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Demenika Primary School

“Seasons” project


There is a lot of snow Winter is here The weather is bad Winter is here It’s cold, it’s windy and rainy

Winter is here Schools close for Christmas Winter is here We wear warm clothes and jumpers and coats Winter is here We go skiing on mountains Winter is here Gardens are naked Winter is here We light the fireplace Winter is here

We decorate Christmas trees at home Winter is here We go on holiday Winter is here We make snowmen Winter is here Santa Claus is coming to our houses and brings

a lot of presents Winter is here The New Year Eve is near Winter is here We are making a New Year cake and delicious foods Winter is here We write Christmas cards and we send them to Santa Claus

Winter is here We skate on the ice Winter is here The carnival is very beautiful Winter is here [Eleftheria, Georgia, Bessie, Nikolia]

The sun is shining In the Summer We swim in the sea In the Summer We play in the beach In the Summer The swallows come In the Summer The animals get up In the Summer The children have fun In the Summer

[Michelle, Adam, Catherine]

We make small snowmen. Winter is here. The weather is cold. Winter is here. We decorate the Christmas tree. Winter is here. The animals are sleeping. Winter is here. The New Year comes.

Winter is here.

[Rafaela, Theano, Sotiria, Demi]

When the summer arrives In Greece the sun shines The sea is very hot We love summer a lot In summer the school is closed And the campings are full Summer in Greece has long days And all Greeks go on holidays

[Labrini, nancy ,bill P. ,marinia]

Summer is our favourite season It’s hot all day Every day In summer it’s our birthday. Summer is our favourite season The weather is sunny And it smells like honey. Summer is our favourite season we climb a tree we go to the sea And we eat ice-cream. (Evi, Nick and John)

"Seasons" project  

"Seasons" project - D2 class

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