn't answer, he called multiple times but there was no sign of him, he knew something was not right, but he tried calling him one last time, and Rusell finally answered, he told Jack why he was not answering the phone, once Rusell told Jack what was happening, Jack was in shock and couldn't believe what was happening, he felt so bad for Rusell and he told him he would help and support him with anything he needed. The reason why Rusell wouldn't answer was the possibility of his parents getting divorced, so Rusell wasn't acting the same, he was kind of depressed, his grades were getting worse and now Jack wanted to leave everything behind and help him.

Both Jack and Rusell had problems they wanted to avoid, but as much as they tried they couldn't, or at least they didn't know how to put their problems at the side. So they were both thinking of a possible solution to their problems, but they couldn't seem to figure out a way to forget them, so they both thought of a way to get their minds off of reality and one night they packed some important things like food, clothes, a phone, etc., and met up in a park close to their neighborhood and decided to escape, to run away and escape of all problems was probably not the best plan and was surely not the most mature solution, but they needed a break of everything that was happening, of the people and surely of school. They knew their parents would worry about what had happened to them, they would miss them, and they would miss them back, but it wasn't like they were going to leave for ever, it was just a break and a new experience. So they left, they wondered off into a flower field that was near the park and kept on going straight, and repeated to themselves a saying they had: “Let's see what destiny has planned for us, if we like it we go with it, if we don't we'll deal with it�. The next morning Jack's and Rusell's parents were in shock and didn't know what to do. They called the police and all their friend's parents so everyone could help them look for the kids. Everyone started hanging posters with pictures, names, address, a phone number, and more personal information, so people could know how they look like and call if they find them. Everyone was worried, even the teachers were looking for them, and they were all calling them on the phone, but no one answered, there were no clues, no messages, and no sing of them anywhere, they had disappeared, but Jack's and Rusell's parents had faith in finding them soon, or at least they hoped so.


In school, a lot of their friends were worried and the teachers were concerned about the situation, but Joanna didn't even notice Jack was gone until she heard people talking about what had happened, that showed she had absolutely no feelings towards Jack, so she didn't even bother in asking for the rest of the story or if anyone knew something about them. Jack's friends were going to make sure to tell him about what Joanna did and how she was acting once they found him, they knew they would come back. Everyone close to Jack and Rusell were trying to figure out why they would run off without telling anyone or leaving a sign, and Rusell's parents started wondering why they had left, and came to the conclusion that maybe Rusell escaped because of the thought of them (his parents) getting divorced that affected him so much. So they decided they had to solve whatever problems they had to prevent any other conflicts and stay together, because when they thought of getting divorced, they didn't even think of how Rusell was going to react to the rupture. They were going to think of everything before making any decision and finally decided to look for Rusell as a family.

The two boys were doing just fine, 3 days had already passed and noticed they were running out of food, so they started looking for possible places to find food or find something they could eat, finally they found what seemed to be an abandoned house, or at least a house that needed to be fixed, so they got near it and decided to go inside to see if they could find some food or at least some shelter or the night. As they were walking towards the house, what they found was unexpected for them; an old lady was cooking some food. The boys went near her and introduced themselves:


-Hi, I'm Jack and this is my friend Rusell, who are you? -Well hello, I didn't see you there, I'm Mrs. Veva Wright, but you can call me Mrs. Veva – She said – What a wonderful surprise to find two handsome young boys here, but if I may ask, what are you doing out here all alone? -Nice to meet you – said Rusell – Don't get me wrong but we escaped from our home looking for an adventure and new experiences, or at least we're taking a break of all the problems we've been having lately. -Oh! I see, well come in side, I'll prepare some food for you because you look hungry, and let me tell you, you two should probably get your selves back home, your parents are probably worried sick – She said - so why don't you spend the night here and tomorrow you can head back to your home.

They started thinking about what Mrs. Veva had said, and they came to the conclusion that she was wright, that maybe they had spent a wonderful time out, with no worries, just escaping, but maybe it was time to go back and solve their problems like grownups, and as they would always say: “Let's see what destiny has planned for us, if we like it we go with it, if we don't we'll deal with it”. So they decided to spend the night there and the next day, in the morning Mrs. Veva served breakfast and gave them some food to take with them, enough for them to get back home, and they thanked her and said goodbye, so they took off and this time the only thing they would think of was going back, accepting and dealing with the problems they would come across and learning to face the consequences of their actions, or if they had a problem talk it out and find out if you can solve it. Finally 2 days and a half later they found the neighborhood with everyone looking for them, everyone was so happy to see they were back and when they saw their parents they ran towards them and gave them a big hug, everyone was relieved that they were okay and they celebrated their coming back home with some dinner. Rusell's parents told him what was their final decision and everything they would do in the future, and Rusell was so happy that his parents decided not to get divorced, and that they would take him into account for the family and important decisions they would make, and Jack's friends told him everything they knew and saw about Joanna, so he found out she did not want anything to do with him, so he decided that if his friends and Rusell had told him all those negative aspects about Joanna, it meant it was for real, and she wasn't worth the fight or the struggle, he


wasn't going to put up with the broken hearts and relationship problems if it was just not worth it and it wasn't going to be necessary to see it with his own eyes, so he got over her right in that moment and moved on; Rusell was really proud of him, and Jack was happy for Rusell's family.

Ms. Lorry Dickins (Jack's mom) started telling Jack she was really worried about him, and she was really worried they would starve, or that they would be cold without a coat; but then she just started hugging him and saying she was so happy he came back, and Mr. William Dickins told Jack he was a little disappointed in him because they didn't solve their problems as big kids, and that they should have talked with someone about their problems, especially with them (his parents) because they've probably had some problems like these ones or at least similar to them and they can help, he said:


-Remember you can always count on us; we will always support you on anything, any problem any decision, because we are always going to be here for you, no matter what happens. And even though I sometimes say I'm disappointed in you, I'm not, I'm disappointed on your actions, but I will never be disappointed in you, you are my son, and I will always be proud of who you are and of what you have become, every mistake you make, is what makes you who you are, is what makes you special, you just have to learn out of your mistakes, because it doesn't matter how many times you succeed, what matter is how many times you get up and try again.

After that long talk, Jack knew he was never going to be alone, and he could talk with his parents about any problem he had, so he just hugged them and thanked them for everything they had done for him. At the end, everything went back to normal, everyone was happy, and Jack and Rusell decided that if they had problems they would solve it as grownups and if they wanted a break, they would just go camping.

The End!




appiness is an motion that is ong lasting because of the ove we share n the world