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Table of Contents Resume Page 3

Bennett Family Center - State College, PA ‘11 Pages 4-5

Anacostia Riverfront Community - Washington, DC ‘09 Pages 6-7

Center for Sustainability - PSU ‘08 Pages 8-9

Details, Sections, Hand Drawings, Renderings, Photos Pages 10-13

Taylor Colliery Redevelopment - Taylor, PA ‘09 Pages 14-15

Waterfront Toronto - Toronto, Canada ’10 Pages 16-17

Contact Information Pages 18


Education Experiences

The Pennsylvania State University – State College, PA Bachelor of Landscape Architecture [Expected Spring 2011] Cumulative GPA 3.6/4.0

Walter Hood Workshop- Pennsylvania State University - 5 Day Charrette [Spring 2011] Landscape Architecture Camp Counselor - Pennsylvania State University [Summer 2010] Week long design charrette for high school students [40 students]

Stormwater Management Practices - State College, PA [Summer 2010] Working under Professor Stuart Echols - Design build Hardscape installations, Land manipulation, grading

Studied abroad in Rome, Italy [Fall 2009]

School of Landscape Architecture Pennsylvania State University [4 months] Participated in Premio Piranesi Contest - a competition for design ideas for the Material and Immaterial Museam at Villa Adriana Studied architecture styles, piazza’s, and circulation patterns Traveled through Europe to document various circulation patterns and inspirational landscape designs

Vector Marketing – State College, PA [Fall 2008 – Spring 2009]

Worked as a sales rep that was promoted in a week to key staff Established one on one experience with my customers Demonstrated and improved social skills while enhancing public speaking skills

Twins United LLC – Bethany, CT [Summer 2008 – present]


Owner and operator of the landscaping company - Improved leadership skills Gained knowledge in construction and design techniques [residential scale]

Graphic - Hand Perspectives, Sections, Elevations, Rendering, Field Sketches, Drafting

- Digital

Google SketchUp Pro 7, Arc View GIS, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Cad 2008, fluent with both Mac and PC

Design Stormwater management, detailed site planning, grading, parks and urban design, site analysis, Childrens Learning Centers


Departmental Award - Certificate for Outstanding Leadership and Service - Spring 2011 OPP Stormwater Ad Contest - 2nd Place Finalist - Spring 2011 Kakos Trustee Scholarship Arts and Architecture - Spring 2010 - University Scholarship Bunton Waller Scholarship - Spring 2010, Fall 2010 - University Scholarship Russell O. Jones Trustee Scholarship – Fall 2009 CTASLA Student Scholarship – Spring 2007 Students showing leadership and superior academic qualities

Alma Heinz and August Louis Pohland Scholarship in the School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture– Spring 2007 Deans List:

Activities References:

Undergraduate students who have achieved superior academic records or who manifest promise of outstanding academic success

Spring 2007, Fall 2007, Fall 2008, Spring 2010, Fall 2010

Landscape Architecture Student Society [LASS] - President [2010-2011] A Member: 2007-present Available Upon Request


Alex R. McSherry 340 Wooding Hill Rd. Bethany, CT 06524 (203) 907-8359

3 Email:

Concept: This design was a weeklong group charrette which consisted of two other partners. Our goal was to create a children’s learning center that revolved around

Ready, Set, Grow. The concept

the concept,

is geared to enable the children to exercise their gross and fine motor skill development, as well as encouraging positive growth. In this group, I was responsible for the site analysis, plan renderings, concept ideas, perspectives, and two specific design ideas based off of the site analysis.


Bennett Family Center Childrens Learning Center

One of the major constraints with this site was the severe slope that led you from the children’s learning center to the lower play area

Professor: Caru Bowns / Spring Semester 2011

The Music Meadow

Tire Jungle

Music Meadow is a design scene above in the

two drawings where children can play with various types of

Storage Shed

recycled materials, such as plastic drums,

buckets and tin cans. Children can add to the collection in Dirt Pit

order to add to their overall experience. This area allows the

Bicycle Track

Active Recreation

children to use their

Terraced Meeting Place

imagination and creativity

to create numerous sounds and timbres.

Art Area Sandbox

Village Meeting/Gathering Area

Caterpiller Crawl

Bennett Family Center Backyard Village Secret Shady Surprise Jungle

Veggie Vacation

Bennett Family Center Childrens Learning Center

5 Professor: Caru Bowns / Spring Semester 2011


y Commuters onto the Site

D 1-2

B 1-2

C 1

Scale 1”=600’ 0




1200 Feet

LEGEND Commuting Area Attraction Point Focal Area Main Point of Attraction Node Flow of Traffic View Points

A 1-2

Scale 1”= 200’ 0 100’ 200’

400 Feet

The design intent revolved around the


effect. The ripples are originate fron the outside influences on the site. The main influence of the design comes from the neighboring

community. The goal

was to bring the communities towards the waters edge and break up the existing barrier. The circulation onto the site will be easily accessable from both the northern and southern communities. Various focal points are strategically placed on site to attract community members to the site.


Anacostia Riverfront Community Project

Professor: Barry Kew / Spring Semester 2009

Design Intent: The design was to incorporate a setting that can be enjoyed throughout the four seasons. The main focal point shown below represents the numerous opportunities that can be presented to the community. This area will attract various community members throughout the year. The image to the left demonstrates the constraints of the site and how the current circulation patterns in black separate the city from the current waterfront. Creating inspiring and inspirational focal points throughout the site will provide niches

relaxation and interaction between community members in for

the site. existing site.

Scale 1”= 40’




80 Feet

Entrance To Ice Rink

Seat Drain Lines Water Element

Ice Rink




Water element Concession Stand Table

Vender Booths Table Concert Stage

Theater Screen

Theater Screen


Seat Table Stands

Wedding Alter

Table Skate Rental Booth Seat

Main Attraction throughout the week - Water element in ripple pattern

Outdoor theater set up for special occasions

Outdoor Concert area with open area to dance

Anacostia Riverfront Community Project

Farmers market for designated weekends or Sundays

Wedding ceremony area where the alter is angled towards the waterfront

Ice skating rink for a winter activities

Scale 1”=100’ 0



200 Feet

7 Professor: Barry Kew / Spring Semester 2009

Concept: The design was based upon the


of the public’s perception of

sustainability. The

site is constructed in a way to make the visitor become interactive with the natural and native setting. This will allow the visitor to become more appreciative of their natural settings. This is achieved through three main ways, transformation of impermeable surfaces to permeable surfaces in the driveway, relationship between the indoor and outdoor classrooms through demo sites, and lastly by sparking the visitor’s interest by utilizing the solar energy.


The main water element on the site is powered throught the solar energy obtained by the solar housing unit located on site.

Center For Sustainability Project

Professor: Stuart Echols / Spring Semester 2008

Center For Sustainability Project

9 Professor: Stuart Echols / Spring Semester 2008

Outline: Represented on the next couple of sheets is the evolution of my creations as a landscape architect. I have supplied you with an array

technical works along with my artistic

of my

abilities. These works were documented through the various years here at Pennsylvania State University and abroad in Europe.



“Anyone has the opportunity to stand out and be successful but only determination, hard work, and dedication gets you there. The only one that can stop you from getting there .� is

yourself -Alex McSherry








Bioswale and Retention Ponds

The design of the site came from the direct influence of the natural features that were prevalent within the site boundaries. The roads mimic the meandering flow of the bioswale and Keyser Creek. The design is intended for the local residents to embrace the natural elements though the pathways throughout the community. Boardwalks were designed to educate the residence of the importance of bioswales and the native ecosystems. They are also provided to promote interaction between community members.


Green Space

Circulation Pattern

Below is a diagram that overlaps my design concept with my current design. It represents how I came up with my final plan to the left.

Taylor Colliery Taylor, PA

Professor: Neil Korostoff / Spring Semester 2010

Taylor Colliery Taylor, PA

15 Professor: Neil Korostoff / Spring Semester 2010


Context maps: Highlighted area represents the Lower Don Lands that needed to be redesigned. Arrows are represented to show the connection between Downtown Toronto and the architectural building/ site we focused in depth on.

The goal was to build a more

livable urban region through green corridors and active recreation. In this

studio I was teamed up with two architects to design a more pedestrian friendly urban environment while creating a main focal point for active recreation. My goal as the landscape architect was to construct an effective transportation system through the recreational landscape intended to reflect off of the Sports complex.


Urban Plan - Sidewalks are larger on the main streets to encourage pedestrian travel throughout the community

Waterfront Toronto Lower Don Lands

Professor: Madis Philak / Fall Semester 2010

Main Entrence Phases

1st Phases

2nd Phase

Final Phase

Illustrative Axon - This graphic was to represent the entire site of the design project that illustrates the implemenation of green spaces within the urban setting while creating niches for active recreation in the Lower Don Lands.

Waterfront Toronto Lower Don Lands

17 Professor: Madis Philak / Fall Semester 2010

Alex McSherry Portfolio 2011  

My Undergraduate Portfolio at Pennsylvania State University 2011. Currently looking for employment please contact me if my material is appea...

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