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Dear Parents, Grandparents and Caregivers,

Second week of Advent As it is written in Isaiah the prophet, “Behold, I send my messenger before thy face, who shall prepare thy way; the voice of one crying in the wilderness: Prepare the way of the Lord, make his paths straight --” Next week we be will busily preparing for 2012 with a series of new student and parent transitions days/evenings. Parents will be invited on Tuesday 6 December (Senior Campus) and Wednesday 7 December (Junior Campus) to visit the College, meet teachers, listen to College staff talk about curriculum, pathways to learning, successful study habits and a range of other topics. In our Sunday Mass we too are preparing for something greater - the presence of Christ truly alive among us at Christmas. This week’s Sunday Gospel from St Mark 1: 1-8, invites us to prepare our hearts and minds for the way of the Lord.

As we celebrate the Second Sunday of Advent let us prepare for Christmas not simply by buying presents and writing cards but by being present to those we love, to those in need, to the sad, the lonely, the voiceless. Let the way we love each other be our gift, our calling card, as Christians.

Indigenous Art Exhibition I congratulate Mrs Madigan, Mr Hamilton and Mrs Zubreckyj, members of the College Leadership team and Junior Campus staff for a very successful inaugural CBC Indigenous Art Exhibition last week. A highlight of the event was a smoking ceremony by Basil “Mulla” Sumner, a Ngarrindjeri elder and community leader. The ceremony dispelled the evil spirits and gathered positive spirits upon the new Junior Campus.

Friday December 2, 2011 Term 4, Week 7

The Indigenous Art Exhibition of students’ artwork and a display of Tiwi Island artefacts was part of CBC’s commitment to Indigenous Education as member of Principals Australia Dare to Lead Coalition of schools.

Visit by Executive Director - EREA Dr Wayne Tinsey Dr Tinsey visited CBC last week and was given his first tour of the new Junior Campus facility. He was very impressed by the innovation, colour, design and deep thought which went into the design of the campus.

Simon Cousins and Jake Tollenaar with Mr Noel Mifsud during the Official Opening of the new Junior Campus.

Inclusive Community Our community is accepting and welcoming, fostering right relationships and committed to the common good.

Current Newsletter online at

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A Birth-12 Catholic College for boys in the Edmund Rice Tradition



Rejoice with Mary - 3rd. Sunday of Advent Despite the fact “that there was no room for them in the inn” (Luke 2: 8) and they had to lay their son in a manger, Mary and Joseph could rejoice at the birth of their son. Advent is a time of rejoicing because of this. “Rejoice” was the greeting of the angel Gabriel to Mary (Luke 1: 28) In our families we rejoice at the birth of a child, over a success, in a goal achieved, recovery from illness, at a birthday, wedding or family gathering, at Christmas and Easter. “I want you to be happy, always happy in the Lord; I repeat, what I want is your happiness” (Philippians 4 : 4) Let us truly rejoice with Mary, Joseph, the shepherds, the Magi and with our family and friends at the birth of the Christ Child at Christmas. Br Michael Flaherty Counsellor


The Uniform Shop is operating from 227 Flinders Street, Adelaide. For more information, please call 8400 4249. Normal trading hours: Monday...........................8:30am to 5pm* Wednesday.........................12pm to 5pm* Friday..................................12pm to 5pm* (*During school terms - extra trading hours are advertised for school holiday trading) Mrs Claire Summerton Uniform Shop Manager

Uniform Shop Holiday Trading hours The Uniform Shop closes December 9, 2011. Reopening and trading: Monday Jan 16 10am to 5pm Tuesday Jan 17 10am to 5pm Wednesday Jan 18 10am to 5pm Thursday Jan 19 10am to 5pm Friday Jan 20 10am to 5pm Monday Jan 23 Tuesday Jan 24 Wednesday Jan 25 Thursday Jan 26 Friday Jan 27

10am to 5pm 10am to 5pm 10am to 5pm Public Holiday 10am to 5pm

Returning to normal hours on Monday Jan 30 8.30am to 5pm



English & ESL/Mathematics Workshop With the completion of Years 10-12 exams staff in the Senior Campus have been busy meeting and preparing curriculum documentation in light of the Australian Curriculum. The College has offered staff considerable professional development opportunities to ensure we are contemporary and innovative in not just curriculum content but in pedagogy (teaching and learning theory and methodology). In 2011 five members of staff participated in state wide moderation of Year 12 work across a number of subjects to improve their understanding of the quality of work expected in Year 12. An equal number of Senior Campus staff have been involved in SACE clarifying sessions working with schools across all three sectors (State, Catholic and Independent) to ensure their work at Stage 1 and 2 meets state SACE standards.

Thanksgiving Mass I sincerely thank Mrs Denton and Mr Were for their organisation of the 2011 Thanksgiving Mass held in the Cathedral on Wednesday. They both deserve an extra vote of thanks for their hard work in covering for our APRIM who has been on extended sick leave. In his absence they worked above and beyond their roles to organise masses, liturgies, sacramental celebrations and liturgical events held at both CBC and the Cathedral. Thank you also to all student and staff readers, musicians, altar servers and organisers of the Thanksgiving Mass.

Renmark Rowing Camp We wish every success to our Year 7, 8 & 9 students participating in the Renmark Rowing Regatta this weekend. Some 45 CBC rowers will be attending and we wish them, and CBC Director of Watersports Mr Ron Mobbs and all CBC coaches, good luck.

CBC Junior Campus Concert and Year 6 Graduation Evening I conclude this week by providing a copy of my speech for the very successful Junior Campus concert and graduation ceremony attended by over 800 parents, grandparents and families.

It was the best of times... To the graduates from Mrs Magrin’s Yr 6 White class I know your time in the CBC Junior Campus has been a memorable one. Some of the best memories you shared with me include: • The school birthday fete which was a great success and lots of fun. • The Walk a Mile in My Boots activity left you with a strong sense of commitment to the disadvantaged and marginal. • The South Australian Primary Schools Sports Association (SAPSSA) Football Knockout grand final. • The Year 6/7 Rugby Team qualifying for SAPSASA in 2012. • The Year 6 Debating Team held the record for losing every debate!!! You did try hard and that is the essence of participation. • The Year 6 Basketball Team played in the Year 6/7 Competition at Wayville and won every game in Semester 2 except one.

Memories… To the graduates in Mrs Buchanan’s class two of your memories are quite funny! Mrs Buchanan reminded me of the time when Sean Marzinotto was in Reception and he ran down the slide and demolished the fence with his head! On camp this year Giorgio lost a tooth. He asked Mrs Buchanan to look after the tooth. Mrs Buchanan wrapped it in tissue and put it safely in the first-aid box. Later that evening she had a tidy up and accidently put the tooth in the bin. She remembered at 2 o’clock in the morning which explains why she was rummaging in a bin at that time!! The Tooth Fairy was very lucky to get that one!! I was also inspired by the following aspirations, hopes and dreams of Mrs Buchanan’s graduates: • Luke dreams of becoming a carpenter and making useful objects • Dylan wants to be a police officer

Principal’s Address at the Junior Campus Concert and Year 6 Graduation Evening.

• Moses dreams of becoming an architect and creating beautiful buildings


• Naveen dreams of becoming a doctor

Tonight I begin by acknowledging the spirit of the Kaurna people whose spirit remains with us today.

• Daniel Malcolm wants to be a graphic designer

I also acknowledge the spirit of the Christian Brothers whose love, passion and dedication to education has graced us at CBC for over 133 years. There are many important guests to acknowledge tonight including: • • • • •

The graduating Year 6 classes of 2011; Parents and grandparents; Sisters and brothers here tonight; Members of the College Board and Teachers and support staff;

You are all very welcome.

• Liam and Siddarth would love to become professional cricketers • Dario a soccer player

• Mason dreams of being a professional dancer • Sean would love to be a veterinarian • Tim dreams of becoming a zoologist






Thankyou I sincerely thank both your teachers Mrs Magrin and Mrs Buchanan for their hard work in preparing you for 2011. I thank Mrs Zubreckyj Assistant Principal Junior Campus and the teaching and support staff members who have guided you through your journey at CBC. I also acknowledge the former Head of Junior Campus Mr Murray Koster and staff who have left CBC but who were a part of your journey with us over the years. I also acknowledge the hard work, passion and love shown by your parents and grandparents who were your first teachers from the moment a question leapt from your mouths and who will remain your teachers for life and about life.

Farewell Tonight we also farewell members of the Junior campus staff - Mr Kha, Miss Chaina and Mrs O’Reilly who leave us in 2011. Thank you for your hard work, dedication and influence on our amazing boys. You will be missed. I am also pleased to announce that Mrs Magrin, Mr Carrieri and Mr McCarthy will be moving to the Senior Campus in 2012 along with our graduates.

Conclusion In conclusion I wish every CBC student and especially our graduates a safe, happy and blessed Christmas. To our graduates I leave you with some words of wisdom: When you ask yourself, will I succeed? Answer it using the words of literary genius Dr Seuss. “Kid, you’ll move mountains! You’re off to great places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting. So, get on your way!” Amen!

Mr Noel Mifsud Principal

Reminder All students (Senior and Junior Campus) will finish at 12.30pm on Friday 9 December.

WHY DO WE NEED TO REFLECT ON OUR LEARNING? As we enter the final weeks of the year it is important that students reflect upon their academic achievements throughout the year. This reflection could be on their final examination marks, assessment grades in learning areas or their application to work and meeting their own personal goals. Irrespective of what type of tool that is used to gauge an individual’s success research indicates that reflection on one’s successes or failures is essential if we are to grow as learners. What are the pedagogical and physiological foundations of reflection for learning? Why is reflection important for learning? What does the literature say about how reflection supports learning? Plato was an ancient Greek philosopher who stated that we need to “know thyself”, which can lead to a lifetime of investigation where gaining self-knowledge in itself becomes part of the outcome of learning. Recent research by Zubizaretta (2004, 2009) found that student learning improved when they critically reflected systematically over time on their own learning process which allowed them to eventually develop appropriate aptitudes, skills and habits that allowed them to be continually successful. Learning is both an active and reflective process. Though we learn by doing, constructing, building, talking, and writing, we also learn by thinking about events, activities and experiences. This confluence of experiences (action) and thought (reflection) combines to create new knowledge. Both action and reflection are essential ingredients in the construction of knowledge. Indeed it is difficult to separate the two as they often occur together; that is, we can reflect upon activities even as we are in the midst of doing or experiencing them. Because learning is so often subconscious, we don’t realise we’ve actually gained new knowledge or understanding until we stop to contemplate a particular activity. Reflection then is the vehicle for critical analysis, problem-solving, synthesis of Opposing ideas, evaluation, identifying patterns and creating meaning—in short, many of the higher order thinking skills that we strive to foster in our students. Studies in neuroscience have also shown that reflection is essential if we are to have deep learning. It is believed even if we experience something that has happened to us, it doesn’t have meaning unless it engages our emotions. Through engaging our emotions we make deep connections in the brain that foster significant long term learning. It is important that our students are not passive receptors of information. Through technology, the amount of information available today is massive. Students need to continually reflect on the information received and critically use information that is relevant to them and not just passively accept information. At the end of the year all students need to reflect on their successes and failures throughout the year with a critical eye. This


critical eye means questioning. It is important that students ask good questions, to think critically, in order to continue to improve upon their learning skills and ultimately improve their grades and learning outcome. For students, reflecting on their achievements may be the last thing they want to do at the end o the school year. However, taking time to develop their skill in critical thinking and reflection can be used as a useful tool to reassess their learning strategies and modify their behaviour that allows for academic shift and success for the future.

“It is the language of reflection that deepens our knowledge of who we are in relation to others in a community of learners”. Carole Miller and Juliana Saxton, University of Victoria

Mr Shaun Clarke Deputy Principal


Term 4 Week 8 Tues 6 Dec

Board Dinner Sports Assembly (R – Year 6) Parent Transition Information Evening Wed 7 Dec Graduation Dinner – Convention Centre Water Sports Auxiliary 6.30pm Thurs 8 Dec MS Community Day JC Picnic Fri 9 Dec Last day for Middle and Junior students Liturgy/Assembly Students finish at 12.30pm

CBC CHRISTMAS Office Hours Office Closure The office closes on Thursday 22 December 2011 for the Christmas holiday break and re-opens on Monday 23 January 2012. For enquiries please ring: Property – 8400 4204 Finance – 8400 4207 Enrolments – 8400 4210


MUSIC NEWS Instrumental Program During a very busy time of year I found myself in the Chapel this week proofreading 160 Instrumental reports. The music room was occupied by boys rehearsing for a myriad of events and the Chapel was a beautiful hiding place. It was also a great venue to reflect on the work of our instrumental teachers who are such an important part of the boys’ lives. Role models, mentors, friends -- these men and women make a huge difference to CBC. It was an absolute pleasure reading their reports on the progress the boys have made on individual instruments in 2011. The instrumental reports will be distributed with class reports at the end of Week 8. Included will be the form for instrumental lessons for Term 1, 2012. If your son is continuing with flute, trumpet, trombone, clarinet or saxophone and you are hiring an instrument through CBC, the instruments will be collected this week for cleaning. Please contact the music department if your son wishes to have the instrument over the holiday period.

Year 10 Music in Victoria Square On Wednesday 16 November and 23 November Mr Josh Roach from the Music Department loaded up the school bus with instruments and made the journey to Victoria Square to meet the Year 10 music class. The boys became quite adept at unloading and setting up in the area opposite the tram stop and then the fun began. With a captive audience waiting for the tram the boys entertained the Square with a selection of perennial favourites including It’s A Long Way to the Top If You Want to Rock And Roll and Paradise City. I had the enviable job of sitting on the grass and applauding. It is on days like this that you relish the role of teacher. Kudos to the Adelaide City Council for being supportive with regard to our artistic endeavours and congratulations to the following boys for providing high quality entertainment in the Square: Marcus Barricelli, Jessie Borden, Bryce Clonan, Lennon Cowper, Christopher Guzik, Bailey Jordinson-Meagher, Nicholas Lanchester, Jordon Lennon, Sam Warren and Liam Wytkin. Mrs Louise Guthleben Arts Coordinator

With thanks for your support of the program.

Christian Brothers College Community Children’s Centre One of the great aspects of being an inner city school is the opportunity to perform for the wider public. On Monday 28 November, the Year 8 Advanced Music group walked down to the CBC Community Children’s Centre located on East Terrace armed with smiles and the words to the top ten favourites for the three-year-olds and four-year-olds. If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands and Twinkle, twinkle were big hits and the boys finished their recital with three Jazz standards utilising guitars, drums, keyboard, sax and trumpet. Thank you to the staff of the Centre who were very welcoming and thank you also to the Year 8 boys who performed with panache and verve!

Movie Screening in the Library As an end of year celebration for Middle School students the Library will be screening two movies during week 8 at lunch time. The movies screening are both new releases: Red Dog and The Karate Kid. The films are rated PG (Parental Guidance Recommended). If you are concerned about your son viewing a PG rated film please contact the Senior Library. May I also ask you to ensure that all library and book hire items are returned to the Senior Library before the end of Week 8. Students are asked to return the books they borrowed, and to clean any pen or pencil markings from the pages. Wishing you all a safe and happy holiday. Merry Christmas! Mrs Sandra Mason Head Librarian


Paul McGuire Library

December 1

Blessing and Official Opening of the new Junior Campus

Thanksgiving Mass

Junior Campus Concert

Year 6 Graduation





Dear Parents and Caregivers Last Friday evening Mr Were’s and Mr Wallace’s classes enjoyed themselves at a sleepover at the Junior Campus. The evening commenced with games, quizzes and Pizza dinner. I would like to sincerely thank the teachers, Mr Were, Ms Williams, Mr Wallace and student teacher Mr Robson Moss, as well as our parents Mr Baldino, Mr Marin, Mr Kieboom, Mrs Carusi, Mrs Tsoukatos, Mrs Marzinotto and Mrs Princi for giving up their personal time to assist with supervision of the boys. Last Friday we held our inaugural Art exhibition with an Indigenous Influence. Mrs Marti Madigan organised every aspect of this impressive event, with Indigenous elder Mr Major Sumner opening with a very moving smoking ceremony. The students have worked hard over the term creating pieces for our school community to enjoy and marvel at. Mr Mifsud (College Principal) was very generous in showing off the magnificent collection of Aboriginal Artifacts he has collected over the years. Many were given to him when he was Principal in the Tiwi Islands and Northern Territory. I would sincerely like to thank Mr Ian Hamilton, Art Teacher, for bringing out the imagination in our boys in Visual Arts. We also had our Thanksgiving Mass in the Cathedral on Wednesday 30 November. It is quite a logistical feat to organise 1200 boys and staff into the cathedral. Mr Were, Mrs Denton and Sr Kanistal worked extremely hard to ensure it was very reverent and the behaviour of our boys was very respectful.

We indeed have so much to be thankful for, having a wonderful new school and a College Community that is always giving and supportive of each other. The Junior Campus Christmas Concert and Year 6 Graduation was a great night for everyone. Our Year 6 boys have been such a fantastic cohort of boys. I have had a great deal to do with both classes and I would like to acknowledge the wonderful young men who have given so much to the Junior Campus in their leadership, great sense of community, camaraderie and compassion to those in need this year. It is with mixed emotions that we farewell our beautiful boys to Middle School but know they have really left there thumbprint on the Junior Campus students and staff community and will continue to develop into fine young men who have so much to offer. Fri 2 Dec

Transition Day – New Students

Wed 7 Dec Transition Students / Parent Information Session 4-6pm. Fri 9 Dec

Last day of School Dismissal 12.30pm. OSHC available until 6pm.

Vacation Care available – please contact Riandi Le Grange Director of OSHC for Bookings placements for 2012, phone 8400 4265.

Semester 2 Reports / class / Teacher placement for 2012 information will be given out to students God’s blessing for the week ahead. Mrs Frances Zubreckyj Assistant Principal - Junior Campus


Dear Families and Friends Today’s gospel comes from Mark’s community who were experiencing a time of urgency, uncertainty and the threat of persecution as they tried to be faithful to Jesus. So they took note of Jesus’ call to ‘Stay Awake’, ‘to be on guard!’ Let us heed this call too, when the season of Advent calls us to be lovingly awake, alert and attentive. Meister Eckhart, a fourteenth century mystic, described spirituality as ‘waking up’ to the presence of God in our lives and especially in our sisters and brothers who are suffering. This sets the course for our journey into Advent.

St Vincent De Paul Christmas Appeal At this time of year parishes all over Adelaide encourage families to make either donations of money or donate presents for needy families during the season of Advent. After Mass this weekend, in my parish, a representative from St Vincent De Paul mentioned that they prefer gifts donated unwrapped so that families receiving these gifts feel the joy of wrapping presents for their children. So if any families would like to make a contribution of wrapping paper to be donated to St Vincent De Paul it can be left in the front office near the Christmas tree. Have a good week – let’s love one another in all we say and do.

GOSPEL CHALLENGE – HOPE Being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want.” (Philippians 4:12)


Give a gift of love this Christmas The College this year has produced two Christmas cards and two plain cards depicting pictures of students from CBC on immersion in Vietnam and the Philippines. The cost of the card is $2.00 each and all money raised supports directly the children overseas. Cards are available from the finance office.

30 Nov

Year 2 Prayer Service led by Mrs Radbone’s class at 9.00am

30 Nov

Reception – Year 9 Thanksgiving Mass at St Francis Cathedral at 12.45pm

7 Dec

Junior Campus Closing Liturgy led by Mrs Clifton’s Reception Class






Year 7 Red Basketball

Year 3 Kanga Cricket

The Year 7 basketball team battled manfully but could not contain the extra height and experience of the opposition. Each player tried hard and they put together some good passes to try and open up the key. Shots went up but we were unable to capitalise on the rebounds. It was a tough game however the boys kept their composure and displayed good sportsmanship. Special mention must go to Mrs Denholm who took on the coaching duties and did an excellent job of keeping the boys motivated and focused. I would like to thank the parents who have supported their sons this term, especially Kristie Denholm for organising the scoresheet each week and Chris Grant-Allan for coaching the boys. Mr Eddie Grzeskowiak Coach

CBC defeated Marryatville Congratulations to our “sleep deprived” Year 3 group for demonstrating their abundant energy and sporting enthusiasm. At virtually every wicket, run-out or catch our boys cheered and hugged. Mr B Were and Mr P Wallace, the Year 3 sleepover masters, certainly created a greater bond. Thank you. Our batting partnerships contributed strongly with an average 3.5 runs per over. Our fielders backed this up with an average of 1.7 wickets per over. With a convincing performance our group has still so much potential for improvement. Best Batters: Gianluca Marin, Luke Vontoff, Matthew Molinaro. Best Bowlers: Michael Calderisi, Dylan Lennon, Matthew Molinaro. Best Fielders: James McKaye, Jonah Canala, Caleb Jackson. Our boys keep demonstrating desire to improve with greater awareness and skill development. Thank you, Mr Canala, for scoring. Mr Anthony Marin Coach

Year 7 White Basketball A fabulous final game for the season! The team played fantastically! Unfortunately, we narrowly lost to Pulteney by a few goals: 44 – 36. Aiden Smith, Ben D’Antonio, Cooper Jaquillard, Leonardo Mucci, Bailey Yeardon and Aaron Norris have been great team members. All have continued to be good sportsmen, who were always encouraging to one another and have all fought on despite the odds. Thanks goes to the parents who ensured all players were on time for the matches and were also happy to help out with other team members who needed transport and the scoring of matches. Ms Kay Oliphant Coach

Year 2 Kanga Cricket CBC Purple defeated Rose Park Well, who would have thought cricket is a summer sport - the heaven’s opened up a few times but we got through the game. And what a great game - probably our best fielding game this year. Rose Park decided to take us on with quick runs and they paid a heavy price with multiple run-outs from great fielding and players backing up at the stumps. Likewise, the wicketkeepers were kept busy with the batters trying to run on byes, but we had their measure. Some excellent efforts also by Tomas P with a great catch behind the wickets, Archer L with a wicketkeeper run-out and Rees S with 3 wickets in one over. Our batting was good and, although it wasn’t our highest score (70), the minimal wickets lost (5) against Rose Parks (10) gave us the score advantage. Another great effort by all. Best Batters: Rees S, Tom B and Matty A Best Bowlers: Rees S, Willard G and Thomas M Fielding: Whole Team – Super Effort Thanks to Mr Mestrov for performing the scoring duties. Mr Steve Brooks Coach

CBC Senior rowers compete in blustery conditions in Saturday 26 November 4.8 kilometres National Time Trial and follow up with good performances in West Lakes regatta Ten of the CBC Senior rowers group competed last Saturday in the monthly National time trials. Although a number of them have been competing in this national series since June this year, this month’s trial was especially important as it is a part of the selection process for the South Australian Representative crews. Six of our Seniors have nominated for the South Australian Men’s Youth Eight and in nominating they must perform in this time trial, a 6000 metre and a 2000 metre ergo trial for an opportunity to be seat raced for the eight seats in the crew. Top performer for CBC was Alessandro Gabrielli who despite the strong head conditions placed 12th followed by the Year 10 double combination of Giuseppe Focarelli and Thomas Graham in 13th and Jack Jercic in 14th. From there it was a close race for Sam Crosato, Alex Gaggini and Ryan Bilogrevic finishing 19th, 20th and 21st. Close behind this group was Liam Burke in 24th, then Jake Manton in 26th and Bjorn Vatzlavik in 27th. In the following Schools Regatta the conditions continued to cause problems with both competitors and race officials alike, with the winds becoming stronger and the rain starting to settle in. This was causing havoc with race times as the starting officials struggled to get the inexperienced younger crews into line and get the races off on time. First up again were our Year 7/8 squad who competed in Schoolboy Year 8/9 Coxed Quads in the A, B + C divisions. All crews struggled in the conditions in their first round but recovered well in the second round with all finishing higher in their individual events. The ‘A’ crew of Edward Meredith, Braydon Canavan, Bennett Reisinger, Josh Dalle Nogare and coxswain Matthew Cleggett finishing 8th in both their rounds. The ‘B’ crew of Ben Rojas, Jacob Clarke, James Arganese, and Chandler Lupinacci and coxswain Nicholas Sandford finishing 8th and 6th. The ‘C’ crew of Joshua Hogben, James Kakogianis, George Theodoulou, Brandon Shunmugan and coxswain Daniel Callisto finished 5th and 3rd – a great result considering this crew is made up of Year 7 boys who are competing against Year 8s. The Year 9 group again showed good form in their races, although the ‘B’ crew had to scratch in the first division race to give numbers to the 2nd Eight. The ‘A’ crew – T. Riley, T. James, N. Anderson, D. Reidy and coxswain N. Sandford – finished 3rd and 4th in their two division races. The ‘B’ crew – C. Meyer, J. Rutai, J. Dedonatis, S. Wilson and coxswain C. Lupinacci – finished 5th in their second division race. The ‘C’ crew – L. Rigon, S. Boin, H. Coard, coxswain J. Clarke and, helping out with the numbers, Year 8 boy Nick Sandford – finished 4th in both their division races.

Next up were the CBC Senior boys, who, after the time trial, fronted up in as many as four 2000 metre races. Jack Jercic continued his unbroken record for the 2011/12 season by again winning Schoolboys Single Sculls. Our Schoolboy First Four – Alex Gabrielli, Sam Crosato, Thomas Graham, Giuseppe Focarelli and coxswain, injured rower Alexander Scherwitzel - convincingly won the first round but, after a crew change due to a flair-up of an injury to Focarelli, were unable to make the race start on time, costing them what possibly could have been our third win for the day. The 2nd Eight again made the water, but this time, due to absentees, with three Year 9 boys in the crew. Again they struggled to make an impact on the race. Some decisions will need to be made whether to continue with this crew for the HOR. But more training together will definitely see them more competitive. The CBC First Eight – Ale Gabrielli, Bjorn Vatzlavik, Sam Crosato, Ryan Bilogrevic, Alex Gaggini, Jack Jercic, Liam Burke, Jake Manton and coxswain Tayler Riley – had a mixed bag for their two division races. In the first race, although still not finding a rhythm which can be considered competitive, they did manage to reduce the margin between them and the winning crews by a considerable 20 seconds from last week. The second race, which was set up as handicap event combining the Schoolgirl Eight, Schoolboy First and Second Eights, saw our crew start to produce a more consistent race effort. Starting as back marker they caught and passed all except the Pembroke eight, which started off go. This was possibly due to some confusion trying to get this last race off, in what was a very trying day for the race officials. This coming weekend will see the CBC Rowing Group travel to Renmark for the annual Riverland two-day regatta. Approximately 45 boys, plus their coaches, parents and support staff will spend three days at Renmark in a camp / regatta environment. With good weather forecast, the weekend will prove to be a good team and race experience for all those attending. Mr Ron Mobbs Coordinator of Water Sports

November 2011 Dear parents/carers

Please read this important message about Government funding for Catholic schools into the future The Australian Government is currently undertaking a significant review of funding for schooling in Australia. You may have heard it referred to in the press as the Gonski Review. The outcome of this review has the potential to impact on the amount of funding made available to students in Catholic schools. Currently, on average, Catholic schools in Australia operate on 10% less funding per student than Government schools even when your fee contribution is taken into account. Our schools currently work to keep fees down. This will be difficult to achieve if Government funding decreases. Any decrease in government funding available to Catholic school students as a result of this review would result in an increase in school fees and levies. The Federation of Catholic School Parent Communities, along with Catholic Education authorities around Australia, is working on your behalf to ensure that:  Funding for students in Catholic schools is not reduced and that funding into the future is indexed to reflect to the real increases in the costs of education over time;  That our schools continue to remain affordable for all families who wish to choose a Catholic education for their children;  Funding for students with disabilities and additional learning needs in our schools is increased to reflect the additional costs associated with meeting these needs; We will be calling on you in the new year to support this cause once the recommendations from the funding review are made public. We will be doing this in partnership with principals and the Catholic Education Offices in SA. Meanwhile you are encouraged to go to: to keep informed as we work together to ensure adequate government funding for Catholic education into the future. The Federation is your voice advocating for choice, quality and equity in education. Yours sincerely

Kay Neill (President)

Ann Bliss (Executive Director)

The Federation of Catholic School Parent Communities (SA) PO Box 459, Torrensville 5031 Phone: 8301 6685 Fax: 8301 6656

Catholic Schools Funding Net Recurrent Income, $ per student $16,000 Private Income Total Federal and State Government Funding




$11,132 $570



 Catholic schools operate with less  recurrent funding than schools in the  government sector and the independent  sector.


 Even after parent contributions are  taken into account, Catholic schools are  resourced at around 10% less than  government schools.

$2,300 $8,000

$10,562 $6,000

$7,708 $4,000

$6,211 $2,000

 Our schools have a commitment to  supporting families by keeping tuition  fees at a modest level. 

$0 Government Schools

Catholic Schools

Independent Schools

Source:  Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) financial data from My School 2.0, March 2011.

Insight 2011T4W07  

Christian Brothers College Adelaide Insight Newsletter for Term 4, Week 7, 2011.

Insight 2011T4W07  

Christian Brothers College Adelaide Insight Newsletter for Term 4, Week 7, 2011.