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Alex Michaud   Hospitality  Diversity  Management   March  4th,  2013   Gen  Y  vs.  Baby  Boomers     1.    A.  What  does  the  article  reveal  about  the  use  of  technology  by  baby  boomers  in   the  US.  versus  baby  boomers  in  emerging  nations?     The  article  reveals  that  baby  boomers  in  emerging  nations  are  more  tech   savvy  then  baby  boomers  in  the  US.  For  example,  baby  boomers  in  China  and  Brazil   are  more  likely  to  connect  electronically  than  baby  boomers  in  the  US.  However,   they  both  like  to  interact  with  their  supervisors  in  person.                B.  What  impact  did  technological  developments  and  culture  have  on  the  use  of   technology  by  American  Baby  Boomers  compared  to  baby  boomers  of  emerging   nations.     American  Baby  Boomers  are  used  to  their  old  technological  ways  and  are   hard  set  in  them.  For  them,  they  experienced  a  strong  technological  advance  when   they  were  young,  so  when  new  technology  emerged  they  were  sick  of  learning  new   technologies  when  the  ones  they  currently  used  worked  just  fine.  The  opposite  of   that  happened  for  baby  boomers  in  emerging  countries,  as  they  are  experiencing   that  strong  technological  boost  and  are  learning  the  new  technologies  as  they  come   out,  as  it  is  a  fresh  for  them.            C.  Apply  two  concepts     I  think  a  concept  that  could  be  really  helpful  for  people  of  the  Gen  Y   generation  to  create  some  sort  of  blog  or  discussion  board  where  people  could  post   information  pertaining  to  the  company  and  ways  to  interact  and  connect  different   employees  in  different  departments.  I  think  another  concept  to  help  keep  the  Baby   Boomers  satisfied  is  to  be  very  personal  with  them  and  offer  them  benefits  and   incentives  that  pertain  to  them  more.  If  you  can  cater  to  both  of  the  generations  you   will  have  a  better  chance  keeping  them  both  satisfied.          

Gen Y vs. Baby Boomers  

Report on the use of technology between Gen Yer's and Baby Boomer's

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